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The End of Syndication

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For early stage VC ‘s, Syndication is the process of sharing investments with other potential co-investors. Typically a good syndicate partner will move fast to try to build conviction about an opportunity, but will do real work to try to get to an independent point of view on the company.

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Building the Best Seed VC Syndicate in 2020: Navigating “Leaders” & “Fillers”

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In previous blog posts I’ve written about the two main approaches to building a seed round syndicate – the subscription method (where an entrepreneur presets a structure with a convertible note or SAFE and recruits investors who subscribe to the round, all without a term-driving lead investor) and a term-driving lead investor approach.

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Real Estate Syndication: What Does This Entail? 

The Startup Magazine

In that situation, real estate syndication may be helpful. An Overview of Real Estate Syndication. There are lots of people who are asking, “what is real estate syndication, and how does this work?” Syndication refers to setting up a partnership among several investors. appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

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Building the Best Seed Syndicates

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At this point, founders find themselves in a luxurious situation of being able to build the best possible syndicate. It’s not necessary to nail down every element of your syndicate simultaneously. These are the top consideration I can think of in building seed syndicates. Get early commits to start generating momentum.

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Is @AngelList Syndicates Really Such a Big Deal?

Both Sides of the Table

If you track the venture capital industry it would be hard to miss the conversation going on this week over AngelList “Syndicates.” My favorite new VC blogger, Hunter Walk, weighed in with some thoughtful comments about how Syndicates might actually pit, “ angel vs. angel.” Must be doing something right!

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Burning Platform: Why are smart factories so dumb?

deal architect

In the 69th episode of Burning Platform, we host Dan Miklovic of The Analyst Syndicate. He was a colleague of mine at Gartner and has over five decades of manufacturing experiences in various roles and industries. We discuss massive changes.

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AngelList Syndicate Update – Week 1

Feld Thoughts

Our syndicate, which we are going to max out at $450,000, is currently right at $300,000 after one week. Geir Freysson, founder of Five Hundred Plus , did a super cool visualization of some of the top syndicates and how the participants in the syndicate relate to each other. . We are humbled by all the support and interest.

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