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An Operating System for Your Mobile Supercomputer

Peter Levine

Yet-to-be-developed applications are waiting to take advantage of this processing capability, and it’s going to require mobile operating system innovation to expose this awesome power. An operating system is one of the most fundamental and important pieces of software.

How to be your VC’s favorite portfolio company

The Next Web

But good portfolio companies should get more, because VCs have a lot more to give – especially to companies that deserve it.

Portfolio Management

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

In considering the issue of valuation generally, one should understand the environment in which a manager of a venture pool operates; he is investing not in one but in a number of opportunities.

How VCs Can Accelerate Portfolio Company Returns

David Teten

Best Practices in Venture Capital Portfolio Company Value Creation. In an effort to address this, we launched last year a formal study of best practices of VCs in improving portfolio company value. All of the firms above have online networks for their portfolio executives View more presentations from David Teten.

Meet Our Newest Portfolio Company, Airbnb

Ben's Blog

And they have been ably managing the operations amidst simply explosive growth. Portfolio CompaniesThis is a guest post by Jeff Jordan, General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz. Talk about a business with humble roots. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia met at the Rhode Island School of Design and became roommates in San Francisco in 2007.

How VCs Deploy Operating Talent To Build Better Startups

David Teten

Here’s more detail from our research: Portfolio Acceleration Recruiting Venture Capital

Do VC’s with “Operating Experience” Add More Value

Rob Go

In a prior post about  what it’s like to be a VC   I made the claim that even if an investor has operating experience, that experience gets stale after a few years. This led to the following question in my comments: “You mention that operational skills begin to decline 2 years into the job. Couple observations.

Unpacking the Grocery Stack

Jeff Jordan

By contrast, centralized e-commerce approaches have significant operational complexity. Photo: Getjustin. It’s really becoming a thing!

Values Build Startup Culture: A Founder’s Take on Getting Started

View from Seed

Our operations manager Rob notes that he wouldn’t have been able to get a pup without this flexibility. Portfolio How can it not?


E-commerce 2.0

Jeff Jordan

These physical retailers have very high operating leverage and their P&L’s cannot withstand shrinking revenue.  One of the leaders in this is , one of our portfolio companies.  And they’ve rapidly developed operational capabilities that have enabled their hyper-growth. Some examples: Direct Sourcing. commerce 1.0

DataGravity: Transforming today’s dumb storage into tomorrow’s information

Peter Levine

John was also an early member of the EqualLogic team and brings great talent in sales, marketing and operations. The DataGravity team will take what is considered an idle operating expense and convert it to near instant business value. Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio Companies EqualLogic John Joseph Paula Long Storagebillion.

The Making of Lytro

K9 Ventures

K9 News Opinion Portfolio Company computational photography Lightfield Camera Lytro photography Refocus Refocus Imaging Ren Ng Stanford

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Hailo and MyTaxi

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The news broke this morning that our portfolio company Hailo is combining forces with MyTaxi. The combined company, which will operate under the MyTaxi brand, will be the dominant taxi hailing app in Western Europe. MyTaxi operates in Germany, Australia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. VC & Technology

Spain 66

Cloud-client computing and the evolution of the mobile app

Peter Levine

All computing was done centrally by the mainframe with the terminal merely displaying the resulting operations. Processing is centralized in the cloud datacenter and endpoints simply display the resulting operations, albeit in a more colorful way than their simple terminal predecessors. This is now changing. That is, until Meteor.

Pasadena Angels Invest Over $4M in 2014

Ask the Angels

This year’s investment portfolio included investments in ZevTechnolgy, StreamUp, Cross Campus, Schelp & Fetch, Fanbread, Edufi, Repurpose, MetaMason, iPourit, and Neural Analytics. Pasadena Angels for the 3rd consecutive year invested over $4 million in an array of exciting start-up companies. Pasadena, Calif.

Measuring Incrementality: Controlled Experiments to the Rescue!

Occam's Razor

Smart Marketers work hard to ensure that their digital marketing and advertising efforts are focused on the most impactful portfolio of channels.

Big Data On Demand

Peter Levine

A while back I wrote a blog post  suggesting that datacenter infrastructure would move from an on-premise operation to the cloud. Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio Companies big data Cazena cloud data center founders SaaS They perfectly define the term “big drag.”. Enter Cazena — our latest investment in the big data sector. billion.

How to Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs (Who Don’t Take Orders)

David Teten

discussed my family’s approach to raising entrepreneurial kids, and some parallels to ffVC’s approach to supporting our portfolio entrepreneurs.

Free download of The Lower-Risk Startup: How Venture Capitalists Increase the Odds of Startup Success

David Teten

One of my responsibilities at  ff Venture Capital  is helping to  accelerate  value creation in our portfolio companies.

Boston Mobile Madness

Early Stage Adventures

To get a snapshot of the Boston startup ecosystem, I segmented angel/venture funded mobile startups into five areas – applications, marketing, commerce/payments, enterprise & infrastructure software/tools, and mobile operator technology.  As in any segmentation exercise the boundaries are fluid with several of the companies crossing segments. 

Ionic Security Raises $9.4m from Kleiner Perkins, Tech Operators, ff Venture Capital

David Teten

I couldn’t be more excited to share that one of our portfolio companies, Ionic Security (formerly Social Fortress), has raised $9.4 million in Series A1 funding, led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, with TechOperators, Ken Levine, and Dr. Paul Judge also participating. Adam and team proceeded to do exactly that. acquired by Symantec).

The European Startup Market

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Currently 22% of our active portfolio is in Europe. While we don’t have an office in Europe we do have fourteen portfolio companies and every USV partner has at least two European portfolio companies. At USV, we’ve been investing in European startups since 2008. So what’s happening here? VC & Technology

Europe 100

Helping startups hit a home run, VC Style

David Teten

My coauthors and I just published in the Journal of Private Equity the first-ever research study on best practices of venture capitalists in creating portfolio company value through operational support, exploring exactly these questions. Analytics and Data Contributed Articles Portfolio Operations Private Equity Venture Capital

How Sproutbox Accelerator Helps Its Companies to Succeed

David Teten

I met some time ago with Brad Wisler, co-Founder of  SproutBox , and shared with him our research on portfolio value creation by venture capitalists.  He wrote a thoughtful note, which I’ve shared below, with permission: David, Thanks for sharing this paper with me. This has a direct and measurable impact on recruiting within our portfolio.

How Sproutbox Accelerator Helps Its Companies to Succeed

David Teten

I met some time ago with Brad Wisler, co-Founder of  SproutBox , and shared with him our research on portfolio value creation by venture capitalists.  He wrote a thoughtful note, which I’ve shared below, with permission: David, Thanks for sharing this paper with me. This has a direct and measurable impact on recruiting within our portfolio.

Bringing the Linux Revolution to Networking

Peter Levine

the operating system) from the hardware, the Lintel (Linux and Intel) stack obviated the need for dedicated hardware solutions such as Sun Servers in one fell swoop, bringing radically new economics, performance, scale and innovation to datacenter and cloud environments. Portfolio Companies Cumulus Networks Linux Networking SDN

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VMware Buys Nicira for $1.26B

Ben's Blog

As a result, they never develop a clear picture of the real operational challenges of running a network. Portfolio CompaniesI got that kinda. wait-wait fixate. Which b h you know made a million off a mixtape? Nicki Minaj, Up All Night. Today, VMware arrived at the same conclusion and acquired Nicira for $1.26B in cash.

PA Portfolio Company ShipHawk Scores $5M For Shipping Marketplace

Ask the Angels

Blog Company Creation/Operation Fundraising General News Product/Technology Angel Investing Board of Directors DN Capital Jeremy Bodenhamer Karlin Ventures Pasadena Angels Rothenberg Ventures Startup Companies Startups Wavemaker Partners DN Capital’s Steve Schlenker also joins the company’s board. Tweet Tweet.

What Boston’s Top Consumer Tech Leaders Think About Boston’s Consumer Tech Struggles [#BostonB2C Recap]

View from Seed

Still others point to the collective sensibility and logic of New Englanders as an operating philosophy. Half our portfolio is consumer. Co-founder and COO Paul Liberman helped the audience look under the hood in how they operate with such a data-obsessed tilt:  . Experts Portfolio boston tech consumer VCBostonB2C.

Looking for Finance & Operations Manager at ReverbNation

Southeast VC

Here is a great opportunity in a fast growing company in our portfolio. ReverbNation is looking for a finance & operations manager. That person will report to Chris Smith, their CFO and be responsible for business processes and analyses in the areas of finance, accounting, operations, HR, legal and customer support.


Scott Weiss

Vijay’s pioneering acoustical fingerprinting technology detects fraudulent calls and authenticates legitimate callers, helping customers eliminate financial losses and reduce operational costs. I’m very pleased to announce that Andreessen Horowitz will be leading Pindrop’s $11M Series A financing round. Kevin Mitnick was not alone.

Pasadena Angels Portfolio Company Wasatch Microfluidics Completes Capital Raise

Ask the Angels

Biotechnology Blog Company Creation/Operation Finance & Accounting General Healthcare Services Intellectual Property Product/Technology $2 Million Round Will Power Continued Growth. The funding will be used to expand sales and marketing activity. link]. link]. million in early-stage and seed funding. Tweet Tweet.

How to Start a Movement

Ben's Blog

After recovering from the operation, Jim had a defining revelation. Portfolio CompaniesUnderstand this before you make a comment. Because there’s always a meaning in a Heavy D statement. In this life I strive for improvement. Be your own guide follow your own movement. encourage you to watch the entire mind-blowing twelve minutes.

Meet Our Newest Portfolio Company, Airbnb

Jeff Jordan

And they have been ably managing the operations amidst simply explosive growth. Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio CompaniesTalk about a business with humble roots. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia met at the Rhode Island School of Design and became roommates in San Francisco in 2007. Turns out that Joe had a few airbeds in the closet.

Do VC Platforms Make Sense?

Both Sides of the Table

As many of us are ex operators I think it intellectually suited us. Internal Operations. It is clear to me that both approaches work.

Who’s on call?

John O'Farrell

Many Andreessen Horowitz portfolio companies, for example GitHub, MixPanel, GoodData, CipherCloud and Snaplogic, are members of this class.

SMS 13

One Operating Expense You Can Bring Way Down

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The fee is taken off of a portfolio's gross return, before reporting the net return to shareholders. percent. percent fee haircut is $441,000.

Revolution at the Edge

Ben's Blog

Back in the mid-1990s, in order to escape the horrors of every employee having their own kind of computer complete with different hardware, operating systems and software, IT standardized on the Windows PC leading to a Wintel duopoly. HIstory Portfolio CompaniesThis is a guest post by Christian Gheorghe, founder and CEO of Tidemark.

This Julep is Mint!

Jeff Jordan

Founder and CEO Jane Park and Chief Experience Officer and COO Kate MacDonald started the business by operating four nail polish parlors in the Seattle area to get hands-on customer knowledge and feedback.  Andreessen Horowitz E-commerce Portfolio Companiesmillion Series B round ( here ).  Offline beauty moves slowly and is expensive. 

Profits vs Growth

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Meaning you can grow at 100% per year and have operating margins of -60%. Or you can have flat growth and have 40% operating margins. Or you can grow at 20% per year and have 20% operating margins. But at some point I’d prefer to see an operating plan that has the objective of getting to sustainable profitability.