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73.6% of all Statistics are Made Up

Both Sides of the Table

How to Interpret Analyst Reports. The headlines in the media are filled with that latest stats. Stats sell. No.  It’s irony. “Yes.

My experiments in lean pricing

Venture Hacks

This guest post is by Ash Maurya , a lean entrepreneur who runs a bootstrapped startup called CloudFire. Should I charge for my MVP? The Results.

Lean 43

Sunk Costs: An invisible, pervasive peril

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Many of my mistakes can be traced back to a failure to recognize and appreciate "sunk cost.". Sometimes it's easy to do the right thing. Obvious!

Cost 27

2009 First VC Investments in Israel Down 50 Percent

VC Cafe

In 2009, Israeli VC funds made 77 first investments in technology companies, compared to 119 investments in 2008.

App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)

Both Sides of the Table

Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely. I was living in Europe in 2000 when the first WAP phones (Wireless Access Protocol) were introduced. Enter Apple.

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Groundcrew: Organizing the Social Web on the Terra Firma

Grade A Entrepreneurs

Yet, we need to continue to help in the real world and to make sure that we volunteer effectively as an organizer or as a follower.

Industry Shift: What The Armada Music Label Can Teach Us About New Media Marketing by Yaro Starak

You may not know this about me (unless you follow me on Twitter where I tweet music video clips from time to time), but I’m a huge fan of the progressive and vocal trance scene. In the case of trance music, the leading DJ, at least in terms of a popular vote run by DJ Mag , is Armin Van Buuren. The Profit Model For Music Has Changed.

I Would Only Fund an Entrepreneur with High Integrity

Both Sides of the Table

Back in November I agreed with Nivi over at VentureHacks to do a series on the ten most important attributes of a successful entrepreneur. 

Common Contract Terms: Indemnification

VC Ready Blog

If you own your own business, sooner or later you’ll encounter a contract with legal terms that will send you scrambling for a dictionary (or a lawyer). Quick caveat: Indemnification is one of the most nuanced areas of commercial contract law, so this is necessarily a very simplistic overview. With that out of the way ….


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Steve Blank

It’s been a year since I’ve been blogging.   The 100 or so posts add up to about 300 pages of text. Now available on Amazon. Recursive History.

Don’t Let Your Ignorance Stop You by Yaro Starak

This is the fourth article in a series on Positive Change. My goal with this series is to give you the tools necessary to manifest positive change in your reality, or simply put, to get what you want and eliminate what you don’t want in your life. What I Can Teach You About Getting What You Want. Beware Your Own Ignorance. Accepting Change.

Facebook PDQ

The Product Guy

Quick-UX provides for the rapid, simple and quantifiable assessment of a product’s User Experience (UX). Example: Prompt Load Time (value = 1.0).


Becoming An Internet Entrepreneur; Your Dream, My Reality.

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

A lot of people think that you need some significant capital investment in order to start something great. This could not be further from the truth. Richard Branson & Robert Herjavec are two prime examples of entrepreneurs who started with nothing and become giant successes. Check out [link] for Richard’s story and [link] for Robert’s. Two [.]

12 Questions: Meet Janis Aydelette (USA)

crowdSPRING Blog

In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. Janis lives and works in Douglasville, Georgia. 1.

Startups Need a Grand Vision but Micro Focus

Startup Professionals Musings

It’s great to dream big, but your startup needs a laser focus in the beginning to get market and investor attention. Can you? Need to be nimble.

Understanding Liquidation Preferences

VC Deal Lawyer

The current financing market, as well as the structure of your prior Series Preferred rounds, will drive the type of liquidation preference you can negotiate for yourself.  The The purpose of this article is to explain the various types of liquidation preferences and to demonstrate how they can result in markedly different outcomes. . Shares.  .

Be Different and Stand Out

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

As an entrepreneur, how often have you tried simply tinkering with your price to see if you can gain just a little bit of advantage over your competitors? Truth be told, this is how we all tend to think at first reaction, as the almighty dollar always dictates a biased decision. But of course it

How to optimize web apps with KISSmetrics

Venture Hacks

Thanks to KISSmetrics for supporting our interview with Sean Ellis. If you want an intro to KISSmetrics, send me an email. I’ll put you in touch if there’s a fit. Thanks. Hiten Shah from KISSmetrics recently sat down with me to discuss how to optimize funnels with their upcoming analytics tool, KISSmetrics. Transcript: See below. Prerequisites.

10 Questions Never to Ask a Reporter

Rembrandt Communications

When you prepare to contact a reporter, it is essential to conduct some research first. Media members receive hundreds of calls and e-mails each week, and you want to make a good, first-impression without being annoying. To stand out and get your story heard, here is a simple reminder of ten questions you should never [.].

Patents Are A Weak Measure of Innovation Activity

Feld Thoughts

After not seeing the word patent in my daily information routine for a few weeks, I saw it twice today – first in an article titled Turning Patents Into ‘Invention Capital’ (in the NY Times) and then in Region Sustains Robust Patent Production in the WSJ. Both stirred me up early this morning, but for different reasons. Patent and Trademark Office.

Is the iPhone or Blackberry Better for Business?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Before Apple burst onto the scene with the iPhone and changed mobile communications as we know it, Blackberry, as perfected by Research in Motion, RIM, dominated the business world. You simply had to have a Blackberry in hand if you wanted to be taken seriously as a business executive and the organization ably stood up

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SeedStart NYC

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

For several years, we've been talking on this blog about programs like Y Combinator, TechStars, SeedCamp, and many others. call them startup accelerators. One thing I've consistently heard is that NYC needs its own startup accelerator. Well it is happening this summer, courtesy of the city's own NYC Seed fund.

FreeTimeStudios Launches new SlapHappy game for iPhone

Startup Houston

Here is a description of the game provided by Nathan: Remember that game you played as a kid? SlapHappy!™ Move too soon and you lose.

Ex-Floobs Team Goes After Music Business With GigsWiz


The dust has barely settled since we reported about Floob’s ending up in the deadpool on Jan 21st. Related Posts. Floobs video interview.

Send Money with Paypal and Facebook

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

PayPal has become pally with Facebook recently and you can now send money to people right from your Facebook site. All you need is your e-mail address and PayPal takes care of all the rest. Here is the link to the PayPal page within Facebook where you can get started. It seems that Facebook is

Option Value

Brad Hargreaves

We generally don't think enough about how we should live as opposed to the minutiae of our lives. It's like how many CEOs of startups get caught up in operational details and let their companies slide down a poor strategic path

5 thoughts for startups and small business on managing the work vs. home wrestling match

crowdSPRING Blog

Well today is Valentines Day and, being the tool that I am, I’m sitting at the computer writing tomorrow’s post. Like many startup entrepreneurs I gave up much to follow the dream, and friends and family have definitely taken a hit. We knew going in that it would be this way; founder after founder told us that we should prepare for this.

Be Part of the Entrepreneurial Revolution

Startup Professionals Musings

Now, with open source software components, and low-cost development tools, the same job can be done by one good hacker for a few thousand dollars.


Nature vs Nurture and Entrepreneurship

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I went down to Philly yesterday and spent the afternoon with students and faculty at Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs, the entity that administers the entrepreneurship major/courses at Wharton and runs a bunch of fantastic "outreach" programs like the Venture Initiation Program.  accept that Raffi may be right.

Option Value

Brad Hargreaves

We generally don't think enough about how we should live as opposed to the minutiae of our lives. It's like how many CEOs of startups get caught up in operational details and let their companies slide down a poor strategic path

Oblong Dazzles More Than Just Me

Feld Thoughts

For the past few years, every time someone talks about next generation user interfaces, a reference to the movie Minority Report pops up.

MicroISV Digest – 02/13/2010

47 Hats

Community News: The 19th annual Software Industry Conference will be held this year in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt Regency DFW, July 15-17, 2010.

The Ultimate Innovator’s Playlist

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

It occurred to me that Innovators need music as much as, maybe more than, everyone else. Music is an unparalleled source of inspiration for many people, so why would innovators be any different? Kelly Revolution Rocky Rodgers & Hammerstein Rolling Stones Sammy David Jr.


From Debating Stack Overflow to Re-designing Janko

The Product Guy

Every week I read thousands of blog posts. Here, for your weekend enjoyment, are some highlights from my recent reading, for you. Have a great weekend!