11 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They are Looking Forward To in 2016


I’m looking forward to another month of growth within our user base and expanding our relationships with more tournament operators and affiliates – lastly for successful stakes and events for all our backers and players! Thanks to Jeff and Deadrea Clemmensen, MiPhone Doctor of Fresno. #8 Happy New Year! Every new year brings with it a new form of excitement and anticipation.

My Report on StackOverflow DevDays

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Re-connecting I work from home and since I live in Fresno I don’t get out much. If you’re affiliated with a group in California who might be interested in a free speaker, please drop me a line. Software by Rob Passionate about Startups and MicroISVs Lessons Learned by a Serial Entrepreneur home about press micropreneurs archives ← Are Twitter and Facebook Killing Blogs?