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Book: Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up

Feld Thoughts

Jerry Colonna has written a “must read for everyone on planet earth book” titled Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up. Seriously, go by it right now. I’ll be here when you return. Regular readers of this blog know that Jerry and I are extremely close friends and have been for 23 years. I first met Jerry when he was beginning his partnership with Fred Wilson at Flatiron Partners. But, I didn’t meet him through Fred.

5 Keys To Growing What You Have Planted As A Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Have you noticed that more companies beg you to participate in their business today? It started with an email survey on your last stay at their hotel, but now includes requests for online product reviews, to social media input on the design of future products.

Why SEO Is The Best Marketing Strategy For New Startups


New startups frequently struggle with their approach to marketing. They don’t have much brand history to capitalize on, and they don’t have much capital to work with.

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SAP Nation 3.0 Excerpts: Chapter 11 - Tilting the Bell Curve

deal architect

I excerpt 10% from every book in a series of blog posts. I posted several on SAP Nation 3.0 in April, then took a break after the Sapphire event. Over the next couple of weeks will excerpt the final batch. SAP Nation, the book


Boulder Community Health Takes On The Mental Health Stigma

Feld Thoughts

This first appeared in the Boulder Community Health Foundation Summer 2019 Magazine in an article titled Taking On The Mental Health Stigma. I started the second week of 2013 in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. Within two hours of arriving, I was in my hotel room, the shade closed, the door locked, and in bed with a pillow over my head. I couldn’t deal with anything at all. Having been here before, I knew I was in a deep depression.

6 Clues To The Right Employees For Your New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Entrepreneurs are usually highly creative and innovative, but many innovative people are not entrepreneurs. Since it takes a team of people to build a great company, the challenge is to find that small percentage of innovative people, and then nurture the tendency, rather than stifle it.

MCAlert Founder And Former Captain At PBSO Jay Hart On How To Make Meetings More Productive 


How much do today’s employees dread heading into yet another meeting? A survey of workers across the U.S. by project management company Clarizen found that the following tedious activities were preferred to meetings: A trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Watching paint dry.

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A Startup’s Guide to Maximizing Visibility

The Startup Magazine

Moving from zero customers, zero brand image, and zero sales to a thriving, profitable business takes an investment of time, energy, creativity, and capital. And if you want to do it in a way that sets your business up for years of success, you must set your priorities to build your online presence.

9 Keys To Effective Communication In Today’s Business

Startup Professionals Musings

When was the last time you changed how you communicate to your team and to your customers? The way you deliver your message is key to maximizing its impact, or even reaching the intended audience. Don’t count on people reading your Annual Report for breaking news.

Why A Mindful Workplace Is Good For Business 


by Ora Nadrich, author of “ Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity “ For many people, the workplace can be very stressful and not a pleasant place to spend their days. Time spent there is considered a necessity in order to earn money.

Our New Lean Experiment Template (and Why You Shouldn’t Use It)

Grasshopper Herder

Every company is different and requires a unique business model. Our Lean Experiment template can give you something solid to build yours on. The post Our New Lean Experiment Template (and Why You Shouldn’t Use It) appeared first on

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Gap-Toothed Resumes – The Missing Job From My CV

Hunter Walker

There’s a tiny hole on my resume. Now, 20+ years later you need to squint to see it, but it’s still there. I took the gig because I needed the money while in grad school, and, honestly, because maybe the startup could get public before it and the Web 1.0 bubble popped.

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Why Your Business Needs Social Media in 2019

The Startup Magazine

Gone are the days when marketing of products and services was limited to mainstream media, the use of billboards, flyers, and word of mouth. Today, social media has become an essential marketing strategy in Houston for businesses of all sizes.

How Healthy Eating Is Important For Your Startup Team


You want your team of employees and partners to work as efficiently, productively, and happily as possible—otherwise your business won’t get far.

Spotlight on Vault AI, the Moneyball for content

VC Cafe

The Moneyball thesis is simple: Using statistical analysis, small-market teams can compete by buying assets that are undervalued by other teams and selling ones that are overvalued by other teams. This is a content summary only.

Moving Industry Outlook And Opportunities In The Age Of Technology

YFS Magazine

Technology plays a major role in the evolution and attractiveness of many industries, and the moving business has started to catch on. Grow Technology logistics moving industry small business logistics technology transportation

Sales CRM Power Tips To Successful Customer Relations

The Startup Magazine

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the activities, strategies, and technologies used by a company to manage their interactions with their existing and potential customers.

3 Tips For Finding International Business Partners


Looking to expand your reach in offshore markets? If your business has been wildly successful on the home front, expanding on the international front can bring a lot of benefits. To name a few: Increased revenue. Decreased competition. Access to export financing. Business expansion.

Startups Showcase their Ventures at MassChallenge Texas’ Austin 2019 Event


Austin-based Moolah U, which runs camps to teach students financial responsibility, chose to participate in the MassChallenge Texas accelerator to gain access to mentors and investors to scale its business. “We’ve We’ve been running these programs for 15 years and we’ve found that the best way to teach kids is through real experience,” said Ben Aubin, […]. The post Startups Showcase their Ventures at MassChallenge Texas’ Austin 2019 Event appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

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How To Lead Others When You Don’t Feel Like It

YFS Magazine

You will face a day, or two, in your life when you don't feel like leading. Good leaders persevere through those dark days of leadership. Lead leadership personal development personal growth

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Send Mass Emails By Yourself

The Startup Magazine

Mass emailing has been around for quite a while but it’s still a very effective way to communicate with a large number of people at the same time. There used to be a time when everyone had to personally send bulk email message from a regular email provider. Photo by Muukii on Unsplash.

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Career-Wise, Nothing Beats Authenticity


by Ines Temple , president of LHH Peru and Chile, and author of “ YOU, Incorporated: Your Career is Your Business “ As a child, my mother was a stickler about table manners.

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H-E-B Opens its Eastside Tech Hub in Austin


H-E-B opened its Eastside Tech Hub in Austin on Monday. The 81,000 square foot office serves as the new headquarters for Favor, the Austin-based on-demand delivery service H-E-B bought last year.

9 Companies That Nailed Their Brand–And How You Can Too

YFS Magazine

In a world full of noise and endless options, it's tough to earn customer loyalty. Lindsay Pedersen says the answer is this! Grow Marketing & Sales brand loyalty brand strategy branding marketing

8 Tips When Trying to Start a Private Optometry Practice on a Budget

The Startup Magazine

Launching a private optometry practice is no mean task. You not only need the medical skills, but you will also need to possess the startup and business skills to attract customers once your clinic is up and running. Source: Pexels.

How-To Guide: Starting Your Own Dental Practice


If you just so happen to have a passion for dentistry as well as an entrepreneurial streak coursing through your veins, then you’re in luck — in today’s climate, there are more and more opportunities for you to start your own dental practice.

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Four cash flow tips to boost small business

NZ Entrepreneur

Ranked by the World Bank as the easiest country in which to start a business, New Zealand has in many respects become the poster-child for entrepreneurship. But after you’ve started the business is where things can get tricky.

Married To An Entrepreneur? 5 Keys To A Successful Marriage

YFS Magazine

When you're married to an entrepreneur, mixing business and romance can be difficult. Follow these tips to strengthen your bond. Lifestyle dating lifestyle relationships

5 Success Tips for Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs

The Startup Magazine

Independent entrepreneurs who’ve successfully transitioned from traditional 9-to-5 employment are quick to extol the benefits of working from home.

Tips For Passing The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam Successfully


For several decades, aptitude tests served as a measure of someone’s qualification in the health sector. It comprises of open or closed-ended questions like those in a survey questionnaire.

Austin’s PHLUR Gets $7 Million in Funding and Buys Austin-based Texas Beauty Labs


Austin-based PHLUR, a fragrance company, announced Tuesday that it has received $7 million in funding. In addition, PFLUR acquired Austin-based Texas Beauty Labs, a clean beauty products maker, founded in 2008. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. As part of the transaction, Texas Beauty Labs has formally changed its name to The […]. The post Austin’s PHLUR Gets $7 Million in Funding and Buys Austin-based Texas Beauty Labs appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

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Your Best Employee Just Quit. Now What?

Women Entrepreneurs Can

It’s a great time to be a job seeker in the U.S. The job market is the hottest it has been in the past 50 years as the U.S. economy added jobs for 100 months in a row.

7 Website Features You Need In 2019 More Than Ever

The Startup Magazine

Websites form the heart of a contemporary business setup. Today, every business is bound to have a website. The size of the business does not matter. E-commerce platforms (the likes of Alibaba and Amazon) earn billions of dollars through their website E-tailing.

UX Design Software To Create Appealing Prototypes


A good prototype is the realization of all your hard work; the representation of how your development project will function in a real-world setting. Prototypes help you identify any issues with usability, and give you something tangible to present to your clients or shareholders.

Governance Committee Charter Template

Board Effect

The duties and responsibilities of the governance committee are important enough that boards need to assign them to someone. The best and easiest way to do this is by forming a governance committee. Governance committees are sometimes called nominating committees or board development committees.

5 Types of usability testing methods for websites and businesses

Our Own Start-up

Usability testing isn't a one-time thing. It should, therefore, be implemented to explore, assess, and compare the product.

Why Data Scientist Will be a High Demand Career for the Next Century

The Startup Magazine

Anyone looking to select a successful career, needs to look for those occupations that will be highly sought after for the coming decades.