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A much better Day 2 at Dreamforce. A fantastic one, actually

deal architect

Day 2 was much, much better than Day 1. It was a day for apps - not causes. Especially vertical apps. Readers know I have been screaming for those. I watched three sessions on Manufacturing, Auto and Energy; Financial Services. Cloud Computing, SaaS Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

Look For The Hunter Gene In Every New Venture Founder

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneurs believe they are “different,” but they can’t quite understand how. They usually explain it by insisting that they are driven to follow their passion, need to be their own boss, want to get rich quick, or want to change the world.

We Needed a Bigger Room – The Lean Educators Summit

Steve Blank

It’s a bit bittersweet. We used to be able to fit all the Lean Educators in my living room and have space left over. No longer. Turns out we needed a bigger room for the Dec 4th-5th Lean Educators Summit.

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3 Founder Attributes We Look For When Investing

View from Seed

Recently, Stu Landesberg, the CEO of Grove Collaborative shared the story of the struggle he faced in raising his series A round. You don’t often hear a founder speak so candidly about this (especially before the final chapter is written) so it’s worth a listen. . We were co-lead investors in Grove’s seed round and actually doubled down in an intermediate round prior to this challenging series A process.

Starting Your Business With A Sound Business Plan


Starting your own business is always a great idea if you wish to work independently and be your own boss. It gives you the freedom to do what you love and also earn money out of it. If you are really passionate about having your own creative freedom at work, a start up is always a good idea.

A disappointing start to Dreamforce

deal architect

I wrote last week I am excited about Salesforce's verticals and that I planned to watch many of the industry sessions scheduled at Dreamforce today. However, last year's CEO Marc Benioff's keynote did a really nice job showcasing customer case. Cloud Computing, SaaS Industry Commentary

5 Ways To Increase Your Agility In The Face Of Change

Startup Professionals Musings

As a business and entrepreneur advisor, I have no trouble getting owners and managers to agree that change is happening faster and faster in the consumer and technology world, requiring them to keep their business more agile , just to keep up.

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What’s the Deal with Seed Funds Waiting for Traction?

View from Seed

I sent a tweet out last week that elicited quite a few responses from both founders and investors: seed funds that don’t invest pre-traction =. — Rob Go (@robgo) November 4, 2019. I could hear the internet nodding in violent agreement. I thought I’d share a few additional thoughts on what may be driving this. First – there are a lot of seed investors out there that don’t actually want to invest in seed. What they really want to do is be a venture capitalist.

Finding The Best Entertainment For Office Holiday Parties


If you’re familiar with office holiday parties that make everyone groan, then now is a great time to find some new ideas to add some real excitement to the office! Several different sources of entertainment are simple and effective at encouraging employees to show up.

Salesforce's vertical journey

deal architect

As part of my series of posts on vertical solutions, I had an excellent briefing this week from Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, EVP of Industries at Salesforce. I am also impressed at the wide range of sessions by industry that are being. Cloud Computing, SaaS Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

8 Tips For Right-Brain Entrepreneurs To Build Balance

Startup Professionals Musings

Traditionally, the majority of entrepreneurs have been logical thinkers, problem solvers, with full attention to details. These are the stereotypical left-brain engineers.

Happy 13th Anniversary Techstars

Feld Thoughts

Techstars was born 13 years ago. There’s a delicious article in the Denver Post that was the launch article of the first accelerator in Boulder titled How TechStars was born from 5/18/07. The photo is fun.

How To Attract More Retail Customers During The Christmas Season

YFS Magazine

The Christmas season is full of anticipation for many retailers, but it’s also highly competitive. Here's how to attract more customers during the holidays. Grow Marketing & Sales christmas holiday business tips holiday marketing tips marketing

Is America’s Corporate Culture In The Dark Ages?


by Bill Higgs, author of the upcoming book “Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business”. American work habits can seem downright oppressive when viewed from afar.

5 Essential Skills all Entrepreneurs Need to Build Success


Developing a small business into a successful enterprise demands more than passion. Unfortunately, over half of new businesses fail; mainly because the entrepreneur is unable to translate their passion into practical business skills.

10 Traits of Leaders Who Can Hold People Accountable

Startup Professionals Musings

Getting things done effectively in a startup requires total individual and team accountability. You can’t afford excuses and multiple people doing the same job. In my view, “taking responsibility” is the core element behind accountability.

Ten Percent Happier

Feld Thoughts

Over the weekend, we spent time with a friend who works for Ten Percent Happier. I’ve explored most of the popular meditation apps in the past few years after getting started meditating on a regular basis by using Headspace. I eventually switched to Insight Timer since I usually now just do silent meditation for 20 minutes first thing each morning. I had never tried Ten Percent Happier, but I felt connected to it because of Ben Rubin, one of the co-founders.

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Embrace The Midday Workout

YFS Magazine

Beyond convenience, a midday workout yields an array of health and wellness benefits. Here are a few of the top perks. Lifestyle fitness health and wellness lifestyle mental health

Make The Most Of Your Next VC Pitch By Doing These 10 Things


by Lu Zhang, founder and managing partner of Fusion Fund. In the startup world, opportunities are fleeting, and obstacles are ubiquitous.

The 4 Critical Challenges of Tech Startup PR


In the technology industry, almost more than anywhere else, image is everything. Image is the bedrock part of the “fake it till you make it” culture that animates most of Silicon Valley today. Innovators use it to sell illusions while they figure out the nuts and bolts of their big ideas.

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Why You Need Tools And Analytics For Employee Metrics

Startup Professionals Musings

Even after many years mentoring entrepreneurs and advising businesses, I continue to be surprised by the primary focus on products and processes, and the often incidental attention to hiring and nurturing the right people.

10 Takeaways for Israeli founders considering the UK

VC Cafe

This week brought together a few different parts of my personal and professional life.

How To Boost Your Productivity, Health, And Wellness At Work

YFS Magazine

Since we spend an average of eight hours each day at the office, ensuring our workplaces are safe, happy, healthy, and productive is essential. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle productivity workplace wellness

Boosting Sales And Revenues: 4 Promising Tips


Working to manage a company takes a lot of strategic investments, but the most important goal of all decision-making is to improve your company’s financial. This could happen by reducing expenses, increasing your sales, and generating more revenue.

How to Manage Conflict at Work


You may think that you have the world’s most exceptional colleagues, but sooner or later, you’ll have a conflict at work.

Abandoned Cart Email Offers: What We Learned from 1,000 Ecommerce Brands


Cart abandonment is a huge issue in ecommerce. So cart abandonment emails are often a top revenue generator. And discounts and offers within those emails are proven tactics for increasing conversions. All standard wisdom. But we wanted to see how ecommerce brands deployed their offers.

Monday Motivation: Capacity – LIFE CHANGING Motivational Speech


This motivational video is to help CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners start the week off on the right foot. There are many pieces to your puzzle, you have to see them. Consistency makes the impossible effortless. It’s the consistency that makes a better you.

How To Keep Team Morale Up During Peak Season

YFS Magazine

When business picks up and the days feel endless, how do you keep team morale up? Here are three quick ways to boost everyone’s mood and stay productive. Company Culture Grow company culture seasonal business workforce development

Security Seals Containers: Transport Safety Measures To Keep Products Safe


Container security seals refer to seals applied to containers for goods that are transported in long distances locally or internationally for safe transport. These seals are either made of plastic or metal and may come in bolts and cables.

How to Build Your Second Billion Dollar Startup (with Lesley Eccles)


In this episode of the How To CEO podcast, I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Lesley Eccles. Lesley is the founder of the daily fantasy sports provider, FanDuel – which is the biggest sports betting company in the US.

How We Took on Slack (and Lived to Tell About It)


How do you compete with one of the biggest names in your industry—and with a brand new product? Three years ago, we launched Chanty, a SaaS application for team chat. This was nothing new. Thousands of apps are born and die each year.

The continuous rise of SaaS in the consumer space

Version One Ventures

The consumer subscription business model is certainly not a new concept. And as we’ve been investing in more B2C companies recently, we’re reminded just how popular this strategy to monetization continues to be. Even marketplaces, which traditionally just took a piece of each transaction, are now looking to charge monthly or annual fees.

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The Strategy And Appeal Of Successful Brand Partnerships

YFS Magazine

Developing a strong brand partnership at the local level can give your business a real boost in brand equity. Follow these world-class examples. Editor Picks Grow Marketing & Sales brand equity brand lessons brand strategy branding

Growing Up As A Start Up: What You Need To Know When Moving Your Office


Moving into a new office is a big step for any start-ups, whether they’re just getting off the ground or they’re in “Series Z”. Navigating the moving process in a savvy fashion can help a growing business develop momentum growing into its next stage.

Kickstarting a Stagnant Company


When done right, it’s hard to identify when your company moves from one growth stage to another. The transition should be seamless and can seem to flow naturally as the company grows. When you’re a business leader, however, it’s clear that this evolution rarely (if ever) happens on its own.

Top It Certifications That You Need to Start Your Career: 2020 Edition

The Startup Magazine

We have outlined the top IT certifications that you need to know about this year! Stay ahead of the trends and become certified today! Job listings attract 250 resumes on average. This means your resume could be floating in a slush pile with 249 other candidates.

Business Fundamentals & Fix This Next

Mike Michalowicz

Not much beats spending time with an old friend. I recently visited with one of my close friends from college, Greg Eckler. You may recognize his name as the weirdo I mentioned in Profit First who loves tax time (of COURSE he does, since he implemented Profit First in his business years ago!).