Korea – Asia’s Startup Powerhouse


Secondly, the government worked closely with startups , sharing their information resources that aided with contact tracing, testing, and mask productions. The government has made huge financial commitments in turning South Korea into one of the world’s leading startup hubs.

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9 Different Approaches For Motivating A Startup Team

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Entrepreneurs inherently understand that they have to be the initial leader of their startup, but often they don’t have the experience or the training to know where their leadership competencies lie, or how to build a leadership team.

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The Startup Community community

Feld Thoughts

My new book The Startup Community Way: Evolving and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is coming out this month ( pre-order it here.). At the same time, the 2nd edition of my book Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City is also coming out ( pre-order it here.).

25 potential billion dollar startups

Our Own Start-up

This list represents the 25, in alphabetical order, that we think to have the best shot of reaching a billion-dollar mark.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

6 Strategies For Startup Exit That Investors Accept

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The last thing a new entrepreneur wants to think about for a new startup is how it will end. Startups with no exit planned will minimize investor returns. Most entrepreneurs like the startup role, but not the big-company role. You can kick-off your next startup.

7 Startup Leadership Keys To Ramp Up Team Commitment

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Otherwise, in my experience, the startup will fail. The value of startup teams with the founder as an effective leader is many times the value of many strong individuals working independently. business leadership Robert Murray startup team engagement

10 Keys To Enabling Your Startup For Unicorn Growth

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Investors will tell you that they love to put money into startups that are scalable, and ready to become the next unicorn. Investors don’t invest in services startups. A startup that is labor intensive and staff intensive is not scalable. scale faster startup unicorn

The Virus Survival Strategy For Your Startup

Steve Blank

With the Covid-19 virus a worldwide pandemic, if you’re leading any startup or small business, you have to be asking yourself, “What’s Plan B? If you’re running a startup or small business, your first priority (after your family) is keeping your employees and customers safe.

Three Startup Financing Myths You Should Avoid


by Rizwan Virk, author of “ Startup Myths and Models: What You Won’t Learn in Business School “. If you are building a startup, you’ll find no shortage of people who are willing to give you advice, particularly when it comes to raising financing.

6 Leadership Requirements For Every Startup Business

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One answer is for the developer to find a partner, like Steve Jobs, who is a leader to build and run the business, and two heads in a startup are almost always better than one. business leadership developer herminia ibarra startup

How To Reinvent Yourself As A Business Startup Today

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As a mentor to startups, I see more startups that are really an individual professional, marketing themselves as a consultant or freelancer in this new gig economy. Tomorrow you may be looking for a Personal Finance Professional, Health-Care Professional, or even a Startup Professional.

7 Ways To Optimize Passion And Energy In Your Startup

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higher purpose passion startup time talent energyMost of you will start your business with plenty of passion and purpose, but all too often I see both disappearing after months of facing unanticipated setbacks and challenges.

5 Misconceptions You Should Know About Before Launching Your Tech Startup


With multibillion-dollar tech companies and growth startups making headlines left and right, it’s natural to want to get a piece of the action. The post 5 Misconceptions You Should Know About Before Launching Your Tech Startup appeared first on ReadWrite. Startups startups tips

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Playing Startup

View from Seed

I’ve observed what may be an emerging trend, at least in some startups, that I find somewhat unsettling. But I think it’s important to discuss, particularly given today’s heady environment for startups. But I’ve witnessed more and more “playing startup” in recent months.

10 Tips On Selling Yourself As Well As Your Startup

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Too many entrepreneurs I know still believe that that their great idea will carry the startup, and they may even minimize their own value, especially if they have introvert tendencies. Your startup idea only scratches the surface of what is required to build a successful business.

8 Questions You Should Ask Before You Join A Startup

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Every startup founder loves to prompt for questions from investors and potential key team members about their vision, and the huge opportunity that can be had with their disruptive technology. Ironically, startup investors are normally in less personal jeopardy than early startup employees.

Tips For Startup Success


You didn’t bring your startup to life just to see it struggle and flounder at the bottom of its market. Forget what you’ve done in the past and focus on ensuring that your startup is successful in the future. To find two tips for startup success, be sure to read on.

5 Startup Challenges That Derail Many Entrepreneurs

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As a mentor to entrepreneurs, I tend to see many of the same obstacles appearing in every new startup, and since I don’t want to appear to be a downer , I’m not sure how to properly warn people ahead of time to be on the alert for these challenges. business challenges entrepreneur startup

6 Ways To Doom Your Startup Despite A Great Solution

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As an entrepreneur mentor and startup investor, I see with sadness the 50 to 90 percent that fail. With the success of Facebook and Twitter, I still see new social media startups almost every day, with most destined to fail. Startups can go down many times faster than they go up.

5 Stages Of The Market Lifecycle Gate Startup Success

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As a frequent advisor to new entrepreneurs and startups, I often hear your frustration with being treated differently from other startups by investors, on expectations for valuation , traction, and market size. Now is the time to fund your startups touting these capabilities.

Startup Benchmarks

VC Cafe

Top-line metrics are indicators of success, not the one bar to clear to raise funding for your startup. 500 Startups created a helpful primer on key B2C metrics. Benchmarks for deep tech startups.

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Increase in Indian startups as Blue-collar workers enter the startup ecosystem

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News Startups Increase in Indian startup indian startups Starting a startup starting your own business startup indiaDue to the ongoing pandemic, many have been prompted by job loss and reverse migration.

5 Keys To An Effective Startup Communications Mindset

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One of the biggest problems I see in startups is everyone trying to do too many different things, straining resources and confusing customers. communication Joel Peterson mindset startup

3 Tips For A Cosmetic Surgery Startup


Startups are thriving in the medical sector, given the advances in medical treatments and technology. Startups typically disrupt the market with innovation, or they unusually solve a problem. Remember that any successful cosmetic surgery startup will still require a solid foundation.

7 Keys For Moving A Startup To A Sustainable Business

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For example, entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has started or grown over 400 companies, from record labels to space travel, so for him the joy is clearly in the startup. With a startup, everything is an experiment. growth business startup sustainable business

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Build Plans For Their Startup

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business plan entrepreneur product plan startupMost technical entrepreneurs I know demand the discipline of a product specification or plan, and then assume that their great product will drive a great business.

7 Best Free Tools for Bootstrapped Startups


The post 7 Best Free Tools for Bootstrapped Startups appeared first on ReadWrite. Operate Startups bootstrapping business growth Entrepreneur free tools startup startup apps startup operations startup tools Tools

The Pros And Cons Of Low Cost Hosting For Startups


Each offers a variety of cost options for your startup business. However, we will only be discussing the pros and cons of shared hosting, it is the cheapest option for new startup companies. It is the most cost-effective for startup companies; the general cost runs from $0.99

Bengaluru becomes the first Indian city to be in the world’s top 30 list of the startup ecosystem

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According to the 'The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020' by Startup Genome, Bengaluru becomes the first Indian city listed in the world's top 30 startup ecosystems.

India 74

The Startup Bubble

Start Up Blog

There are few things any established industrial economy needs more of than new businesses, but I’m here to say that ‘startups’ might not be the answer. So, what is a startup? The post The Startup Bubble appeared first on Steve Sammartino.

8 Major Legal Risks Faced By Startups


One of the biggest mistakes made by new business owners is not to engage startup legal services to handle possible issues for their new venture. Beginning an enterprise needs planning not only for marketing and growing the business but also to eliminate the legal risks faced by startups.

6 Benefits of Outsourcing and Freelancing In Startups

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I just finished a new book for entrepreneurs, “ Secrets to a Successful Startup ,” by Trevor Blake, which makes the same points, based on his own real-life experience with three successful startups. Outsourcing can give your startup a more mature image.

5 Business Security Tips For Startups


Startups generally face a bigger risk of cyberattacks than big companies. This is because startups have limited resources, funds, and industry experience. The post 5 Business Security Tips For Startups appeared first on Young Upstarts.

8 Funding Proposal Red Flags Every Startup Can Avoid

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Being first to market is not a strong competitive argument for startups, since larger existing players can easily overrun this position. business plan investors red flags startup

7 Ways Your Day-To-Day Routine Drives Startup Success

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They become frustrated when they are unable to build their startup over a weekend, and give up way too soon when the path to real success seems to be interminable. A successful startup needs to be a daily task, with consistent focus.

7 Ways Growing Companies Drift From Startup Thinking

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No company can afford to lose the agility, flexibility, and innovation of a startup. Every startup I know has pivoted at least once, and expects failed experiments to lead them to the true market. growth slowdown Jim Dewald longevity startup

5 Startup Cost Realities Most Founders Underestimate

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It’s amazing how fast your startup will outgrow your garage or home office. Every startup I know, in this changing world, has incurred delays and strategy pivots before they zero-in on the best customer solution and business model. costs new venture startups underestimate

Cost 276

7 Tips To Make Your Startup More Productive


In the world of startups, budgets are tight and margins slim — there’s no room for slack. As your business gains its footing, it’s crucial that you do everything you can to maximize startup productivity without inciting burnout or turnover.

3 Marketing Tactics To Promote Your Startup


It is a sad fact that many startups fail within their first year or two. With this in mind, here are three marketing tactics to promote your startup. Blogging can be a powerful marketing strategy that will help you promote your startup and build brand exposure.

5 Challenges No Entrepreneur Anticipates In A Startup

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The startup world is all about causing change and reacting to unknowns, so set your expectations early to deal with it. Every startup is like a family, needing constant commitment to specific roles and priorities. In a startup, this can be a team member, investor, or even a vendor.

10 Startup Practices With A Proven Record Of Failure

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As an advisor to many startups, I’m convinced it’s an expensive and painful approach, but I do see it used all too often. In the rush of a startup, it’s tempting to start spending the money you expect any day from a rich uncle or a major new customer.

3 Ways To Benchmark For Startup Success


Early stage startups have plenty of challenges, but benchmarking helps pinpoint product-market fit and provide directional data. Through an exhaustive process of collecting and analyzing surveys from existing online news organizations, Project Oasis’ team hopes to objectively identify industry best practices that can be utilized by future digital news startups. How Startups Benefit From Benchmarking. Tips for Startup Benchmarking.