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So what do you think?

47 Hats

Just wrote something I’m pretty proud of: How to find time for your Startup. Let me know what you think! The post So what do you think? appeared first on Ideas

8 Keys To Migration From A Consultant To A Freelancer

Startup Professionals Musings

Being a consultant is a role that works with big companies, but I have found that it doesn’t get much traction in small businesses and startups.


CoinOut Gets Coin In

Steve Blank

It’s always fun to see what happens to my students after they leave class. Jeff Witten started CoinOut four years ago in my Columbia University 5-day Lean LaunchPad class.

Building on the Growth Mindset

Grasshopper Herder

Our new office plant inspires some thoughts about the growth mindset, entrepreneurship, and more. The post Building on the Growth Mindset appeared first on Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership Entrepreneur Growth Hacking & Marketing

Three Bitcoin Billionaires Share Their Story of How They Moved Early into the Asset Class

Both Sides of the Table

At the recent Upfront Summit my partner Stuart Lander had the opportunity to show some California Love and interview three of the wealthiest Bitcoin owners, each of whom were some of the earliest owners in the asset class and who haven’t sold any of their holdings.

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4 Things Millennials Should Consider Before Forex Trading


Millennials have a reputation for jumping into things and thinking about them later. When they hear about the opportunities forex trading provides, they may not stop to consider everything they need to be successful and minimize their chance of risk.


“What Unites Us” —Important Lessons from @danrather at the #UpfrontSummit

Both Sides of the Table

“The institution of a free press in America is in a state of crisis greater than I have ever seen in my lifetime , and perhaps in any moment in this nation’s history.”?—?Dan

Imagine Virtua and Alamo Reality Bring the Alamo Back to Life Through Technology and Storytelling


By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Known as the Shrine of Texas Liberty, the Alamo in San Antonio holds a special place in the hearts of many Texans.

The real meaning of entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurial Mind

There is a lot of conversation surrounding what the term entrepreneurship really means.

8 Smart Tips To Soliciting Friends And Family Funding

Startup Professionals Musings

It’s great to start with a big dream as you contemplate a new business, but finding the money you need takes more than dreaming. As an advisor to young entrepreneurs, I find that many are a bit naïve about how the investment process really works.

5 Tips For Product Startups Wrestling With State & Federal Regulations


According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce , burdensome government regulations are directly responsible for the long-term decline in small business formation. Despite a 40% increase in population, Americans started about 11% fewer businesses in 2013 than 1980.


Hiring a Head of Content

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

In September 2017, we announced Village Global , a new type of venture capital fund that is networked at its core. From who we have as financial backers, to how we invest, everything we do is about empowering and connecting people.

Mass Challenge Texas Selects 84 Startups for its First Program


Mass Challenge Texas has selected 84 startups to join its first accelerator program. The accelerator received 520 applications, with a little more than half of those going to the second round where 120 judges selected the winners, said Mike Millard, managing director of Mass Challenge Texas.

What My First Boxing Match Taught Me About Business

YFS Magazine

got in the ring in front of 700 people, with a rather large woman, and subsequently raised over $2,000 for cancer research. Lifestyle boxing business advice business lessons lifestyle sports starting a business

6 Dream Team Members Will Energize Any Tech Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

In my years of advising startups and occasional investing, I’ve seen many great ideas start and fail, but the right team always seems to make good things happen, even without the ultimate idea. That’s why investors say they invest in people (bet on the jockey, not the horse), rather than the idea.

Microsoft PowerApps and Citizen Code

deal architect

One of the most interesting sessions during the Microsoft Analyst Summit last week was one on PowerApps. The look and feel leverages the fonts and other features most of us are familiar with in MS Office. It's in Microsoft lingo. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

No One Will Ever Thank You for Keeping Prices Low


I was in a Board meeting last week (not Return Path ’s), when one of my fellow directors came out with this gem: “No one will ever thank us for keeping our prices low.”. When I first heard this, as is the case with most great quotes, I was drawn to its wit and simplicity.

B2B 1

New Coworking Space: work well win to Open in East Austin


A new coworking space with a wellness approach: work well win plans to open a 100,000 square foot site in East Austin at a former Motorola campus. The work well win site is set to open this summer. It’s one of a handful of coworking sites work well win plans to open nationwide.

How to Make Your Business Run More Efficiently

The Startup Magazine

It’s increasingly difficult to run small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) these days. In addition to changing legal compliances, potential tax increases, and growing technology, there is stiff competition to cope with.

10 Strategies To Isolate Smart Risks In A New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

There is an old saying that good lawyers run away from risk, while good businessmen run towards risk. Entrepreneurs see “no risk” as meaning “no reward.” In reality, all risks are not the same.

[Interview] Dwayne Rettinger, Executive Financial Consultant at Rettinger & Associates Private Wealth Management


From Dwayne Rettinger’s perspective, millennial entrepreneurs are more saddled with stereotypes than they should be. For all the suggested negatives about this generation, Rettinger points out that they are still young enough to be stunningly creative and open to new ideas.

18 Entrepreneurs Reveal How Much They Work


The number of hours entrepreneurs work varies due to many factors. Some of those determinants are such as nature of work where some businesses such as online business may require more of your online presence. How much we work can determine our productivity to a huge extent.

3 Unorthodox Methods To Enhance Matured Optimization Programs


The endgame of optimization begins when the local maximum has been found for the most relevant pages on your website. At this point, uncovering more gains can become a greater challenge. How can you deal with such a scenario?

5 Tips To Listing Your Business On Google

The Startup Magazine

As an entrepreneur, having an online presence is fundamental. Google is the most popular search engine worldwide. It organizes the world’s information, making it accessible and useful all over the world.

7 Strategies For Anticipating Future Customer Trends

Startup Professionals Musings

The market is changing so fast these days, and if you are not planning a solution today for tomorrow’s customers, you may be setting yourself up for failure and don’t even realize it. There are always new competitors who are planning their arrival tomorrow.

Economics In Asia In The Trump Era


by Marek Danyluk, managing partner at Space Executive. This week, Trump slapped tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines on Monday in his first major move to level a global playing field.

Should You Patent Your Idea?

Up and Running

You or your team had a eureka moment and you invented something unique. You have a hunch that this could be the next big thing. You don’t want to let the opportunity slip into someone else’s hand. Should you protect your idea by filing a patent? What is a patent?

Hypergiant Emerges from Stealth Mode to Create AI Products


Serial Entrepreneur Ben Lamm envisions a future in which artificial intelligence is ubiquitous. Lamm co-founded Austin-based Hypergiant to fashion that future by working with Fortune 500 companies to create products for the artificial intelligence marketplace.

For Fundraising, Seed is No Longer a Round, It’s a Phase

Hunter Walker

Want to know the biggest challenge Satya and I faced when announcing Homebrew’s third fund ? How to describe the phase of company we seek to invest. “Early stage” has been coopted by billion-dollar VCs who try to shoehorn a $10m ARR SaaS company into their idea of risk capital.

How To Accelerate Your Entrepreneurship Learning Curve

YFS Magazine

Looking back, I wish I would have tackled these items earlier. I hope these tips provide value and ease your entrepreneurship journey. Plan business advice business lessons business planning starting a business

Avoiding Downtime With Reliable Equipment And Employees


If you operate a business that makes regular shipments across the country, you need to have a proper fleet of vehicles at your disposal. Big rig trucks and similar large vehicles need to be kept in the best shape possible and manned by the best people possible.

4 Mistakes That Will Tank Your Etsy Shop

Up and Running

Anna White, a Louisiana school counselor, has a creative streak. Like many artists, she wanted to make a few bucks on the side by selling her handcrafted pieces on Etsy, so she jumped in. She made 150 pieces of jewelry, took pictures and waited for sales to come rolling in.

5 reasons why commercial real estate is an excellent investment

The Startup Magazine

Just like any other type of investment, investing in commercial real estate can be a risky business. However, this should not deter you from investing in real estate and benefitting from the numerous opportunities that it provides.

I am an investor in 9 companies: How and why I started angel investing

A lesser known fact about me is that I have invested in 9 companies. It’s something I’ve not written about yet (other than a quick mention on my /now page ). So here we are. The first investment I made was in Kate Kendall and CloudPeeps.