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Taffy Williams

The following articles are published in the Examiner.com and cover issues of startups and entrepreneurship. The list covers all articles published as of April 10, 2013.

Need Money? A Few Links to Possible Investors

Taffy Williams

Startup Incubators. Sometimes you can get services for equity in incubators. Remember, you are taking a partner and you will be living with the investors for some time. Licensing or Partnering with a BigCo or Vendor. These can come with upfront cash and future payments from the partner, or for services now and promise of future payments. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of Examiner.com.


Inside Edison Nation: A Willy Wonka-Style Warehouse of Inventions

Inc Startups

They’re the kind of instruments of miscellany you would expect to find in an MIT engineering lab or a Silicon Valley incubator. Turns out, they’re housed in a renovated grist mill on the outskirts of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Highlights On The Business of Software (2012)


a privately held IT consulting firm servicing enterprise customers with offices in Atlanta, GA ; Birmingham, AL ; Charlotte, NC ; Chattanooga, TN ; and Mobile, AL. Beyond the Team / Investors, Partners. The following is a guest post by Matthew Dean.

allensblog: The Problem of the Forgotten Founder

Allen's Blog

One important reason is that the rules on (1) whether a general partnership has been formed and (2) who’s a general partner (and therefore possibly entitled to part of the ultimate benefits of a successful venture) are not as clear as the rules involving who’s entitled to a stake in a corporation (or possible other “formal” types of business enterprise you might choose). Charlotte * Los Angeles. allensblog. Thoughts from a startup sherpa. Archives. Profile. Subscribe.