6 Qualities To Look For In A Startup Co-Founder

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Like any great relationship, a co-founders should evolve as they face new challenges and opportunities. Look for these 6 qualities in a startup co-founder. Grow Human Capital business partners co-founders cofounders human capital partnership partnerships

You Don’t Need A Co-Founder To Be Successful


This goes against the common business myth that to become successful you need to have a co-founder or a partner for your start up. In the UK there are over 1000 searches each month from users looking online for information about co-founders.

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Solo Co-founders

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Conventional wisdom in the startup world dictates that two founders are ideal for a startup. There are lots of famous pairs of duo co-founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Jerry Yang and David Filo, Hewlett and Packard, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Three co-founders is acceptable, but anything beyond that the chances of success of the company may actually decrease. Having the right co-founder is perhaps the single most valuable thing in a startup.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Startup Co-Founder

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Thus, unless the visionary highlights a cofounder who can take the vision and execute, I assume the worst. My bottom-line recommendation and theirs is that every visionary entrepreneur needs to be matched with a cofounder or key team member who has the required execution attributes.

How Much Founder Stock Should You Offer Co-Founders?

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Two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. Giving a co-founder a salary won’t get you the “fire in the belly” you want. The CTO of many technical startups was the original founder.

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5 Communication Hacks For Startup Cofounders


by Saeju Jeong, CEO and Co-founder of Noom Coach. Over the years, we’ve been able to understand some of the reasons that co-founderships fail — and more importantly, why a few, like ours, succeed. Artem and I consider communication our key component for co-foundership.

From Intern To Cofounder


by Bernard Sury, cofounder of GuruWalk. For this reason, I want to share with you today my experience on how I discovered the entrepreneurship world and how, starting as an intern, I eventually became the co-founder of a startup. Working in a startup: being co-founder.

4 Ways To Resolve Co-Founder Conflict

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Startup co-founder disputes are universal. Lead business partners co-founders communication leadershipIt’s just like any other close relationship–there are good moments, and there are times when you will disagree.

Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, urges the board to appoint a black candidate

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News Startups Alexis Ohanian Black Lives Alexis Ohanian George Floyd Alexis Ohanian Reddit Black candidate may be reddit co founder Reddit Co founder quits job

Three Rules For Co-Founder Success

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Grow Human Capital business partners co-founders partnership strategic partnershipsAfter signing paperwork to form our business, we soon learned that starting a business together was much like entering into a marriage.

10 Steps To Finding The Right Startup Co-Founder

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The right answer is to find a co-founder with complementary skills. Network to find co-founders just as you network to find investors. Finding a high-tech co-founder in the middle of Kansas may be a long search.

Network Launches to Help Entrepreneurs Find Co-founders


While it's possible to go it alone and be a single-person founder of a startup, many people need - and prefer - to have a co-founder. In fact, judging from the number of times you see people posting "looking for co-founder" on Hacker News , it's quite a challenge.

8 Keys To Attracting The Right Technical Co-Founder

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Just like executive recruiters recognize the best executives, a technical expert in your business domain will recognize the right combination of skill, creativity, and experience you need for a co-founder or key team member. entrepreneur recruiting startup technical co-founder

How To Find the Right Co-Founders?

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How do you figure out what’s the right mix of skills for the co-founders of your startup? “After reading your post on Why Founders Should Know How to Code it looks like web/mobile startups have it easy. Are We Missing A Founder? Are we missing a founder?

Working Out Your Startup’s Taxes With Your Cofounder


by Ryan McInnis, CEO and founder of PicnicTax. For new startups, organizing as a partnership can be a great way for multiple founders to be involved from the beginning. Schedule K-1 for Each Founder. Communicating With Your Co-Founder.

How To Fix Co-Founder Power Struggles

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Lead business partners co-founders leadershipDeal with issues that might come up. Don’t lose sight of what’s best for your business just because you want to come out on top.

A Minimum Viable Team is more important than a Minimum Viable Product

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Why wouldn't you want a co-founder who's in love with your idea? Entrepreneurship Finding Co-Founders Human Resources cofounder cofounder dating finding a co-founderThe pursuit of someone who is "committed to the idea" is insidious because it's less obviously flawed.

The Co-Founder Mythology

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I covered what I call “the co-founder mythology.&# Either you’re not technical and you think you need a technical co-founder or vice-versa. It is increasingly popular to have “founder dating&# or “startup weekend hackathons&# of some variety or the other. Hire your co-founder. Truly treat them like a co-founder. Publicly call them a co-founder. So we’re co-CEO’s&# BS.

How to pick a co-founder


SUPPORTED BY Products Archives @venturehacks Books AngelList About RSS How to pick a co-founder by Naval Ravikant on November 12th, 2009 Update : Also see our 40-minute interview on this topic. Picking a co-founder is your most important decision. How to pick a co-founder?

7 Startup Co-Founders To Avoid And Keep Your Sanity

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In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder. Investors routinely decline to fund co-founders who are siblings, or in a romantic relationship. “We Bill Gates business co-founder entrepreneur Paul Allen startup

How to find the right cofounder

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Wondering how to find the right cofounder but don’t know where to start? If you are a solo founder, you may be able to do it all on your own initially but you’re making it very difficult for yourself. Some time ago I came across a startup with six founders.

Founder2be Helps You Find Co-Founders


The folks over at Founder2be ( www.founder2be.com ) believe that finding the right co-founders for your fledgling company is actually the most difficult yet crucial in determining the ultimate success of your venture.

An Interview with Alex Boghossian – Co-Founder of 301AD

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Last week I had the opportunity to interview Alex Boghossian, Co-Founder of 301 AD. The post An Interview with Alex Boghossian – Co-Founder of 301AD appeared first on Mike Michalowicz. I have to take a moment to give a huge shout out new entrepreneurs right now.

7 Co-Founder Strategies That Can Be Very Painful

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In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder. Investors routinely decline to fund co-founders who are siblings, or in a romantic relationship. “We strategy entrepreneur startup co-founder business

Co-founder Engaging Florida’s Innovation Ecosystem


The post Co-founder Engaging Florida’s Innovation Ecosystem appeared first on Hearpreneur.

10 Ways Your Startup Co-Founder Is Like A Good Spouse

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In fact, I would broaden the definition of partner from co-founder to “business partner.” The reason is that good attributes apply equally well to “external” partners, as they do to internal partners, like a co-founder or CTO.

Excerpt from "Do More Faster" - Avoid Co-Founder Conflict by Dharmesh Shah


Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup is the new book by David Cohen , founder and CEO of TechStars, and Brad Feld , managing director of Foundry Group. Below is his chapter, Avoid Co-Founder Conflict. Yes, that's right--even co-founders can be terminated.

How We Fight – Cofounders in Love and War

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I often get asked about finding cofounders and I usually give the standard list of characteristics of what I look for in a founder. But Jessica Alter , Cofounder & CEO of FounderDating , pointed out that co founders did not mean two founders in the same room.

Co-founder meetup tonight at Capital Factory in Austin


And solo-entrepreneurs can find it difficult finding a technical cofounder in central Texas where people with technical skills are in high demand. Other startup founders are looking for partners with different skills such as marketing, sales and business development. [.]. Austin Technology San Antonio Technology Austin Capital Factory Co-founder Damon Clinkscales FounderDating Richardo Sanchez startups technology

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5 Criteria For Splitting Equity In Your New Venture

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I always tell entrepreneurs that two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. Giving a co-founder a salary won’t get you the “fire in the belly” you want. The CTO of many technical startups was the original founder.

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Why Investors Want Co-founders

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Paul Graham says: You can certainly start a business without a cofounder. Well, it’s always hard to start a business that gets really big regardless of the number of founders. Paul doesn’t address the implied question: how much harder would it be for a single founder? Regardless of the answer, I know first hand that it’s possible to be a successful single founder of a startup.

Finding a Technical Cofounder for Your Startup


I've recently received several emails from people looking for a technical cofounder for their startup. Make sure you go through the 32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder. Of course, you are looking for something a little different - a technical Cofounder.

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7 Startup Co-Founders That Can Lead to Conflict

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First you have to be clear on who you are, and who you can co-exist with, what complementary skills and resources you need, and what decisions in the business you are willing to relegate. Investors routinely decline to fund co-founders who are siblings, or in a romantic relationship. “We

How and where to find a co-founder for your startup

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In many cases, these entrepreneurs are on the hunt for co-founders to help them build their businesses. I previously wrote about various roles and responsibilities within a startup’s management team , so figure out what role your desired co-founder can fill.

Guide to Finding a Technical Co-Founder | Vinicius Vacanti


Home About Contact Me How To Make It as a First-Time Entrepreneur Vinicius Vacanti Guide to Finding a Technical Co-Founder September 7, 2010 | View Comments Steve Job's Technical Co-Founder “I’ve got this HUGE idea.

Nailing that elusive technical co-founder


The Scene Developers Nailing that elusive technical co-founder. Just last week, start-up supremo Naval Ravikant of AngelList wrote how the “oversupply” of founders starting companies is making it harder to hire for the average startup. The Kernel.

Sachin Bansal, Flipkart Co-founder appointed as Managing Director of Venture Navi Technologies

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Leadership Startups Flipkart flipkart co founder Managing Director of Venture Navi Technologies MD of navi technologies navi technologies Sachin Bansal

Technical Co-Founders Are A Myth


Technical Co-Founders Are A Myth. Two years ago I got the bug to do an online recruiting startup and I began the hunt to find a technical co-founder - a software engineer who works for no cash - to help me build my dream website. Technical Co-Founders Are A Myth.

Punch & Pie: How Should Co-Founders Divide Equity?

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I like to say that “there are only co-founders” — it’s extraordinarily rare for a successful business to have just a sole founder. But not all co-founders are equal in terms of title, ownership, responsibilities, and so forth.

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Accelerators and Co-Founder Divorces

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But when the relationship between the startup’s co-founders is already on shaky ground upon entrance, the only thing the accelerator, by no fault of their own, accelerates is the divorce of the co-founders and possibly death of the startup.

Finding The Perfect Startup Co-Founder


Kaviani co-founded CoFoundersLab less than tw Shahab o years ago with the aim of bringing entrepreneurs together to launch startups. To find out more about how co-founders can help startups succeed,and how founders can find the right partners, I talked with Kaviani and Julie Edge, Ph.D.,

Advice on choosing co-founders

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Quoted on a Profit Guide post, Build a team of founders investors will love.). The best founder teams we have seen here at Forward Partners have had a deep and obvious mutual respect.

[Interview] Kris Oestergaard, Co-Founder And Chief Learning And Innovation Officer At SingularityU Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark


I decided that I needed to know more and so attended a program at Singularity University, which Ray co-founded. Kris Oestergaard is a researcher, author and globally sought after keynote speaker on innovation, corporate culture and the impact of technological change.