Tue.Mar 13, 2012

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Games Where The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play

Feld Thoughts

My partner Jason Mendelson called this on 2/28 when he wrote his post  Goodbye Yahoo! Crosses The Line. However, Yahoo has now played.

Parker: Open Source and For-Profit Companies

Ask The VC

Eric is one of the best thinkers I’ve ever encountered around this topic and Andrew’s post – which articulates a trend of for-profit companies open sourcing core pieces of their products – is powerful support of many of Eric’s theories. hope we don’t fuck it all up. What else could patents be for ?”

How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority: 5 Smart Tricks

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's easy to be overwhelmed when the to-do list gets too long. First things first! In order to move the ball forward you need to start somewhere.

5 Branding must-haves for startups

Up and Running

This is a guest post from Amina AlTai , Marketing Director at Imagemme, a New York-based packaging design and branding agency.

3 Biggest Entrepreneur Opportunities Now

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The cost of starting a business today is lower than ever. If you have an idea, pursue it. Or give one of these three arenas a hard look.

China 44

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Why This 29-Year-Old's Company Is Worth $400 Million

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox, said no to offers from Google and Apple, and is running one of the world's fastest growing Web start-ups.

Learning to Let Go

The Entrepreneurial Mind

But delegating often turns out to be easier said than done. There are three common mistakes that entrepreneurs can make when delegating. The first mistake is being hesitant to delegate. When first beginning to delegate to employees, some entrepreneurs feel that no one can do what they do as well as they can do it. To employees it is simply a job.

8 Steps to Squash a Customer's Complaint

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Before you rush to defend yourself or fight back remember to put yourself in your customer's shoes. Customer complaints are inevitable. refund?

PBS Mini Documentary About Typography

crowdSPRING Blog

Typography is all around us. Here’s an outstanding 7 minute PBS documentary about typography. Related posts: Fun With Typography.

Get Great PR: 7 Things You Must Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In the quest to win the hearts and minds of the press, you're going to have to do all the work. Here’s what I learned about what it takes: 1.

PR 31

The Alien Entrepreneur: Startups Struggle to find Technical Talent.

Alien Entrepreneur

I'm addicted to entrepreneurship, currently participating in multiple startups. CTO at ProspectStream, ScopiaRx, and

7 Cool Things You've Missed at SXSW

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Ideas, both fanciful and potentially instructive for your business, flowed over the weekend in Austin. Here are 7 interesting bits we observed. ̶

Why Blogrepreneur.com Has a New Look

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

As you might have noticed, Blogrepreneur.com has a new look. We’re very excited about it, and the feedback so far has been excellent.

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Simple Way to Close a Sale

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You'll sell more if you make closing a natural part of your conversation with the customer. That’s basic selling. ” or “Do you agree?”

Disintermediation - It's a B h. - A Crowded Space

A Crowded Space

6 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There's no room for self-doubt when you're launching a company. Here are half-a-dozen ways successful entrepreneurs keep faith with themselves.

Presentation Dynamics

Taffy Williams

During yourtenure as the CEO, you will give presentations extensively. Presentations are given to potentialpartners, funding sources, investors, conferences, and most anyone that willlisten. The objective is always toincrease value. Atsome point, public speaking becomes easier and the clarity of your style willimprove because of so much practice.

Run Your Business From Anywhere: 9 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You don't have to be beholden to a particular location.

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Capital On Stage – the conference where VCs pitch to startups

The Equity Kicker

Please take a few minutes to read the passage below about the upcoming Capital On Stage conference in London. Announcement Startup general interest

8 Steps to Acquiring a Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How to apply Sun Tzu strategies to business acquisition. When considering purchasing a company remember Sun Tzu's quote: ".avail That's good news.

Appearing on Charlie Rose

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Reid and I were on the Charlie Rose Show last week talking about The Start-Up of You and other topics. Here’s the 11 min interview.

Green 13
Green 13

Land a Big Name to Advise Your Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Plenty of start-ups would kill to have someone like Gary Vaynerchuk as an advisor. Conrad is also a founding partner at True Ventures. Just be cool.

Making it Virtually Easy to Deploy on Day One

Code as Craft

At Etsy we have one hard and fast rule for new Engineers on their first day: deploy to production. We’ve talked a lot in the past about our deployment , metrics , and testing processes. Everyone gets a shiny new virtual machine with a working development version of the site, along with their LDAP credentials, github write access, and laptop.

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Your Prescription for Productivity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's how a mind-body approach can help you achieve peak performance--both personally, and company-wide. Imagine going to a doctor's appointment and everyone in the office seems to know you almost as well as you know yourself. No explanations or apologies needed. He created health care personality profiles for all his patients. How does it work?

50 Killer Ikea Hacks To Transform Your Home Office


Luckily, there are many ways that you can create an amazing place to work in your home on a shoestring budget. Storage. Expedit on the walls. Desks.

Inside the Mind of a Venture Capitalist

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

At a horse race , people bet on any possible indicator of success they can get their hands on. Are you capable of this? The Jockey. The Race.

8 Ways Writing a Book Is Like Starting a Company


It's basically the book I wish I had when I started out as an entrepreneur five years ago and knew no one or nothing. Build Something You Wish Existed.

5 More Habits of Customer-Obsessed Companies

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Firms like Intuit, eBay, and PayPal are intensely focused on improving online user experience. Here's five more ways you can be, too. recently posted the Top 5 Habits of Customer-Obsessed Companies , gleaned from the work done at my digital consultancy, AnswerLab, with companies who dominate the digital space like LinkedIn, Intuit, and eBay.

Instead of Filing That Patent, Why Not Just Post Your Product Design on a Billboard on the NJ Turnpike?

Small Business Force

And worse, there are, literally tens of thousands of patents like that. Filing a patent is often viewed as a critical step for an entrepreneur.

Is Your Office Design Killing You?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Research shows the typical office design is pretty bad for your health. Here are a few tips for creating a healthy space for you and your employees. Sitting seems to be among the safest of activities , but new research shows it can actually kill you. But what are you supposed to do with this depressing insight? Don't neglect ergonomics.

Big Data Has Already Entered The Building

Austin Startup

Unless you’ve been under a big rock, you’ve heard the chat about big data. It describes the tools and practices associated with unlocking the value in large amounts of structured and unstructured data. If that sounds confusing, just think of of how much information is being created daily. Now think of what it takes to find the nuggets that matter.

Why Ego is Your Worst Enemy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Great entrepreneurs succeed because they're willing to do every job, ask every dumb question, and--above all--admit they can't do it alone.

LBO: Section 351 as a Surrogate for Section 368

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

Section 351 postpones gain or loss on the contribution of appreciated property to a corporation in exchange for stock, assuming certain rules are followed. Section 351 is usually thought of in connection with the organization of unseasoned start ups

Stock 10
Stock LBO 10

Clean Tech: Bigger Than Web 2.0?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why the start-up community remains bullish on the industry--despite its Solyndra-sized failures. And they're not the only ones.