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Don’t Let Poor Negotiation Skills Doom Your Entrepreneurial Venture


by Samuel Dinnar and Lawrence Susskind, co-authors of “ Entrepreneurial Negotiation: Understanding and Managing the Relationships that Determine Your Entrepreneurial Success “ Eighty to ninety percent of all start-ups will fail.

10 Tips For Rising Above The Crowd In Your Business

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Everyone knows that that startups are risky, but they also expect that the job will be exciting and potentially very lucrative (think early employees at Facebook and Google). Yet we have all heard stories about the high turnover, unstructured work environment, lower base pay, and unpredictable expectations from the top. Assuming you are lucky enough to get hired, what can you do to survive, and even stand out above the rest in this environment?

“You don't get a PaaS just because you're SaaS."

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Apologies to Frank Scavo for twisting his quote “You don't get a pass just because you're SaaS." but this is a reaction to the trend that every cloud application vendor is offering a platform and actively recruiting developer communities.

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How to Stand Out Above Your Competitors

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You have taken the leap and have decided to start your own business. But you find that the business world can be daunting because of the amount of competition in the market. You have done your research and are delivering good quality products to your customers.

3 Reasons Why Your Success Depends on More Than a Great Product


Creating a high-quality product is just one part of building a profitable business. The reality is that a myopic focus on product development can ultimately prevent you from achieving your business goals.

Presentation For Pros: How To Deliver A Powerful Business Presentation

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For those who are just starting their business, it can be quite difficult to raise funds, especially if you’re opting for crowdfunding or if you’re hoping to get people to invest in your project. You don’t always have to come up with the capital on your own, after all.

Do Small Businesses Care About Charitable Giving?

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Seventy five percent of small business owners donate an average of 6% of their profits to charitable organizations each year. Company Culture Grow cause association charitable giving charity company culture

Do Highly Intelligent People Make Bad Leaders?

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There are various qualities that define a good leader. They include: Decision-making skills. Critical thinking. The ability to negotiate and understand issues. Drive. An expectation of success.