Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing?


But does this mean that influencer marketing is taking the place of traditional advertising? It seems that several studies are supporting this hypothesis, showing that influencer marketing can improve every aspect of a brand’s performance. Not sure how to start with digital marketing?

Content Marketing for Startups

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market. The thought of marketing their software baby is so painful, uncomfortable, and unpleasant that time and time again developers will rationalize that since their software is so much better than everything else in the same space, they can just wait for customers to show up. The solution, a thousand marketers will tell you, is Content Marketing. The post Content Marketing for Startups appeared first on Content Marketing

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7 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Brand Success in 2016


Digital marketing has gone under some major makeovers over the last few years. But as a digital marketer, how do you keep up with these ever changing trends? Here are some marketing predictions for your brand success in 2016. 7 digital marketing predictions in 2015.

Global Access To Your Content Marketing eCourse!


To help all of us get full access to our Content Marketing for Beginners eCourse , we’ve now fully recorded the course, created all the course material AND made it available for everyone globally. The post Global Access To Your Content Marketing eCourse!

Invite: Digital Marketing And Brand Storytelling Trends 2016 Workshop


I’m thrilled to share that Brandanew will be hosting its first digital marketing and brand storytelling trends 2016 workshop on January 15 in Delhi. Theme: Global Digital marketing and Brand Storytelling trends 2016.

Announcing New Course- Content Marketing For Beginners


Content Marketing for beginners is always a challenge. These are the exact questions, Content marketing experts at all levels struggle with. There’s no job that doesn’t require you to know more about marketing. Who should join a Content marketing for beginners course?

5 Common Mistakes Made By Content Marketing Beginners


Look around and you’ll notice that almost every other company – rather, all of them, are trying their hand at content marketing. Today I am listing down some of the most common mistakes made by Content Marketing beginners!

The European Startup Market

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Third, European entrepreneurs have, for the most part, abandoned the approach of building domestic businesses in their home markets and are now targeting global customer bases from day one. When you take all of that and combine the fact that there is probably a hundredth of the VC dollars at work in Europe vs the US, you get a great market to invest in. At USV, we’ve been investing in European startups since 2008. Currently 22% of our active portfolio is in Europe.

Target Marketing 101 [Infographic]

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The term “target marketing” has been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows what it is or how to apply it to their business. Consider the infographic below your introductory lesson—Target Marketing 101.

Why Small Businesses Can Take Up the Content Marketing Opportunity


The Content marketing opportunity is here. It is going to be an inherently strong marketing trend in the 2016 and beyond. Want to succeed with Content Marketing? Discover how to use digital marketing to drive sales. Content Marketing is a similar journey.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Marketing Communications

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She was an academic on leave from Stanford now selling SAAS software to large companies, but was being inundated with marketing communications advice. “My Define the Mission of Marketing Communications. Marketing communications is a subset of the Marketing department’s mission.

Why Your Sales Team Should Spend More Time On Content Marketing


In many previous organizations that I’ve worked with Sales was always a team somehow disconnected with marketing or product. A decade later, I became a content marketer instead. And here’s why your sales team should spend more time on content marketing too.

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6 Cases Where Quick-To-Market Beats Market Research

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I know entrepreneurs who have suffered from premature execution often associated with the ready-fire-aim quick-to-market approach. If your product is highly innovative, and speed to market is critical, you won’t get it right the first time anyway, no matter how cautiously you plan.

Does Content Marketing Actually Work?


While Google and Facebook have made content marketing fashionable, we do see a lot of people wondering if it is really worth the time. Does content marketing actually work? It’s time to take stock of why content marketing works and how does it compare to traditional marketing.

How to Create Marketing Hype For Your New Launch


To create marketing hype for your new launch isn’t something you can do it in a day. It requires sustained effort, marketing push and the whole caboodle. Take your time at planning your product and marketing launch. d) You have no budget / resources left for marketing.

7 Social Media Marketing Habits That Lead To Failure


If your campaigns are using a range of social media marketing habits that lead to failure, then it's time to make a change. Social media marketing (SMM) not working is simply a sign that you need to identify what's going wrong and try again. be a digital marketing superstar.

YouTube Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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As my series on using social media marketing platforms to market your small business comes to a close (check out past installments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn ), we arrive at what is possibly the most niche platform in terms of content: YouTube.

Lean Market Research for Startups

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Push Marketing Has Been Replaced By Pull Marketing

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Entrepreneurs have always believed that their product or service must show real value to customers, but today the smart ones are even able to make their marketing valuable. The days are gone when marketing was all “pushing product.”

LinkedIn Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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But, LinkedIn isn’t just a social networking site for job seekers—it’s also a great marketing platform for businesses. If you’re looking to become an expert voice in your particular industry, you may want to consider adding LinkedIn to your social media marketing arsenal.

Startup Marketing Should Skip Traditional Advertising

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The power and influence of paid media advertising, including print ads, TV commercials, radio, and even online digital campaigns is waning, in favor of unpaid earned and owned messaging from your website, social media, key market influencers, and existing customer word-of-mouth.

This Is How Email Marketing Contributes To Startup Growth

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Many people might think email marketing as an out-dated marketing tool, but looking at stats, the benefits of email marketing are clear. Grow Marketing & Sales email marketing marketing online marketing

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Why Capital Markets Matter

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On a day when it is likely that the US stock markets will open down and Asian markets are in free fall, it is worth taking a second and talking about why capital markets matter and why they don’t.

10 Creative Ways To Use Animation In Online Marketing

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Here's a look at 10 creative ideas to use animation for online marketing. Grow Marketing & Sales animation animation development marketing online marketing online video video animationUse animations to tell a compelling story and actively engage with your audience.

Every Startup Employee is a Marketer

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One of the more important hats for everyone to wear, which doesn’t always come naturally to people, is that of marketer. Most early stage startups don’t have a marketer, and may have very little marketing expertise. That small team of developers have to be marketers.

25 Marketers Share Awesome Social Analytics Tools For 2016


2015 was a great year for Content marketers and brand owners. Social analytics and video marketing are likely to be the key marketing trends for 2016. Keep this list printed out next to your marketing plans! Lyda Mclallen, Marketing expert (publishing).

Smaller Brands Have An Extreme Competitive Advantage in Content Marketing


As an ongoing series called the Social Expert Speak , today we present insights from @KenHerron , an exemplary social marketer and a leading expert on content and social media. Ken believes that small businesses and startups can have an extreme competitive advantage in content marketing.

Instagram Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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See Also: Facebook Marketing: A Small Business Guide. It’s counterintuitive, but the general rule of marketing on social media suggests that only 20 percent of your posts should “sell” your products. See Also: Twitter Marketing: A Small Business Guide.

Why Your Startup Needs An Email Marketing Strategy


However, experts will tell you, why Email marketing is so important and remains the most profitable channel of them all. Here’s why your startup needs an Email marketing strategy. Why Your Startup Needs An Email Marketing Strategy. This is how Email marketing works!

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How to Supercharge your Content Marketing with Paid Advertising


Any Digital Marketer living in today’s age will tell you that Content Marketing is a must, for not only promoting your brand to new prospects, but also to maintain a relationship with your existing customers. 8 Platforms to Supercharge your Content Marketing with Paid Advertising.

5 Business Blogs That Are Kicking Ass in Content Marketing


When it comes to content , it is either the social media or content marketing agencies that fill in the top slots for being awesome. But here are 5 business blogs that are kicking ass and have definitely got their freak on when it comes to content marketing.

7 Content Marketing Goals For 2016 That You Can Set For Your Brand


Content marketing has received a lot of attention in recent times but the fact is that not many were using the term till even five years ago. This is what you need to prep up for setting the content marketing goals for 2016 for your brands. Write down your Content Marketing Strategy. >

5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Getting Harder And Why You Need Experts


Tim Berry recently wrote a great post on why content marketing is getting harder from a very personal and a business focused perspective. With many small businesses and Startups getting into the Content Marketing fray- along side the big brands, it is getting crowded indeed.

Market Type and Revenue. 2 Minutes to Find Out Why

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Understanding “Market Type” can save you a ton of money and time. The next video described what happens to startups who don’t understand they are in a new market. This video describes how “Market Type” affects your revenue and your burn rate.

What’s The Difference Between Content Marketing And PR?


Today’s post talks about two very related but still different fields of work and shares the difference between content marketing and PR. Content marketing is the art of using various techniques to reach out to your target audience with useful content.

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Facebook Marketing

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You’ve made the plunge and decided to start investing some time marketing on Facebook. Start by asking yourself exactly what you hope to achieve with your marketing efforts. Remember this foundation as you formulate your marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Made Human


Buyers have become savvy to marketing. They’re more empowered and they know how to reject or even avoid traditional marketing. How can we sell in a digital space to a populace who’s learning more every year that they don’t want to be marketed to?

8 Proven Marketing Strategies That Work

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Over the years, I have seen many businesses succeed and fail at marketing. Here are several marketing strategies that always work. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing marketing strategies marketing tips

False Positives and Product / Market Fit

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Which one of these tests will actually tell us if we have the fabled Product / Market Fit? Business Model Lean Startups customer development survey product/market fit startup marketing pyramid Lean Startup is hard. All we want is to build something people want.

5 Money-Making Marketing Tips For Startups

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Grow Marketing & Sales marketing marketing strategy PR public relations starting a businessWhen an entrepreneur decides to launch a startup, multiple challenges and roles.