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7 Social Media Marketing Habits That Lead To Failure


Social media marketing (SMM) not working is simply a sign that you need to identify what's going wrong and try again. Sign me up.  .

Israeli Consumers Prefer ONLINE Media

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Israelis Value Online Media 1.5x More Than Offline Media- Highest in Global Survey. Digital media is a recent phenomenon in Israel.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Mobile marketing is the promotion of one’s business on mobile and smartphone devices through websites, apps, and social media.

11 Best Social Media Tools For Small Businesses And Individuals


But does it all end at fancy social profiles or does social media marketing run deeper? I say, the latter. Social How can you make it easy?

Mobile Is Where The Growth Is

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But mobile is growing like a weed. alluded to this in a post last week where I wished for an aggregated audience measurement service across mobile and web. There is a significant shift going on this year, much more significant than we saw last year, from web to mobile. Mobile does not reward feature richness. Yahoo!

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3 Brands Using Inspiring Mobile Storytelling Techniques


The tenets of storytelling remain the same, and yet it feels different with the media today. What will you try next? It has been downloaded 6.2

10 Awesome DIY Tools To Create Your Own Mobile App


In this era, mobile applications have almost replaced the use of desktop versions. and 1.5 million respectively. TheAppBuilder. Appery. AppMakr.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Analytics


If you’re launching a mobile app, you’ve likely considered the differences between optimizing a simple site and a mobile app or game.

The Future of Business Is Mobile—Your Small Business Needs to Adapt or Fall Behind

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percent of all web browsing is done solely on a mobile device. Mobile has its own special needs. Shopping is increasingly mobile.

Should Your Company Develop a Mobile App?

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It’s no secret that mobile web use has skyrocketed over the past several years, with smartphone ownership in the U.S. apps per month, spending 90% of their time on their phone in apps versus in mobile browsing windows. The question is:  should YOUR company create its own mobile app? Image Source:

New Social Media Trends For Brand Success in 2016: What To Expect On Facebook!


These are the new social media trends for brand success in 2016. Almost all of the new Facebook updates have come via the mobile. Video.

Transitioning To a Mobile Centric World

For a large variety of applications and services, users favor mobile applications over browser based applications. ”  — Freewill, Rush.

More than 160 Israeli Companies Exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2013

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his week, 70,000 attendees will descend on Barcelona for the annual mobile techie Fiesta known as the Mobile World Congress.

Magnificent Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to!

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Nothing I can tell you about the importance of having an incredible mobile strategy will surprise you. Our mobile websites. Many reasons.

Mobile Only

Mark Birch

I read an interesting article speaking more from the digital media / consumer front. What stood out was that Brian speaks to what we all recognize about mobile but still refuse to admit : While mobile is often referred to as the second screen, the reality is that smartphones are really the first screen among connected consumers.

8 Ways to Amplify Your Content on Mobile

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8 Ways to Amplify Your Content on Mobile written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

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Tools To Help You Stay 24x7x365 on Social Media Without Losing Sleep


Time doesn’t wait, nor does what happens 24x7x365 on social media. Tools To Help You Stay 24x7x365 on Social Media Without Losing Sleep. 1. 

Fighting Back Against Mobile Phones in the Bedroom

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Technology is of course a dual-edge sword but the media discussions of how it affects human interactions all too often focuses on the downsides.

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The Growing Importance Of Mobile Advertising


According to a recent study published by Nielsen, smartphones now represent 70 percent of all mobile phones in America. billion to $19.3

Five Tips for Better Mobile Customer Engagement

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percent of all website visitors came through mobile. Mobile is where it is at, which means you need good mobile customer engagement.


Boston Mobile Madness

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At Xconomy’s very successful Mobile Madness event a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the vibrant mobile startup scene in Boston.   Its not that mobile focused startups are new to Boston, but rather that the ecosystem “feels” vibrant at the moment.  RunKeeper (FitnessKeeper) mobile fitness platform.  Applications.

Is Your Use Of Social Media For Marketing Working?

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In a recent book on social media by Jim Tobin, “ Earn It. Where are the young social media users going? Banner ads routinely average a.1%

Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App


Fortunately, a mobile app is the perfect tool for giving customers information that reminds them why your business stands out.

Master mobile navigation

Mobile. Master mobile navigation. Authentic Jobs hides nav unless a screen is 768px wide and supports media queries. Tags Mobile.

How to Make Your Content Mobile Friendly

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Content consumption is already headed towards the 50% mark in terms of mobile vs. laptop as the reader of choice. Mobile Plugins.

10 mobile marketing statistics to help justify your budget

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Design & Dev Entrepreneur Social Media Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant, a professional speaker and freelance writer.

How to Use Rich Media In Your Content Marketing Strategy


The rise of smart phones, tablets, ever slicker laptops and new apps or platforms has made usage of rich media by consumers and brands rampant.

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Sketching A New Mobile Web

Mobile. Mobile. Sketching A New Mobile Web. Content , Mobile , Strategy. The mobile Web has gotten a bum rap. Books.

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5 Ways To Kick Start Mobile Marketing For Your Small Business


In our mobile era, people are using phones for many reasons, not least of which is shopping. Make it easy for mobile customers to find you.

4 Things That Work More Often Than Not For Mobile Landing Pages


Pretty much everyone’s mobile conversions suck. All types of businesses are seeing significantly lower mobile conversion rates. Mobile

Impact of Mobile Everything

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And, this is across multiple industries: media, entertainment, enterprise software (of all types), messaging, and on and on. Mobile, today, feels like online advertising did in 1998:  a very big development, but very early in the game, and only poorly understood. 

25 Marketers Share Awesome Social Analytics Tools For 2016


We talked to global social media experts and influencers to share with us their top social analytics tools for the coming year. Tool 6: Nuvi. 8.

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We access them on the desktop/web, the mobile web, and on iOS and Android apps (and some other ways as well). Take Google.

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How Mobile Marketing is Changing the Face of Events

Duct Tape Marketing

How Mobile Marketing is Changing the Face of Events written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

The Future of Mobile Search Marketing

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The Future of Mobile Search Marketing written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

13 must-have features for your next mobile app

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For small businesses and big corporate companies alike, mobile is the latest frontier. Social media login. Feedback system.

4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile-Friendly

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It explained that sites which had mobile-friendly uses would rank better than non-optimised websites. What is the problem? Blog & Grow

[Infographic] Miles Apart: How Women And Men Use Social Media And Mobile


If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how do Martians and Venutians differ when it comes to using social media and mobile phones?

How to optimize your business with a mobile app

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When it comes to the business value of mobile, the growth and engagement numbers speak for themselves. But getting started isn’t easy.…

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How Customer Photos Improve Mobile Shopping

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How Customer Photos Improve Mobile Shopping written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.