7 Easy Steps To Start Your YouTube Channel


Considering setting up a YouTube channel for your business? The post 7 Easy Steps To Start Your YouTube Channel appeared first on Young Upstarts. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Well, here’s what you need to know. .

Channel Overload

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There are only so many channels we can pay attention to. We can all become one of the niche players on the must-read/listen/see media channels alongside more famous brands or people. The post Channel Overload appeared first on Steve Sammartino


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6 Best Marketing Channels for Small Businesses


Learn what a marketing channel is, examples of marketing channels, and how to choose the right ones for your small business. Marketing Digital Marketing Ecommerce Marketing Growing a Business Marketing Strategy Small Business Marketing Startup Marketing

Omni-channel this!

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We are one step closer to release of my book on the SAP economy. The edit is done, the next steps are the inside layout, eBook conversion and prep for printing. Assuming all moves well, the media review PDFs should. Industry Commentary

All My Comm Channels

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I realized yesterday, as I was driving to Denver, that my comm channels shifted again after I returned from sabbatical in December. So – instead of an always or or interrupt channel, my email has turned into a more periodic (several times a day) comm channel. That shifted my real time channels to a few different things since there isn’t a single unifying answer. The post All My Comm Channels appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Are You Selling Solutions Through The Right Channel?

Startup Professionals Musings

Even the best products and solutions won’t go anywhere unless you sell them through the right channels. They usually get chastised and declined for ignoring the realities of the retail channel. The right channel for marketing and distribution is one of the basic “four Ps” of business (product, promotion, price and placement). The most common channels in use today include e-commerce, direct to customer, wholesale to dealers, and value-added resellers.

Maximizing Your Digital Marketing Channel Mix


With more money flowing into digital marketing, the digital channel mix continues to grow in complexity. In order to match the best Digital Marketing Channel Mix to your business objectives, it is important to have a good understanding of each of the channels available, how they work, and how to best leverage them. As the CEO, it’s imperative that you set clear business goals around these digital channels, and communicate them across the organization.

Channeling Growth in 2021

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In August 2020, Growth Channel joined Sputnik ATX’s Summer 2020 cohort where she grew her userbase 20% weekly on average. In August 2020, Growth Channel joined Sputnik ATX’s Summer 2020 cohort where she grew her userbase 20% weekly on average. What’s next for Growth Channel?

YouTube Strategy Lessons from a Channel with 1.6 Million Subscribers


Beardbrand currently has two different YouTube channels, one with 1.6 We launched the larger channel back in 2012 and the smaller channel in 2019. These channels combined are generating hundreds of thousands of views a day, none of which we pay for.

Lean LaunchPad for Life Sciences – Distribution Channels

Steve Blank

This post is an update of what we learned about life science distribution channels. Life Science/Health Care distribution channels differ by Category. It turns out that for commercialization, the business model (Customers, Channel, Revenue Model, etc.) This weeks topic was distribution channels ; how your product gets from your company to your potential customer segments. Life Science and Health Care Differences in Distribution Channels.

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models

Occam's Razor

than multi-channel attribution modeling. Here's the outline of our incredible multi-channel attribution modeling adventure: ~ Three Unique Attribution Challenges. ~ Multi-Channel Attribution Models. Multi-Channel Attribution Analysis. ~ In a recent post, Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check , I outlined three distinct attribution challenges. Multi-channel attribution across digital channels.

How To Use Social Media As A Sales Channel

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Companies that previously didn’t have a social media marketing plan have embraced social channels for interacting with clients and offering products. Social media is now becoming more than just a marketing channel, but a sales channel in its own right.

Supporter Channel: Firefly Digital

NZ Entrepreneur

Through their channel here on #nzentrepreneur they’ll be providing practical insights, ideas and useful online marketing advice that you will be able to action in your own business. The post Supporter Channel: Firefly Digital appeared first on NZ Entrepreneur Magazine. Listen on Soundcloud.

I’m on the Air – On Sirius XM Channel 111

Steve Blank

Starting this Monday, March 9 th 4-6pm Pacific Time I’ll be on the radio hosting the Bay Area Ventures program on Sirius XM radio Channel 111 – the Wharton Business Radio Channel. On our first show, Monday March 9 th 4-6pm Pacific Time join me, as I chat with Alexander Osterwalder – inventor of the Business Model Canvas , and Oren Jacob, ex-CTO of Pixar and now CEO of ToyTalk on Sirius XM Radio Channel 111.

Supporter Channel: Storytech

NZ Entrepreneur

The post Supporter Channel: Storytech appeared first on NZ Entrepreneur Magazine. Listen to the interview. “Everybody has a better product. That’s why you need a better story.” ” When award winning ad man James Hurman set out to provide New Zealand businesses with access to brand consulting services typically only affordable for large companies and household brands, it was this reasoning that drove him.

Omni-Channel Product


These are examples of omni-channel businesses whose products and services have a spectrum of customer touch points that span digital (apps, websites, notifications) and physical. Omni-channel products and services often provide value that is not digital. Have you ever received a text notification from your airline about a flight delay before the ground crew in the waiting area has the information?

PeoplesVC Launches Crowdfunding TV Channel


Peterborough, New Hampshire-based PeoplesVC is on a mission to create jobs in America, and the equity-based crowdfunding site is in the process of launching an integrated multimedia platform to do exactly that. Called PeoplesVC-TV , the network will play host to specially developed live, theme-based TV shows expected to help the site to achieve its aim of job creation through hyperlocal crowdfunding, revolutionizing capital formation for startups and existing small businesses.

Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check

Occam's Razor

Multi-Channel Attribution is a red hot topic in our industry, and yet it is so poorly understood. Roll up your sleeves, put a smile on your face, grab a pinch of common sense, a heavy dose of reality and let's go… Three Types of Multi-Channel Attribution Problems. Multi-Channel Attribution. If you are not calculating the offline impact, and you are not giving your online channel due credit. Two helpful blog posts on multi-channel analytics: 1.

How to Grow a YouTube Channel: Benchmarks & Strategy


What does it take to grow a YouTube channel? Is a channel more than the sum of its video parts? Some solutions are simple—you need a consistent visual presentation on your channel page and across videos. If YouTube channel growth has felt unattainable, you’re not alone. Are most companies’ YouTube channels succeeding? YouTube was often one of the last content channels added. 5000 don’t even have a YouTube channel. The median channel age was 9.48

How to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business — 2021 Guide

Up and Running

There are numerous advantages to creating a YouTube channel that will help a small business. If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel for your business, there are several steps you must complete. Why does your company need a YouTube channel? Now you have a channel.

Zero-sum marketing channels: Good or bad for a startup to pursue?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Many marketing channels are “zero-sum,” meaning that if one company wins a piece of the channel, other companies cannot also use that piece. So, even if you win a zero-sum channel, your growth in that channel is capped, and expensive. Example: AdWords, where the price is set by the highest (dumbest?)

Nine Keys To A Winning Startup Channel Strategy

Startup Professionals Musings

For that, you need to implement a winning distribution channel strategy. Common channel strategies include direct to customer, distributor, and joint venture arrangements. For many markets these days, the channel owns the market. Here are the steps I recommend to face this issue successfully, and effectively build or align with productive channels: Finalize an overall ‘go to market’ strategy before you begin. Evolve the channel strategy as you grow.

The 6 Digital Marketing Channels to Prioritize in 2020

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That being said, the best way to leverage digital channels is by fine-tuning them to meet your business goals. What is the most effective marketing channel? The following are some of the best digital marketing channels that you can start using during and post-pandemic.

For Investors – Channelling Funds into Profitable Investments

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Business owners get to examine their company’s strengths and weaknesses, and channelling resources accordingly. Additionally, when stock markets are red-hot, funds are being channelled into stock purchases and away from gold. The post For Investors – Channelling Funds into Profitable Investments appeared first on The Startup Magazine. Whether you are a startup or a startup investor, taxes impact you, and tax season is upon us.

Changing the Social Channel

Duct Tape Marketing

I plan to challenge the thinking that social networks are really channels and, in fact, make a case for things like clarity, culture, content and method as the most important channels of a social business. My hometown, Kansas City, was founded at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers and the visual of these two powerful channels coming together, to form something even more potent, suggests the perfect metaphor for how community prospers and grows.

Channel partners can be golden for growth


I gave them a speed lesson on how the newspaper business can build a new river of cash through channel partnerships. A Channel partner is a person or a company with a complementary service, who is knocking on the same doors as you, and who is connected. With a little bit of structure and ingenuity, you can supplement your sales efforts by leveraging channel partnerships. Good Channel partners are hunters with a “protein–rich” diet of connections.

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

Both Sides of the Table

Let me start by saying that most channel relationships don’t work. I’ve seen way too many startups spend all their energy getting channel deals done only to find out that they don’t produce ANY revenue. This post is dedicated to explaining why channel relationships suffer and how you can improve them. A Channel Love Story. Channel partners come in multiple flavors. Channel partners are no different.

Blog Traffic Fundamentals: What Are Communication Channels?

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

What’s even more amazing is every single day for six years … Read the rest of this entry » The post Blog Traffic Fundamentals: What Are Communication Channels? Blogs & Blogging Blogs and Blog Traffic blog profits blueprint blog traffic communication channels make money blogging website traffic

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Roadmap: Affiliate Channel Strategies Explained

YFS Magazine

What is affiliate marketing and why does it matter to an emerging entrepreneur? . Grow Marketing & Sales affiliate marketing affiliate marketing programs marketing recommended

Episode 1 on Sirius XM Channel 111: Alexander Osterwalder and Oren Jacob

Steve Blank

My guests on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM Channel 111 were: Alexander Osterwalder – inventor of the Business Model Canvas. Do the channels you imagine to reach these customers actually want to work with you? Oren Jacob , ex-CTO of Pixar and now CEO of ToyTalk.

Episode 3 on SiriusXM Channel 111: Kathryn Gould, Mar Hershenson, Sophie Lebrecht

Steve Blank

My guests this week on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM Channel 111 were: Kathryn Gould co-founder of Foundation Capital. Tune in on SiriusXM Channel 111 Monday June 29th 4pm PST/7pm EST for our next interesting program – Hacking for Defense in Silicon Valley. Mar Hershenson co-founder of the VC firm Pejman Mar Ventures. Sophie Lebrecht co-founder and CEO of Neon Labs.

YouTube launches channel subscriptions

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Google yesterday announced the launch of paid subscriptions for YouTube channels. So far this is only for a pilot group of around 30 hand-picked channels, but they say they are going to expand to a broader list of qualified partners that will operate on a self-service basis.

a16z Video: Distribution and Sales Channels

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What is a sales channel? Selecting the right channel is critical for any business — products … Uncategorized channel & distribution sales videoswatch time: 6 minutes. It’s a route to market for a product or set of products, from a website to a sophisticated sales force.

Sales channels often disappoint

The Equity Kicker

I often find myself advising entrepreneurs to be cautious when predicting sales volumes through distribution partners or sales channels, so I thought I would reproduce my thoughts here. In fact, I can’t think of a successful investment we’ve made that won because of a channel or distribution deal. In my experience these distribution deals where small company does deal with big company to sell small company’s product disappoint more often than they deliver.

Choosing the Right Marketing Channels for Your Business

Duct Tape Marketing

Choosing the Right Marketing Channels for Your Business written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. As of October 2017, there are roughly sixteen marketing channels available to us. Businesses need to get very, very good at getting clients in just a few of these channels. You need to discover the channels that are relevant to your audience and focus solely on those. Be mindful that you don’t mistake the success of one channel for another.

Control a channel

Start Up Blog

it got me thinking about the channels we use to publish our thoughts and to control our personal brands. On the one hand it makes total sense to choose a popular digital channel or two so that ‘we’ can leverage their audience. What if these channels just disappear? Or more specifically, what if a channel we have chosen to invest in just disappears? We must have a channel or repository where we retain an element of control or ownership.

Why Consumer Brands Need To Keep An Eye On Their eCommerce Channel


How can they determine whether their products are being sold at the right price across all channels? When brands list their products on eCommerce sites, they hand over an element of control, and it then becomes difficult for them to track inefficiencies in this channel. Engaging in effective practices that leverage modern technologies to monitor and control the eCommerce Channel through brand analytics. by Shailendra Nagarajan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at DataWeave.

Experimenting With Writing On More Channels

Feld Thoughts

I’m going to experiment with some different channels this year. I’m putting up a lot more content on the Startup Revolution site and I’ll be adding at least one more channel in the next 30 days. But in the next 30 days I plan to change the landing page for feld.com to include all the different channels, and I’ll also do my best to splice up a single feed for everything I write.

Omni-Channel Marketing Drives Sales (Avoid These 6 Mistakes)

YFS Magazine

Omni-channel is a huge buzzword in today's marketing world — and for good reason. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing marketing tips omni-channel marketing

A Marketer’s Guide To Keeping Track Of Cross-Platform Initiatives


Multi-channel marketing concerns the various channels utilized by marketers, both online and offline, used to promote their business and communicate with customers. Professionalisms marketing multi-channel marketing

Whitepaper: The Customer Experience Deficit in Multi Channel Retail

VC Cafe

People browse, choose, pay and troubleshoot products using mobile sites, apps and social media shaking the ground for multi-channel retailers, who until now mainly focused on their brand and brick and mortar shops. One of the highlights from the report is the key findings on what makes customers satisfied today: • Cross-channel personalisation – the current channel the customer is in gives them recommendations based on what they have previously browsed or bought via any channel. •

The LeanLaunch Pad at Stanford – Class 6: Channel Hypotheses

Steve Blank

This week they were testing their hypotheses about the sales “Channel” – how a company delivers its value proposition (i.e. There are two major channels: physical channels and virtual (web/mobile) channels. Physical channels include Direct Sales, Rep Firms, Systems Integrators, Value-added Resellers, Distributors, Dealers, Mass Merchandisers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. This team spoke with 10 more customers and potential channel partners.

Are You Reaching Today’s Customer? Keys To A Great Multichannel Marketing Strategy 


Multichannel marketing allows marketers to cater to potential customers across channels by mirroring how they operate in different digital spaces. Professionalisms Christena Garduno marketing marketing strategy multi-channel marketing