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?5 PR Myths Small Business Owners Should Ignore

YFS Magazine

Have you ever heard someone say, "PR is the same thing as advertising.

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How to Do Your Own PR If You Can’t Afford to Hire an Agency

Up and Running

But maybe you’re not ready to hire an expensive creative agency—maybe it’s not in your budget or you’ve had bad experiences in the past.

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Deconstructing PR: Advice From A Former VentureBeat Writer

Startup Marketing Blog

Most business owners intuitively understand that PR is important. With PR, a story needs to exist before an article is written.

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Here’s How to Do PR on a Budget

Both Sides of the Table

Yesterday I wrote a post about The Silent Benefits of PR in which I pointed out that most young companies I encounter don’t fully grasp the benefits of PR because they are less measurable than product milestones or customer acquisition analyses (like CAC/LTV). The reality is you must be great at HR, PR, finance AND product.

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How Most Businesses Get PR Wrong

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Kim Kaupe, co-founder of ZinePak, explains why her company doesn't hire PR personnel

Why No Company Is Too Small or Too Localized for PR

Up and Running

But in reality, any company of any size can reap the many rewards of establishing a PR presence. Setting the record straight.

How to use PR Firms at Startups

Both Sides of the Table

PR is a process, not an event - For starters let me say that you shouldn’t do PR around milestones.  It’s a continual process.

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How to Hire the Right PR Pro

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We answer your PR questions. Very early stage companies, or those that are bootstrapped, might handle PR on their own. Big firm or small?

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Startup PR Tip: To Get Press, Don't Pitch Your Product


Entrepreneurs that are looking to get attention from bloggers and journalists will often pitch their businesses themselves or though a PR agency.

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7 Phrases Your PR Team Doesn't Want To Hear

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your PR team can do some very good things for you--but it can''t work magic. "So, you can get us in the New York Times, right?" Wrong.

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10 Essential PR Tips for Startups

10 Essential PR Tips for Startups. Sign up for her course on “ PR for Startups ” to learn more about getting media coverage for your fledgling business. While pitching individual writers sounds more promising to many PR folk, you should always determine the official pitching method for your preferred publication.

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Why Mark Cuban is wrong about startups and PR

The Next Web

Conrad Egusa is the CEO of Publicize. He is happy to connect on LinkedIn here. Entrepreneur

Do Your Own PR--Like a Pro

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why pay big money to a PR firm when it''s so easy to get media coverage? If you need help, consider hiring an out-of-work newspaper reporter.

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PR for a Startup Should Not Start With an Agency

Startup Professionals Musings

At any point, hiring a professional to generate your PR may be well worth the cost, but it’s not required. You need to do it yourself.

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Five Pitfalls of Seed Round Hiring

This is going to be BIG.

Most companies don't get to do more than a handful of hires during their seed round--so the idea of a "recruiting process" might seem a little bit heavy handed. Did you ever bother writing them down, telling interested hires about them, or using them as any kind of meaningful filter? Answer: As early as possible.

8 Publicity Fails of PR Pros and Over-Eager Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If your PR person isn''t getting you results, these missteps might be to blame. But, the PR stuff? That''s another story.

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Hiring Writers at Your Startup? Scrap Your Usual Approach

View from Seed

The best writer I ever hired at a startup wasn’t a former journalist. Why We All Usually Botch This Hire. Nothing at all.

5 Questions That Will Help You Hire the Perfect PR Team for Your Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A PR exec shares inside tips for hiring the best media representatives

7 Ways To Connect With Journalists and Amp Up Your PR

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you're a on a budget and can't hire a PR company, then follow these tips to get mentioned by publications

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DIY PR: 13 Things You Must Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why not hire an intern to lend a hand? If promoting your company is your task and yours alone, here's your to-do list. Go mobile. Be creative.

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Meet the Startup That's Making PR Firms Sweat

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

PressFriendly is offering a middle ground between DIY marketing and expensive PR agencies. It costs less than $2,000 to run a PR agency.

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Gini Dietrich's 6 Biggest Startup PR Mistakes


Not making PR a priority. Many startups think about PR last, as if it takes only two months to launch your business to the world.

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3 Signs Your Startup Has Hired the Wrong PR Person

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A veteran PR pro explains how the industry is changing and offers red flags that your PR person isn''t keeping up

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Things PR Pros Hate to Hear from Clients

Duct Tape Marketing

Things PR Pros Hate to Hear from Clients written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. PR is a tricky sell for this reason.

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Five Tips for Getting PR for Your Startup

This is going to be BIG.

It''s the story of your particular view on hiring your tech co-founder and how it paid off. Because, you know, who doesn''t love a good startup list. 1) Figure out who has written about companies like yours and reach out--when you don''t need something. Those are going to be the reporters who are most likely willing to write about you.

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Startups: Don't Hire a PR Agency

Market by Numbers

Some entrepreneurs get in this fix because they fail to distinguish between PR and other marketing tactics.  Does anyone?   Comments welcome!

3 Simple Ways to Hire Better

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

To find the perfect fit, stop treating the hiring process like a beauty pageant and start acting like it''s a date. beauty pageant? Yes, a date.

Book Marketing – What Can A PR Pro Do For You


As servants of the all-important book launch, PR professionals tie up every loose end to ensure an author’s writing gets the recognition it deserves.

How to Run Startup PR Like an Election Campaign

This is going to be BIG.

That's the kind of pace a startup needs to be on--except that most startups treat their PR as if all you need to do is to launch your message at a debate and cross your fingers after that. Campaigns, conventional or not, are highly motivated and energetic storytelling machines. And it's not only "Vote for my candidate". They get endorsements.

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PR for Startups: Avoiding crickets after the Ta-Da!

This is going to be BIG.

They''re building up their PR plans to make the financing announcements part of a larger story arc. Announcing your funding without a larger PR plan is the equivilant to George Costanza saying "I love you" to his date and not getting it returned--"that''s a pretty big matzo ball" to leave hanging out there. Are you looking to hire?

How to Use Press Releases to Create a Steady Social SEO PR Downpour

Duct Tape Marketing

Think about things like milestones, new hires, new products, new eBooks, awards, new clients, or new certifications. Yan Arief via Flickr CC.

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This Startup Could Be PR Firms' Worst Nightmare

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

PressFriendly''s software helps startups craft public relations pitches and develop media lists without the expense of hiring an agency.

5 Easy Ways to Drum Up PR Coverage

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

PR is a bit squishy, so it was hard at first to embrace having to do it. Understanding the business of PR is paramount to your success.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hire a PR Firm Right Now

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Hiring a PR firm isn''t a silver bullet. And if you do it for the wrong reasons, you will regret the expense later

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Why You’re Not Getting Good PR

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For example, here’s a pitch I received from a PR professional; I’ve changed it slightly to avoid embarrassing anyone: “I’m working with a wonderful new business… it’s currently a rags to rags story but I feel sure the riches part is right around the corner. Try one of these tactics instead.

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Why Hiring Summer Interns Is Like March Madness

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Their hiring experiences give a good indication of the qualities and accomplishments you should be seeking in your intern candidates. 1.

HOW TO: Hire the Perfect CTO

Hiring the wrong person for key company positions can cost a business thousands — or tens of thousands — of dollars and man hours.

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Do Not Underestimate the Power of PR


We were talking about the value of proper communications and PR, and this is the guest post that resulted. Amazingly many just love to trash PR.

How to get a job at Google, interview questions, hiring process

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

The Google hiring process is designed to hire the most talented, creative, and articulate people in the world who will be the best fit for Google.

Developing A PR Strategy For Your Small Business’s Product Launch


One of the worst things you could do in PR is only start talking about your new product once it launches or a week before. by  Cameron Johnson.