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Hanging Out In Pioneer Square

Feld Thoughts

I’m in Seattle for the next few days. I’ve built this trip around Techstars Seattle Demo, a bunch of time at PSL, and a Moz board meeting. Oh – and time with several of our portfolio companies as well as some nice social stuff with long time friends. Today, PSL announced their new $80 million venture fund. We are significant LPs in the fund and my partner Lindel is joining the PSL advisory board.

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Overall Commodity Prices In Flux Amid Looming Trade Tariffs


President Donald Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on aluminium and steel imports on 1 March heavily dragged on the prices of some base and some precious metals in March, eroding investor confidence globally.

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The Price of Free is Actually Too High

Feld Thoughts

I loved this quote by Tristin Harris in the New York Magazine article The Internet Apologizes …. “We cannot afford the advertising business model. The price of free is actually too high. It is literally destroying our society , because it incentivizes automated systems that have these inherent flaws. Cambridge Analytica is the easiest way of explaining why that’s true. Because that wasn’t an abuse by a bad actor — that was the inherent platform. The problem with Facebook is Facebook.”

3 Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Goals for 2nd quarter, 2018


It’s the 2nd quarter of the year and right after the ball drops, it’s time to go to work. Often entrepreneurs and business owners create new 2nd quarter goals around their business or continue with the new year’s resolution.

Time And Money

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

One of the least discussed aspects of investing in startups is the value of the time commitment one makes to a company they invest in. The money part is pretty simple; you invest capital into a business and get an equity participation in the upside. Both sides of that deal can analyze that transaction and understand it fairly well. Of course neither side knows what the ultimate payoff will be, but one can handicap it. The time piece of the transaction is way more complicated.

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What Makes A Great Leader?


A lot of people assume that you are either a naturally good leader or you are not. While it is true that some people have leadership qualities instilled in them, you can also train yourself to be a better leader.

Workday: The relentless pursuit of excellence

deal architect

I am a big fan of Tom Peters’ classic. He has a new book out on excellence and I will get to that but this week at the Workday analyst summit I found I was reading a live case study. Cloud Computing, SaaS

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Fostering Moments of Epiphany

The Product Guy

Excerpts from our conversation with The Best Product Person of 2017, Melissa Perri. In the Now. > > What excites you about your current products? I have big plans for my online school, Product Institute.

How to Gain Business Experience Fast


You need business experience? Where should you work to get the best experience? Work for an agency! Working for an agency will allow you to view many business situations from the backend. Use your experience and CXL Institute’s course to Build a Brand for your Small Business.

4 Signs You’re A Toxic Leader, Because Sometimes The Business Problem Is You

YFS Magazine

When I encounter frustrated leaders, it is necessary to be honest with my observations and the things that contribute to a negative workplace atmosphere – I sometimes have to tell them they are the problem. Lead leadership personal development

Oracle MCX: We're not in Kansas anymore

deal architect

I did not get much notice for the Oracle MCX event in Chicago this week, so could only spend a day there, but even in that short timeframe I got the vibe over and over that things are finally humming. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

[Interview] Cindy Dayman, Founder of Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services


Cindy Dayman is the founder and owner of Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services , a multiple award winning, full-service Winnipeg cleaning company established in 2009.

Challenge’s with Today’s Product Management Tools

The Product Guy

Alisa Warshawski provides an expert product manager’s perspective on the challenges to overcome with today’s product management tools. product management expert product manager

How to Make Starting a New Business Easier


Starting and running a business can be really hard. What’s the secret? There are many ways to run a business. Want to know how to make starting a new business easier? Here’s your business plan: Start a business doing something that you love! Want to learn how to influence user behavior?

8 Ways To Unlock The Power Of Instagram Marketing

YFS Magazine

As the eighth most popular social media channel in the world, Instagram has been instrumental in helping brands reach their target market. Grow Marketing & Sales digital marketing instagram instagram marketing marketing online marketing social media social media marketing

Amazon Spent Years Learning What It Takes to Do Great Work. These 4 Steps Contributed Most to Its Success

Inc Startups

"Skill is overrated," says Jeff Bezos. These four things are not.


Radium2 Capital: A Small Business’s Secret Tool


Banks can be very tight with loans, making it more challenging for entrepreneurs to secure the funding they need for growth than it should be. Radium2 Capital is an alternative lender specializing in helping small business owners secure funding when traditional banks either cannot or will not.

Charlotte councilwoman expresses doubt about 9/11 attacks

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

CHARLOTTE — A North Carolina city councilwoman is questioning the reality of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed about 3,000 people

How to Protect Your Investments When Markets Sour

The Startup Magazine

As a business owner, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. If fortune favours the prepared mind, there is no room for haphazard behaviour. Far too many business owners pin the performance of their SMEs on the macroeconomy.

Why It’s Time To Rethink Your Office Culture

YFS Magazine

Traditional thought assumed that drab, sterile offices or cubicles would promote greater productivity because they would offer fewer distractions. Surprisingly, it turns out the opposite is true. Company Culture Grow company culture office design Office Space workplace trends

20 Executives Share Lessons They Wish They Could Have Told Their Younger Selves

Inc Startups

Take some tips from high achieving individuals keen on identifying their mistakes, learning from them and growing into better human beings.


Don’t Mix Business And Personal: Tax-Time Tips For Small Business Owners


b y Lisa Henken, Chief Customer Officer at Netspend. Tax time is stressful for everyone.

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The Pros and Cons of Founding With Friends

Up and Running

There are all kinds of opinions out there on the subject of starting a business with a friend. Some say it’s a great experience that makes for a stronger business. Others say you should never do it.

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The Importance of Marketing Automation for Small Business Owners

The Startup Magazine

While it might be easier than ever for small business owners to start their own companies and reach their target audience, entrepreneurs still need to put as much effort as possible into building their empires and fulfilling their potential.

The SF Scooter Wars & Proposal for Urban Safe Harbor Zones

Hunter Walker

In case you haven’t heard, civil war broke out in San Francisco last month, and it’s over dockless scooters. Battery-powered single-rider scooters which can be signed out using a mobile app and then left wherever the rider disembarks.

How Two Frat Brothers Turned Their College Smoothie Startup Into a $3.6 Million Company

Inc Startups

Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman built their company, Shake Smart, after struggling to find healthy and quick meals on their college campus. 30 Under 30

Implementing Product Processes in Organizations that Don’t Like ‘Em

The Product Guy

In a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Michael Robinson, lead a conversation around “Product Processes”. We are always looking for more product mentors from all around the world. Signup to be a Mentor Today! Check it out… About The Product Mentor.

4 Ways to Improve Your Online Storefront

Up and Running

In our connected world, people shop online almost as often as they physically shop in stores. In fact, according to Shopify , global retail ecommerce sales are on track to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021, up from $1.3 trillion in 2014.

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Incident Management Basics

The Startup Magazine

The foundation for IT service management, the efficient handling of incoming incident reports can make or break a business’ service department.

The integral role of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud computing models for enterprises

The Next Web

The cloud is mainstream but that’s old news. Cloud technology has been evolving and introducing better innovative solutions to enterprise requirements. Initially, with Amazon leading the pack, it was just AWS (Amazon Web Services) and S3 (Simple Storage Service).

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5 Daily Habits You Must Shake Off To Be a Better Leader

Inc Startups

A habit is something you do so often it becomes the very essence of your being and they are super important when it comes to leadership.

The Thing I Love Most About Uber

In spite of all the ink that journalists, analysts, and pundits have spilled on Uber over the years, no mainstream article has focused on what I consider to be the most elegant feature of this now ubiquitous, high growth global service — no driver-partner is ever told where or when to work.

The 8 Tendencies Bad Decision Makers Possess

Mike Michalowicz

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a lot of years. At one point, I’d started, grown, and sold a couple of businesses, and I thought I knew everything there was to know about making business decisions. After all, I was a success! After I sold my companies, I became an angel investor – finding ventures that I thought were promising and plunking down my hard earned cash to give other entrepreneurs a chance at making their dreams a reality. As it turned out, I was more like the angel of death.

'Night Court' star Harry Anderson, 65, found dead in Asheville home

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ASHEVILLE (AP) — Harry Anderson, the actor best known for playing an off-the-wall judge working the night shift of a Manhattan court room in the televised comedy series "Night Court," has been found dead in his North Carolina home