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Basic IP Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know


The following are four classes of protected IP: trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Trademarks. Patents. Copyrights.

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Intellectual Property 101

Up and Running

It is difficult to be in a business situation completely devoid of IP worth identifying and protecting. IP is a not just a legal issue.

Legal Checklist for Startups

Scott Edward Walker

Button-down IP ownership and assignment issues (see post here ). 5.  None of this is rocket science. 

For IP Security at Startups, "Later" Isn't Soon Enough


Most startups take the obvious measures: Be careful who you hire. Hire an IT geek to lock down your networks. A brilliant idea. Sponsor.

3 Simple Steps to Avoiding IP Disputes

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Hire a professional. An entrepreneur shares some tips for securing your brand. It happens all the time. They set up a fan page on Facebook.

4 Deadly Legal Mistakes That Startups Make

Scott Edward Walker

IP Ownership.  Any IP created or acquired by a founder (e.g., You need to make sure that any IP created by outside developers (i.e.,

3 Steps to Protecting Intellectual Property

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How do you keep your IP safe from view. IP is a valuable asset that needs to be protected, insured, and, sometimes, even risked.

Why You Should Care about Intellectual Property

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In order to protect your business’s IP, learn the four different categories. Yes, your business has intellectual property (IP).

Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 3: The Best Defense is a Good IP Strategy

Steve Blank

Early on in my career I took a “we’re moving too fast to deal with lawyers” attitude to patents and Intellectual Property (IP.) Type of IP. _. Make sure you have Employee Invention Assignment Agreements. (If you hire subcontractors or friends to do some work, get assignment agreements as well.). 3. Outside the U.S. Examples. _.

3 Ways Structure Can Take Your Tech Startup To New Heights


Look no further than  Google and Oracle , and you’ll see that no company is immune from IP impasses. Jenga tower is a precariously built one.

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Why Lawsuits Are On the Rise at Startups and What To Do About It

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As I write these words I already imagine my next deposition in which I’m asked to read this out loud. Lawsuits are on the rise. For what?

The Audacious Plan to Make Electricity as Easy as WiFi

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seldom hire patent attorneys during due diligence but this was too important. We hired OSHA regulatory lawyers. But it seemed to work.

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Avoid Wasting Time

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Call high, and get passed down or; B. Call High. In a small to mid-sized organization this is likely the CEO or perhaps a COO or SVP. Summary.

Corporate Acquisitions of Startups: Why Do They Fail?

Steve Blank

If the startup is acquired for its IP, talent or revenue, it should be rapidly integrated into the acquirer. The Innovation Portfolio. So what?

Top Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make


Finally, completely understand who owns what as the relationship persists, especially in the case of intellectual property (IP).

StartupRoar - Great Content for Startups


Today I join Ben Yoskovitz , Vinicius Vacanti , Jill Hubbard Bowman and Steve Blank and others in announcing the launch of StartupRoar.

Going Global: 8 Things to Consider If You Want to Expand Your Business

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The choice of where to base your IP holding company has become a key strategic decision for a company’s board of directors.

Some Career Advice for Aspiring Tech CEOs

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There is such a thing as a “diamond in the rough” and let’s face it – if the company was totally rocking would they be hiring you? the standard 4-6% for a hired-gun CEO). There is often money to be made in finding places with under-valued IP. But how? Of course you could start your own company. Summary.

How Would You Build a Movie Studio if You Started Today?

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They hire world-class animators and sweat every detail of the drawings. Look at Harry Potter. They pay for composers to create original music.

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Lying on your resume

Steve Blank

In fact he had to convince the VP of Marketing who didn’t want to hire you. It’s not the crime that gets you, it’s the coverup.

Are You An Internet Entrepreneur In Colorado? Oppose PIPA!

Feld Thoughts

The Protect IP Act (PIPA) reflects the concern that the DMCA has allowed for significant amounts of piracy to take place on the Internet and that more can and should be done to prevent it. After several discussions with various Congressional staff members, I’ve drafted the following letter to deliver to Senator Udall and Senator Bennet.

Startups and intellectual property: how much is a muse worth?

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Every now and then, a comment merits its own post: I have a question regarding IP rights. The question is whose idea is it and who owns an IP for it? There is a legal standard as to what constitutes full IP ownership. The equal sharing I honestly find a little random but it’s very rare that the IP would be worth anything.

What Should You Do with Your Crappy Little Services Business?

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You own the IP you create. In a down market IP can become a huge differentiator. 3. This post originally appeared on TechCrunch. Period.

Notes on the acquisition process

Chris Dixon

The most prominent one lately is “IP indemnification.” ” This is a complicated issue, but in short, as a response to patent trolls going after IP escrows, acquirers have been trying to get clawbacks from investors in case of IP claims. Ten years ago, startups financing was an insider’s game. startups

You are the Best One to Build Your Startup Brand


hear lots of excuses from startup founders, like “I’m too busy,” concern over IP security, can’t afford an agency, and it’s too early.

The risks of being a small investor in a private company

Chris Dixon

Small investors invest in entity 1 that licenses IP from entity 2. Value of IP increases and entity 2 is sold and eventually cancels entity 1′s license, making entity 1 worthless. 4) Pay-to-play or artificially low downrounds. Here are a few examples. 1) Issuing of senior securities with multiple liquidation preferences.

Protecting The Safe Harbors Of The DMCA And Protecting Jobs

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The content industry's lobbyists have forged two new bills, one in the Senate called Protect IP and one in the House called E-Parasites. My partner Brad and I spent Thursday in DC along with a bunch of entrepreneurs and VCs.   The DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Fast forward to today. But three person startups cannot.

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How Great, Operationally-Focused CFO’s Can Transform Your Business

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For a well-funded seed company I have controversially recommended hiring a great office manager that doubles as an administrative assistant. This happens because many CEOs are passionate, market-driven people who are constantly trying to launch new products, win contracts, get press, hire staff and woo VCs. Hire a great CFO.

When do I need to incorporate a company?

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Creating intellectual property.  If there is any IP created and there is more than one founder, then incorporating an entity and assigning IP to the entity is important.  Hiring employees or third party contractors.  Several reasons exist for taking the step to incorporate. Issuing stock options.  Obtaining visas.  If a non-U.S.

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Setting Up a Security System For Your Small Business

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While Internet protocol (IP) cameras are the choice of more and more business and store owners, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can also work for your purpose. IP cameras  are digital and, since they are installed on a company’s IP network, can communicate with any computer or device that has access to the network.

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The Importance of Partnership Agreements, NDAs, and Security: Lessons from HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

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That’s why having NDAs in place with all of your employees and contractors are an important part of hiring and exit practices. Image via HBO.

9 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Filter IP addresses Certain visits to your website distort your analytics. Already know and love Google's data tools?

Who should learn to program?

Chris Dixon

Every company I know is hiring engineers (e.g. There has recently been a lot of talk in the tech world and beyond about getting more people to learn computer programming. think this is a worthy goal*, but the question should be considered from various angles. 1. Jobs & the economy. Businesses all over the world need more programmers.

Five Lessons Learned From Bringing Cleantech to China

Secret Formula

tl;dr: Experienced cleantech CEOs leverage China instead of fearing it – enlisting self-interested partners to defend IP and manage risk.

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To NDA or not to NDA?

Growthink Blog

Are you hiring an employee? Visit Traklight and use “ID your IP” with Traklight’s compliments until February 28, 2014. What is a NDA?

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Creating a Tech or Biotech: The Entrepreneur

Taffy Williams

Those you do not have you will fix by hiring someone to help within your new business. Basics are provided to help entrepreneurs. Now what?

What is it Like to Negotiate a VC Round?

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Well, if you have an option pool of only 6% and have many more execs to hire to build out your team you’re going to ask for more options to be created in the future. Of course investors care about controls (board, protective provisions, IP assignments, non-solicitation) but these are all pretty standard. It’s very simple.

The investment that didn’t happen

K9 Ventures

Google so far has played nice with startups and has had a positive impact on the startup eco-system (especially for exits, less so for hiring!)

Remember the square and round pegs must match the correct holes

Taffy Williams

They obtain the IP rights required to own the technology. Hiring them and assigning a role followed by lack of monitoring can lead to disaster.

Building the Global Startup

John O'Farrell

Make internationalization and localization experience mandatory for senior product management and engineering hires. Protect your IP  .