Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing?


But does this mean that influencer marketing is taking the place of traditional advertising? It seems that several studies are supporting this hypothesis, showing that influencer marketing can improve every aspect of a brand’s performance. Not sure how to start with digital marketing?

Viral Marketing And Word-of-Mouth Require Investment

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Every time I challenge a business plan with little or no budget for marketing, I get the answer that they will be using “viral” marketing, which costs nothing. First of all, Seth Godin pointed out a long time ago that viral marketing does not equal word-of-mouth.

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7 Steps To A Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Image via Pixabay Most startups, and many big businesses, still don’t have a clue on how to use social media productively for marketing their business. Ric Dragon, an expert in online marketing, in his classic book. digital marketing Ric Dragon social media winning

5 Easy Strategies For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign


Digital Marketers can’t get enough of email marketing, and for good reason too. Reports valued the ROI of email marketing at 44:1 in 2016 – $44 dollars of value for every $1 spent. Getting started with an email marketing campaign is quite simple.

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4 Tips For Small Business Online Marketing


Not sure how to launch or improve your small business’s online marketing? One of the main reasons experienced marketing managers use social media buzzwords is to connect with a specific audience. Marketing your successful business online is no small task.

Managed Marketing – How Automation Has Become A Powerful Marketing Tool


Automation processes are a highly effective marketing tool. Managing your marketing activities through automated processes allows your organisation to deliver a consistent message and frees up staff time for in-person interactions and customer service.

What Small Business Owners Need To Know About Marketing Compliance

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Entrepreneurs often overlook marketing regulations and associated penalties. Here's a look at key marketing compliance tips to keep in mind. Grow Marketing & Sales digital marketing marketing marketing regulations online marketing

Pros Vs. Cons Of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one such way to generate income passively. In a nutshell, it’s a partnership between a product creator or service provider who’s looking for marketing opportunities and an affiliate who will get paid by commission to do the marketing.

How Hashtags Can Supercharge Small Business Marketing


Here’s what you need to know to use hashtag marketing better as part of your overall small business marketing strategy. What is hashtag marketing? Hashtag marketing is the practice of using hashtags strategically to help your content reach your intended audience.

Getting Started With Marketing


If you want to start with marketing for your company this year, there are many great ways to do it. If you have never experienced online marketing before in your professional life, here are some ways to get started. Others marketing Online marketing

Should Startups Use a Controversial Marketing Campaign?

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Many startup owners have seen controversy in action for marketing purposes. Creating a controversial marketing campaign may initially seem like a cool idea if implemented well. Consider some of the possible highs and risky downfalls of implementing a controversial marketing campaign.

Effective Marketing Today Begins With A Conversation

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As a long-time advisor to small businesses and startups, I still find many who think marketing is still primarily broadcasting your message to as many customers as possible, hitting them again and again, until it sticks. Don’t let your conversation marketing do the same thing.

Most Important Strategies For Mobile Marketing


Due to this reason, marketers are having a prime platform for connecting with their customers and gaining more customers. Despite the contrary, now mobile phones are the most cherished and close channel for marketers. Marketing Via SMS. Location Based Marketing.

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Market Your New Business Using Digital Technology


One of the key things you need to consider when starting a venture is how you will market your new business. With this in mind, when it comes to marketing your business, it is important to focus on digital marketing means. Tips to Help Your Digital Marketing Efforts.

Marketing Tips For Resorts

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All businesses require marketing and resort business is not an exception. No matter how confident you are of your services and customer satisfaction, you should not look down on proper marketing. Every business needs an effective marketing strategy. Are they your target market?

Why Digital Technology Is Important For Business Marketing


In order to compete with established rivals, effective marketing is vital. A big part of every marketing strategy these days has to be digital marketing. Some Forms of Digital Marketing to Use. There are various benefits that come with using this type of marketing.

Content Marketing Examples: Who Does Content Marketing Well


Altimeter group in 2012 came up with an interesting study and a framework for accessing Content Marketing performance and success. The framework can help analyze your current positioning , what you can do better and help understand who does content marketing well.

Bruce Cleveland - Part 2 - thoughts on current enterprise market

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Here we talk about partnering and white spaces in the market. Analytics, Big Data Industry Commentary Venture Capital Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc In Part 1, Bruce Cleveland talked about the framework in his new book, Traversing the Traction Gap. Most enterprise vendors now offer their own platforms. Could they use your.

3 Reasons Content Marketing Isn’t Working For You


In the digital marketing world, content is king. Virtually all ( 94% ) of small businesses are doing it and 93% of B2Bs use content marketing. But what if your content marketing strategy isn’t working for you? But that’s not how content marketing works.

[Review] Inbound Marketing


Do you know what Inbound Marketing is? Keen to use inbound marketing to improve your marketing ROI? Pioneered by co-founders of HubSpot Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, inbound marketing is a leading Business-to-Business (B2B) digital marketing strategy.

When marketing goes wrong

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When marketing goes wrong. You read a great deal of how-to guides on the best marketing techniques to promote your business – but what about examples of bad marketing? Marketing is about promoting your company to your target market.

3 Ways that Social Media Marketing can help your business

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Marketing is an extremely important part of any business, as it is the department which helps to get the word out into the community about your products. The marketing team can also help land your business on its feet. Another new emerging trend is social media marketing.

Even the Best Startup Solutions Need Modern Marketing

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As a long-time advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and a technology fan myself, I still meet dozens of techies with great solutions who assume they don’t need marketing to change the world. This is the new art and science of marketing. marketing startup technology

Marketing Strategies Your Business May Be Overlooking


Businesses don’t get very far without a stellar marketing strategy backing them every step of the way. Today, compelling marketing strategies are needed not only to boost profits, but also to simply survive too. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an online marketing strategy.

[Infographic] Is SEO Or SEM Better For Online Marketing?


Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are fundamental to online marketing, and though both are shown to benefit business immensely, they’re not the same. Types of SEO Marketing ( 5 ). A keyword density checker is an online marketer’s best friend.

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The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

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The world of business is moving online – and so is your marketing. Digital marketing covers any form of marketing that starts online. If it started online, you’re running a digital marketing campaign. Here are 3 of the biggest benefits to digital marketing.

Marketing lessons from Steve Jobs

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Entrepreneurship Growth Strategies Apple founders Marketing lessons from Steve Jobs Steve Jobs Steve WozniakSteve Jobs transformed Apple from a regular tech company into the biggest brand in the world.

6 Keys To Maximizing Your Content Marketing Impact

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Entrepreneurs have always believed that their product or service must show real value to customers, but today the smart ones are even able to make their marketing valuable. The days are gone when marketing was all “pushing product.” impact pull marketing push marketing

Basic Needs Lead To Positive Marketing


Like it or not the perfect classification of marketing is indeed simply people-pleasing. When marketers become aware of and use these basics for the foundation of their advertising, all of the creative and shiny branding details add to the overall attraction.

How To Write A Marketing Plan In Just Six Easy Steps


by Lonny Kocina, CEO of Media Relations Agency and author of “ The CEO’s Guide to Marketing: The Book Every Marketer Should Read Before Their Boss Does “ A well-executed marketing plan is like a GPS. Gain competence in marketing concepts and principles.

Take Your Marketing Automation Further With AI


It’s playing an increasingly significant role in marketing efforts, and is taking marketing automation to the next level. AI-based technologies bolster marketing automation efforts through personalized interactions. Email marketing.

7 Steps To A Memorable New Venture Marketing Rollout

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Even with instant two-way communication via the Internet and mobile phones, your greatest new solution or service won’t found or properly recognized without marketing. I find that digital marketing is the most visible and effective place to start.

Founder Market Fit

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We constantly hear about “product market fit.” ” But my post yesterday about The Power of Passion When Starting Your Company was about “founder market fit.” ” And I’ve come to believe that – especially among first time entrepreneurs – founder market fit is much more important than product market fit at the inception of the company. I’m not suggesting that product market fit isn’t an important concept.

6 Marketing Ideas to Try in 2019

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Effective marketing may be the key to an outstanding year for your business. Here are six ideas to up your marketing game. Digital marketing can come off as impersonal, so it’s essential to add a human touch whenever possible. Target the best marketing avenue.

Influencer Marketing Is Not Dead, But It Is Being Reborn

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Influencer marketing is no longer the “shiny new toy” making daily headlines. Grow Marketing & Sales Influencer Marketing marketing social media social media marketingWhile it does have its challenges it is definitely not dead.

How WiFi Marketing Can Help Restaurants Boost Customer Loyalty

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In comparison to online retailers, brick-and-mortar businesses are typically short on what has become the most important component of marketing today—actual customer data. If you’re working with a smaller marketing budget, using a consulting company might not be feasible.

5 Steps For Penetrating A New Market


Entering new markets can be a great way for your business to expand its portfolio and diversify its product offering. Major companies like Tesla have already demonstrated the benefits of entering a new market with a winning position by leveraging opportunities in its current market space.

Do Your Email Marketing Campaigns Deliver Results?

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Email marketing can help you interact with your customers, promote your brand and increase sales. Grow Marketing & Sales digital marketing email list building email marketing marketing online marketing

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7 Strategies To Create Your Own Market And Win Bigger

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New technology markets and paradigm shifts have traditionally been bad bets when seeking investors, since these were known to take decades to develop, and cost lots of money. This will prep and size the market, and greatly increase your chances of getting it right the first time.

Help! My marketing planning is a mess

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Startup marketers are worried. Marketing planning organisation consumes more time than marketing planning itself. They lose time in Excel, causing them to lose control of all marketing management tasks. Planning problems in marketing departments are universal.

5 Top Content Types For Ecommerce Store Marketing

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Content marketing remains one of the top ROI friendly strategies to generate relevant leads for your business. The average content marketing conversion rate is around 2.9%. Hence, I would rate this content type as one of the essentials for every ecommerce content marketer.

Smart Marketers Leverage Marketing Technology And Data Intelligence

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Is your marketing working? Learn how to use use data intelligence and technology to ensure your marketing strategy delivers on your goals. Grow Marketing & Sales big data data intelligence data management marketing marketing technology

The Best Slideshow Videos for Content Marketing

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To be perfectly honest creating slideshow videos in that way is not only easy, but can be great for content marketing. Tutorial videos are a mainstay in content marketing, and creating them in slideshow form is relatively easy.

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