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Building A Daily Habit Through Streaks

Feld Thoughts

Insight Timer popped up this message after my daily morning meditation yesterday. I’ve been meditating on and off for a while. But it’s been an on and off thing, not a daily habit.

5 Lifecycle Stages Of A New Venture Test Your Culture

Startup Professionals Musings

Successful startups seem to follow similar paths to greatness, and unfortunately all too often that path leads them back down the hill much faster than they went up.

Plex ML project - something every software vendor/systems integrator could emulate

deal architect

Machine Learning is a hot topic. Every software vendor is talking about ML and AI in their products. Plex applied ML to something very different - an understanding of how their customers configure parameters in the Plex system. This conversation. Cloud Computing, SaaS Industry Commentary

5 Tips to Gain From People Who Don’t Think Like You

Startup Professionals Musings

One thing we all have to learn in business is how to work with and lead people that are not like you , and don’t think like you. In my experience as a business advisor, that’s probably the biggest hurdle to success encountered by every new business owner.

Cloud 260

6 Time-Saving Social Media Tools For Startups


by Chris Makara , founder of Bulkly. When you’re running a startup, pennies aren’t the only thing you’re pinching. You’re squeezing every last minute out of your day to “get it all done”, to tackle the to-do list that seems to always be growing.

Mentoring a Startup – Message for the Mentors

The Startup Magazine

Mentoring a startup is a rewarding way to pay if forward and when done right not only can you give something back to a community, but you can also receive some amazing rewards.

3 Brutal Mindset Mistakes Female Entrepreneurs Make

YFS Magazine

Here are three mindset mistakes female entrepreneurs (including myself) have struggled with as it pertains to business ownership. Lead female entrepreneurs mindset personal development women in business

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7 Common Themes That Indicate An Extraordinary Leader

Startup Professionals Musings

In building successful businesses, I find that creating a new and innovative product or service is usually the easy part. The hard part is providing the leadership required to align and motivate all the constituents and players – from engineers, to investors, vendors, and ultimately customers.

Why Every Small Business Needs Google Reviews


There are a lot of companies out there vying for people’s business, so when someone is searching on their phone for a company that can help them, they often make their decisions very quickly. One thing that is going to make you stand out is a great rating and good reviews. To Build Trust.

How a Modular Building Can Get Your Startup Launched Faster

The Startup Magazine

As technology advances, innovation is improving in all sectors. In the construction industry, there is now a trend of using modular buildings for businesses. Many startups and businesses that want to expand their operations have benefited from this by reducing construction costs and time.

Friday Funism – Fear vs Greed

View from Seed

Actions always speak louder than words. And if you can glean the motivations behind those actions, it can tell you even more about situation. One of the questions which we often ask out loud at NextView is if a person or firm is motivated by “fear or greed?” The context for this assessment is typically around a fundraising event – the approach, when it should occur, and who is participating, etc.

Promotional Price on SAP Nation 3.0

deal architect

For all the talk about digital everything, the reality is 75% of my books over the last decade have sold in print version. That's largely because I order a couple of bulk print runs for larger orders of 50 or. SAP Nation Book


8 Steps To Stop Killing Yourself As A Micro-Manager

Startup Professionals Musings

For a few, delegating comes easily, maybe too easy. For others who are perfectionists, letting go of even the most trivial task is almost impossible. If you are in this second category, you probably don’t like the references behind your back that you are a “control freak” or a “micro-manager.”

Why Young Entrepreneurs Should Start Investing In Coins


Entrepreneurs are getting younger these days. It’s not surprising to see 20-somethings creating innovations, starting their businesses, investing in the stock market, and more. If you’re a young entrepreneur looking to diversify your investment portfolio , you should consider investing in coins.

How to Get Your Employees Excited about Organisational Change

The Startup Magazine

There is a comfort in predictability and familiarity. People like to know what to expect at work. They don’t like unpleasant surprises or radical change. And yet change is integral to progression, advancement and success.

Don’t Let Overthinking Stop You From Starting

YFS Magazine

Don't stop before you even get started. My key to success is and always has been my unwavering motivation, and it can be yours too. Lead mindset personal development starting a blog starting a business

13 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Companies They Admire Most For Innovation


Innovative if a word often used to describe successful companies. Innovation drives media attention and fosters customer retention rate, which is why most companies strive to have it in their mission statement.

Becoming Your Own Boss: Top Tips For New Entrepreneurs


As a new entrepreneur, there are so many things you must think about in order to make your new venture worth it. The passion and drive you have must be converted into the right methods to enable your business to succeed, as commitment unfortunately isn’t enough to ensure you reign triumphant.

Entrepreneur Trader: Trading Put Options with These Six Easy Steps

The Startup Magazine

Of course, number crunchers, as well as quantitative analysis, can lead you to huge profits in the stock market arena. However, top tier investors tend to rely on psychology to optimize returns. So, what does this mean? It means making profits in the stock market goes beyond tactics.

Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs: Myth or Reality?

YFS Magazine

Work-life balance may call for sacrifices on both ends; however, the goal remains, and many entrepreneurs are living it and making it work. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle mental health personal development work-life balance

Austin-based 17TeraWatts Launches Bodhi, a Software App to Help Solar Homeowners


Texas ranks number one of all the states in solar energy potential and number seven in installed solar capacity, according to the Texas Solar Energy Society.

Texas 111

8 Keys To Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

Startup Professionals Musings

Most businesses spend big money testing their brand logo, catchy marketing phrases, and demographics, but spend little time training and validating that their employees can and do deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

3 Budget-Friendly Facebook Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs


There’s a reason entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy – it works. When you own a small business, competition is tough and keeping your customer’s interest can be a challenge.

AgTech Startup: How to Get Closer to a Sweet Market Success

The Startup Magazine

Starting any sort of business in today’s world is a challenge, no matter how much experience and knowledge you have. With so many different businesses everywhere around you, trying to stand out takes lots of patience and a proper strategy.

How Does LinkedIn Manage News: Five Questions With Their Managing Editor Katie Carroll

Hunter Walker

The New York Times’ John Herrman recently asked “ Is there anything the rest of the internet can learn from LinkedIn? ,” in relation to how people there are relatively civil there compared to purely social media platforms.

Startup Therapy: 7 Ways To Cope With Stress, Overwhelm And Burnout

YFS Magazine

Vinay Saranga M.D., a psychiatrist and founder of Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry, says there's a better way to cope with stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle mental health mindset work-life balance

How to Make Your Google Search Snippets More Clickable


An alarming digital marketing trend should scare all online publishers: Organic traffic from Google is vanishing: Google’s latest search elements (featured snippets and People Also Ask) steal clicks from organic listings. The first three positions account for over 50% of clicks.

Creative Tools To Help Visualise Your Ideas


by Keith Tully , partner at Real Business Rescue. As an entrepreneur, business owner or gig worker, the key to making your business successful is to establish a clear-cut strategy, unique vision and hone in on a memorable brand personality which is relatable to your customer base.

Start Up and Stay Up – How Small Businesses Survive & Thrive

The Startup Magazine

I started my Philadelphia area home appraising business in 2006. Since then it has grown to serve the tri-state New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware areas, but I still consider it a small business and my employees, more like a family.

AgencyKPI Launches With $3 Million in Funding to Mine Insurance Industry Data


Austin is becoming a hotbed of innovation in the insurance technology space. And the latest evidence of that is AgencyKPI, which develops a business intelligence platform that mines data for the insurance industry.

5 Smart Ways To Retain Customers With SMS Marketing

YFS Magazine

The lifeblood of any business is customer engagement and retention. So, how can you keep customers interested and coming back for more? Grow Marketing & Sales marketing sms marketing

SMS 94

My journey of finding a coach so far…

Version One Ventures

Inspired by Bill Campbell’s influence and having seen firsthand how our founders and CEOs have grown as a result of having an executive coach, I recently put out a call on Twitter for recommendations for coaches.

5 Reasons For Making An Investment Club Your Next Side Hustle


by Thomas Beattie, CEO of Voleo. When you hear about investments, stocks, trading, bulls and bears, you might feel a bit intimidated, even confused. It’s understandable. Without enough money, knowledge or confidence, it can be tough to get started.

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5 modern management methods for entrepreneurial minds

The Startup Magazine

When it comes to running any sort of business, you need to have a solid management method in place to keep your employees happy whilst producing quality work or interacting with customers. It’s not easy to find your perfect management style. Everyone has a different way to run their business.

Small Business Marketing Strategies that Will Work for You


In business, these days, startups and entrepreneurial setups are trending heavily. Maybe startups and entrepreneurial structures will always trend as everyone wishes to initialize a small business for their passive income.

How To Improve Your Pre- To Post-Sale Customer Journey

YFS Magazine

You have one opportunity to make a first impression. Improve the pre-, during, and the post-sale journey to guarantee a positive customer experience. Grow Marketing & Sales customer experience customer journey sales selling tips

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The Summer Solstice And Seed Stage Squeeze


If you’ve been following my tweets lately, you’ve read some of my quick musings on the state of the seed market this summer. In short, in my 6.5 years of investing in the seed stage, I have never seen activity levels like I’m seeing today. Granted, 6.5 years is not a long arc – I have not experienced a prolonged down market as a private investor.