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7 Steps To Meeting Your Goals With Your New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Successful entrepreneurs are usually hard-driving, and highly focused on some specific goals, like being the dominant player in a given domain, or the low-priced provider of their product.

Business Education As A Way Out Of Crisis


Naturally, all companies suffer from various crises. No matter whether it is a small or big company, it always requires its leaders to master strong crisis management skills; otherwise, it is fighting a losing battle.

How to Keep Your Job As Your Company Grows

Steve Blank

I know a change is going to come. If you’re an early employee at a startup, one day you will wake up to find that what you worked on 24/7 for the last year is no longer the most important thing – you’re no longer the most important employee, and process, meetings, paperwork and managers and bosses have shown up. Most painfully, you’ll learn that your role in the company has to change. I’ve seen these transitions as an investor, board member and CEO.

SAP and Qualtrics: Experiences matter, but how much?

deal architect

My daughter, Rita is about to embark on what she calls a Gap Quarter. I don’t want to steal her thunder as she plans to blog about it but it is a play on a Gap Year and what us


When Is An Idea Just An Idea?


by Georgianna W. Oliver, founder of tour24. Entrepreneurs are funny people. They are problem solvers, and are everywhere in every walk-of-life! They are engineers, computer scientists, doctors, detectives, teachers, parents, politicians, and even your barista or Uber driver.

Top 3 Startup Winner: Happenstance

The Startup Magazine

At this year’s FUND Conference in Chicago, Illinois, over 100 startups presented their early-stage companies in front of hundreds of investors and industry leaders.

6 Steps To Providing Exceptional Customer Experiences

Startup Professionals Musings

For decades, efforts to satisfy customers have been built around demographics – capitalizing on race, ethnicity, gender, income, and other attributes. Today, in this age of pervasive social media and two-way communication, the focus needs to get beyond demographics into personalities.

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Plex: The Past, Present and Future of Manufacturing

deal architect

Plex hosted its annual Future of Manufacturing Roundtable in Michigan last week. I was actually as excited about the past and present of manufacturing I saw during the visit. They hosted a dinner at a Birmingham restaurant which used to

Top 3 Startup Winner: Digs

The Startup Magazine

At this year’s FUND Conference in Chicago, Illinois, over 100 startups presented their early-stage companies in front of hundreds of investors and industry leaders.

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7 Skills Every Startup Team Needs To Get Things Done

Startup Professionals Musings

Isn’t it amazing that some people you know always seem to be working hard, but never seem to get anything done? As an entrepreneur, you need to avoid partnering with these people, or hiring them into your startup. The challenge is to find people who get things done, as well as work hard.

23 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names


The idea of exactly what your business is going to usually come first. Secondly, most often, is giving a title to your idea. What exactly is going to be the name of your business? Some people turn to their childhood for inspiration or a beloved family pet.

Not your Dad's SAP

deal architect

It’s been the longest research phase of any of my 7 books but I hope to deliver the first draft of the manuscript for SAP Nation 3.0 to my editor in early January. As I work my way through over. SAP Nation Book


Small Businesses Need To Look Into These Social Media Strategies


by Payman Taei, founder of Visme. It’s an absolute myth that online marketing is only for the large, national corporations – that it’s impossible to compete on equal ground with the huge businesses who spend millions upon millions in marketing every year.

Cut Your Startup Customer Support Costs

The Startup Magazine

As a startup, the one thing you are unlikely to have an abundance of is cash. Therefore, you have to spend on only what you absolutely need. Many startups fail not because they have an unviable business idea but because they run into cash flow challenges.

Cost 113

5 Tips For Making Your Whole Team A Marketing Machine

Startup Professionals Musings

As the rate of change continues to increase in business and technology, the more I’m convinced that marketing is the primary key to success for a new venture. Yet I find that many technical founders don’t feel they need it at all, or at best point to one person on the team who is marketing.

Announcing our investment in Lolli – Bitcoin for everyone!

Version One Ventures

When Lolli launched in August , co-founder Alex Adelman wrote, “ Over 60% of Americans have heard of bitcoin, but very few actually own any.”. For all of us in the tech bubble, this is a good reminder of the relative inaccessibility of cryptocurrency. Many of us have Coinbase accounts (a V1 portfolio company) and don’t think twice about buying currency.

How To Become A Self-Employed Attorney

YFS Magazine

Starting a law firm is not for the faint of heart. Whether you just graduated from law school or have been working at a law firm, you can start and succeed. Plan lawyer legal starting a business


5 Ways CEOs Can Change Their Behaviors To Lead More Efficiently


by Mark Green , author of “ Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done “ In business, the adage “it starts at the top” can prompt an uncomfortable question: “Can the boss finish what he or she started?”.

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As You Accumulate Bitcoin or Cash, Where Should Startups Invest It?

The Startup Magazine

Source: Pixabay. Investing is one way to build your wealth with a less hands-on approach. Startups and entrepreneurs will accumulate bitcoin and cash, hopefully.

Shortcuts For Simplifying How To Think, Act, and Lead

Startup Professionals Musings

The cost of entry to the entrepreneur lifestyle is at an all-time low, but the challenge of winning and success is at an all-time high. Anyone can build a new web site, or publish a smartphone app for a few thousand dollars, but getting market penetration requires a lot more.

Quickly Unpacking SAP’s $8B Acquisition Of Qualtrics


Qualtrics recently filed to go public. Last night, SAP bought the company before it could IPO. There are plenty of well-deserved articles by Axios and Forbes and tweets of praise for Qualtrics (must read Utah-based VC Bryce Roberts’ storm here ), which you can and should read. By all accounts, the Utah-HQ’d company did everything the right way, was an overnight success 16 years in the making, and only raised venture capital as a growth company after years of bootstrapping.

Boost Positive Word-of-Mouth with Small Business Public Relations

Rembrandt Communications

No Money for Growth? PR Makes It No Problem. If you want to grow your B2B, you probably struggle with financial limitations. Well, even if you can’t afford major advertising and marketing initiatives, you can still boost positive awareness without spending a dime.

5 Tips For Budding Entrepreneurs Before They Start Their Online Business


by Monica, founder of OAW. The odds are often stacked against entrepreneurs. It’s a known fact that success rate of start-ups is abysmally low. If there is one Amazon, then there would be 100 failed to-be Amazons. But even then thousands of entrepreneurs start afresh every year to live their dream.

Managing a Co-op as a Business – All Area Realty Services

The Startup Magazine

Managing a co-op building is a task with many moving parts. A property manager must balance the needs of the building owner and the tenants living there. They must also interface with the co-op board comprised of building residents.

5 Strategy Realities For Running Your Small Business

Startup Professionals Musings

As an advisor and mentor for many startups and small business founders, following my initial career in big business, I realize that the key strategies to achieve success in small businesses are often different from those that make larger businesses successful.

Hold-Out Groups: Gold Standard for Testing—or False Idol?


You regularly run A/B tests on the design of a pop-up. You have a process, implement it correctly, find statistically significant winners, and roll out winning versions sitewide. Your tests answer every question except one: Is the winning version still better than never having shown a pop-up?

How to File an International Trademark When You’re Ready to Take Your Business Global


Congratulations on eyeing the international market for your business growth. We are living in an age of globalization and more and more companies are recognizing the profitability of taking their products and service offerings globally at a relatively small incremental cost. It is an easy calculus to recognize that international consumers are able to be […]. The post How to File an International Trademark When You’re Ready to Take Your Business Global appeared first on ReadWrite.

How To Choose A VPN Provider: 6 Factors To Consider


Choosing a VPN can sometimes seem like playing a lottery. There are so many options to pick from, and all of them have slick marketing operations. The more you look, the more confusing things become, as you compare huge lists of features.

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State of Entrepreneurship in Georgia

The Startup Magazine

Building your startup can be both exciting and daunting. One of the biggest questions you’ll want to consider is where to locate your business. With a high prevalence of tech startups and a low cost of living, Georgia should be at the top of your list.

Why You Should Update Your Business Plan Regularly to Drive Growth

Up and Running

I started an insurance agency two years ago. I had some friends who were all very successful in the industry, which led me to think that I would be blessed with the same fortune. My business was in a highly competitive industry, rated as one of the best industries to start a new business in.

Why Sites in High-Growth Industries Have Terrible UX


If you generate a $200 million quarterly profit with an online product, your website’s user experience must be world class, right? Wrong. Your homepage can still look like the one above, which is from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

How To Find The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

YFS Magazine

Do you know which social media platforms to invest your time and money in and reach ideal customers? If not, here are a few quick tips. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing social media social media marketing

A Lesson In Unexpected Disasters: How To Prepare For A Storm


It’s no secret that hurricanes cause millions – even billions – of dollars to companies a year. It’s not just about lost profits. In some cases, commercial buildings are blown away, expensive equipment is destroyed, and employees even become trapped in buildings.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Storage Trends

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Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are composed to change the world. They are changing the way customers engage with companies completely. Both technologies have altered the way businesses operates and thinks regarding business intelligence and data storage.

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How to Write a Business Plan for a Subscription Box Service

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The subscription box industry is growing rapidly thanks to a steady revenue model and tapping into people’s love for surprises. Ipsy, Birchbox, and Dollar Shave Club are the premier companies doing exactly this and therefore reach the 15 percent of online shoppers signing up for subscription boxes.

The Queen Bee Role

Mike Michalowicz

The Queen Bee Role (QBR) is the singular most important activity within your business that delivers on your brand promise. That is a doozy of a sentence, so let’s break it down to the critical elements: The QBR is always an activity. And it is always at the Doing level.

Self-Driving Car Startup Wayve Wins Web Summit 2018 PITCH Competition

YFS Magazine

The Cambridge based startup aims to be the first self-driving car company to deploy in 100 cities globally. Grow Technology artificial intelligence technology web summit

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