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6 Technology Trends Will Spawn Countless New Ventures

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A tidal wave of valuable data is surging from the Internet and connected devices today, and the volume is growing exponentially each year.

I will see Josh's five and raise him ten!

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Josh Greenbaum has a fascinating post - how Microsoft and SAP plan to take over the enterprise software market. There is much in there I agree with. All the recent executive changes - Jen, Christian, Bill, Bob - are exciting. Cloud Computing, SaaS Industry Commentary

Constellation Research event: Expansive, respectful vibe

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Let's face it - industry events are increasingly formulaic. Most vendor conferences are predictable - keynotes and product futures, rock bands, large partner booths. Most research firm events tend to be siloed around their category definitions and what currently excites. Industry Commentary


View from Seed

Like many things in life, the VC/startup ecosystem is one of cycles. Looking back over the last decade it’s remarkable to see how the emphasis has shifted across cycles and what the overarching narrative was.

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Fear and the Sandbox, Part II: Nurturing Innovation in the Workplace

Grasshopper Herder

Lessons from the head of DHL’s Startup Lab on the importance of learning from our mistakes, and nurturing an innovation ecosystem that lets us make them. The post Fear and the Sandbox, Part II: Nurturing Innovation in the Workplace appeared first on

What is Public Relations, and Why Do You Need It, Anyway?

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PR Can Give You a Huge, Competitive Advantage! Many people think “PR” means press release, but it is much more than that. It relates to everything that goes on with public relations. This includes all of the communications you have with all of your internal and external customers.

10 Ways To Be More Adept At Seeing Around The Corner

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How is it that only a few business leaders and entrepreneurs seem to drive exceptional results and disruptive innovation in this rapidly changing market economy (marketquake)? These few seem more adept at executing market and technology turns, not just incremental evolution.

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The Latest Technologies To Help You Manage Cash Flow


by Joseph Brady, Senior Director of Digital Marketing for Reliant Funding. The importance of cash flow for the success of a business cannot be overstated. If you’re a small business owner , it’s likely that you’re constantly worrying about payments and receivables.

What’s The Important Thing, that is powerful enough to override all your deficiencies?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Do you feel the crushing weight of the disadvantages facing every new company? No brand, no features, no customers, no money, no distribution, no search engine rankings, no efficient advertising, no incredible executive team, no NPS, no strategy. How do the successful startups rise above all that?

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A vertical that is growing.well, like a weed

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I have been imploring software vendors to globalize and verticalize their applications for a while now - after two decades of cloud apps, less than 20% of the grid of applications across countries and operational processes is filled. I have. Cloud Computing, SaaS Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

When Planning A Startup, A Top Priority Is Location

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Even in this age of globalization and virtualization, the geographic area where you choose to live and work can still make or break your startup business.

Building Something vs. Proving Something

View from Seed

One of the biggest rookie mistakes I see among founders pursuing seed rounds is that they’ve spent too much time building something vs. proving something. Increasingly, seed rounds occur after some sort of pre-seed or at least some period of bootstrapping. During this time, the founding team has probably invested at least some money and a lot of time and energy in moving their company from a concept to something with a bit more meat.

Embracing Discomfort: Why Allowing Yourself To Be Unsettled Makes You A Better Leader


by Quint Studer, author of “ The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How To Lead People and Places That Thrive “ Disruption is inevitable in business. Marketplaces shift. Customer needs evolve. New technology emerges. Employees come and go.

Why the Gig Economy is Coming for Architects, Engineers


It’s official: The gig economy is coming to construction. While other industries have been quick to adapt to freelance employment, architects and engineers within the construction sector have lagged behind — and that is beginning to change.

3 Wellness Techniques To Release The Daily Stress of Running a Business

YFS Magazine

These breathing techniques can help you turn down your response to stress through the day. Breath focus helps with nearly all of them. Lead Lifestyle health and wellness managing stress mental health mindset personal development stress management

6 Ways Of Telling Your Story That Draws People To You

Startup Professionals Musings

In my role as a mentor to entrepreneurs and an angel investor, I find that too many are stuck in this myth that a good pitch, and good marketing content, should consist of more product features, and more hype on customer benefits.

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Agile VC

Reading Time: 5 minutes. Like many things in life, the VC/startup ecosystem is one of cycles. Looking back over the last decade it’s remarkable to see how the emphasis has shifted across cycles and what the overarching narrative was.

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How Contractor License Bonds Protect Consumers


As a customer, you ought to be aware of the bonds made available by government agencies for your protection. If you need to hire a contractor to work on your home on a construction site, be advised that it does come with some risks.

Looking for Mentors for Entrepreneurs for All – Longmont, Colorado

Feld Thoughts

Earlier this year Amy and I, along with a number of other local friends, supported the rollout of a new organization in Longmont called Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll).

3 Questions You Should Never Ask A Military Veteran In The Workplace

YFS Magazine

If you get the chance to hire a veteran, don’t mess up what can be a hugely rewarding engagement by saying something distasteful—or downright stupid. Company Culture company culture veteran entrepreneur veterans workplace development workplace diversity

10 Ways To Trample And Smother Business Innovation

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Success in any business these days requires a constant flow of new and innovative solutions, to keep up with changes in the market, competition, and to attract new customers.

How to Avoid Being Part of 90% of Failed Companies


As an entrepreneur, you have probably heard or read the “maxim” that only 10% of startups are successful, but is this true? And if so, what strategies can you apply with your company so that it is not part of the failures of statistics?

Grace Under Fire: How To Manage Yourself During Stressful, Busy Times


by Quint Studer, author of “ The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How To Lead People and Places That Thrive “ There’s no question about it: Today’s workplace can be stressful.

It’s the Company you keep

Eric Friedman

After about a year of consulting + executive coaching work as COO-As-A-Service for startups, I am happy to announce I’ll be joining the folks at If I have learned anything , it’s that the people you surround yourself with are everything. Company is a great fit: they host, advise, mentor, lend a shoulder, and provide a place to founders and teams.

5 Mindful Practices To Overcome Failure

YFS Magazine

If you are playing the mental blame game and constantly dwelling on your business failures, consider these mindfulness practices – so you can move forward. Lead health and wellness mental health personal development

6 Steps To Move From Inspiration To Business Reality

Startup Professionals Musings

As a new business advisor and occasional investor, I get approached regularly by people who have a dream or a new business idea, and are looking for support and money to make it a reality.

One Reason Superhuman Is So Much More Effective For Me Than Gmail

Feld Thoughts

I’ve been a Superhuman email fan for a while. I decided a week ago to go try Gmail and see if I still liked Superhuman so much better. After about two hours, I went back to Superhuman. Several days later, I tried Gmail again, deciding that I was just grumpy for some reason. I bounced back to Superhuman within an hour. This time I sat and thought about why I liked Superhuman so much better. It took a little while for it to come to me, but when it did it was painfully obvious.

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Google SEO Tips: Steps To Optimize Your Website For Google Placement


Whether you already established a website or it’s still in progress, your online business won’t be able to achieve its profits without the help of SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or most commonly known as SEO, is a new approach to marketing.

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Crowdspring’s Free New Ebook: Advice for Starting a New Business

Up and Running

Have you ever wondered why 30 percent of new businesses fail during their first two years? Whether a new business succeeds or fails sometimes boils down to luck. But, success and failure are usually about more than luck. . It helps to have a competitive advantage when you start a business.

The Ultimate Guide To Implementing Efficient Business Processes

YFS Magazine

If your business isn't organized, your bottom line is suffering, and the consequences of disorganization spread quickly. This productivity roadmap is a game changer. Editor Picks Grow Operations business systems process management productivity project management workflow workflow management

Coaches are AWESOME!

Mike Michalowicz

You have a TREMENDOUS impact on entrepreneurs and I want to serve you better! The post Coaches are AWESOME! appeared first on Mike Michalowicz

3 Things Every Business Needs To Do to Ensure Success

The Startup Magazine

When you browse the internet, you can find hundreds of articles on how to become a successful businessman. With more research, you can find another hundred books on the subject, and a hundred more will be written in the future.

Is Your Website Good Enough?


In the modern world we live in, every business needs a website. Whilst word of mouth reviews are still useful in business, people need to be able to look up a company and find all of the information they need online quickly and efficiently.

10 Entrepreneurs Explain How Technology is Impacting Their Business Today


It’s becoming increasingly important for every business to have at least basic technology to run daily operations in the current day society. It makes communication seamless and brings both tangible and intangible results.

The Big List Of Business Tools: 30 Apps And Resources You Should Be Using

YFS Magazine

Entrepreneurship is an adventure of creativity, self-education, and personal development—a passionate labor of love. Now imagine layering on power-ups. Editor Picks Grow Technology apps business tools productivity sponsored

No, It’s Not “Like a Startup Within a Big Company”

Hunter Walker

Pushing this into a blog post because my tweets are on rolling 30 day autodelete. And since a “blog post” should have some value-add over just pictures of tweets: Ex-MSFT exec Steven Sinofsky turned me onto this thread from Textio cofounder Jensen Harris.

College Board Effectiveness Checklist

Board Effect

Just as boards expect students to reach their fullest potential with the education the college provides, board members also need to strive to perform at their peak in overseeing the institution.