Wed.May 23, 2018

Bill Gates Gave Some Brilliant Management Advice on Hiring the Best People. Here It Is in 2 Sentences

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Traditional brick and mortar companies will cringe, but the research doesn't lie. Neither does Bill Gates. How to Hire the Best

Elkin man in custody in death of state trooper who died in car chase

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ELKIN — Authorities have arrested an Elkin man in connection with the death of an N.C. Highway Patrol trooper during a pursuit late Monday night


Three Signs Your Business Idea Is Worth Pursuing

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Need a business barometer? Look for these three indications that your business idea really is a "can't miss.". Startup

Here's How 19 Executives Overcame Their Greatest Career Challenges

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When you look back on your life, it's the struggles which have made you who you are today.


It Is Never Too Late to Learn These Top 7 Powerful Leadership Habits

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No matter what type of organization or industry you're in, it's possible to become a more effective leader, inspiring your people to give their very best every day of the week.

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How Billionaire Peter Gilgan Built His Business and Community (and How You Can, Too)

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4 Old School Ways To Set Boundaries At Work (Without Killing Your Career)

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Technology may have erased many of the natural boundaries that used to exist between work and life, but that doesn't mean that some tried and true traditional ways of setting boundaries can't work in the technology era too. Work-Life Balance

We Try A Tesla Engineer's Hangover Cure

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Sisun Lee, former Tesla employee and founder of Morning Recovery, is back with a second version of his hangover cure. We put it to the test