7 Key Strategies To Ensure Long-Term Customer Growth

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In my experience working with entrepreneurs, once they feel they have a winning formula for their business, they are often hesitant to change or update it. They forget that adapting their company and themselves as their customers evolve is the key to long-term survival.

Microsoft Retail vertical - it's like navigating an unfamiliar retail store

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Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft kicked off NRF 2020 Vision, the annual retail industry mega event in New York yesterday. He had some great sound bites "There’s death, there’s taxes and there’s ever-increasing online advertising spend. There’s not much we. Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

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Which Markets Are the Most And Least Served by Seed Investors?

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About a year ago, my partner David Beisel talked about how seed fundraising is no longer a local game , and that the best entrepreneurs seek out the best investors for them outside of their home market.

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How To Survive The Loss Of A Main Customer


by Zain Jaffer, serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Zain Ventures. Running a small business can come with a slew of challenges. Among the list: the loss of a major client. In many cases, this scenario is inevitable and difficult to prevent.

Starmazon or Amabucks

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Why doesn’t Amazon acquire Starbucks? Starbucks has one thing Amazon doesn’t have – over 30,000 physical locations. Sure, Amazon owns Whole Foods, which has about 350 physical locations, but they are large food distribution facilities (e.g.

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Traditional Public Relations Can Be The Key to Business Success

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Do you use these basic PR activities for successful results? Social media, text messaging, blogs, podcasts, videos… the list of digital communication tools is constantly growing.

5 Quick And Effective Marketing Tactics To Grow Your SMB In 2020

YFS Magazine

Take a closer look at these proven marketing and branding opportunities to learn how each tactic works and why it makes sense for your business. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing marketing tips online marketing

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16 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Make Bold Decisions


Entrepreneurship and decision making go hand-in-hand. Some decisions like firing employees require boldness which is not always a walk in the park. The decisions you make can make or break the future of a business hence due diligence is necessary before making bold decisions.

4 Unique Growth Tactics for 2020


Marketing tactics change constantly. Each year new tactics become more impactful, and old ones fade into obscurity. Sticking to the same tactics is stale for your current customers and potential customers, too.

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The Easiest Way to Bring Diversity to Venture Capital: Raise the SEC's LP Count Limit

This is going to be BIG.

Raising a venture capital fund is hard enough. You’re going around to a bunch of people trying to convince them that you have what it takes to pick the big winners in a sea of aspirational companies that are destined for the scrap heap.

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10 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Enhance Their Leadership

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Most new entrepreneurs don’t anticipate the learning burden of being the leader, including the sense of loneliness and isolation at the top.

Ad Maiora Natus Sum: We are born to aim for greater things

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Happy New Year! Welcome back! Hope you had a relaxing break. I had plenty of time to reflect on the last decade. And to introspect on what we should do in the coming decade. Let me share with readers some. Industry Commentary


Being A Pro

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One of the fun books I read last year was “Paper Tiger” by Tom Coyne. I love to play golf, and Tom did what many golfers dream about – he devoted 100% of his life for 2 years to get as good as he possibly can and tried to make it on a pro tour. The book is a light-hearted, enjoyable read. But one thing that stuck out to me was his description of playing in mini-tour events in Florida.

10 Ways To Identify Opportunists, Time Wasters, & B *s


by Jack Colton, founder of SilentRich.com. Normally we can keep our guard up against obvious e-mail scams and get rich schemes. We’re smart after all.

Present From The Head Of The Table

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I’ve noticed a degradation in presentation styles when displaying slides on a screen. This is starting to become a pet peeve of mine, so feel free to ignore me or tell me to get over myself if you disagree with this advice.

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[Review] HoxHunt’s Gamified Phishing Training Platform for Cyber Crime Prevention

The Startup Magazine

Considering the increasing number of complex cyberattacks and scams that target individuals within organizations, it’s important to stay on top of your cybersecurity situation from 360 degrees.

What Is Customer Service?

YFS Magazine

Examine your systems and processes to ensure they are focused on providing what matters most to your customers. Customer Service Grow customer experience customer satisfaction

A Marketer’s Guide to Kaggle for Analytics and Data Science


Kaggle , the Google-acquired data science platform, started as a virtual meeting point for machine-learning geeks to compete on predictive accuracy scores.

15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Are Bold in Business


You’ve probably heard that you have to be bold to be a successful business owner. You have to be daring enough that means you’re willing to take the risks and make firm decisions.

How Founders and CEOs Can Raise Early Checks (With Pavel Cherkashin)


I’m excited to speak with Pavel Cherkashin in today’s episode of the How To CEO podcast! Pavel is a co-founder and managing partner at Mindrock Capital. Pavel is also a managing partner at GVA Capital. I spoke with him about what founders and CEOs need to know about raising early checks.

Understanding Kaplan-Meier Curves with Clio’s George Psiharis: how to measure your company in flight

Version One Ventures

Last month, we released our startup guide. We appreciate all the feedback and we’ll be adding to the handbook over time so that it can be a more comprehensive source. So, please keep sending us your thoughts and suggestions. One topic that I’m excited to dig into deeper is KPIs / metrics.

5 Steps To A Winning Personal Brand For Entrepreneurs

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Although most people believe that being a successful entrepreneur is all about having the right idea, I’m convinced from my years of experience as a startup advisor and investor that’s it’s more about you as a person.

Innovation Season

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My innovation blog, New Florence will celebrate its 15th birthday this March. It will have clocked over 6,500 posts. I recently looked at various patterns on that blog. Innovation stories and news ebb and flow from different industries and geographies. Industry Commentary Innovative Business Uses of Technology

4 Things you will need as you start your own business

Our Own Start-up

Starting a new business can often be a challenging process, and it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Workplace Safety- 4 Tips To Keep Your Office Safe


When you run a business, it’s your job to ensure your employees are taken care of. Health and safety should be a main focus for the business, particularly workplace safety. If you’re looking to make your office a safer place to work, below you’ll discover 4 tips that can help.

Simply Begin Again

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Public Service Announcement: According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the American Astronomical Society, and the US Naval Observatory, today is not the beginning of a new decade. Rather, that would be 1/1/21. If you write software, you’ll recognize that it’s a classic fencepost error. If you are a philosophy major like Amy, you’ll tell me that a decade is “any ten year period of time, starting whenever you want it to.” ” Regardless, happy Julien New Year.

Signs That Your Startup Should Outsource

The Startup Magazine

Outsourcing is an efficient way for businesses to benefit from third-party resources and save money in the long run. Yet many companies are hesitating when it comes to handing over a portion of the workload. In many cases, this is because there are several myths about outsourcing.

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5 Life and Business Resolutions Worth Keeping In 2020

YFS Magazine

If you're considering priorities for the year and need a fresh dose of inspiration, keep these resolutions in mind. Lead goal setting leadership New Year Resolutions personal development personal growth

Behavior-Based Attribution Using Google BigQuery ML


Why create a custom attribution tool? Because with out-of-the-box tools, you’re limited by their functionality, data transformations, models, and heuristics. With raw data, you can build any attribution model that fits your business and domain area best.

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26 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks of Staying Motivated


When the going gets rough in business, you’ll need motivation to keep moving. Motivating yourself can be hard but practicing consistent habits such as reminding yourself of why you started can be a major boost.

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CTO-as-a-Service in Crucial Stages to Success


Being relatively a new service trend in today’s tech-driven world, CTO-as-a-Service (CaaS) is notably gaining its momentum. Though CTO as a traditional full-time position exists for decades, some companies do not feel they need a technology executive.

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Recapping Q4 2019

Version One Ventures

Happy New Year! Here at Version One, we are very excited for 2020, but before we kick off a new year, we want to recap some of the highlights from last quarter. Q4 2019 was a busy quarter for us, and here’s some select news on the Version One family. Let’s ride the momentum into 2020!

10 Goodwill Elements To Raise Your Business Valuation

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Valuing a business based on assets and financial performance is a well-understood process, but every investor knows the real value goes well beyond these parameters, either higher or lower.

2020s - Embracing Complexity in Enterprise Tech

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I wrote couple of weeks ago about missed opportunities in the 2010s in enterprise software and in outsourcing. That backlog did not disappear - it has created even more opportunity for this decade. However, as I caught up on my

Showcase Your Values To Attract Ideal Customers

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It is an incredible time to be a small business owner. Customers, now more than ever before, truly care about who they buy products and services from, and how those companies align with their values.

2 Real Time-Saving Hacks That Every Entrepreneur Should Know


The internet is full of articles about hacks; life hacks, time-saving hacks and more. However, if you are in business, these 2 tips could transform your working day, reduce stress and increase your productivity dramatically. Speed-reading.

The Future Of Work Is Distributed

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I’ve been a remote worker for 24 years. While I have an office in Boulder, I’m physically in my office for a small amount of time. For many years, this was a function of travel. My investments have always been geographically distributed across the US and I spent the majority of my time between Monday and Friday on the road. I learned how to work in hotel rooms, in other people’s offices, in conference rooms, at coffee shops, and in houses (mine and friends.)