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Startup CTO or Developer


Hiring a hands-on lead developer might seem like the right move for an early stage startup. But hiring a lead developer, or even a VP of Engineering, can create a gap between the founders and the developers. A CTO can help you find the right answers. It’s understandable - a hands-on developer can produce a product.

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How Sin-Mei Tsai, Shippo’s VP of Engineering, Defines Code Quality

Version One Ventures

This time, I am very excited to introduce Sin-Mei Tsai , VP of Engineering at Shippo , a Version One portfolio company. Sometimes we find that the new code does not play well with old state, or with old code, which is a transient problem that happens during deployment.


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Los Angeles CTO / VP Engineering Job Searches


I’ve written quite a bit about aspects of this topic, especially from the perspective of startup founders looking for talent – you can find these in: Startup CTO. Of course, just because a CTO or VPE is listed doesn’t mean it’s working well. Armed with your networking tool, now it’s time to get it out to all the people you know.

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Want to Know Difference Between a CTO and a VP of Engineering?

Want to Know Difference Between a CTO and a VP of Engineering? I hope many will read this and have an answer for the question, “what’s the different between a CTO and a VP of Engineering?” You still have some leeway to hire above them if need be. The VP Engineering aspires to manage teams.

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Stories of Opportunity from the First Round Capital Key Hire Wire – VP of Sales, CTO, VP of Engineering

This is going to be BIG.

A week or so ago, we launched the Key Hire Wire at First Round. You will initially spend majority of time personally working with individual accounts and coaching sales team. We realized that there were certain open positions in our portfolio we wanted to call extra attention to.

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Leadership is More Than a Memo

Steve Blank

Ben Wegbreit, the VP of Engineering (one of my mentors and then co-founder of Epiphany), broke his foot skiing just as the company started. At first the company just consisted of the founders, but Ben soon started to hire his engineering team. And back then they were all men.)

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How do I figure out who my next important hire should be?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

The question is: How do you decide what role is most important to hire for? If I hire someone to do X, I’ll have time for Y and Z. Hire the best person for that role. For all possible roles, think of the perfect person for the job — a person so amazing you could never recruit them. How to determine (1)?