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The Revenge of the Fat Guy

Marc Andreessen

[This post is by Ben Horowitz.]. Fred Wilson wrote a counter post to my The Case for the Fat. Startup that you can find here. Before countering his counter, I’d like to say. that Fred is one of my favorite VCs and has a marvelous track record of. success. Further, I’d like to thank Fred for posting his article, as it enables me to. Product. He has.

Lean 32

6 Tips for Building Relationships with Journalists

Both Sides of the Table

Robert’s article is worth reading. It got me thinking, which for me is always the sign of a good blog post.  I think Robert’s right.

Fog Creek Compensation

File a CV and let the great jobs come to you! See this and other great job listings on the jobs page. Briefly: Level 8 is for interns. Nuff said.)

Use of Funds

Instigator Blog

Almost every investor pitch , whether to angel investors or venture capitalists involves one slide near the end about how much money a startup is looking to raise, milestones it hopes to achieve and generally, the “use of funds.&#. Pretty straightforward, right? product development. sales & marketing. What amount should be raised?

Stickiness is bad for business

Chris Dixon

It is common to hear entrepreneurs and investors talk about the high level of engagement (what we used to call “stickiness&# ) of their website. They quite rightly believe that it’s better to have a more engaging user experience, as that generally means happy users. Facebook recently became the most visited site on the web.

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Help Angel Investment in Georgia

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

Now that the landmark national health care legislation is heading to the desk of President Obama let's turn our attention to a less controversial topic to the readers of FoG.  Encouraging angels investors to invest in early stage, innovative, wealth-creating businesses. This bill was introduced by the Technology Association of Georgia and.

Ten rules for better founding teams

High Contrast

Previously, I highlighted the legal aspects of structuring founder agreements. These are indeed very important but it is even more important to underscore that any agreement can be modified if the parties involved agree to do so. In many cases of misbehaving founders weak boards and weak investors are to blame also. Founder drag-along. Vesting.

10 Fundamental Web Analytics Truths: Embrace 'Em & Win Big

Occam's Razor

There are more mistruths and F U D about Web analytics out there than I think is reasonable. Part of it fueled by Vendors. What a competitive bunch!

The truth about the Startup Visa

K9 Ventures

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry (@ pegobry ) recently authored an article that ran on Business Insider. Well, let’s see. Well, this is how it is right now.

Can Your Blog Explain Its Purpose In One Second? by Yaro Starak

The challenge, when coming up with a blog design, is to ensure your blog conveys a message about why it exists. What is its purpose? Yaro Starak.

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The Best SLA I’ve Seen In A While

Feld Thoughts

My first company, Feld Technologies, didn’t have contracts. Instead, we had a one page PSA (professional services agreement) that spelled out in English that we charged $X per hour, would do our best, and our invoices were due upon receipt. But once things get into “legal” or “procurement”, it’s a whole different issue. Related posts: Gnip v2.0

EC2 3

Burnham's Beat: Google Getting Gunshy on Traffic Referral Deals?

Burnham's Beat

RSS/ATOM Feed Add This Feed To Bloglines Add to My Yahoo! Add to Netvibes. Subscribe Via Email.  The Algorithm Myth And Why Google Will Be Hated | Main | Carried Interest Deal Cut, Let the Workarounds Begin


The new era of venture capital

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

You already know the about the state of the venture capital industry in 2009: venture investing down (32%), exits down (14%; slowest exit year for VC backed companies since 1995), fundraising down (56%), IPO’s almost non-existent (8 venture backed IPOs in 2009). Thoughts? Technorati Tags: Venture Investing , VC Fundraising , Future of VC.


Should Your Startup Give Performance-Based Warrants?

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of my ongoing series on Startup Advice. Sometimes it actually does. Usually it goes more slowly than we hope. Should You Offer Them?

Debate: Twitter is not a social network

Jeff Hilimire

I think people have it all wrong about Twitter.  I really don’t think Twitter is any more a social network than email is or text messaging is.  The only difference between Twitter and those tools is that its wide open. think a social “network&# is something you enter into mutually with other people.  It’s a community. 

Email Marketing The Right Way

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

This might be our last post for a while, as I’ve just won the U.K. lottery.  And if that wasn’t enough, a relative I didn’t even know I had (from Zimbabwe of all places) died and left me US$52 million!  Okay, not really.  But if you believe the emails you get, practically on a daily

How To Pick A Company Name: Tips From The Trenches


The following is a guest post by Healy Jones. Pixily just changed its name to. OfficeDrop – this is the story of how we went about making the change.


3 Reasons Why You Need a Cash Flow Statement


So you're planning a new business and wondering, why a Cash Flow Statement? Know how much you can possibly get in vs. how much you will pay out.

Yochai Benkler on The Broadband Plan

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Yochai Benkler is one of a handful of people who our firm regards as inspirators. The remaining 85 percent will have no choice at all.

Speed up or slow down? (for Harvard Business Review)

Startup Lessons Learned

Over at Harvard Business Review, I've been building up a series designed to introduce the Lean Startup methodology to a business-focused audience.

TechStars Seattle Applications Are Now Open

Feld Thoughts

Last night we had the TechStars Boulder selection meeting where we chose the TechStars Boulder finalists. We’ll be notifying folks shortly. In the mean time, we’ve opened applications for TechStars Seattle. Andy Sack, who runs the TechStars Seattle program, has several great blog posts up including How TechStars came to Seattle? TechStars Seattle.

The Problem with Talking to VCs

Genuine VC

I had coffee with an entrepreneur friend the other day who is in the early stages of putting a company together, and he recounted how his informal conversations with a venture capitalist had quickly escalated into a full partner pitch in just a few weeks. what are the economics? what is the best marketing strategy? Fair enough. personality fit).

Startups Get Hit By Shrapnel In The Banking Bill

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

There is a big banking reform bill working its way through the Senate right now. It is sponsored by Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. It has a long name I can't remember, so I'll call it the Dodd Banking Bill. What does a bill attempting to regulate the banking industry have to do with startups? This is nonsense.

An Introduction to Pitching Investors

Instigator Blog

Since the audience was comprised of students, with little startup and pitching experience, I tackled the basics — but hopefully everyone gets some value from this. An Introduction to Pitching Investors. View more presentations from Ben Yoskovitz. You need to tell a story, be engaging, interesting and creative. Pitching is a skill onto itself.

Boulder Startup Week – May 4 – 8, 2010

Feld Thoughts

Andrew Hyde has decided to organize another Boulder Startup Week on May 4 – 8, 2010. Tons of folks are already committed to host events including Trada , Pivotal Labs , Everlater , QuickLeft , TechStars , Napkin Labs , and SurveyGizmo. The Boulder New Tech Meetup and Ignite Boulder is also happening that week. Related posts: Busy Week In Boulder.

Blog Award-Tag You're It!


Thanks to my twitter friend, @JamaraWilson , for giving me a blog award this week. special Start-up BizTalk Kudos goes to Jamara. recently became her twitter friend and immediately subscribed to her blog, His Majesty's Favorite , through Google Reader. here goes my list. 10 Things That Make Me Happy I LOVE reading & writing. Sounds crazy right?

Bidding Andrew Goodbye

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I'm on vacation this week and trying to keep work to a minimum. And I've got a post up on the USV blog today bidding goodbye to our colleague Andrew Parker. So I simply going to link to that post. If you have any comments, please leave them on the USV post.

How to Optimize Startup Financial Projections

Startup Professionals Musings

Many entrepreneurs actually refuse to do financial projections beyond the first year, insisting that no one can predict the future. Cash flow is king.

MIT Entrepreneurship Review Launch Party

Feld Thoughts

A few days ago I wrote about the launch of the MIT Entrepreneurship Review. neglected however to mention their actual launch party, which is happening on April 7th from 7pm – 10pm at the MIT Media Lab. The MITER (er- MIT Entrepreneurship Review) party will gather together a bunch of folks in the MIT and Boston entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Teaching Entrepreneurship Hands-on: Part 2

Steve Blank

Here are some more presentations from our class. And one more. Filed under: Uncategorized


The Startup Visa Bill Debate

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

know Pascal. We met once briefly and I engage with him regularly here and also on Tumblr. He's a smart and thoughtful person. So I read his post carefully, thought about it, and slept on it. But to suggest that the Startup Visa Act "must be stopped" because of them is ridiculous. Let me tell you a story. It is not a perfect solution.

Find the Business Model for Your Aspiration

Startup Professionals Musings

What are the alternatives that will give you the independence you crave, and challenge your business acumen? You really just want to be the boss.

Monday Morning Startup Visa Articles

Feld Thoughts

While everyone is talking about health care, let’s not forget our friend the Startup Visa. Two good articles appeared this morning. The New Startup Arms Race : Eric Ries, who is part of the Startup Visa Initiative core team (and the creator of the Lean Startup Methodology) has a great essay up on The Huffington Post. Startup Visa Stories.

Web Analytics Association Board of Director Nominee Twitter List

Watching Websites

Even better, simply add this list if you use Seesmic Desktop , TweetDeck , CoTweet , HootSuite or any other Twitter application. Enjoy! Dennis R.