Why Product Packaging Important For Your Startup


If you are planning to start a product line, it is imperative to know the basics and importance of product packaging. The product packaging you use can make or break your business. Below are some of the reasons why product packaging is vital for your start-up company; 1.

Customer-Centric Strategies Win Over Product-Centric

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Is your marketing focus product-centric or customer-centric ? If you only sell products, it’s time to realize that times have changed. With a wealth of products now available, customers look for the most memorable experience , not just the best product.

5 Elements Of Innovation That Are Not Product Related

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Investors and others look for evidence of the virtuous cycle of innovation leadership – a lofty vision attracts better talent, producing better products and memorable customer experiences, attracting key customers, building a stronger brand, which attracts the best talent.

Create the Best Product

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One thing that came up was the idea of creating the best product. For periods of time, people get obsessed about how “the best product will win.” When Apple and Google didn’t have a product. Give me the best product to work with any day of the week.

Improve Employee Productivity Using The Following Strategies


If you are looking to improve the productivity of your employees, you first need to ensure that they have all the tools they need. Training your employees will, for sure, improve their productivity.

Best Tips to Boost Remote Team Productivity

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Not only are you in charge of planning all the business logistics but also hiring the best talent to increase your organization’s productivity. With every distraction comes diminished productivity especially from well-performing employees.

How To Focus On Being Productive, Instead Of Busy

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Lead personal development productivity productivity tips productivity toolsLet’s be honest. Entrepreneurs are notoriously busy. You know what we’re talking about –– hustle, grind, repeat. But there's a better way.

When To Hire A Video Production Company


With the high demand for quality video content, video production companies have been on the rise. While it is important to choose the right video production agency , it is paramount that you make the right decision on when to seek such services.

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Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Measure Daily Productivity

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How do you measure productivity. We asked entrepreneurs to finish the sentence "I know my day has been productive when…" Here's what they said. Lead personal development productivity workflow

5 Common Mistakes Startups Make in Product Prototyping

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Prototyping is that critical step between concept and mass production. Your product prototype is what will often be used to sell the product to retailers. There are several reasons why an overly complicated prototype or first run product is a mistake.

5 Ways Flexibility Can Improve Productivity


If you’re like most workers, you’re constantly striving for greater productivity. By some reports, the secret to increasing productivity is flexibility , both in terms of the flexibility that employers give employees and the flexibility that employees give themselves.

Five Key Productivity Mistakes For Entrepreneurs To Avoid


Too many entrepreneurs may be focusing too much on their hopes and dreams of success rather than maintaining daily best practices to stay productive and healthy. Here are five mistakes entrepreneurs should correct in order to help them achieve a more productive day and a healthier lifestyle.

Maximizing Your Workplace Productivity


To stay productive in the office, all you need is a little motivation and some organizational strategies to help you out. And hey, if you’re interested enough to be reading how you can improve that productivity, you’re on the right track to success already.

CNC Production In China – A Rising Trend


Compared with foreign products, the gap between CNC machining in China is mainly in the high-speed, high-efficiency and precision of machine tools. Producing quality products. up product delivery. Production of custom prototypes.

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4 TED Talks On Productivity


TED Talks touch on a large amount of topics and we decided – why not add our favorite productivity talks for you? Here are a handful of those talks focusing on issues with being productive and how you can overcome them. Carlin Daharsh: Too Busy for Productivity.

Startup Lessons: 4 Companies Facing Product Lawsuits

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However, it is even more important to preserve product quality, run your business with moral guidelines in place, and value your customers’ safety and long-term health. Here are 4 companies that have faced legal action due to the distribution of a toxic or otherwise dangerous product.

Why Successful Product Management Involves More Than Spectacular Specs


In 2013, I left a CTO job overseeing a 50-person product engineering team for the same job at a four-person startup. Great product teams need vision, experimentation, competitive analysis, and a deep understanding of the pain points they’re trying to eradicate.

How To Make Your Home Office 5 Times More Productive


In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to make your home office five times more productive with five must follow tips for remote work. The key word in the last sentence being “ office”, we’ll focus on showing you how to create a productive workspace at home.

How Radio Ad Production Can Help Your New Business


To start though, you’ll need to do a radio ad production. Many people make costly mistakes their radio ad production. There’s always the temptation to overhype your product’s or service’s efficacy. Radio Ad Production Best Practices.

Bringing Your Office Environment To Higher Productivity


You may have heard it before, but the workplace environment is one of those deal makers or deal breakers when it comes to worker’s productivity. Clutter is killing you mentally and your productivity levels at the same time.

This Is How Founders Achieve Product-Market Fit

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To get a better grasp on the practical application of product-market fit, let's take a look at how founders achieved it rather quickly for their startups. Plan product development product market fit starting a business

Maverick idea: Shift some marketing dollars to product design

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(Sir) Jony Ive recently left Apple to start his own design studio. On his heels, Marcus Engman with a similar role at Ikea is doing the same, and he has an interesting value proposition “I want to show there’s an. Industry Commentary

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Are Your Premises Impinging On Your Productivity?


Not only do you struggle to contain your operation within its walls, it also presents you with certain logistical issues that impinge on your productivity. The first two hours of the day are arguably the most potentially productive. Is it really doing all it can to boost productivity?

MCAlert Founder And Former Captain At PBSO Jay Hart On How To Make Meetings More Productive 


Instead, what is required is for both meeting planners and meeting participants to hit to reset button and commit to making meetings the one thing that matters more than anything else: productive. Professionalisms managing meetings meetings workplace productivity

Get Ready To Announce Your New Product Launch

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Tips For a Successful Product Launch. As a Chief Product Officer for a B2B, promotion may not be top-of-mind when you are in the conception and development stage. 3 Reasons to Include Your Public Relations Team at Product Inception. Is Your Product Launch Going to Do Well?

Entrepreneurship in Sound Production: Side Hustle Tips

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These are sound production tips you need when looking to make the quality of your sound top notch. To overcome this sound production problem and increase the quality of the sound it’s important to use compressor technique where all the layered tracks are compressed.

5 Market Obstacles That Kill Even Compelling Products

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Even when your new product or solution fills a real customer need, and has a positive value proposition, many new venture founders are surprised and frustrated to find that excited customers are hard to find and growth is slow. Product is “disruptive technology” or a “paradigm shift.”

The Change Checklist – How To Boost Employee Productivity Through Software


Employee productivity should always be a top priority for business owners. Ensuring that your business is well organised and provides a positive working environment for your employees is key to improving productivity. Track Attendance And Productivity Trends.

Price of Admission Is An Amazing Product

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The second is that price of admission is an amazing product. Indulge me while I go on an amazing product rant from our portfolio. I’ve been using the product for sixty days along with their competitor’s product. Their competitor has raised 10x the amount of money so far (prior to our investment), and the product from the company we invested in, from my own head to head comparison, is amazing, compared to the “meh” product from its competitor.

How To Maximise Productivity And Streamline Communication In The Workplace


One of the most important aspects of any business is employee productivity. While increased productivity is something that many businesses strive for, it is not always achieved. Investing in technology is one of the best ways to maximise productivity.

Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners


There are a lot of amazing tools and hacks out there that can help you boost productivity and have enough time for yourself after work. If done right, planning can truly affect your productivity and effectiveness in a positive way. by Ana Grasic , cofounder of WeGrowth.

How to Create a Product that Truly Delights Customers


You can create a product that truly delights customers. For entrepreneurs, this prototype should serve as an example of what it takes to build a continuously successful product. An idea that exists only in a vacuum will ultimately result in a product that’s set up to fail.

[Infographic] Work Day Productivity Hacks


From apps that help you manage your schedules to monitoring your sleep, from collaboration tools to those that oversees your work projects, mobile apps – when used well – can help hack one’s productivity.

Use Your Competitors’ Products All The Time

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I love this product and I use it every day. This company has several competitors – long time incumbents with somewhat stale, but useful products, and several new competitors, including well-funded and noisy ones. I use several of these products regularly in different situations and have encouraged the founders to use them also. If we hadn’t all be active users of these competitors products, we would have had a stupid conversation.

Book: Product Design for the Web

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Last week Fred Wilson wrote a post recommending two books including Randy Hunt’s Product Design for the Web: Principles of Designing and Releasing Web Products. It’s about product design. The post Book: Product Design for the Web appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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How To Tell A Remarkable Product Story!


But have you ever thought about product stories? Sure it depends on the product. But if you really have a unique and innovative product, it is possible to create a story that entertains, creates awareness and also enhances its value in the eyes of the customers.

3 Workplace Gadgets Which Can Increase Your Productivity


Reduced productivity can have a significant negative impact on your business. You’ll find lots of tools and gadgets out there designed to maximise productivity. To help, below you’ll discover 3 of the best workplace gadgets which can increase your productivity.

5 Tips For More Productive Networking


You can even make your networking more productive by establishing relationships with your competitors , who can become a great source for referrals in the future if you learn how to work together. Others networking productivity workplace productivity

The Four Parts of a Minimal Viable Product

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Isn''t an MVP just a bare bones product? If people sign up for our MVP, that means we''ve got Product/Market Fit, right? Lean Startups Minimum Viable Product Product/Market Fit product/market fit storyboarding

How To Make Your Products More Accessible To Online Customers


Understanding how to use social media to promote a product and acquire customers is an essential skill for any serious eCommerce trader. Influencers are social media experts, so if their audience are your potential customers it makes sense to get them promoting your product.

5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity

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You may have picked up a few habits that make productivity an uphill battle. Here's a list of 5 common habits to break asap and boost your productivity. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle personal development productivity

Protecting Yourself from Counterfeit Products

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Ordering a product made in the UK, only to note that the starting point is China, it is likely you are dealing with fake merchandise. As it stands, counterfeit products, mainly in fashion and accessories, bring an annual amount of$500 billion globally.

How Startups Can Keep Product Development Lean


by Steve Owens, Founder and CTO of Finish Line Product Development Services. In this article we explore the unique challenges of a lean start-up and how Outsourced Product Development (OPD) can be used to overcome them. Reducing product turn time.