The Five Myths Of Leadership


These are widely held beliefs about leadership, but they are false beliefs and ideas. Many myths about leadership cause significant problems and can throw you off course in your leadership journey. Is the secret to leadership locked in our genes?

Soulful Leadership: Reimagining Leadership’s Purpose


by Dr. Gaurav Bhalla, CEO of Knowledge Kinetics and author of “ Awakening a Leader’s Soul: Learnings Through Immortal Poems “ New times require new narratives… and leadership is no exception. Leadership is about action; leaders are hired to do something.

Leveraging Leadership Styles As An Entrepreneur


by Kevin Abdulrahman, author of “ The Book On Winning The Game Of Life “ There are a number of different leadership styles that entrepreneurs employ successfully, and by understanding some of the more useful styles, you can become a better leader and a better business person.

Servant Leadership In Action


by Ken Blanchard, author of the best selling “ The New One Minute Manager ” and the new “ Servant Leadership in Action: How You Can Achieve Great Relationships and Results “ To me, servant leadership is the only way to guarantee great relationships and great results.

Leadership is More Than a Memo

Steve Blank

While Silicon Valley has grown to have global influence, in many ways the cultural leadership from the venture community has dramatically shrunk in the last decade. Among other things the book reminded me how important leadership is in setting startup culture – both consciously and implicitly.

How To Mentor Millennials Into Business Leadership

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Millennials need our coaching and mentoring to build confidence, to improve how they handle business relationships, tackle new responsibilities, and handle leadership roles. business leadership coaching danita bye mentoring millennials

7 Ways To Demonstrate Leadership In A Business Crisis

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In fact, the best will probably tell you that entrepreneur struggles are the best leadership teachers in the long run. Your initiatives will also cement your own leadership perception. business leadership Richard Branson struggling business

Leadership and Mental Health

Feld Thoughts

Jerry Colonna and I are having a fireside chat and Q&A about leadership and mental health on Tuesday, June 28th at 3pm at The Josef Korbel School for International Studies. The post Leadership and Mental Health appeared first on Feld Thoughts. It is being co-hosted by Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network and DU’s Project X-ite. Please register and join us. Announcements

6 Key Leadership Habits Required For Entrepreneurs

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Starting and building a company is all about leadership – formulating an idea, building a unique plan based on vision and experience, and forging a path over and through all obstacles. Here are some key conclusions: See leadership is a learned behavior, not a character trait.

9 Entrepreneur Leadership Principles Worth Practicing

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Most entrepreneurs feel they have innate leadership talents, but struggle with how to nurture these abilities and measure their effectiveness. Since I believe that a large part of leadership is personal confidence and initiative, I was drawn to a classic leadership book by Robert S.

7 Leadership Metaphors To Motivate Business Leaders

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The hard part is providing the leadership required to align and motivate all the constituents and players – from engineers, to investors, vendors, and ultimately customers. Down-line it’s the leadership model you use with your internal teams and external partners.

6 Strategies To Optimize Self-Leadership For Business

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In my experience as an advisor and mentor to entrepreneurs in business, one of the biggest failures I see is a lack of self-leadership. I define self-leadership as the capacity to set direction and make decisions, to positively drive your own performance.

Developing a Leadership Philosophy

The Startup Magazine

At the beginning of each advanced leadership workshop session, business thought leader John Spence asks attendees how many currently have a written list of their key leadership philosophy and values. What Is a Leadership Philosophy? Personal Leadership Philosophy Examples.

Is Your Leadership Style Motivating or Demoralizing?

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business demoralizing Dianna Booher leadership style motivatingEvery business leader realizes their primary objective is to motivate people to do what is required, yet all of us with any experience in business tend to remember most those times when we felt highly demotivated by our leaders.

7 Poor Leadership Habits You Must Avoid At All Cost

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Like many other career-minded business professionals, are you still waiting impatiently for that appointment to a leadership position, so that you can begin demonstrating your real leadership ability? Being “too busy” or overwhelmed is the most common excuse for leadership failure.

What Is Leadership?


This past year I asked Don Faul to come and speak about Leadership and what he has learned in his career as a Special Forces marine, and senior executive at Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Athos. ” The type of leadership technology companies need changes as they grow.

10 Behaviors That Highlight Your Leadership Ability

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Based on my years of experience as a new business advisor, I always find leadership to be more important to business success than any new technology or innovative solution. The challenge is to adequately define leadership in terms of everyday activities.

10 Leadership Elements That Maximize Business Value

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The key elements of leadership in a company, both individual and organizational, are less tangible, but very critical in setting a market value for investment, acquisition, or going public. In the investment community, these leadership elements are often called “goodwill.”

7 Leadership Lessons From Successful Immigrants

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Brian Buffini entrepreneur immigrants leadership startup successIn my experience as a business advisor and angel investor these days, I seem to more frequently hear from entrepreneurs and business owners with “can’t-fail” or “get-rich-quick” ideas.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Can Save Any Business

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Thus everyone has to make sure they are focusing on what is important, and making leadership decisions to save the business. That is what business leadership is all about. In fact, large organizations need entrepreneurial leadership and thinking just as much as startups.

Recognizing and Reducing Fear Makes Leadership Work

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When leaders are in fear, be it for their own security, sense of affiliation, or self-esteem fears, they become blind to how they might be using fear in their own leadership. The best leadership is providing real motivation from the work itself, and the drive to build something lasting.

How To Enhance Innate Business Leadership Abilities

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Most entrepreneurs feel they have innate leadership talents, but struggle with how to nurture these abilities and measure their effectiveness. Since I believe that a large part of leadership is personal confidence and initiative, I was drawn to a recent leadership book by Robert S.

7 Leadership Keys To Startup Survival


Peter Sheahan, Founder and CEO of Karrikins Group , is known internationally for innovative business thinking and thought leadership.

3 Qualities Of Effective Leadership In The Modern Workplace


by Gary Douglas, author of “ How To Become Money “ Throughout the twentieth century, authoritarianism was the most common (and seemingly most effective) form of workplace leadership. Above all, effective modern leadership is about empowerment.

Leadership Mistakes Plague Every Startup Founder

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Even entrepreneurs who have built many startups, or sold their last one for millions of dollars, know they make occasional people leadership mistakes. They know leadership is all about managing their own complicated, illogical, and fallible human foibles, as well as the people they depend on.

10 New Leadership Attributes Drive Startup Success

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I agree with Dr. Ardi’s writing, that most successful workplaces of the future need to adopt the following beta characteristics, and align themselves more with the beta leadership model: Do away with archaic command-and-control models. Leadership is fluid and bend-able.

How Leadership Styles Evolve To Match Business Stages

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By Ernst Gemassmer, Chairman, Startup Professionals As a retired executive I now reflect on my own leadership styles in different situations during my extensive career. I have concluded that leadership styles must be in line with the ‘life cycle’ of companies, as discussed below.

5 Engagement Principles Now Drive Business Leadership

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The days of leadership without engagement are gone. Soon you won’t be able to name a business as one of your favorites if you can’t personally visualize and relate to company leadership.

Smart Entrepreneurs Favor People-Centric Leadership

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Thus I believe that business leaders and entrepreneurs need to focus first on people leadership, rather than process leadership. Process leadership focuses on repeatability and efficiency only.

Leadership Is From Experience, Mentoring and Failure

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Some will argue that people leadership is a skill you have to be born with, but I’m convinced that it can be learned from experience, mentoring, and failures. They reach to find mentors who have been there, read books on the subject, and participate in leadership development programs.

Workdays quiet leadership

deal architect

In 2009, I wrote a blog about Parker Harris, the co-founder of titled The Loneliness of a Pioneer. I wrote “.in in some ways he wishes the larger vendors would be there today. There are common engineering and plumbing challenges. Cloud Computing, SaaS

Calibrating Your Leadership GPS For The Era Of Hyper-Change


We live in a diverse world and all in leadership positions need to come to terms with any biases that drive them to prejudge entire groups of people. The essence of leadership isn’t motivating people to do what you want them to do, but aligning them to do what they’re made to do.

7 Leadership Principles To Get You From Smart To Wise

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Strive to create your own authentic path to wise leadership. First adopt the six leadership elements including perspective, action orientation, role clarity, decision logic, fortitude, and motivation. Have you assessed your leadership style lately against these principles?

8 Keys To Effective Team Leadership In Startups Today

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The responsibility for leadership rests on you as the founder or CEO, and your leadership style. Many entrepreneurs still fall back to the traditional “control” leadership paradigm, but I don’t see it working so well any more. This rarely happens with total control leadership.

The 25 Best Leadership Bloggers


Anyone who has ever tried to lead people will tell you leadership is more like art than science. And as with art, perfecting the craft of leadership requires studying under a master. Too often we think of leadership as the sole purview of bosses and CEOs.

5 Leadership Initiatives Define Great Entrepreneurs

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It takes leadership ability, as well as a good idea, to make a successful entrepreneur, and great leaders evolve from key leadership decisions along the way. Fortunately, basic leadership and entrepreneurial skills can be acquired from experience and training.

Are You Guilty Of These 5 Leadership Mistakes?

YFS Magazine

Here is a look at five leadership obstacles I've encountered as an entrepreneur and how I overcame them. Lead leadership personal development

5 Elements of Leadership You Can’t Succeed Without

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He concludes that there are five leadership elements that include him, but are not always about him, that lead to success. Share the mantle of leadership. about you bob burg john david mann leadership success

Developing Leadership Skills: What You Need to Know

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The bridge from talking to knowing to doing is all about leadership, confidence, and initiative. I found a good summary of the dynamics behind personal business leadership, and how to get there, in a recent book “ Leadership Rigor! ”

4 Ways To Better Your Leadership Skills


Strong leadership skills are often relative to success, whether you’re looking to gain traction in a start-up company, strengthen an established brand, or see a project come to fruition. This is something you can refine and implement into your own leadership position.

7 Leadership Behaviors Startups Must Never Tolerate

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In reality, leadership is best demonstrated while not in a position of authority, and is a skill that must be sharpened every day of your life. Most experts agree that leadership, as perceived by people around you, is more about behavior than it is about specific skills or knowledge.

10 Keys To Open Leadership While Maintaining Control

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The pervasiveness of social networking and the Internet has caused a new focus and value on “openness,” which leads to a new element of leadership, called “Open Leadership.” The mantra of open leadership is “Be Open, Be Transparent, and Be Authentic.”

Female Leadership When Women Mentor Other Women


How does female leadership get such bad rep? The bad rep generated solely by female leadership. Many men have assumed leadership roles merely because they could. The post Female Leadership When Women Mentor Other Women appeared first on.