How to Hire Your First Employee

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But eventually, all successful businesses will have to start taking on employees, and that’s when the fun really begins. Their responses ranged from practical tips on hiring to what to look for in a first employee. See Also: Is It Time to Hire an Employee?

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Employee

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So, you’ve decided that it’s time to hire your first employee—or maybe multiple employees. But what kind of employee fits your business needs? Do you need a stable, full-time workforce, or will a few part-time employees suffice? See Also: Is It Time to Hire an Employee?

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Employee Equity

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The important similarities are that Andy and I both encourage companies to not only grant equity at the start date but also on an ongoing basis so that employees' equity ownership grows as their tenure and contributions grow. Longtime readers will know this is a topic near and dear to my heart. I did a whole MBA Mondays series on this topic and I followed that up with a Skillshare class on the topic.

How to Recognize and Put a Stop to Employee Burnout

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Many, if not all, companies deal with employee burnout. When employees feel burnt out and under-appreciated, then productivity and revenue of the company decreases. Are you worried an employee’s flame is sputtering? Here are the most common signs of a burnt out employee.

7 Indicators Of Employee To Entrepreneur Potential

Startup Professionals Musings

I typically suggest that the grass always looks greener on the other side, and the move from employee to entrepreneur is very risky and not for everyone. In fact, in my experience, many current employees simply don’t have the attributes and mindset to be an entrepreneur.

How To Increase Productivity By Employee Happiness

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Whether you are an entrepreneur managing a startup, or a corporate executive with thousands of employees, it’s hard to ignore the evidence of big value from happy employees. Relaxing music can lift employee moods unconsciously, as can pleasing scents (nearby bakery, candles, or coffee).

7 Powerful Tips To Instantly Motivate Your Employees

YFS Magazine

Motivate your employees with these 7 tips. Grow Human Capital company culture employee motivation leadership motivationAs long as you have the right people in place and motivate them, business will soar.

Hiring Employees? First, Create A Recruitment Plan

YFS Magazine

Grow Human Capital company culture employee recruitment hiring employees HR human capital human resources recruitingPlanning ahead will increase the quality of your recruitment process, minimizing costly hiring mistakes and ensuring your business is well-equipped for future growth.

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How To Hire Your First Employee


If you are one such self employed business person, this article will take you through the steps you should follow to successfully hire your first employee: What to look for in your first employee? Hiring employees can be time consuming and an expensive process.

Robots Replaced 75 Percent of Jobs at This Warehouse But Not One Employee Was Cut

Inc Startups

Boxed, the bulk grocery superstore in a mobile app, decided to commit to its employees displaced by robots after automating a fulfillment center. Employee Training

5 Reasons Your Employees Quit? (And How To Make Them Stay)

YFS Magazine

Every business has employee turnover. No matter how great a leader you are or how big a priority you place on company culture, employee perks and pay, people quit.

8 Ways To Inspire Lifetime Loyalty From Key Employees

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Employees today expect a culture where feedback, both positive and corrective, is natural, timely, and constructive. Adjusting your style so that each employee hears you is the mark of a leader who generates loyalty. Ensure that all employees are paid at market rates.

Are You Listening To Your Employees?


It also allows you to better understand your employees, and thus motivate and engage with the company. Never forget that your employees are above all people. When you build a relationship of trust employees will tend to work harder and aim to exceed your expectations.

What Traits Should You Look for in Your Startup’s First Employees?

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When you hire, you aren’t just bringing on an employee; you’re bringing on a partner, coworker, and a piece of the foundation you are building your dream on. Your employees will determine the future of your business. See Also: How to Hire Your First Employee.

Is It Time to Hire an Employee?

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If you own your own business and find that you simply don’t have enough time on your hands to be able to do all the things you need to do, you may be asking yourself should you hire an employee? . A new employee can breathe new life into your business and generate new ideas.

Should The Customer Have A Say In Employee Pay?


The idea is to create true partnerships with your employees, to share risks and rewards in a very concrete way—and it’s hard to get more concrete than the numbers on your bonus check. Offer training to make sure employees “get it.”

Equity for Early Employees in Early Stage Startups


I was asked by a reader how much equity he should give out to early employees and to service providers in a very early stage startup. Founders vs. Early Employees To help with this discussion, let me start with a definition of "early employee."

10 Reasons Employees Leave The Companies They Once Loved

YFS Magazine

Here's a look at ten reasons employees leave and how to keep them instead. Grow Human Capital company culture employee retention employee turnover HR human capital human resources leadership managementAttracting key startup talent is one thing. Keeping it is another.

Your Employees Need Feedback


Feedback, if used well and on time, is a key tool for increasing productivity and for motivating employees. "If One of the biggest complaints of employees have about the feedback they receive is that reviews take place too long after the performance being critiqued has occurred.

How-to Recruit Passionate Employees


Recruit employees passionate about life. Given that, employee work passion is a reflection of great leadership within an organization. Engaged employees generate both a better corporate image, and greater profitability for the business. Passionate employees are engaged employees.

Hiring Employee #1

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

You’re not just hiring any old programmer or salesman, you’re hiring employee #1. Right, so it doesn’t matter with your first few employees either. In a small startup there’s no layer separating employees from customers. (Powered by LaunchBit ).

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[Infographic] What Engagement Drivers Motivate Employees?


Bosses and managers, repeat after me – employee engagement can impact a company’s bottom line. Consider this – only 13% of employees worldwide feel that they are effectively engaged at work. But what are the actual drivers that do motivate employees?

How-to Make Your Employees Care About Your Company


There is no reason for your employees to care about your business, if you do not care about them. Many growing businesses and established companies experience, at some point, working with employees who do not care about their companies. How To Make Your Employees Care?

Every Startup Employee is a Marketer

Instigator Blog

The first hire isn’t a marketer either, it’s another developer… “Every employee as a marketer” becomes even more important when your customer is a developer. We’re taking a page from GitHub and one of their employees, Zach Holman.

Performance Punishment - An Easy Way to Burnout Your Employees


In other words, an employee with superior performance ends obtaining an increase in their workload. This scenario is a reflection of a team leader with poor people management skills, and usually occurs when: The manager offsets his or her shortcomings by assigning more work to the employee.

The Employee Risk Myth: Why You’re Afraid To Scale

YFS Magazine

Let’s take a look at the risk involved with scaling and hiring employees. Grow Human Capital business expansion hiring employees HR scale your business scalingIt just might be worth it. Spoiler alert—it is worth it.

How-to Help Employees Understand the Big Picture


Employees who understand how their work contributes to the strategy and business plan of the company, develop a greater sense of ownership and performance. For an employee at a company, the most powerful and sustainable motivator is the sense of meaning derived from work.

One Big Small Business Mistake: Not Giving Employees Business Cards

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I once worked for someone who wouldn’t print business cards for employees, not even on a case-by-case basis. It made me realize the importance of giving employees business cards. This is why as an employer, when communicating with employees, your best bet is honesty.

How To Make Sure Good Employees Are Happy Employees


If your employees feel intimidated or threatened by you, they may be more hesitant to open up to you. For example, employee survey company Infosurv specializes in getting information related to employee satisfaction. Other benefits include increased employee morale and trust.

15 Surprising Perks Employees Love

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A happy team leads to a good product, so keeping your employees positive should make the top of your to-do list. Below, 15 founders from Young Entrepreneur Council share the surprising perks your employees might really care about.

Managing Employees: Are You Making These 6 Huge Mistakes?

YFS Magazine

There’s always something you can be doing to make your employee’s lives better while increasing the capability of your workplace, and there’s never a wrong time to start. Grow Human Capital company culture employee management employee retention hiring employees HR human capital

Four Common Fears About Employee Feedback (And How To Overcome Them)


It’s a difficult thing to balance protecting your company’s image with the need to get honest, frequent feedback from your employees. If you don’t offer these same outlets within your company, your employees will find another way to get the information out there.

Should You Offer Equity Compensation to Employees?

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If you’re thinking about extending equity to an employee or a vendor (as in the example above), you should know that the topic is multi-faceted. If however you are giving a “normal employee” an incentive stock option plan (more on that later), that’s entirely different.

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5 Signs Your Favorite Employee Is Ruining Your Business

YFS Magazine

Grow Human Capital company culture hiring employees HR human capital human resourcesEject the problem as soon as he or she becomes one — or your high performers will soon grow weary of the one bad apple in their midst.

15 Steps to Hiring Employees

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If you’re ready to hire your first employee, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Here are the points to cross off your list before you actually start meeting with potential new employees. See Also: Is It Time to Hire an Employee? See Also: How to Inspire Your Employees.

Never Try To Motivate Employees With Money

Mike Michalowicz

Money Does Not Motivate Employees. Employees are the same way. But, believe it or not, money probably isn’t the best way to reward employees. This year, you better match it, even if you can’t afford to my dear entrepreneurial Santa, because, well, your employees are expecting it.

3 Steps to Develop Loyal Employees


Loyal employees are the foundation of successful companies. These steps will help you hire loyal employees: 1. Invest in your employees A good working relationship should be beneficial for both parties. However, many companies are concerned about spending too much on employees who may leave. Interestingly, employees find harder to quit an organization that is constantly investing on them, as they feel they got more to lose.

How To Improve Employee Satisfaction


Dissatisfied employees are a problem. Try these methods for improving employee satisfaction: Give pay rises where you can. It’s unlikely that you can afford to give everyone a pay rise, but it’s worth investigating whether you have money to increase the salary of some of your employees.

My One Wish For All Startup Employees

Both Sides of the Table

If I had one wish for all startup employees it would be that you watch this film. This summer I had the extreme pleasure of watching one of the funniest, funnest and most insightful documentaries in a long time: Supermensch.

Employee Abuse is Poison to Innovation

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

The Five Forms of Employee Abuse (see below). Most people are employees. In companies large and small, old and start-ups — employees are often simply abused. I believe that employee abuse is very common. Just Stop Employee Abuse.