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Strategy of Innovation vs. Innovation Strategy

Grasshopper Herder

Whether the companies are private or public, shareholders are demanding a vision for the future. How will these old, inflexible companies survive in industries facing. The post Strategy of Innovation vs. Innovation Strategy appeared first on Corporate Startup Innovation Ecosystem Lean Startup Innovation Innovation Accounting Metrics Strategy

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Why Confidence is So Important in Fund Raising

Both Sides of the Table

I was recently with an entrepreneur and talking with him about his fund raising process. He was in a later-stage financing round and was talking with many investors. Some started asking him for very specific analyses to be completed on his data and wanted his company to crunch the numbers.

Why you should never have a data room — the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever…

Both Sides of the Table

Why you should never have a data room?—?the the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever get I’m about to offer you some fund-raising advice that flies directly in the face of what most conventional wisdom will tell you.

How to Run Marketing Experiments The Right Way


You need to run experiments. The one who runs the most experiments wins. BUT – most marketing experiments are done wrong. What’s missing is hypothesis driven testing across all inter-business disciplines.

Video Of The Week: How Play Made the Modern World

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I got to spend a fair bit of time with my friend Steven Johnson this past week, in preparation for our crypto talk on Thursday night and before and after that talk.

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The Magic Of The Little Pink Spoon


by Laurie Richards , co-author of “ Ready, Set, Go! “ Having the best product available means nothing if you can’t get it into the hands that need it. To make that happen, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can learn from the success of the iconic little pink spoon.

Rare event in Palo Alto today: fireside chat with Lifograph and Microsoft

The Startup Magazine

Microsoft General Manager Dave Mendlen is in Palo Alto today to participate in a rare fireside chat with the CEO of Lifograph, Dea Wilson. Mendlen flew into Silicon Valley from Seattle specifically for this event to chat with the “Wiki of People” CEO.

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Why Hearing “No” in a Fund-Raising Process is Actually Healthy

Both Sides of the Table

Every entrepreneur wants to hear “yes” during the fund-raising process but I would argue that being too risk averse and not pushing hard enough and be willing to hear a “no” is what holds back many people from “yes.”

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PowerPlex: Celebrating American Manufacturing

deal architect

I tend to take a lot of photos and talk a lot when I am invigorated by products, places or people. Two days in Detroit this week for Plex’s annual user conference yielded me over 200 photos and 50 conversations

4 Pillars to Nailing Your Investor Pitch

Up and Running

When we put the words “small business” and “business pitch” together in one sentence, do you have flashes of the famous reality TV show “Shark Tank?”.

Indeed Expands in Austin and Plans to Add 3,000 New Jobs


Indeed, the world’s number one job site, Thursday announced plans for a huge expansion in Austin and plans to add 3,000 new jobs. The Austin-based company is adding 615,000 square feet of office space in two new offices. “We

What’s Going On?

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

A lot, to be honest. It’s Crypto Week in NYC this week. The last two weeks have been a blur, with so many things happening that I can’t keep up or write about all of them. But, here are a few. 1/ The Rockets ended the sweep nonsense talk going on in the bay area with a trompsing of the Ws last night in Houston. Thank God. 2/ The Celtics are showing how great a job Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens are doing running that team.

How To Leave Your Work At Work


by Michael Godfrey, founder and president of True Course and author of “ Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches into Advantages “ Ever have a hard time changing channels from thinking about work to focus on leisure and family?

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How to Innovate a Successful Product or Service?

The Startup Magazine

Establishing a business is more than managing your resources and workforce. In the end, all that matters is what you have to offers to others. Therefore, following we will explain how you can come up with an idea and develop it for a paying audience, the key steps of innovation and implementation.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Business

Up and Running

There’s no need to wait to launch your business until things are 100 percent ready to go. In fact, if everybody waited for everything to line up before getting started, there would hardly be any entrepreneurs. Still, there are some things you should have sorted from the beginning.

Deliver Outcomes, Not Features

The Product Guy

Guest Post by: Jie Jin (Mentee, Session 5, The Product Mentor) [Paired with Mentor, Andy Wadhwa]. The learning experience in the past few months with my mentor Andy Wadhwa has been profound. If I could pick just one thing to share, it would be: focus on delivering outcomes, not features.

5 Years

David Lee

I put my life on hold for five years. I had Stage IV lymphoma twenty 24 years ago when I was 24 years old. While the chemo and radiation were grueling, the emotional aftermath was even harder. My doctor told me that I was “touch and go” for a year after my treatment - the cancer would probably return. They said that if I made it to the “one year mark”, I was essentially cured. And if I made it to the “5 year mark”, I was definitely cured.

Rockstars Wanted? 6 Things To Look for In Your Next Hire


Hiring a new employee is more expensive than you think. According to a 2010 study from the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) at the University of California-Berkeley, the average cost of a new hire is $4,000, plus salary and benefits.

Innovation and Implementation at BMW’s Collaboration Lab

The Startup Magazine

The BMW Financial Services Collaboration Lab accelerator program provides entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses in fintech and other fields with the opportunity to partner with BMW to develop and realize innovative solutions and game-changing new technologies.

How To Generate Inbound Sales And Close More Deals

YFS Magazine

To generate inbound sales you align sales efforts with the way prospects want to buy. People don’t like being sold to. Grow Marketing & Sales inbound marketing sales sales strategy selling

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Silverton Partners Closes on a New $108 Million Fund


Silverton Partners, based in Austin, announced this month that it has closed on Fund V at $108 million. The venture capital firm, founded in 2006, focuses on early-stage companies and since its launch, the firm has made more than 50 investments in the enterprise and consumer technology categories.

Surry County trooper dies in Monday night chase

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ELKIN — A trooper with the Highway Patrol died during a pursuit late Monday night


Bill Gates Gave Some Brilliant Management Advice on Hiring the Best People. Here It Is in 2 Sentences

Inc Startups

Traditional brick and mortar companies will cringe, but the research doesn't lie. Neither does Bill Gates. How to Hire the Best

Top 3 Startup Winner – Callbox Storage

The Startup Magazine

At this year’s FUND Conference in Austin, Texas, over 100 startups presented their early-stage companies in front of hundreds of investors and industry leaders. FUND is a national connector of entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors, and industry experts with a focus on deal flow and making connections.

4 Powerful Lessons About Success And Entrepreneurship

YFS Magazine

Making the commitment to be where your feet are and practicing these skills every day will have a compounding effect on your success. Lead leadership personal development success advice success habits

4 Things Businesses Can Learn About Strategy From Chess


Chess is a game of tactic and strategy, and these tactics and strategies can be useful in the business world. Business is all about position and strategy, and you’ll be moving your business in the same ways you would chess pieces – with precision and accuracy.

Coyote attacks father, child at home less than a mile from downtown Mocksville

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

MOCKSVILLE — A child and her father were attacked by a coyote Saturday afternoon, officials said


The Website Services Worth Paying For—From a Scrappy Entrepreneur

Up and Running

As entrepreneurs, we don’t want to spend any more money than we have to. But, in some cases, a little extra spending makes your life a lot easier.

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Why IT Skills Are Essential for Entrepreneurs

The Startup Magazine

If you have a passion to succeed in life, a head full of great and innovative ideas and a belief in your own skills and abilities, then why not join the increasing number of people across America who are launching their own business and becoming entrepreneurs.

How To Use Military Strategy To Build A Better Business

YFS Magazine

By taking these steps, you put yourself in the position to scale your company and maintain an advantage against changing markets and new competitors over time. Operations business lessons business strategy military strategy

Unique and Inspiring Entrepreneurship Ideas For Creative People


Being creative is itself a unique and amazing trait that can also be a source of income. Consider yourself a successful entrepreneur of the future as you can utilize those creative skills in productive way.

NC public schools would have to post 'In God We Trust' signs under proposed bill

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH — North Carolina public schools could soon become a little more religious, if the General Assembly passes a new bill that would force schools to display signs saying "In God We Trust

5 Effective Tips for Moving Forward When You Feel Like Quitting

Inc Startups

Anything worth doing is not easy. Successful people keep going.


Fast Growing Startups Focus on Customers

The Startup Magazine

Startups have only one way of thriving, and that is through growth. At this stage of a company, all employees of the company need to proactively focus on customers and their receptivity to the offering.