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4 Sources of business intelligence often overlooked by entrepreneurs

Taffy Williams

Taffy Williams is the author of: Think Agile: How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed and the Startup Blog.

How To Find the Right Co-Founders?

Steve Blank

agility? How do you figure out what’s the right mix of skills for the co-founders of your startup? Who can I hire later? ” Radhika nodded.

I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

Steve Blank

Agile Engineering” to have teams prototype, test, and iterate their idea while discovering if they have a profitable business model.

StartupRoar - Great Content for Startups


Today I join Ben Yoskovitz , Vinicius Vacanti , Jill Hubbard Bowman and Steve Blank and others in announcing the launch of StartupRoar.

5 Steps To Finding A Partnership For Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Maintain the agility to quickly pivot or quit. Johansen calls this uncovering your right-of-way. This is the new world of prototyping.

Qualcomm’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Program – Lessons Learned (Part 2)

Steve Blank

I ran into Ricardo Dos Santos and his amazing Qualcomm Venture Fest a few years ago and was astonished with its breath and depth.  Read it first.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Services

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With the rapid proliferation of cloud services, it''s difficult to know which ones are a good fit for your company''s needs. The takeaway?

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ESADE Business School Commencement Speech

Steve Blank

President Bieto, Dean Sauquet, members of the faculty, distinguished guests, and ladies and gentlemen….Thank How about any Nokia phones? And Nokia? 

How to Impress Angel Investors and Make It into “Startup Heaven”

Up and Running

Got a question for one of the angel investors mentioned below? Skip ahead and leave it in the comments. Today is Ask an Angel day! How Angels Invest.

Steve Blank on the Next 50 Years of Business Innovation

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

To buy innovation companies can buy intellectual property, acquire great teams, buy-out another company''s product line or even buy entire companies.

IRR 49

Startup Resources

Agile project management tool that enables real time collaboration. Agile project management. agile product management. Contact.

7 lessons we learned from the bankruptcy of Whatser

The Next Web

Keep the team small, agile and up-to-date. Think big, start small and stay focused. Listen to the right data. Develop a strong backbone.

The 47th (-46) International Business Model Competition

Steve Blank

This startup search process is the  business model / customer development / agile development solution stack. What’s A Startup?

Utah 22

10 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Standup Comics

crowdSPRING Blog

Businesses too have to take care to never cross that line; on one extreme the theft of intellectual property is a strategy that no business should ever engage in, but the returns in copying marketing campaigns, visual designs, or mechanical details are extremely low and morally unjustifiable. 7.  The comics. Comics take risks. 

Startup Tools

Useful blogs and links for startups Click Here ————– 2. Simple editing. WebSequenceDiagrams - sketch sequence diagrams.

Taking stock of the Dutch tech cluster: What The Netherlands needs to win the European startup scene

The Next Web

We have great intellectual property protection, and have efficient ways to enforce contracts. Not in my view. Serious talent. Go bigger.

Eureka! National Science Foundation's I-Corps Trains a New Generation of Scientists in Business


And they'll do this using the business model-customer development-agile development solution stack. Yet this system isn't perfect. Until today.

Business of Software 2011 Workshop sessions - if you are registered, please vote!

Business of Software Blog

Attorney with 10 years experience working with brands and trademarks; blogger; creator of Apptorney® iPhone app for intellectual property professionals. 5. The recipe is inspired by key principles in social psychology, lean startup thinking, and agile methodology. If you haven't registered, what are you waiting for? Pelton.

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Countdown to LAUNCH: What’s New & Different

UC Berkeley

Agile Development. Startup Law: Incorporation, Intellectual Property, HR. Seven days to the new and improved LAUNCH! Bootcamp.

My year without pants ??? Scott Berkun at BoS 2013

Business of Software Blog

Was it Agile, was it SCRUM, was it Agile Light, was it SCRUM +, was it 6 Cigma Light, was it 6 Cigma Light, plus Agile SCRUM?


Bill Janeway Warburg Pincus | Productive Bubbles | Video Slides Transcript | BoS Europe 2015

Business of Software Blog

Bill Janeway: I do want to say how much I enjoyed James talk having been working with companies using Agile and seeing it developed and transform the productivity of software development. distributing and, and demanding an extraordinarily loose intellectual property environment. Are investment bubbles a good or a bad thing?

The Rise of the Lean VC – Consumer Internet Gets Its Own Investors

Steve Blank

Lean VC’s are expert in on-line distribution, Agile and Customer Development. Here’s why. Electron-based Venture Capital. Lean Angels.

Dynamic strategy and the end of competitive advantage. Rita McGrath, Business of Software 2014

Business of Software Blog

You know, they both have great technology, they both had great patterns, and they both had strong positions of intellectual property.

The Future of America’s Innovation Economy- Progress and Challenges at the USPTO

David Teten

The speakers were: David Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO, and. Q. this year.

How to Handle Tough Questions

Will Price

is your team complete, competition - how will you meet and beat the competition, market - how big is the market, business model - sales, delivery, and pricing model, contingencies, timing, problems, intellectual property. The book builds on his first one, Presenting to Win , and is terrific.

Teaching Entrepreneurship – By Getting Out of the Building

Steve Blank

Regulation and Intellectual Property. Agility and resiliency are not tested inside the building. Teaching Goals. Class Lectures.

Vertical Markets 4: Putting it All Together « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

Intellectual Property/Patents – Strategic or Tactical, timing? Waterfall, Agile, Lean? would look in each of the verticals. Niche?

Workstreamer Launches Public Beta

Austin Startup

The remainder of this relatively small and agile team reads like a “Who’s Who&# of successful Austin technology startup companies.

Finding a Technical Partner for Your Startup

Look out for teams/vendors who work on Agile, so that you are flexible with your requirements. Web Startup Lessons Advice from a CTO and Entrepreneur Home About Finding a Technical Partner for Your Startup Today I received an inquiry from a student at an Ivy League university who wants to launch a web startup. have a related dilemma.

Three Attitudes & Practices Shared by Successful Innovation-Driven Companies | BoS Europe 2015 | Prof. Jaideep Prabhu, Cambridge University

Business of Software Blog

Legal scholars are very keen on intellectual property. Whereas in China, property was still owned by the Emperor. Brands. Xerox?

What would you want to tell Washington DC about startups?

Startup Lessons Learned

The incredible innovation of the 90s was based on technology start-up companies built on intellectual capital, financial capital, and human capital. Our patent laws have been weakened reducing the value of intellectual capital. Thirdly, revamp how intellectual property rights are applied to software and code. Summit.