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Every so often, I’ll meet with a founding team and they will tell me that they met with a “Partner” at a VC firm. If I wasn’t riffing off of an inside joke that’s funny to me, I’d boringly call this post “Understanding the use of the Partner title in the VC industry.” Back then you had Managing Directors/General Partners, Venture Partners/Partners, and then Principal/Associates.

6 Traits to Look for When Choosing a Business Partner

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Finding a business partner. We turned to the experts at the Young Entrepreneur Council for their advice on what to look for in a potential business partner; here are the six areas they said were most important. 6 essential traits to seek in a potential business partner.

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Introducing Our New Partner – Chris Moody

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We are excited to announce that Chris Moody is joining Foundry Group as a partner. There would be no generational planning, no transitions to younger partners, and no senior partner hold-outs who would hang onto economics well after they had stopped working. Recognizing this, we started to make a list of people we would consider adding as partners, as one of our deeply held beliefs was never to have associates, venture partners, or EIRs as part of our firm.

Checklist To Find The Startup Partner Of Your Dreams

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As an advisor to startups, I often get asked what to look for in an ideal co-founder or business partner. After some reflection, I now realize these attributes are necessary but not sufficient to be an ideal business partner. business entrepreneur Eric Schmidt partner startup

7 Partner Relationships That Can Kill A Good Startup

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If you think about it, you should realize that not everyone is ‘ideal partner material.’ Most of us learn that fact from other partner relationships, like dating and marriage. business co-founders entrepreneur partner relationships

What Makes a Great Business Partner?

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A while back when I was reading the press I saw a quote from Randy Komisar, a partner at Kleiner Perkins that was simple, yet profound. He was quoted as saying, “Being a great partner is as important as being smart or being right.”. What does it mean to be a great partner? When I think about partners I think about: integrity, loyalty, commitment, trust and knowing that somebody will be there for me in good times and bad. Being a great partner is being a mensch.

How to Pick a Partner Who Will Amplify Your Efforts

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The challenge is to recognize and recruit that ideal partner match early with minimal cost and risk. In fact, I would broaden the definition of partner from co-founder to “business partner.” Some people are too independent to be partner material.

10 Key Traits Of An Ideal Entrepreneur Partner


The feedback was good, but some readers asked me to be a bit more specific on attributes that might indicate an ideal startup partner. In this context, I’m broadening the definition of partner from co-founder to “business partner.”

My Partners

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Mark Suster suggested: how about a post on your partners: who they are, how you guys work together & a bit more about how you guys reach decisions on deals? I have two and half partners at Union Square Ventures. After that sale, he joined USV as a venture partner and as a general partner when we raised our second fund in 2008. Many people think I am the "lead partner" at USV.

Announcing Upfront Ventures’ Newest Partner — Kobie Fuller

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Kobie Fuller, Partner at Upfront Ventures We set out to build a venture capital firm that would not only be a beacon for the rapidly growing LA tech ecosystem but also one that would compete and collaborate nationally with the best firms in the country.

10 Key Traits Of An Ideal Entrepreneur Partner

Startup Professionals Musings

The feedback was good, but some readers asked me to be a bit more specific on attributes that might indicate an ideal startup partner. In this context, I’m broadening the definition of partner from co-founder to “business partner.” business entrepreneur partner startup traits

Suggestions for Spouses Whose Partner Is Depressed

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I think this applies to anyone who has a partner with a major illness – a stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or depression. You are already pouring an enormous amount of your energy into your partner and not much, if anything, is coming back.

Forward Partners new logo

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It’s great to finally have an icon, I love the way we’ve shifted the emphasis to the ‘Partners’ in Forward Partners and, last but not least, the process we went through is a great example of how we work. Forward Partners I love our new logo!

Street-Smart Entrepreneurs Need High-Tech Partners

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Should they go after high-tech nerds for partners, or professional technologists? The right answer for a good business partner today is neither of the above. I find that many entrepreneurs are so passionate about their own idea that they can’t stop selling it to potential partners.

Welcoming the Newest Partner to Upfront Ventures

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Today is amongst the proudest days I’ve had at Upfront Ventures — getting the chance to announce that Kevin Zhang has been promoted to Partner. We are sparring partners, not “deciders.”

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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After years of trying to persuade Kara Nortman to become a partner at Upfront Ventures I can officially announce now that she’s joined us effective immediately. People often ask me what VCs look for when we hire partners and many have asked how to become VCs themselves one day.

The 3 Kinds of Partners Every Business Needs

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The 3 Kinds of Partners Every Business Needs written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. You don’t simply get new customers, you partner with them to deliver the most value over time. Strategic Partners. Content Partners.

VC Partner Sweet Spot: The Always-Sometimes-Never Rules for Pitching the Right Investor

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Yet once the right firms are identified, I believe that the tougher challenge is to determine which partner at these firms to approach. Most firms have anywhere from a couple to up to a dozen or more partners listed on their websites.

Benchmark’s New General Partner Sarah Tavel

The partners at Benchmark are excited to announce that Sarah Tavel has joined the firm as our newest General Partner. About a year ago, we asked our venture partner Scott Belsky who he thought had the greatest potential to become one of the best investors of the next decade. Early on, at Bessemer Venture Partners, she helped source and pursue companies as varied as Pinterest and GitHub well before they were broadly understood.

Next Coast Ventures Adds Two Technology Venture Partners and its First Entrepreneur in Residence


Next Coast Ventures announced Wednesday that it is has added two technology venture partners and its first entrepreneur in residence. The Austin-based venture capital firm has added Paul Rogers and Jim Dunham as Technology Venture Partners, which will serve as mentors to the firm’s tech entrepreneurs in its portfolio and advisers to the fund’s leadership. […].

Partners Forever (or close to it)

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I am still technically a partner in a venture capital firm (Euclid Partners) that I left in early 1996. I still get K1s from them as there remain a few illiquid investments in the last fund I was a partner in. We stopped investing at Flatiron Partners in the summer of 2000, twelve years ago. One of my partners sits on another board. That's why I am still a partner in two businesses that I have not been active in for a long time.

What Should I Look For In A Business Partner?

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Starting a business with a partner is like getting married. Plan business partners cofounders collaboration partnership starting a businessBefore you say “I do” to just anyone, consider the following.

Silicon Real interview – good intro to Forward Partners

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The first twenty minutes are a good intro to Forward Partners and then we discuss building startups more generally. Forward Partners Startup general interest Venture Capital

5 Tips To Find The Business Partner Of Your Dreams

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Uncategorized business partners co-founders couplepreneurs partnershipStarting a business with a co-founder is risky business without having the proper plans and expectations in place from day one.

Future Business Growth Drives A New Partner Paradigm

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The new paradigm, driven by disruptive technologies, cloud-served supercomputing, and the new generation of young adults with global empathy, is partnering and giving something now for a competitive advantage in the future. Find partners who can do what you cannot do alone.

Silverton Partners Plans to Raise $100 Million Venture Capital Fund


Silverton Partners, a venture capital firm founded in 2005, is raising a $100 million Silverton Partners V fund, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Austin-based venture capital firm lists Adam Chibib, Michael Dodd, Morgan Flagler and Kip McClanahan as its general partners.

7 Steps to Building a Successful Channel Partner Program


These are actual results a startup Ringadoc got from their partner program. Chris Samila , Partnerships Manager at Optimizely shares: “We saw building and supporting a partner ecosystem as a massive opportunity. So we started building out the partner program.”.

Forward’s offer to our idea stage partners

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Regular readers will know that it’s the level of support we provide to our partner companies that makes Forward different from conventional venture capital – particularly at the idea stage. How we partner with idea stage entrepreneurs from Forward Partners. In all areas at Forward Partners we constantly strive to better ourselves, and that is particularly true when it comes to helping our idea stage partners, so please read and feed back.

Benchmark’s New General Partner: Scott Belsky

The partners at Benchmark are delighted to announce that Scott Belsky has joined the firm as our newest general partner. It is rare for us to encounter a partner candidate who has so much experience as an operator, investor, and advisor at such a young age. Adding a new partner is a significant event for Benchmark. We have confidence that Scott can be one of the best investors of his generation, and we are excited by the opportunity to have him as a member of our team.

Forward Partners Code of Ethics Regarding Sexual Harassment

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At Forward Partners we were really saddened by the reports – clearly, any abuse of an asymmetrical power relationship for sexual gain is wrong. Earlier in the year, there were a significant number of victims who came forward to share stories of sexual harassment by investors. Some of those investors were prominent VCs. Doctors have been held to a high standard in this regard for as long as I can remember and investors should be no different.

Partners of the RealCo Seed Fund Program in San Antonio talk Entrepreneurship on Ideas to Invoices


We are vested in their success,” said Teresa Evans, a partner in the RealCo Seed Fund Program. The post Partners of the RealCo Seed Fund Program in San Antonio talk Entrepreneurship on Ideas to Invoices appeared first on SiliconHills. The RealCo Seed Fund Program, founded in January at Geekdom, is helping business to business startups succeed. “We The goal is to help the companies scale and get to a point where they can raise a Series A round […].

The Power of Partnering With a Private Equity Firm

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Private equity firms are often targeted by the press as inherently evil and exclusively driven by profits, often to the detriment of everyone else-- but that is far from accurate.

Geekdom and USAA Partner to Offer Military Discounted Membership


USAA is providing $60,000 in sponsorship […] The post Geekdom and USAA Partner to Offer Military Discounted Membership appeared first on SiliconHills. Geekdom announced a partnership with USAA, one of San Antonio’s largest employers, on Wednesday. Under the partnership, USAA will subsidize the cost of a membership at Geekdom for military veterans, active duty military, and spouses of military, up to 50 percent, said Eric Smith, Chief Technology Officer at USAA.

7 Ways That Startup Competitors Can Win By Partnering

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Both partners must not forget they are still competitors. Even for small companies, it is critical that all employees be well-informed about what skills, technology and information can be shared with their partner and what is off-limits.

Making Forward Partners a company we are proud of: Our culture

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Forward Partners is a venture firm, but the size of our startup team and the way we support our partner companies makes us very different from conventional venture capitalists. But secondly, it’s important that Forward Partners is a great place to work.

Ten Steps in Choosing the Right Startup Partner

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Even experienced entrepreneurs need a partner to strengthen their position. The question is how to find that elusive perfect-fit partner. First, I will admit there is no magic formula here, just like in real life when trying to find a relationship partner.

Shopify is Recruiting Partners for its First Austin Accelerator


Shopify is on the hunt for five people to participate in its newly launched Shopify Partner Accelerator in Austin. 3rd until the end of […] The post Shopify is Recruiting Partners for its First Austin Accelerator appeared first on SiliconHills. The company just opened up applications on Wednesday and is accepting them until Sept. Then it will choose five people to work at WeWork University Park in Austin from Oct.

Don't Get Customers.Make Partners

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Customers, clients, suppliers and vendors are more than just that - they are your partners. These other businesses with which you do business are your partners. Partner relationships is an OtterBox core value that touches every piece of our business.

How To Negotiate with Vendors, Partners And Employees


by Ross Kimbarovsky, founder of crowdSPRING. Not every entrepreneur or business owner is comfortable negotiating. Many dread the adversarial nature of negotiation.

Why Companies Are Investing More In Becoming Partners Than Vendors

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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses are making the effort to become better partners and leaving the vendor mentality in the past