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Accounting firms and automation of ERP practices - a conversation with Francine McKenna

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Part 2 of my conversation with Francine McKenna. Part 1 focused on independence issues at accounting firms. The world has done over a million ERP, CRM, other enterprise software projects. With cloud implementations, it's like a second wave of projects. Outsourcing (IBM, Accenture, EDS

7 Lessons For Mobile App Developers To Beat The Odds

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One of the quickest ways to become an entrepreneur these days is to develop and publish a smartphone app. The price of entry can be less than $10,000, so the competition is huge and growing rapidly. According to Tim Cook at Apple, there were over 20 million registered developers in 2018.

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20/20/20 – Harley Earl: Design Icon, Seer of Our Autonomous Vehicle Future

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Over the course of 2020, we are highlighting 20 innovators and entrepreneurs from the 20th century whose work continues to shape our everyday lives in the 21st century. . Unless you are a student of design or an aficionado of cars, you may not know the name Harley Earl.

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The Montana Future In A Dream

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I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, but I’ve been getting a lot more REM sleep due to the combination of a CPAP machine and the prostate reduction surgery I had last year (solving a “getting older” problem.).

Auditor Independence and ERP/CRM projects - a conversation with Francine McKenna

deal architect

Francine McKenna is a prolific commentator on the accounting, audit, and corporate governance issues affecting public and pre-IPO private companies. Since 2006, McKenna has been an investigative reporter and feature writer for publications including Dow Jones MarketWatch, Forbes, American Banker, Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) Industry Commentary Outsourcing (IBM, Accenture, EDS

9 Keys To Finding The Perfect Angel Investor For You

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As a long-time advisor to entrepreneurs, and a former angel myself, I still find startups confused about the definition of an angel investor, and how and when to attract one.

20/20/20: Innovators & Entrepreneurs From the 20th Century Who Are Helping Shape the 21st

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Welcome to 2020. I thought about writing a post looking forward into this new decade, or looking back at the prior decade (are we calling it the “teens” officially?). But instead I decided to do something a little different. We’re now 20 years into the 21st century. 1980 and the dawn of the PC era is 40 years ago… the space race kicked off roughly 70 years ago.

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The "fog" of enterprise software

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So many data points cannot be wrong, can they? Larry Ellison talks about SAP's customers moving away during the Oracle earnings call. IFS runs a billboard ad suggesting the same. I get whispers from several other competitors suggesting SAP is. Industry Commentary

5 Crowdfunding Approaches To Tempt Every Entrepreneur

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Even if you ignore all the hype around crowdfunding, there can be no doubt that it is a real alternative for entrepreneurs to achieve visibility and funding today.

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Advantage Of Networking Opportunities


Are you always looking to find new ways to develop your network of other entrepreneurs? You’re not alone! According to 78% of entrepreneurs , networking is crucial if you want to be a success in your industry. Many people become entrepreneurs because they want to be their own boss.

Freestyle’s Leadership on Mental Health

Feld Thoughts

Yesterday, Josh Felser of Freestyle Ventures wrote a post titled For the Love of Founders and their mental health. In it, he discussed his own struggles with mental health as an entrepreneur. “ Like so many others I just sucked it up, grinded away and punted, hoping for relief down the road. That strategy of denial and repression worked until it didn’t. My founder stress and burnout couldn’t be contained despite my best efforts.

Quiet Giants

Eric Friedman

Some years ago the advice was to try join a rocket ship at all costs. Get on, hang on, and the success of the company will lift you to new heights.

6 Insights To Current Funding Trends For Your Startup

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Venture capitalists (VCs) have long been seen as the top of the pyramid for startup funding sources, but in fact angel investors now fund over twice as many companies, according the Crunchbase.

How To Guarantee Success For Your Startup In 2020


If you’re thinking about going into business, then there’s never been more opportunity available, but in order to succeed in 2020, there are some things you’ll need to know. We’ve put together some tips on running a successful startup business, so read on and find out more.

How To Handle Political Expression In The Workplace

YFS Magazine

Are workplace policies needed to control political expression at the office? Culture Economy Editor Picks entrepreneurship culture politics


Cynicism in Silicon Valley

Feld Thoughts

As I was reading The Atlantic article Silicon Valley Abandons the Culture That Made It the Envy of the World I kept flashing to the end of Anna Wiener’s awesome memoir Uncanny Valley. And it was no surprise to see this article in the Boulder Daily Camera titled Big tech in hot seat at congressional hearing at CU Boulder. Readers of this blog and my book Startup Communities know that I’m a huge fan of AnnaLee Saxenian. She has a great quote in The Atlantic article.

Startups Are Not Just The Realm Of Young Generations

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One of the biggest myths in the business world is that startups are no place for Baby Boomers, that aging generation born between 1945 and 1964.

Variables To Consider When Investing In Pallet Racking


Choosing appropriate bed racking for your distribution center is a multifaceted procedure with a few considerable viewpoints to bear in mind.

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Prioritize Mental And Emotional Well-Being

YFS Magazine

Take steps to ensure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed in your personal and professional life. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle recommended

My January Holiday Vacation Reading

Feld Thoughts

Amy and I didn’t feel like taking a Christmas or New Year’s vacation this year so we just hung around Boulder, worked, and did our thing. We then decamped to Mexico last week for warmth, sun, beach, and books.

How to Use Google Optimize & Tag Manager for Personalization


About two years ago, I wrote an article on using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to personalize your website. Even then, people asked why I wouldn’t just use Google Optimize. At the time, the answer was simple: Personalization was part of Google’s six-figure paid solution.

Four Marketing Automation Solutions Every SMB Should Have In 2020


by Chad Ruff, Chief Technology Officer at Swiftpage. Marketing automation isn’t a thing of the future — it’s very much a part of the here and now for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) across the world.

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Welcoming Max Webster to the Version One team

Version One Ventures

In August 2018, we set out to add a third member to our team. A year and a half later, we are thrilled to welcome Max Webster as Version One’s new associate. It was A LONG journey. We received, reviewed and responded to almost 500 applications over this period of time.

Why We Shouldn’t Be In Love With Startups 


We all love a good story, especially those that involve rags-to-riches path. We love the zero-to-unicorn stories of Microsoft, Facebook and Uber.

5 Most Common Startup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The Startup Magazine

So, you’re preparing to launch a startup of your very own: congratulations! You’ve made it past the ideation phase, perhaps you’ve got a business plan in place, and now you’re ready to watch your business grow. Not too fast.

Tips On Travelling For Business Meetings


. Depending on your role and workload, you may have to frequently travel for business. While this does sometimes disrupt your routine at home, if the trips are well organised, they needn’t be stressful. Here are some of our top tips on travelling for business meetings.

The VC Industry Norms Which Changed Over The Past Decade


Having spent time around and then in the world of VC in the Bay Area during the last decade, I’ve been reflecting on how different norms in the industry have changed. At the start of 2010, there was some unwritten VC industry conventions that have been tested, challenged, and upended in the last decade. I also want to be clear that there are other things that should (hopefully) change in the VC industry. That is for another post.

Does your company culture encourage employee curiosity?


It’s more common than you think. Some of the world’s best companies to work for are those that encourage employees to spend time following their own paths of curiosity toward development of new products or services.

Pacific Collection Group Offers Solutions For Customer Debt Collection

The Startup Magazine

Businesses need credit to run smoothly, however, the risk posed by delinquent accounts can stifle cash flow and roll back other business gains. According to Forbes magazine , businesses operating in the US have up to $650 billion outstanding consumer debts in some stages of delinquency.

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How To Plan An Event


Is it time to plan your event ? No matter how small or large this event, the experience can be stressful. Yet, if you get this right, you will find it a wonderfully rewarding activity. The starting point for a successful wedding, music festival, dinner party or team away day is a definite plan.



I wrote a post in 2013 entitled Debunking the Myth of Hiring for Domain Expertise vs. Functional Expertise.

Tracking Multiple Domains: Setup & Reporting for Dozens of Sites


How do you coordinate the analytics setup of a web shop that sells their products all over the world—if you have to handle 10+ languages and currencies in over 80 countries?

The Difference Between Employee Leasing and PEO Companies

The Startup Magazine

There’s a common misconception that an employee leasing services and PEO company are exactly the same, but that’s simply not true. There are many differences between the two, which should be known before you begin shopping around for either.

Here’s How Tech Could Save Your Small Business


If you own a small business, then you’re used to doing more with less than larger businesses. You don’t have the budget that the big corporations do, but you can still turn your small business into a twenty-first-century leader. How you may ask? Technology can be the answer.

4 Most effective practices of successful startup owners

Our Own Start-up

According to a report by IBM Institute, 90 percent of startups in India fail within 5 years of their inception. So, what is the reason? Startups practices of successful leaders practices of successful startup successful leaders successful startup successful startup owners

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Board Meeting Etiquette for Today’s Board Members

Board Effect

It’s an honor to be appointed and serve as a board member for any organization. Those who accept a position on a board should have a high standard of conduct by virtue of their position. Board meetings are formal events because important business takes place in boardrooms.

Cash and Bail Bonds: Employer Options to Assist Key Employees?

The Startup Magazine

In the unfortunate instance of a person being arrested, for whatever reasons. Not only can the arrest be a company crisis that can influence the company’s credibility, but it also puts strain on the trust within the company’s management system.