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What We Learned About America on 9/11--From 3,600 Miles Away

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Watching the towers fall made us one with the rest of the world

Bank of America Retreats, Tail Fully Tucked

Venture Chronicles

Bank of America made it official today by shelving plans to charge a $5 debit card fee to their customers (which I am, gladly, not one of). Here’s what BofA said: “In response to customer feedback and the changing competitive marketplace, Bank of America no longer intends to implement a debit usage fee. ”".

The Greatest Strength of America is Immigration and Integration

Both Sides of the Table

Unintentional moral compass for the work of the rest of us. America is us. My mom an even bigger driving culinary and cultural force.

What is 'Made In America' Worth?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

shores, early signs show that a "Made in America" label is a serious competitive advantage. Think of the label "Made in America." third.

Summary of new patent bill (America Invents Act)

Chris Dixon

As you may be aware, the Senate passed the America Invents Act (AIA) on September 8, 2011. This will put the US in closer alignment with rest of the world in determining priority of invention based on the earliest date a patent application was filed with a patent office. email from them published with permission). startups

Democratizing entrepreneurship education: Sramana Mitra’s 1M by 1M program

Grade A Entrepreneurs

Not everybody can, or even needs to, come to Silicon Valley to create a company. To build markets; to build nations; to build worlds.” One

Is Amazon Really an Anomaly?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Work is, as Red Forman so shrewdly explained, "work." Is Amazon really any different from the rest of corporate America

Rest for the Weary: 3 Start-ups Trying to Help You Sleep

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Rest Devices. Based out of Boston, Rest Devices was started by four MIT graduates in 2011. billion a year. worker loses 11.3 GEAR4.

My Last Post About This Election – Don’t Waste Your Vote

Feld Thoughts

You should go read Mark’s post, but the rest of this post builds off of things he wrote. Immigration and assimilation are two of the unique features that have made America so great over its centuries.” Please vote. Just so you know my bias before reading further, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. ” (Suster).

The Year of Startups Everywhere

Feld Thoughts

Here’s how small-town America is primed to beat Silicon Valley in innovation. ” While Agent Smith was wrong, I don’t think I am.

And Then They Came for Me …

Both Sides of the Table

Immigration and assimilation are two of the unique features that have made America so great over its centuries. Racism is disqualifying. agree!

How to Prepare for the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship

How to Change the World

Steve Case is the co-founder of America Online, the company that democratized online access. In short, he’s a billionaire. You can get it here.

When Krave Jerky Showed up in Class with a $435,000 Check

Steve Blank

I remind my students that I’m teaching them a methodology they can use the rest of their careers, not running an incubator. Lessons Learned.

Lean 143

Should We Take Harvard MBAs Seriously as Startup Founders? [New Data]

View from Seed

As for location, most are in North America, and not surprisingly, they are disproportionately located in Boston and New York (39%).

I Just Watched “The Startup Kids” Documentary by Yaro Starak

It’s an hour long movie created by two woman from iceland, Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir , who came to America to interview people about life as a young entrepreneur working on a tech startup. Tweet Last night I was at the Sunshine Coast premier of the documentary The Startup Kids.

Hacking for Diplomacy – Solving Foreign Policy Challenges with the Lean LaunchPad

Steve Blank

The rest of the week is equally busy. Join a select cross-disciplinary class that takes real problems from the U.S. The U.S. The U.S.

Lean 90

The Secrets Behind Many Successful Startups

Vinicius Vacanti

He clearly didn’t love our answer but the rest of the meeting had gone very well, we had traction, and they wanted to do the deal.

The Declaration of Independence

Feld Thoughts

On the 238th birthday of the United States of America, I think it’s useful to reflect on America’s origin story.

ProfessorVC: Rebuild our Inner Cities one Venture at a time?

Professor VC

As an active participant in the Silicon Valley new venture ecosystem and entrepreneurship educator, Im intrigued by the recently announced program Venture for America (VFA). It is modeled after Teach for America (TFA) , a program that sends high achieving college grads into inner cities as teachers. Back to Venture for America.

15 Entrepreneurs Reveal What Entrepreneurship Means to Them


When you’re in corporate America, you work for your boss, and rarely do you have personal investment in the work you do. Thanks to Adam G.

Recharging the Batteries


Our devices and apps further erode this historical separation between work and the rest of our lives. We are always reachable.

A Glimpse: My American Dream


When I looked at my inbox this morning, I had emails from six organizations I have advised/worked with over the past couple of years (including Astia and Techstars ) announcing their partnership with the White House’s Startup America initiative. from a trip to India and spoke of places with pigs and cows roaming around and no plumbing.

Hacking for Diplomacy – Solving Foreign Policy Challenges with the Lean LaunchPad

Steve Blank

The rest of the week is equally busy. Join a select cross-disciplinary class that takes real problems from the U.S. The U.S. The U.S.

Lean 63

Inspiring stuff: Meet two talented tech entrepreneurs aged just 13

The Next Web

Catch up with the rest of our coverage of The Next Web Conference Europe 2013 and find out about our upcoming Latin America and USA conferences.

University of Minnesota Commencement speech – May 10th 2013

Steve Blank

Only In America. America was built by those who left the old behind. These were very expensive supercomputers. It was closure. or Do ?

Why I’m Turning Over a New Leaf & Refocusing My Energy

Both Sides of the Table

it felt like the biggest failure of america we’ve ever experienced. This election has been hard on our country. acknowledge I was angry.

MyHero Kicks Off Social Soccer Prediction App FootballHero


But what may be a lot rarer is one that actually is based around the engine originally built for a stock trading app.

The unfortunate math behind consulting companies

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

In America we have ten  federal holidays bringing the annual WD count to 240. We also have employment tax in America. Easy money, right?

Examining the U.S.-Germany Relationship

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

The German people’s view of America runs along generational lines. America is often positioned as a “competitor” to China.

How to Avoid Failure: Two Common Small Business Mistakes

crowdSPRING Blog

align with the rest of the team and the company’s goals. . We all experience failure at some point in our lives. The same is true of failure.

7 Ways Great Leaders See the Future Differently

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Just five years earlier, my adolescent friends and I had been more or less obsessed with a PG-13 movie about the Soviets invading America. Now it turned out America was invading Russia. There are always a few great leaders , though, who somehow see farther into the future than the rest of us. In 1980, the U.S. Bottom line?

How To Handle Having Too Much To Do

Mike Michalowicz

There are millions of people across America right now crying in the restroom or screaming like little girls behind their closed office doors.

The Case for Optimism and Risk at Startups

Both Sides of the Table

Of course the naysayers are out again. I’d love even 0.5% of Elon’s ideas to come to fruition and let him fail on the rest. Bubkis.

Steve Jobs Focused on Network Intelligence

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

No one turned down the chance to meet with Jobs, of course, and he used the opportunity to soak up information. He went on walks with Mark Zuckerberg.

Open Source Entrepreneurship

Steve Blank

So for the rest of us I put together this Visitors Guide to Silicon Valley. TechStars and  Startup America  are partnering to provide mentors in the U.S. One of the great things about being a retired entrepreneur is that I get to  give back to the community that helped me. Free: Startup Tools. The Lean LaunchPad course online. Videos.

Why the Navy Needs Disruption Now (part 1 of 2)

Steve Blank

The Navy calls its program Outreach: Americas Navy. The future is here it’s just distributed unevenly – Silicon Valley view of tech adoption.

Bob Ackerman of Allegis Capital– America Depends on Entrepreneurs While Current Public Policy Assaults Them

Pascal's View

On June 25th I moderated a panel on the implications of America’s. At precisely the same time that political leaders are calling for expanded innovation to meet our national needs, there appears to be an almost all out assault on entrepreneurship in America – by deed if not by word.  Washington, D.C. 

Book: The Man in the High Castle

Feld Thoughts

For the rest of the day, I sat around in my PJs. I had a great digital sabbath yesterday with Amy and my friends Dave and Maureen. I had a cold so I took a three hour nap in the middle of the day. read Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. Not surprisingly, I thought the book was better than the TV show.

5 Smart Lessons From Seth Rogen's Senate Speech

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The unlikely advocate for Alzheimer''s disease research struck a chord because he knew how to tell a story, and give a speech. Here''s why it worked.

These Charts Reveal How to Negotiate With People From Around the World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We''ll go over the rest in brief after a selection of charts taken with permission from " When Cultures Collide." British linguist Richard D.