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Matching All Colorado First Time Projects

Feld Thoughts

Amy and I decided to match all of the funding for first-time projects in Colorado on We are doing this through a gift from the Anchor Point Foundation and will be running it through the end of 2018.

7 Practices Reduce Risk In Even The Smallest Business

Startup Professionals Musings

In the last few years, I’ve heard more and more about a new type of small business, called a “micro-business” (or micro-enterprise). These are usually characterized as owner-operated, with five employees or less, and less than $250,000 in sales.

Exhibitions And Gift Fairs: Everything A Small Business Owner Needs To Know


When you run a small business, chances are that you operate mainly from one set location. If you run a brick and mortar store, you will sell goods to customers who walk through your doors, browse your stock and displays, and hand over cash or pay by card on a face to face basis.

SAP's evolving partner economy

deal architect

Ask about who has had a successful platform strategy, and most people will point to Salesforce. I beg to disagree – compared to revenues Apple has generated for its partners and itself from its iOS store and Amazon with its. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) Offshoring (TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant) Outsourcing (IBM, Accenture, EDS

Nobody Announces Their Seed Round Anymore and That’s a Mistake

View from Seed

Five years ago, as the mania around seed fundings was accelerating, Founders were very eager to announce their seed round to the world. It marks the beginning of the journey with hard work & the real business success to be accomplished ahead, but a milestone nonetheless.

Colorado Magic on a Friday

Feld Thoughts

I’ve been in San Diego with Amy for a while but we are returning to Boulder in a week. San Diego has been great, but I miss my dogs, my friends, and the Colorado vibe. When people ask me about the Colorado vibe, I often talk about GiveFirst.

Why Team Management By Fear Is Bad For Any Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Despite the ease of communication through social media, new tools, the popularity of fearless independence and #MeToo, I still see many business organizations that are less than productive due to fear.

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Easy Ways To Cut Costs On Your Small Business

The Startup Magazine

In order to make your small business a success and have it last a long time, you need to manage your finances effectively. In the beginning, you will need to pay for a lot of things and this can add up to quite a lot of money.

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Should Every Company Have a “Singles” or “Prime” Day?

View from Seed

Yesterday was Singles Day in China, celebrated on 11/11 each year and theoretically to honor young adults who are not in relationships. In practice it is essentially an invention by retailer Alibaba who holds massive online sales on this day across their platform (Taobao, Tmall, etc).

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Category Collapse

Feld Thoughts

It’s the second week of December, which is about the time that all of the predictions for 2019 start occurring. Last week’s announcements of the confidential S-1 filing of Lyft, Uber, and Slack helped prime the pump for some of these. By the way, did anyone other than me think it was a strange turn of events that companies are now announcing their confidential S-1 filing? Fred Wilson’s post Thinking Ahead To 2019 is worth reading.

8 Guiding Principles For Pursuing A Winning Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur has an idea for transforming a market with innovative new technology, or transforming society with a new process. But unfortunately, most of these ideas fail at the execution level, or are not truly innovative.

Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Lawyer Even When You Don’t Have Any Lawsuits


Lawsuits. Lawyers. Judges. It would seem that the majority of the population have the impression that the only time you’re going to need a lawyer is when you get involved in a lawsuit, whether it’s a lawsuit that’s against you or when you’re the complainant.

Top 7 Reasons To Start A Business Before The New Year

YFS Magazine

Believe it or not, the end of the year is a good time to begin the process of starting a business. Here's a look at the top 7 reasons why. Plan business planning starting a business startup advice

The Startup Copycat Fallacy

View from Seed

Another d2c gourmet pet food company ? Another full-stack short-term rentals startup ? Another affinity-based co-working space?

The Moment Your Realize You Aren’t Comfortable With What Your Wrote

Feld Thoughts

I just spent the last 30 minutes writing a blog post around a simple phrase that I like. I built out my thought process around it, used a handful of examples, and then filled in some additional ideas. I was proofreading it when I decided to go try to find the original source of the phrase. The first page of Google’s results surprised me. There was nothing on the phrase I liked, but there was a wall of vitriol and controversy around a phrase that is close but had a few different words in it.


8 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Business Crises Ahead

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneurs see their new venture as a fun adventure, until the pressures of a cash flow crisis, or a manufacturing quality problem, or a major customer satisfaction problem hits.

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Losing More Business Than You’re Winning? Try This.


by Laurie Richards , co-author of “ Ready, Set, Go! “ Why do so many new business pitches fail, and what can business owners do about it?

Can online learning take your startup to the next level?

The Startup Magazine

One of the essential things a startup owner has to do is read and research widely. The information they gain helps to steer them in the right direction in regards to finding more clients for their business. Previously, people could only find reading material in physical educational institutions.

What I’ve Learned in the Last 5 Years as a VC that I Didn’t Appreciate in the First 5

View from Seed

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve been in the VC business for over 10 years. I’ve been writing checks for 8 years, and was lucky to get my start in the industry with the team at Spark Capital where I was able to witness some amazing early investments as part of that team.

So you just raised your B round, now what?

Version One Ventures

In case you missed our posts from the previous weeks, we have been summarizing what founders should focus on at each stage of their startup’s journey. Priorities and strategies change as a company grows – starting with finding product-market fit after a seed round to figuring out distribution between Series A and Series B. And that brings us to the B Round. After raising your B Round, it’s all about building the organization. We have found that this is usually the toughest phase for founders.

5 Lessons For New Venture Founders From Great Chefs

Startup Professionals Musings

I realized a while back that creating a new company for the first time is a lot like whipping up a great dinner entrée for the first time – you need a recipe, even though it may look simple. You know the basic ingredients, and you can visualize the results you want.

Best Practices When Video And Email Cross Paths


by Sean Gordon, founder of Every business today, no matter the industry, has someone working with video. Whether marketing, or a startup, video is always an integral part of how you conduct business. That said, in many ways digital video production and distribution remain in its?

Email 153

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Business Coach

YFS Magazine

Entrepreneurs desperately need skill development and the self-awareness of habits, traits and decisions that impact their companies. Lead business coaching leadership life coaching personal development

VC’s Doing the Work to Build Investment Conviction

View from Seed

I once had a VC mentor (only) half tongue-in-cheek tell me that “all investment diligence is merely an exercise in confirming what you have already decided during the initial pitch.”

The Mindful Entrepreneur: Three Strategies for Success

The Startup Magazine

To start a company is to believe in yourself. It takes a great deal of self-confidence to swallow the risk and forego a job with a salary. We entrepreneurs all believe in our own potential to create a company that will last.

NETWORKING: The Intro vs The Vouch (and why the difference matters a whole lot)

Hunter Walker

My tweets autodelete after 30 days, so when one starts a good discussion, I try to expand/archive it here. . NETWORKING: The Intro vs The Vouch. So the “intro w/o vouch” is a double-opt in that looks something like “hey, I know you were looking to hire a BizDev lead.

Accessing Sufficient Capital For Business Efficiency


Business is not easy when it comes to cash flow. If you are a business owner, you indeed know that there are certain times when businesses need extra cash to secure the stability of company resources. The line of credit could be a perfect solution for every cash flow problem that business can face.

I Have A Few Business Ideas – Now What?

YFS Magazine

If you have several business ideas, where do you start? Here are the essential first steps for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Plan business planning starting a business startup advice

If CAC is the New Rent, How should You Operate Differently?

View from Seed

Five to ten years ago, it was thought that digitally-native brands and e-commerce retailers had a distinct cost advantage because they didn’t have to pay for legacy physical infrastructure (e.g. storefronts with long-term lease commitments), which represents high fixed costs and reduced margin.

Startup Spotlight: Aequos on a Mission to Deliver the Future Network

The Startup Magazine

As the future unfolds, more and more devices are migrating to the IoT (Internet of Things), particularly in the area of home automation. The latest development is the shift to using SD-WAN (Software Dependent–Wide Area Networking).

How to Create a Marketing Campaign that Stands Out


Plenty of us have witnessed a marketing campaign gone wrong. Remember that recent Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner trying to settle a Black Lives Matter protest with a can of Pepsi? I just remember thinking (as I gagged), “How did that actually make it to market?!”.

What We Can Learn From Successful Dating Startups


Dating startups are always a bit risky investment because most apps that hit the market rarely offer something really game-changing. While the classic approach introduced by Tinder still works for some less explored niches, it’s unlikely that a Tinder-like app will attract a lot of users.

How To Use SEO To Build Your Brand

YFS Magazine

SEO encompasses all the methods you can use to ensure the visibility of your website on search engines. Here's how to build an SEO-friendly brand. Uncategorized branding digital marketing search engine optimization seo

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Rethinking the Standard Fundraising Deck

View from Seed

I see hundreds of fundraising decks each year. I’ve been doing this for eight years now, so I’ve been able to see some longitudinal trends during that time. There are a couple trends that I have noticed emerge over the last few years that I think have become industry standard.

Choosing the Right Startup Team

The Startup Magazine

The startup team serves as the foundation of any new business. Therefore, it’s crucial for all entrepreneurs to understand how to build one with skill and discernment. Here are some helpful tips for anyone seeking insight into this vital aspect of the enterprise-building process. Source: Pexels.

So you just raised your A round, now what?

Version One Ventures

Last week, we kicked off a blog series to help founders determine their company’s core priorities and strategies at each stage of the progression from seed to Series A and Series B. In the previous post , we outlined what startups should focus on right after raising a seed round. The next stage in the journey is the A round, and as expected, it brings a brand new set of priorities. Focus on distribution and understanding your business.

5 Reasons Why Your Business’ Instagram Posts Fail


Instagram’s engagement is higher than Facebook and Twitter, and a major reason for this is that images and video perform much better than text. People prefer these media formats, and they have been a key growth driver for many businesses on Instagram. But some posts work well, while others fail.