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May 2018 Residential Housing Census Report


Privately-owned housing starts in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,350,000. This is 20.3 percent (±14.4 percent) above the May 2017 rate of 1,122,000. link]. Economics


Be Careful Not to Lose Twice

Both Sides of the Table

There are times to fight. No great startup has been built without getting one’s knuckles bloody at times. This is especially true because incumbents now know how much is at stake when they let a startup get a huge head start in a market.

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What Media Execs Missed about YouTube Stars

Both Sides of the Table

For Father’s Day I was watching the most heartfelt movies I’ve seen in a long time, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.”

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Do You Consider Yourself a Texan?

Feld Thoughts

Did you know that 28.5714% of the partners at Foundry Group are Texans? Recently, I was asked if I consider myself a Texan. I answered that I grew up in Texas, live in Colorado, was born in Arkansas, and went to school in Massachusetts. While I have a house in Alaska, I never lived there (that’s where Amy grew up.). I hadn’t really thought about this before I answered the question. While Massachusetts was very good to me, I never felt at home living in Boston or Cambridge.

Rapid Experimentation

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

It can be exhausting to try and stay caught up on every new tech company being started. The Gotham Gal said me to yesterday, “everyone is an entrepreneur these days.” She’s right about that directionally although most companies have employees who are not founders so it is not exactly correct.

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How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Small Business Accounting Mistakes

Up and Running

Managing income and expenses accurately is an important aspect of running a business successfully. Unfortunately, many small businesses make mistakes in their books, without even realizing the impact those mistakes can have on their long-term viability.

Morgan Flager, General Partner with Silverton Partners, on How the Firm Picks Investments


Morgan Flager, a general partner of Silverton Partners, one of Austin’s oldest home-grown VC firms, is an active investor in early-stage technology startups in Austin.

Chaganomics - Untitled Article


From The BLS : Over the last 12 months, food prices increased 1.2 percent, with prices for food away from home rising 2.7 percent, and prices for food at home rising 0.1 percent. Prices for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs increased 2.3

Young Entrepreneur Making Huge Strides Across Various Industries


How easy or hard is it to be successful in business at a young age? As a successful young entrepreneur (he’s only 30! ), Harrison Rogers is Founder and CEO of HJR Global, a private equity company that has increased at least 200% every year for the past 4 years.

Help with Crowdfunding Your Startup – InventureX

The Startup Magazine

Crowdfunding is a form of alternative startup finance that entails funding your venture or project by raising relatively small amounts of money from a large group of individuals, typically via online crowdfunding platforms.

Finished a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign? Go Straight to Amazon

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Congratulations on tapping into crowdfunding to get your project off the ground! There are plenty of million-dollar Kickstarter projects, such as Pebble and Bunch O Balloons , that make crowdfunding look easy. But—as you’re probably aware—successfully crowdfunding a project is a challenging endeavor.

Underminer Studios is Hosting ATXRHACK, an Immersive Technology Hackathon in Austin


Underminer Studios, an Austin-based startup focused on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality applications, is hosting ATXRHACK, an immersive technology hackathon at WalMart’s Technology center downtown.

CPI Changes In May


From The BLS: Over the last 12 months, food prices increased 1.2 percent, with prices for food away from home rising 2.7 percent, and prices for food at home rising 0.1 percent. Prices for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs increased 2.3

How To Find A Distributor For Your Food Startup

YFS Magazine

Whether you’re the proud owner of a baked goods empire or an organic farmer, here's how to find a food distributor that meets your needs. Plan distribution channels food distributors food startups

Hey Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle

deal architect

… a nice opportunity to show off your machine learning capabilities – specifically with transcription help for my next book. I tend to interview lots of executives for my books. For each of my last 6 books I have tried. Industry Commentary


How to Create Perfect Custom Images for Your Website, Blog, and Social Media

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Using high-quality images on your website, social media channels, and blog posts not only makes your brand more appealing—it also drastically improves conversion rates.

The New $35 Million Trust Ventures Fund is Looking to Invest in Disruptive Startups with Billion Dollar Big Ideas


Trust Ventures, an Austin-based venture capital firm has raised an initial $35 million fund, backed by Koch Disruptive Technologies, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, to invest in and support innovative startups facing public policy barriers. Salen Churi and Brian Tochman lead Trust Ventures.

Atlanta Fed CEO On Economic Resilience


Influencer Endorsements: What Every Small Business Should Know

YFS Magazine

As a small business owner, you may not have an extra million or two laying around, but you can also benefit from the power of influence. Grow Marketing & Sales celebrity endorsement celebrity seeding Influencer Marketing marketing

3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Startup

The Startup Magazine

Customers can make or break your startup. And customer loyalty is key. In fact, 82 percent of loyal customers are likely or very likely to keep shopping with a company or give the business another chance if something goes wrong.

Future Proofing Product Management Skills

The Product Guy

Product Management is rapidly changing and evolving. What are those skills you need to keep up and get ahead? Check out where product management expert, Alisa Warshawski, sees your greatest needs. product management expert product manager

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator to be Based at Capital Factory


In February, Oracle announced it planned to launch its Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Austin. On Friday, J.D. Weinstein, the new head of the Oracle Startup Ecosystem in Austin, provided details on the program including that it will be based at Capital Factory downtown.

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Kernersville police investigating fatal shooting as a homicide

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

KERNERSVILLE — A man died after being shot Saturday afternoon in an apartment


[ADV] Top 5 Handy Workplace Cleaning Products


There aren’t many things worse than a dirty and unhygienic workplace.

How You Define Competition Determines Your Level Of Success

The Startup Magazine

Being aware of your competition is smart. You need to know if someone is grabbing your customers by offering a better deal. Source: Pixabay. For instance, if you’re Comcast/XFinity, you’d want to know when a new cable company pops up and promises faster speeds for half your prices.

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The Value of Product Win/Loss Analysis

The Product Guy

Performing your own Win/Loss analysis can help you more objectively learn why your product sells, and even more important why it doesn’t sell. I’ll discuss the tactics of having there interviews, what questions to ask, and how to use the results.

Convey Lands $10 Million in Additional Funding


Convey, a member of the Techstars Austin class of 2014, announced Tuesday that it has raised $10 million in funding. The Austin-based startup received the investment from Silverton Partners, Techstars Venture Capital Fund, RPM Ventures, NextGen and others. To date, Convey has raised $25.75 million.

Atlanta developer buys Kernersville sites primed for Amazon fulfillment center

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

An Atlanta commercial real-estate developer has bought three Kernersville sites being primed for a potential Amazon fulfillment center

20 Secrets To Create Content Your Ideal Customers Will Love

YFS Magazine

Great content attracts and converts. Here are 20 tips to ensure your content is simple, clear, and compelling to your audience. Grow Marketing & Sales content creation content marketing inbound marketing marketing

10 Tips to Get a Job at a Startup

The Startup Magazine

There are many reasons you may be doing a job search to work at a startup. Perhaps you are just getting started in an industry and feel you will have a better chance with a new company rather than a more established company that is looking for team members with more experience.

This Is How You Can Grow Your Small Business Faster


by Katie Lundin of crowdspring. Focusing solely on selling a product or service to a customer doesn’t cut it anymore. To succeed, your business must start thinking of customers as long-term investments instead of one-off sales. That’s what the most successful companies are doing.

Genstar Capital Acquires DrillingInfo


DrillingInfo, the Austin-based startup digitizing the oil and gas industry, has been acquired by Genstar Capital, a private equity firm based in San Francisco. To date, DrillingInfo has raised $199.7 million in funding, with the bulk coming from private equity investor Insight Venture Partners.

Iredell mom uncovered thyroid cancer concentration

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

A mother protecting her young can be one of the most-intimidating creatures on the planet


Ditch The ‘Manel’ And Diversify Your Speaking Panel

YFS Magazine

It’s 2018, people. How are we still curating panels dominated by white men? Here are some do’s and don’ts when creating a diverse panel. Company Culture Grow company culture diversity diversity in business Event Planning