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The Importance of Partnership Agreements, NDAs, and Security: Lessons from HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

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Most NDA violations don’t end with a company acquisition, but they can be costly nonetheless. Image via HBO. Bad business partnerships.

Startup Reality Distortion #3: The Fallacy Of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Startup Reality Distortion #3: The Fallacy Of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The Fallacy Of The NDA.  . the NDA is minimal.

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Frequently Asked Questions Will we sign an NDA? You need to be able to share with us without an NDA. If you can't tell us the details of what you are doing without an NDA, it won't make sense for us to talk. I talk to roughly 2 or 3 new startups every week who need advice from an experienced CTO. What Is This? How Does it Work?

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Free Startup CTO Consulting Sessions


Frequently Asked Questions Will we sign an NDA? You need to be able to share with us without an NDA. If you can't tell us the details of what you are doing without an NDA, it won't make sense for us to talk. I talk to roughly 2 or 3 new startups every week who need advice from an experienced CTO. What Is This? How Does it Work?

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6 Steps To Convert An Idea To A Sustainable Business

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Ask some potential customers to see if there is real interest, and start thinking about price versus cost. Now get real (cook it).

9 Tips to Turn an Idea into a Business

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Determine the manufacturing cost. To protect your idea, have manufacturers sign an NDA. Ideas: Everyone has them. Few act on them.

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How to Get Your Employees to Give You Their Billion-Dollar Ideas

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If people are hoarding their best innovations, you''ll need to change your company''s culture. Is your company innovation-friendly? For some reason.

Things to Avoid When Recruiting Co-founders

Don’t Even Ask for an NDA This just makes me laugh. Problem is the practicality, cost and hassle of the microtransaction. 3. P.P.S.

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Business Owners Need To Understand Intellectual Property Law


Develop a patent strategy early on to evaluate whether the costs for protecting an innovation makes sense. What should my IP strategy be?

The Ultimate Inventor’s Guide to Inventing Things

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Of course, you could also calculate your price based on the cost of materials and manufacture. That airplane thousands of miles above you.

Product Discovery in Established Companies


We’ve got more techniques than ever to do this, including many techniques for creating very low-cost and low-risk MVP Tests, and for proving things work with minimal investment and limited exposure, we love Live-Data Prototypes and A/B Testing Frameworks. There are many challenges for startups, most importantly, survival.

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6 Essential Tools for Launching a Start-up

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Costs can vary depending on what you need to do. Most cost about $50 to download. 5. Here are some tools to help. That's the fun stuff.

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9 Business Acronyms You Need To Know


An NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement, is an essential business acronym that often takes many forms. Business can be a dirty business. NOPAT.

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How to hire the right developer for your tech startup

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Although it’s unlikely that the developer will “steal” it, have him sign a NDA. Step 0: Preparation, or what do I want? Job boards. 

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If you've ever overpaid for a legal document, sign up for Docracy, First Round's newest investment

This is going to be BIG.

Who doesn't feel like the legal overhead of starting a business is far too costly? Being useful for the first and second users is critical if you're ever going to have a million users. 3) It gives away for free most of the value that it's competitors, because of their high cost structures, can't afford to.

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The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisition (Part 3)

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Details on which costs you chose to attack first (technical debt vs. free subscriptions vs. UX) is something all web businesses should think about.

Defending Groundbreaking Ideas From Killer Competition


Fortunately, a provisional patent costs much less and can be put into place quickly to keep your idea secure. by Lewis Robinson. Who knows?


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INTRODUCTION. not building a strong transaction team (at 1:11). not running negotiations through the lawyers (at 2:10). blinking first (at 3:28)  .

Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 3: The Best Defense is a Good IP Strategy

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Contract, NDA. _. Each patent filing will cost your company $10-30k and take 1-4 years. Red flags: Start of sales effort, Price list, price quotation, Trade show demonstration, Any demonstration not under NDA. You need a plan for trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, contracts/NDA’s and patents before you get funded.

Confessions of a Corporate Spy

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What do you think it means to be an expert in "hard-to-get elicitation"? It means people tell you things. Perfect for me. don't break the law.

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What To Do When Your Trusted Employees Defect To The Competition


Promoting a culture of respect for others’ information rights reduces the chances of becoming involved in costly legal battles.

Inside Clinkle: A Stanford Kid Got $30 Million and Then Everything Blew Up

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Every job candidate was required to sign an NDA before coming in for a series of interviews. He said he was excited to be joining Clinkle.

How to Find Great Freelancers on Upwork (Formerly oDesk)

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Editor’s note: After writing this article and prior to publication, oDesk and Elance have merged and rebranded to Upwork. Don’t be.

'Show Me the Money' Tips for Business Sellers

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Many brokers also have a minimum fee for small businesses, and some may ask for a small retainer or upfront fee or for you to cover advertising costs.


Usability research in the lab

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Usability research for consumer electronics products can be very costly.  There are companies that specialize in doing it the right way, with high end audio/video equipment and multi-stream video editing and compositing integrated into the program.  Click here to view my full profile. Blog at RSS Entries and RSS Comments

James Altucher On How and How Not to Look Professional Raising Investment Money

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Asking for an NDA. Cutting costs every day. It’s a numbered list of his answers to 100 frequently asked questions about startups. I


How To Find A Technical Cofounder For Your Online Business Idea

In addition to cost quotes, also ask for time quotes so you can get a feel for how long the project should take to implement. About Us. Feeds.


Stealth Mode, Schmealth Mode: The Real Reasons Why Startups Don't Talk

” Or, “We’d need you to sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement before we can reveal our plans.” About This Blog.


Urbanization of Startups ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

How to Evaluate Firms for a Seed VC. How To Think About The Future. About Me. AGILEVC My idle thoughts on tech startups. Urbanization of Startups.

When Should a Startup Start Charging?

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If people aren’t that disappointed to see the product go at zero cost, then we already know that any cost above zero will very likely also result in people not being that disappointed to see the product go. Unfortunately my NDA prevents me from going into the specific details of what has happened with either company.

Pick the Perfect Name for Your Startup

You're going to spend many multiples of what the domain name would have cost you to create brand recognition. would love the opportunity to brainstorm names for/with you. I'd be happy to sign an nda. Frances McInnis is a journalist and crossword enthusiast based in New York City. How Do I Start? Ask yourself: 2. The downside?

Presentation Hacks

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You better know what a customer costs to acquire. If it’s something that you’re doing that can be very, very easily replicated, or if you need an NDA to protect it, then it’s probably not really hard technology. Naval here. Adeo Rossi recently invited me to speak at the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. Outline.

Project V Updates: Investment Period Ending, Contracts Created, and Lawyers Contacted An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

Both signed the NDA and were given the presentation, but only one of them has watched it so far (the other should be watching it any time now).


Technology Roles in Startups


20 Required NDA to continue – a nonstarter 50 Couldn’t sell him 15 Couldn’t explain why they wanted him involved In our conversation together, David and I spent a fair bit of time discussing the fact that a lot of people really didn’t know what he could do for them. Later he posted about his experience in Challenges of Startups.


Vendor Transparency and Future of Enterprise SaaS Sales

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Indeed, the first company I spoke with simply replied to my inquiry with an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) attached to an email. 

Project V Updates: More Investors, Domain Acquired, and World Class Programmers An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

Another was sent the NDA and non-compete from me but I haven’t heard from him since then, and the other sent me the signed NDA and non-compete and skimmed through the slideshow (but didn’t listen to the MP3) but wasn’t interested. At $125/hour, 120 hours would cost $15,000. More Investors. Domain Acquired.


Raised $15,000 For My New Project So Far An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how I was thinking of launching a new website based on an idea I’ve had for a while now. The Return.


Crazy! 189 Answers To The Top Startup Questions On Your Mind

Outsourcing is something a big company, with a known customer / problem (that has revenue & traction) does to save cost. 9. Maple Butter.

Setting And Shaping A Strong Startup Culture

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In short, they are guided by the knowledge that the benefits of reaching perfection far outweigh the costs of missing a market window.

Start-up Sales Management

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It truly pays to forecast revenue in a disciplined and realistic manner, especially given the high cost of start-up capital. My prior post provides a model for how to forecast revenue over the life of an operating plan. Another classic start-up conundrum is how to forecast revenue for this quarter. Closed (100% - purchase order in house!)