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My Partners Blogging In 2017

Feld Thoughts

My partners Chris Moody , Seth Levine , and Lindel Eakman are all blogging right now. My other two partners, Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson have blogged in the past, ut took a break in 2017. Also, the Foundry Group blog is always active, with occasional thought pieces but mostly updates on initial financings both for companies and other funds that we invest in.

The Firewall Is Dead – What Can Businesses Do To Protect And Secure Their Brands?


by David Nagrosst, head of sales for Cyxtera Technologies in Asia Pacific, Australia and Japan. Recent developments in applications have rendered the firewall outdated and incapable of deciphering the good and trusted from the bad traffic. Without a doubt, the firewall era has come to an end.

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Office of Naval Research (ONR) Goes Lean

Steve Blank

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has been one of the largest supporters of innovation in the U.S. Now they are starting to use the Lean Innovation process (see here and here ) to turn ideas into solutions. The result will be defense innovation with speed and urgency. —-.

Lean 73

Guest Post: Want to move Corporate Innovation into Hyperdrive? Avoid These Three Pitfalls

Grasshopper Herder

Guest Blogger Valerie Vacante writes, "Avoid these three common pitfalls when pursuing corporate innovation.". The post Guest Post: Want to move Corporate Innovation into Hyperdrive? Avoid These Three Pitfalls appeared first on

Lean 51

10 Secrets For Getting More Things Done In Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Every business professional I know faces the challenge of getting more things done on time, and getting the right things done. They all dream of working less, and accomplishing more. Yet I see that most are their own worst enemies.

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Embrace Artificial Intelligence & Move Your Startup Forward


by David Kosmayer, CEO and Founder of Bookmark. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a long time but it’s only in recent years that people have begun to understand how pervasive it’s become.

10 Winning Entrepreneur Insights That May Surprise You

Startup Professionals Musings

Every aspiring entrepreneur would love to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, but most have no idea what really sets these guys apart from all the rest. Conventional wisdom has them looking for a painful problem, a very large opportunity, and minimal competitive barriers to entry.

Data Centers – On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid – What’s Best for Your Company

The Startup Magazine

Whether you are a startup, a small- to mid-sized business, or a large corporation, data management can make you cringe. It is no secret that security is priority one, with hacked-data stories populating the news seemingly each week.

Cloud 26

Seven Ways to Prepare for Effective Brainstorming

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Want an Innovation Breakthrough? Prepare, Then Brainstorm. Most brainstorming doesn’t work. The literature bashing brainstorming is extensive. Sessions often fail, and there are many reasons. Ideas are still needed to fill pipelines!

Blockchains and Society


In July, I sat down The Falkes Group, organizers of the annual Women’s Private Equity Summit in Half Moon Bay, to talk about my fund, and how I got interested in investing in bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2013.

10 Tips To Be A Better Public Speaker


by Topher Morrison, author of “ The Book on Public Speaking “ If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, chances are you have had to face the microphone and give a speech at one time or another. Maybe it was a keynote, or perhaps a more formal lecture.

Romances Are Common At Work, But The Risks Are Great

Startup Professionals Musings

We all have to communicate and collaborate with other people at work, but most of us start out instinctively trying to maintain an emotional distance from others in the work environment.

Fostering Austin’s Global Connections During Austin Startup Week


By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Austin made a major push to cultivate relationships with other countries during the first International sessions at Austin Startup Week. Representatives from Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, Ireland and the European Union made presentations at Capital Factory on Thursday. Capital Factory has had 20 international startups set up […].

Innovation Intensive — Workspring Oct. 27

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Innovation Intensive. Creating continuous innovation at your organization. Join Gre gg Fraley at Workspring in Chicago — on October 27th for this high value workshop. Register with Workspring: Workshop Overview. Is your organization innovating?

I Built My Startup To A $15M Valuation – While Living In A Van

YFS Magazine

Over a course of two years, I bootstrapped a startup to a $15M valuation – while living in a van. After that experience my sense of reality was redefined. Editor Picks Lifestyle digital nomad lifestyle location independent personal development starting a business startup advice

Digital Analytics + Marketing Career Advice: Your Now, Next, Long Plan

Occam's Razor

The rapid pace of innovation and the constantly exploding collection of possibilities is a major contributor to the fun we all have in digital jobs. There is never a boring moment, there is never time when you can’t do something faster or smarter.

7 New Initiatives To Fearlessly Grow Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Growth has always been fundamental to business success, but it’s never been more critical than it is now, nor more difficult. Every opportunity is global, but so is the competition.

Trashbots Aims to Bring Inexpensive Robotics Kits to Students


By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News In remote and impoverished areas of the world, teaching children science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM skills can involve a lot of expensive resources. It requires computers, labs, buildings, high-speed Internet, power supplies, and pricey robotics kits with trained instructors. That’s a problem Rohit and Sidharth […]. The post Trashbots Aims to Bring Inexpensive Robotics Kits to Students appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Line Manager’s Guide To Managing Performance

The Startup Magazine

Effective performance management is beneficial for everyone within an organisation. When these systems work well, employees perform at their best and they are more likely to engage with their companies’ goals and take pride in their jobs.

48in48 Atlanta 2017 – 3rd time’s a charm!

Jeff Hilimire

Once again, we did it! For the 3rd straight year we pulled off a 48in48 event in Atlanta, and it just keeps getting better. Over 300 volunteers came and donated their weekend to the cause (to build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours), providing over $1.5

Welcoming Melody Koh to the NextView Team

View from Seed

We are very excited today to announce that Melody Koh is joining NextView as a Venture Partner based in our New York office. For those of you who don’t know Melody, she was an early member of the team at Blue Apron, joining the company as their first PM and eventually going on to lead their product, design, and analytics teams. Melody was instrumental to the hyper-growth phase of Blue Apron.

6 Principles For Driving Online Reputation Management

Startup Professionals Musings

Every startup fears that one angry and unfair customer who can jeopardize the business by a negative post on Ripoff Report , Yelp , or one of the hundreds of other consumer complaint and review sites on the Internet.

Research Says These Are 16 Signs an Employee Is a Sociopath (and How They're Destroying Company)

Inc Startups

Hiring the wrong people can destroy your company's culture. Especially, if they're a sociopath. How to Hire the Best


Do You Know How Your Business Is Doing and Where It’s Going?

Up and Running

I think it’s safe to say that most new business owners don’t jump into their entrepreneurial dream because they are financial experts or are particularly excited about spending a lot of time knee deep in their business’s financial reports.

Book update – I have an agent!

Jeff Hilimire

Wow, its been over a year since I’ve given an update on the book I’m writing! In that post (where I shared that I decided not to self-publish but rather find a book publisher to represent the book) I shared the process I’m following. It goes something like this: Find an editor/writing partner ✔. Create a proposal for the book ✔. Write a sample (in my case, the first 25 pages) ✔. Find an agent. Agent finds a publisher. Work with publisher and agent to write/finish the book.

You Don’t Need To Change Your Company Culture To Attract Millennials


by Brad Deutser, president of Deutser LLC. Employers spend a lot of time puzzling over what they need to do to attract millennials and how to retain those young employees once they hire them.

LLC 17

Using Dual Process Theory for Higher Conversions


Designing your website requires a studied understanding of human behavior if you want to increase your conversions. Using psychological tactics in your design to appeal to potential customers can help do this, but you must first know how users’ decisions are made.

Why Smartphones Will Become Extinct by 2025

Inc Startups

The Apple iPhone 8? The Samsung Galaxy? You won't need one anymore. Technology

What Is a Business Model? Business Models Explained

Up and Running

Airbnb is a well-known example of the marketplace business model. Understanding the problem you are solving for your customers is undoubtedly the biggest challenge you’ll face when you’re starting a business. Customers need to want what you are selling and your product needs to solve a real problem.

Entrepreneurs Should Stop Lying To Investors – And Themselves

YFS Magazine

I use to think that transparency was overrated — not because I didn’t want to be open, but because I didn’t believe much value could come from it. Lead investors leadership personal development

Top Mistakes Businesses Make With Employees


by Terry Duncan, President of Duncan Management Inc. In the job market today, employees don’t stay in one place for as long as they used to. While numerous factors can contribute to this, there are a few things business owners can do to boost morale and keep a higher retention rate.

Legislators blast Cardinal Innovations for greed, avarice and arrogance on executive compensation

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

A bipartisan group of N.C. legislators called Tuesday for state Health Secretary Mandy Cohen and regulators to strongly consider terminating the state Medicaid and behavioral health contracts of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions


Science Says Time Really Does Seem to Fly as We Get Older. This Is the Best Way to Slow It Back Down

Inc Startups

The older you get, the faster time seems to pass. But it doesn't have to be that way. Work-Life Balance


Austin Startup Week Kicks Off #ASW2017


It’s the Seventh Annual Austin Startup Week. Silicon Hills News started in September of 2011, the same month the first Austin Startup Week took place. Back then, the event was much smaller and the tech community in Austin was a whole lot smaller too. Austin Startup Week is still led by the two founders, Jacqueline […]. The post Austin Startup Week Kicks Off #ASW2017 appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin