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Product Development Improvements That Are Shaping The World

The Startup Magazine

Product development involves the creation or modification of a product, satisfying a market niche or newly defined customer. Now more than ever, plastics are very useful in product design because there are a lot of benefits of using plastic. The process can be a critical part of product development.

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10 Strategies To Cover New Product Development Costs

Startup Professionals Musings

The “valley of death” is a common term in the startup world, referring to the difficulty of covering the negative cash flow in the early stages of a startup, before their new product or service is bringing in revenue from real customers.


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5 Simple Ways (And Tools) To Improve Product Development

YFS Magazine

As with product development of any kind, process design is often the most difficult (yet most valuable) part of your project.

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For Startups, Software Team Extension Solves Product Development Challenges

YFS Magazine

If you need highly-skilled developers for your next software project, discover key benefits of leveraging a software team extension.

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For the sake of productivity, developers need to learn to say “no”

The Next Web

Whoever coined the mantra ‘The customer is always right’ has never tried to undertake development tasks for clients with grandiose ideas, but zero technical background. Nowadays, every company might be a software company, but not everyone knows how to effectively manage software development projects.

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Bringing Marketing and Product Development Together

Duct Tape Marketing

Bringing Marketing and Product Development Together written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. On this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I visit with author and product and marketing executive Jill Soley. Marketing Podcast with Jill Soley. Podcast Transcript.

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Using Generative AI to Drive Corporate Impact


It plays a crucial role in product development too, where generative AI speeds up design processes, streamlines testing, and tailors user experiences effectively. By processing and analyzing large datasets, AI can identify emerging trends, enabling companies to align their product strategies with future market demands.