Accelerators Have Resources To KickStart Your Startup

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One of the reasons that now is the time to be an entrepreneur is the explosion of startup assistance organizations, usually called incubators or accelerators. Peer-to-peer networking with other startups and founders in the same stage. Are you and your startup ready to make the cut?

7 Critical Resources For A Thriving Startup Community

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As a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, I often feel the frustration of someone trying to build a startup in the wrong place and time, and wrongly attributing their struggle to personal limitations. Building a startup is not a solo operation.

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5 Basic Ingredients For A Startup Recipe For Success

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Any startup coach or business advisor will tell you that, on your way to being a great chef, you don't start your journey by inventing the ultimate entre. If your startup is over a year old, and your business isn’t yet ready, you have a problem. great chefs recipe startup success

7 Startup Proposals That May Raise Investor Red Flags

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Yet everyone has limits, and every investor implicitly has similar limits on what makes a startup investable, or one to avoid at all costs. A strong team has one or more executives who have run a startup before in the current business domain. investors red flags startup funding

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Denver Startup Week 2020

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Denver Startup Week , the largest startup week in the world, happens next week. Tuesday, September 15th from 11:00-12 noon MT – Individual Author Showcase: ‘The Startup Community Way’ with Brad Feld. Events denver startup week

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Startups: Do You Need That Office?


However, one working space that many startups get tempted towards are office spaces – whether it’s a cheap room in a complex or a fancy hotseat setup with gym and restaurant perks. The post Startups: Do You Need That Office? Others office startup advice

5 Misconceptions You Should Know About Before Launching Your Tech Startup


With multibillion-dollar tech companies and growth startups making headlines left and right, it’s natural to want to get a piece of the action. The post 5 Misconceptions You Should Know About Before Launching Your Tech Startup appeared first on ReadWrite. Startups startups tips

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10 Keys To Enabling Your Startup For Unicorn Growth

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Investors will tell you that they love to put money into startups that are scalable, and ready to become the next unicorn. Investors don’t invest in services startups. A startup that is labor intensive and staff intensive is not scalable. scale faster startup unicorn

Korea – Asia’s Startup Powerhouse


Secondly, the government worked closely with startups , sharing their information resources that aided with contact tracing, testing, and mask productions. These decisions revolved around the goal of nurturing a vibrant and diverse startup ecosystem that has paid off in the hour of need and opened up possibilities moving forward. The government has made huge financial commitments in turning South Korea into one of the world’s leading startup hubs.

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5 Keys To Negotiating Your Fair Share Of Any Startup

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I always tell entrepreneurs that two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. The default answer, to keep peace in the family, is to split everything equally, but that’s a terrible answer, since now no one is in control, and startups need a clear leader. The value in a startup is all about tangible results, so I see no equity value in the idea alone. Building the product may be the easy part of your startup challenge.

5 Startup Challenges That Derail Many Entrepreneurs

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As a mentor to entrepreneurs, I tend to see many of the same obstacles appearing in every new startup, and since I don’t want to appear to be a downer , I’m not sure how to properly warn people ahead of time to be on the alert for these challenges. business challenges entrepreneur startup

Israeli startup landscape maps (updated July 2020)

VC Cafe

I love startup landscapes. It’s been a while since I posted the first Israeli startup landscape collection (August 2018) and second batch (Nov 2019) of Israeli startup maps. Source: Startup Nation Central. Israeli Artificial Intelligence startup landscape.

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Tips For Startup Success


You didn’t bring your startup to life just to see it struggle and flounder at the bottom of its market. Forget what you’ve done in the past and focus on ensuring that your startup is successful in the future. To find two tips for startup success, be sure to read on.

5 Keys To Reducing Startup Risk By Building On Trends

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There is always time later for your next startup, using that disruptive technology of your dreams. So don’t be intimidated by the negative image that imitation currently has in the startup world. Smart startups save cost and time by capitalizing on the pivots of others before them. Most equity investors tend to avoid truly disruptive technology startups, since they take longer and more money to scale. imitation innovation reduce risk startup

8 Steps To Success With A Startup Board And Advisors

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Many startup founders I know avoid establishing a formal advisory board or board of directors for as long as possible, with the excuse that this is just another burden, or it has more risk than value to the founder. advisory board board of directors startup success

How To Hire A Developer For Your Startup


Finding a startup team is always a problem when it comes to hiring a programmer. And only after that, you can move to search and start looking to hire developers for a startup. You can also find the startup team at the web company.

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3 Ways To Benchmark For Startup Success


Early stage startups have plenty of challenges, but benchmarking helps pinpoint product-market fit and provide directional data. How Startups Benefit From Benchmarking. Tips for Startup Benchmarking. Weigh your startup against other startups.

7 Keys To A New Startup While Still In A Paying Job

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Many experts will tell you that you can’t succeed as a part-time entrepreneur, as any good startup will require a 100 percent commitment of your time and energy. But not many of us have enough savings to live for a year or more without a salary, fund the startup, and still feed the family.

Startup Boards

Both Sides of the Table

Startups that are backed by professional financial investors almost always have a Board of Directors that consists of some set of founders, investors and sometimes independent directors. While the management of a startup company deals with the day-to-day decision-making within the company (strategy, budgets, goals, tasks, compensation) ultimately the Board of Directors has the legal governing responsibilities for these things. startup

4 Tips For Startups During A Pandemic


The startup world is a perfect microcosm for these strange times — even in normal circumstances, a startup is always on a tightrope, one step away from unicorn status or financial ruin. While the outlook may seem bleak, especially for startups counting on 2020 fundraising rounds, there are actually more opportunities for growth in a time of crisis than ever. As startups pivot to meet the changing landscape, here are four things to consider: 1.

5 Ways To Build Startup Resilience And Avoid Failure

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You don’t have to have previous startup problems to show resilience – everyone should have a story of tackling a tough challenge with minimal success, but using the failure to move on and achieve an objective. With startups, almost every entrepreneur I know has failed at least once, often several times, but never gave up, and ultimately achieved their goal. Many experts tell me that more startups fail simply because their founder gives up, than for any other reason.

Startup Funding – A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs


I have often been asked about Startup Funding by entrepreneurs. Many myths surround the subject of startup funding. Here is Startup Funding, a Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs. Equity investment is the most popular and most talked-about avenue for startup funding.

Playing Startup

View from Seed

I’ve observed what may be an emerging trend, at least in some startups, that I find somewhat unsettling. But I think it’s important to discuss, particularly given today’s heady environment for startups. My first startup job was as an early employee at PayPal, where I took a job at the end of ‘1999 and started a few months later in 2000. We’re hearing more about people new to startups asking their seed stage company how many months of severance is included in their package.

How To Organize Your Startup At Home


The post How To Organize Your Startup At Home appeared first on Young Upstarts. Starting a business from home is a dream for many due to the fact that they cannot afford the expenses that come with renting out an office.

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6 Leadership Requirements For Every Startup Business

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One answer is for the developer to find a partner, like Steve Jobs, who is a leader to build and run the business, and two heads in a startup are almost always better than one. But in my experience as a startup mentor, I find that the happiest and most successful entrepreneurs in the long-term are those that continually stretch themselves to get comfortable in the leadership role. business leadership developer herminia ibarra startup

Saving To Help With Your Startup


What saving measures might we implement to help with a startup? The post Saving To Help With Your Startup appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others Funding saving startup advice

The Startup Bubble

Start Up Blog

There are few things any established industrial economy needs more of than new businesses, but I’m here to say that ‘startups’ might not be the answer. So, what is a startup? The post The Startup Bubble appeared first on Steve Sammartino.

7 Characteristics Of Startup Founders Who Enjoy Life

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As an angel investor and a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, I’m always disappointed to see founders who seem stressed out most of the time, and more annoyed than energized by the abundance of challenges they see in building their startup.

How To Command Your Workforce At A Startup


It’s a truism that most startups involve inexperienced and youthful individuals with the bravery and the nous to attempt to seize a gap in the market or an opportunity that they’ve identified in the business world. A startup is a unique environment to manage staff.

The Next Entrepreneurs And Startups


Entrepreneurs are currently looking at an environment that is unlike any other seen in the history of commerce, while leaders of businesses and startups have to think on-the-fly to learn what potential customers need most right now. Traditional startup best practices remain timeless.

The Virus Survival Strategy For Your Startup

Steve Blank

With the Covid-19 virus a worldwide pandemic, if you’re leading any startup or small business, you have to be asking yourself, “What’s Plan B? If you’re running a startup or small business, your first priority (after your family) is keeping your employees and customers safe. The questions every startup or small business CEO needs to ask now are: What’s my Burn Rate and Runway? These startups typically have very high burn rates and funding for those could fall off a cliff.

9 Different Approaches For Motivating A Startup Team

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Entrepreneurs inherently understand that they have to be the initial leader of their startup, but often they don’t have the experience or the training to know where their leadership competencies lie, or how to build a leadership team. For new entrepreneurs, leadership development efforts may be more valuable for achieving startup success than business skills development. intelligent leadership John Mattone leadership style startup

7 Ways Growing Companies Drift From Startup Thinking

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No company can afford to lose the agility, flexibility, and innovation of a startup. Every startup I know has pivoted at least once, and expects failed experiments to lead them to the true market. growth slowdown Jim Dewald longevity startup

6 Strategies For Startup Exit That Investors Accept

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The last thing a new entrepreneur wants to think about for a new startup is how it will end. Startups with no exit planned will minimize investor returns. Most entrepreneurs like the startup role, but not the big-company role. Investors know that the fun of a startup turns into managing production processes, sales processes, and personnel in a few years. You can kick-off your next startup. exit strategy IPO startup

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Build Plans For Their Startup

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business plan entrepreneur product plan startupMost technical entrepreneurs I know demand the discipline of a product specification or plan, and then assume that their great product will drive a great business.

Book: The Startup Playbook

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If you are working on your first startup, this is the book for you. My friends @willherman and @rajatbhargava put their hearts and souls into the creation of the first edition of The Startup Playbook, and it paid off. The post Book: The Startup Playbook appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

5 Startup Stages And The Right Investors For Each One

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Luckily, not all investors are looking for the same thing, so it pays to know what type of investors are most interested in what your startup brings to the table. The key is understanding how potential investors see you, and especially how they view the maturity stage of your startup. Thus your startup maturity and growth stage is the primary key to success with potential funding sources. investor selection quotes startup stages

5 Strategies For Startup Partnering To Win Long Term

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A partnership was announced with the City of New York, to connect and grow NYC's startup ecosystem. This facilitates technology growth and innovation for startups in Silicon Alley, as well as positioning IBM for growth down the road.

6 Ways To Doom Your Startup Despite A Great Solution

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As an entrepreneur mentor and startup investor, I see with sadness the 50 to 90 percent that fail. As I was contemplating a classic book “ Dead Companies Walking ,” by Scott Fearon, who runs a hedge fund that profits from businesses headed toward bankruptcy, I realized that his insights on the common ways that mature companies often doom themselves apply equally well to startups. Startups can go down many times faster than they go up.

10 Tips On Selling Yourself As Well As Your Startup

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Too many entrepreneurs I know still believe that that their great idea will carry the startup, and they may even minimize their own value, especially if they have introvert tendencies. Your startup idea only scratches the surface of what is required to build a successful business.

7 Tips To Getting A Bank Interested In Your Startup

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Many entrepreneurs are convinced that banks are not worth the effort for startups, especially early-stage ones that still don’t have a revenue stream, or collateral to back up their financing needs. I found a great discussion with Mark Horn, a former Silicon Valley Bank senior vice president, published by Jill Andresky Fraser a generation ago but still relevant today, which outlines the issues I believe every startup must address when pushing the limits for a loan: A clear mission.

How Minnesota Became the Land of 10,000 Startups


The post How Minnesota Became the Land of 10,000 Startups appeared first on ReadWrite. Startups minnesota startups twin citiesMinnesota is no stranger to big business. It’s home to such names as Target, Best Buy, General Mills, and Ecolab — all of which have made their homes in Minnesota for generations and have become a source of pride. But a new industry — technology — is taking Minnesota by storm, boosting the local economy […].