Impressive Brand Identity Campaigns in The Last Decade


Successful advertising campaigns can directly impact a brand’s perception. Although most marketers have similar data at their disposal, not all brand identity campaigns are successful. What makes one campaign better than others? The campaign went viral.

5 Old Brand Ad Campaigns We Still Love


There are many ad campaigns from the yore that nobody remembers now although they might have worked back then. Here are a few great campaigns that are our favorites. 5 Old Brand Ad Campaigns We Still Love. What are some of your favorite brand campaigns?

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed


Maybe that is one of the reasons why almost every brand created a content marketing campaign initiated by a blog but gradually they posted less and less, eventually abandoning the idea. Why is it that despite multiple tries your content marketing campaign failed?

Evergreen Marketing Inspiration: 5 Successful Social Media Campaigns


Because if it isn’t watched, what’s the point of running a marketing campaign at all? These days there are no guarantees that a campaign will be sure-shot successful. The campaign included encouraging people to love themselves before trying to find true love in others.

How to Launch an Awesome Kickstarter Campaign

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Not only that, their Kickstarter campaign is a bottom-of-the-barrel, barely passable attempt at seeking significant funding. With over a third of a million campaigns to date, it’s pretty clear: You’re not the only one looking for funding. How to create an awesome Kickstarter campaign.

Why Good Marketing Campaign Costs Continue To Rise

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In a business plan these are only one of the many marketing campaigns which continue to rise in cost. Here are three key cost elements of just the viral marketing campaigns: Hire brand evangelists.

Cost 146

The 4 Layers of Marketing Campaign Plans

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Don't rush into copywriting when planning your marketing campaign. Marketing

Finished a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign? Go Straight to Amazon

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For a campaign goal of around $10,000, chances increase to 38 percent, which represents the highest likelihood of success. The problem arises when entrepreneurs rely on this methodology long after their campaigns have concluded.

Episode 123: Create a Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign with Ariel Hyatt

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On this episode we interview Ariel Hyatt and the conversation is about how to run a profitable crowdfunding campaign. Ariel is the author of a book called a Crowdstart:The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign and shares the necessary elements in creating a campaign that will bring revenue and profit to the business. The big hint is that you need to prepare for the campaign well in advance. The campaign is just the icing on top.

3 Best Practices of Generating Positive Content Via Campaigns


Running campaigns on social media can be exhausting. Worse still, you get a flurry of negativity on your campaigns. Generating positive content via campaigns is key to brand activation and engagement. 3 Best Practices of Generating Positive Content Through Campaigns.

9 Keys To Measuring Your Social Media Campaign ROI

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If you are an entrepreneur these days, or trying to grow an existing business, everyone is telling you that you need to use social media. There are many ‘experts’ out there telling you how to do it, or even offering their services.

3 Courageous Marketing Campaigns from 2017

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These are the marketing campaigns that successful grabbed our attention and sparked conversation. A lot happened in 2017. Marketing

Why Your Marketing Campaign Sucks

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Mostly it’s because your marketing campaigns suck. This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

Tips For an Awesome Social Media Campaign

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Before you begin a social media campaign, you’ll want to ensure your website and blog are set up for easy navigation and search engine optimized. What are you hoping to gain from your social media campaign? A Twitter campaign may be best.

Why My Crowdfunding Campaign Failed

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So, why do more crowdfunding campaigns fail than succeed? I talked to entrepreneurs who’ve made crowdfunding mistakes, and got their perspective on what went wrong with their initial campaigns, and what eventually led them to success. What are the popular or featured campaigns?

Design Inspiration: 15 Exciting Website Advertising Campaigns

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Design Inspiration: 15 Exciting Website Advertising Campaigns written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. The online advertising campaign is one of the most influencing marketing tools today. The advertising message is the core element of the marketing campaign.

4 Tips for Launching a Successful Kickstarter Campaign with Little Money

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If you have a great idea for a startup but not enough funds, launching a Kickstarter campaign is a good option for procuring them. Nearly 146,000 projects have already been founded by successful Kickstarter campaigns, but if you want yours to join this number, you’ll need to run it wisely.

How To Properly Set Up And Run An Influencer Marketing Campaign

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influencer campaign, digital, celebrities. Marketing

It's All About Relationships: Failure-Proofing Your Marketing Campaign

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So many marketing campaigns fail because of this. One eternal truth remains: Failure to know and understand your audience is lethal. Marketing

How to Build a Killer Crowdfunding Campaign Page

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Failing to stand out can be harmful to your campaign. Money

5 Crucial Guidelines to a Facebook Ad Campaign Design

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Before you even open a Facebook ad campaign, you should know your audience. Your ad campaign should target a specific age bracket, income level, and interest area. Make your ad campaign stand out—attention grabbing ads always garner clicks.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Launch A PR Campaign

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The Snuggie, Airbnb, Soylent and even Donald Trump arguably have something in common: epic timing. When it comes to PR, here's how to ace yours. Grow Marketing & Sales media coverage PR public relations publicity

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3 Lessons From Failed Startups With Highly Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Sometimes the most successful crowdfunding campaigns still end up crashing and burning. Find out how it happens and how you can avoid it. Crowdfunding

3 Reasons Political Campaigns Need to Start Thinking Like Startups

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Smart campaigns will solve for this. Millennials don't carry checks, they don't go to large donor dinners. They use Venmo. Startup

9 Of My Most Powerful Email Campaigns For Making Automatic Sales by Yaro Starak

The post 9 Of My Most Powerful Email Campaigns For Making Automatic Sales appeared first on Funnels email automation email campaigns Email Marketing email sales internet marketing Online Marketing & Internet Business Guides sales funnelIn my recent article, I explained how I took six months ‘off’ from my business, specifically to see if the systems I put in place would keep sales coming in without me doing launches or creating new products.

4 Essential Elements of An Effective PR Campaign

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When it comes to PR, many startups and small businesses don't have deep pockets. But brand recognition can be achieved without spending thousands. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing PR pr strategies public relations

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Brand Measurement: Analytics & Metrics for Branding Campaigns

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One of the ultimate excuses for not measuring impact of Marketing campaigns is: "Oh, that's just a branding campaign." Before we go any further I must clarify that I love branding campaigns just as much as the next guy. I love campaigns that Visa runs.

How to Launch Your First Content Marketing Campaign

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Want to launch a content marketing campaign, but you're not sure where to start? Find out how it can benefit your business, and how to do it right. Marketing

Is there an easy way to manage and analyze campaign and consumer data?

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The post Is there an easy way to manage and analyze campaign and consumer data? TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious. appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall

Newchip Raises $2 Million in Seed Stage Funding and Launches a $1 Million Crowdfunding Campaign


Austin-based Newchip also launched an equity-based crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder. The post Newchip Raises $2 Million in Seed Stage Funding and Launches a $1 Million Crowdfunding Campaign appeared first on SiliconHills.

The 10 Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns of 2016

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Here are the most-funded campaigns of the year

Tired of Bland, Boring Facebook Ads? How to Create an Engaging Facebook Ad Campaign

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Managing a Business Sales and Marketing Strategy Advertising Cidnee Stephen Facebook ads Facebook Ads Campaign Online advertising Strategies for SuccessFacebook tends to be a very challenging platform for marketers.

How To Set Up A Remarketing Campaign Using Cookies


Lola is prime for a remarketing campaign, if Target has such a campaign in place. by Adam Witty, Founder and CEO of Advantage | ForbesBooks. So, how can you use remarketing in your business? The process depends on a little thing called “ cookies.” Not of the chocolate chip variety!

The #1 Mistake That Kills Your E-mail Campaign

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The post The #1 Mistake That Kills Your E-mail Campaign appeared first on Boost sales fast with content marketing strategy, SEO and PR here. Do you let your e-mail messages go out like this? You’re a small business owner who wants to save money wherever possible. I get it.

TeVido BioDevices Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign


TeVido BioDevices, which prints 3D nipples crafted from human cells, has launched a crowdfunding IndieGoGo campaign to raise $35,000.

4 Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


With more campaigns being posted every year, competition is fierce, and campaign owners are fighting for a piece of the pie. The text you use throughout the campaign should supplement your video, providing a deeper context.

'Dilly Dilly': A Marketing Expert Analyzes the Highly Successful Bud Light Ad Campaign

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Why 'Dilly Dilly' works, and what it can teach you about your own marketing and advertising campaigns. Marketing

5 Tips For Creating A Black Friday Email Marketing Campaign


To stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial that you develop a solid email marketing campaign for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Organize Your Campaign. Some campaigns are straight to the point, with a simple graphic that informs the reader of the sale.

Email 65

How to Increase Newsletter Subscribers Before Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign Launch

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Draw attention to your campaign using a personalized approach.

This is Why Your Online Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working!


If your online marketing campaigns haven’t been going as planned, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing. Many companies tackle marketing campaigns without a clear sense of what success is. In order to run a successful online marketing campaign, you need to lay out your goals!