The Anonymous LLC: Pursuing Privacy in the Information Age

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The Anonymous LLC is a readily-accessible tool available to protect it. The digital age has diminished privacy. Editor Picks Plan business entity editor picks limited liability company recommended starting a business

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3 Reasons to consider forming your business as an LLC

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Here are three reasons that you should stick to forming your business as an LLC over other entity options. Startups business as an LLC forming your business as an LLC set up your small business start your own business

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How to Form a LLC

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You might want to consider a limited liability company, or an LLC, because in some ways you get the best of both worlds: You get the benefit of personal liability protection, as you would with a corporation. Who can form an LLC? The good news is that just about anyone can start an LLC. A good LLC is like a marriage in that way. How to form an LLC. This is a person who will accept legal service and notifications on behalf of your LLC. Managing your LLC.

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How To Start An LLC


For those considering taking their businesses to an official level, here are some helpful tips for how to start an LLC. What Is an LLC? An LLC is a type of legal structure for a business. Like other business structures, the LLC status dictates how a company will be taxed, as well as who will be responsible for its liabilities. According to Incorporate , benefits of making your business an LLC include: Avoiding double taxation. Naming Your LLC.

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Should You Choose An LLC Or Sole Proprietorship?

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An LLC is vastly different than a sole proprietorship, for instance, and picking the wrong business model could result in market failure later on down the line. Should you choose an LLC or a sole proprietorship? The post Should You Choose An LLC Or Sole Proprietorship?

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How Much Does it Cost to Form an LLC? A Guide For Startups

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Forming an LLC in the United States might be perceived as a long, complicated or expensive process. In this guide, we will discuss the different ways you can set up an LLC and the costs involved. What Are Your Options for LLC Formation? Set up an LLC by yourself.

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How Can A Non-resident Of California Set Up An LLC?

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You might think, as a non-resident of California, that it would be harder for you to set up an LLC. Wondered how a Nevada LLC obtained a small minority membership interest in a Delaware LLC that owns and operates numerous shopping malls in California?

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Investing In Real Estate: Should I Form An LLC?

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It is important for investors to understand the characteristics of an LLC to determine the best practice in structuring each investment. Finance Grow investing limited liability company LLC money real estate investing

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How to Convert Your Business to an LLC

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This would lead them into choosing ownership between a sole proprietorship status and a limited liabilities company or LLC status. From the looks of it, converting your business into an LLC is more practical than to consider it a sole proprietorship. To begin with, you are provided with greater tax flexibility with an LLC since they are not subjected to federal income tax. Once done, you can proceed to publish a notice announcing the creation of an LLC.

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The Pros And Cons Of Forming An LLC


When you launch a business, you’ll probably consider the option of forming an LLC. A limited liability corporation (LLC) is one of the simplest business structures , designed for startups that have few employees. If you’re considering forming an LLC for your startup, you’ll want to know the best and worst aspects of taking that course. Though an LLC is one of the most affordable ways to incorporate a business, it’s not free. Con: No Wages for LLC Members.

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A Guide to Crafting Your LLC Operating Agreement

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An operating agreement is the document that sets the rules for your LLC. In this article, we’ll talk about how to create your own LLC operating agreement, what you should include, and where you’ll need to keep it when you’ve made one. Should I have an operating agreement for my LLC? Although some states don’t legally require you to have an operating agreement, you really shouldn’t run an LLC without one. LLC operating agreements cover a lot of very important topics.

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Corporation or LLC? Business Organizations for Tech Startups.


In the tech startup context, you’ll typically choose between a Corporation and a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). When an LLC allocates income to owners (i.e. splitting profits), those allocations are taxed as personal income (for regular people) and corporate income (for corporations), but not as income for the LLC itself. This can also vary as you grow and as some owners pull back from managing the LLC. The ownership structure of an LLC is a blank slate.

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What you need to know before setting up an LLC in Texas

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When it comes to business formation, forming a limited liability corporation (LLC), particularly an LLC in Texas , can be done in as few simple steps. Besides the first step, naming the LLC, here’s a list of things that will prove important to know while forming an LLC in Texas.

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LLC vs. S Corp: What’s The Best Setup For Your Startup?


This means considering LLC vs. S Corp. An LLC combines many of the characteristics of a corporation, a partnership and a sole proprietorship. The limited liability that defines LLCs is what makes them similar to corporations, while flow-through taxation to LLC members is a feature of partnerships. Advantages of an LLC. Owners of an LLC can also decide to be taxed as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation , All Business points out. by Tricia Hussung.

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[Interview] Dr. Chuck Bamford, Author, Educator, And Founder Of Bamford Associates, LLC


I started my strategy consulting business (Bamford Associates, LLC) on a full-time basis almost seven years ago. The post [Interview] Dr. Chuck Bamford, Author, Educator, And Founder Of Bamford Associates, LLC appeared first on Young Upstarts. Chuck Bamford is a business strategy expert, providing battle-tested methods for executives to put winning strategy in place in their own organizations and to stand out in their own industries.

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WiseCrest LLC on The Benefits of Startup Investing

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Industries, like clean energy or cannabis, hold promising futures and many companies in these sectors, like WiseCrest LLC allow investors to make investment decisions with a group of investors. Likewise, companies, like WiseCrest LLC that invest in up-and-coming industries, like cannabis, couldn’t have existed in years past. The post WiseCrest LLC on The Benefits of Startup Investing appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

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How to Start a Real Estate LLC – What You Need to Know

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For a real estate entrepreneur, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a great way to protect your personal property from seizure due to liability claims. Before you start your real estate LLC , you need to put these 8 things into consideration: Source: Pixabay. It’s preferable for you to register your real estate LLC in the area where you intend to operate because it makes filing your returns easier. This agreement is drafted in the presence of all LLC members.

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How To Choose A Legal Structure For Your Business

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State statutes allow the formation of a limited liability company (LLC). Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC is permitted under state statute. So, if you want to know what regulations apply to your LLC, you will have to check with your state.

Small Business Saturday Spotlight: Social Media Management, LLC

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Based in Phoenix, AZ, Social Media Management, LLC uses social media to connect local companies with local clients. They are offering free initial consultations to all business owners for Small Business Saturday. For more information visit their Facebook page: Business Management PR and Communications Sales and Marketing Starting a Business

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How To Choose The Best Legal Structure For Your Business

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The limited liability partnership or LLC was created to enable owners to get the protections that corporations enjoy while still collecting income and paying taxes as an individual.

Small Business Saturday Spotlight: Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC

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Appropriately located in the Garden State of New Jersey, Mike the Gardener Enterprises offers a seeds of the month club, gardening tips, and many other tools to help anyone become a master home gardener. For Small Business Saturday shoppers, Mike the Gardener Enterprises will be offering 70 percent off any membership to their famous Seeds of the Month club. Just enter the promotional code: HOLIDAY at checkout. Business Planning

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8 Key Rules for Starting a Business on a Shoestring

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A limited liability corporation (LLC) can be formed in most states for less than $100 directly through the Internet without legal assistance. entrepreneur LLC shoestring budget startup

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How a DBA May Help Take Your Business to The Next Level

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It is an option available to both formal (LLC) and informal business structures. Unlike the expensive registering for an LLC, registering a DBA is considered reasonable. There seem to be never-ending decisions to make when operating a business. Simplifying it all is key.

8 Reasons To Incorporate Your New Company Early

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It’s very easy and inexpensive to set up online a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for the startup, which will allow you to track business costs, cash and taxes correctly -- no matter what happens. An LLC will work just fine for this, but if you know enough to anticipate more than 100 investors or special classes of stock, I recommend incorporating as a Delaware or Nevada C-Corp or S-Corp. C-Corp incorporate LLC new business S-Corp startup

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What It Takes to Start a Real Estate Brokerage

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Brokerage seeking entrepreneurs can choose one of the five legal business structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, C Corporation, S corporation, or limited liability company (LLC). Starting a real estate brokerage is every realtor’s dream, but what does it look like in reality?

Tax Concerns for Startups: Common Mistakes to Watch Out For

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To avoid personal liability on account of business-related debts to both creditors and the IRS, an LLC or a C-corporation would be the ideal structure. Neglecting Form 8832 as an LLC.

Startups & Legal Concerns- How Businesses Can Be Prepared For The Worst

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The first legal challenge for any startup founder is to define an appropriate business structure, whether you want to establish as a sole proprietorship, General Partnership, LLC, C-Corporation, or S-Corporation.

How to Minimize the Red Tape and Taxes of a Startup

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If you aren’t so sure, need something fast, or need to keep your costs low, then an LLC is the best legal and taxable entity to facilitate your startup. The alternatives include a sole proprietorship, LLC (Limited Liability Company), S-Corp (Subchapter-S Corporation), or C-Corp (US Corporation). For example, an LLC with two or more members (even husband and wife) will default to a partnership for tax purposes, and report income through Schedule K-1.

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Infographic: What the Heck is an LLC?


The kind folks at Intuit have posted this infographic on their blog this week that describes what a limited liability corporation is and how it stacks up to other kinds of corporate entities. It couldn't come at a better time for my family, as my wife is considering expanding her own business and wants to investigate her options. LLCs are great if you want to limit the amount of bookkeeping you have to do and if you don't mind paying self-employment taxes.

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Business in Compliance With the State

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Filing your new business as an LLC or a corporation is a smart decision for a number of reasons; it enables you to save on taxes and protect your personal assets, and it gives your business a sense of professionalism, to name a few. It’s now your responsibility as a business owner to make sure that your LLC or corporation stays compliant with state rules and regulations. Some states, like California, legally require businesses to attach an LLC, L.L.C.,

Rusty Tweed Explains How to Structure a Business

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Meaning, one will enjoy the profit-sharing days but not be a victim of any irresponsible behavior coming from others within the LLC. Entrepreneurship Legal insight Corporation incorporation initial public offering liability limited liability company LLC member Partnership Rusty Tweed Sole proprietorshipPrior to the commencement of any large entrepreneurial project, one must go through the rigorous process of setting their business up.

Popcornflix iPhone and iPad Apps For Free Movies On The Go


“We developed these iPhone and iPad apps to be state-of-the-art, easy and fun to use,” says Gary Delfiner, senior vice president of Digital Distribution for Screen Media Ventures, LLC, the parent company of Popcornflix. Ideaspotting iOS mobile application movie industry movie streaming online streaming Popcornflix Roku Screen Media LLCForget all the controversy over how technology is today allegedly infringing on intellectual property rights of the movie industry.

The Complete Guide to Registering Your Business Name

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To register your business name this way, you’ll need to register your business structure, such as a limited liability company (LLC) or a limited partnership (LP), a corporation, or a nonprofit. Registering your LLC or LP: The rules governing LLCs and LPs will vary state to state, so be sure to check your specific state regulations. When registering an LLC, for example, your business name must include a term such as “L.L.C.,” “limited company,” or similar in the title.

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Reasons to Use a Registered Agent Service

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If you are trying to form an LLC or another form of corporate registration, then you know what a registered agent is. Additionally, registered agent services make it possible to form an LLC in a different state or have a presence in multiple states. This will ensure you remain updated on all LLC requirements. If you are creating an LLC with your business, this is definitely something you should keep in mind.

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Incorporating Your Business: Tips to Follow

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In this sense, you have the choice between a limited liability company or LLC, or a C-Corporation. Going the LLC route, you are not obliged to pay corporate taxes; instead, you will be governed by a pass-through taxation system. If you want to grow your business and achieve added protection for all your assets, incorporating is the way to go.

Colorado Small Business Legal Checklist

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These can include: LLC (Limited Liability Company): An LLC is a legal entity for sole proprietors that gives a business entity a tax identification number and the ability to open a business bank account separately from a personal bank account. Legal insight business license C Corporation Colorado Employment federal permit Insurance LLC regulation S Corporation Small Business Sole proprietorship succession lawyer taxes trademark zoning

More Tech Startups are LLCs

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in the number of emerging tech companies that, despite knowing all of the reasons why startups favor C-Corps, deliberately choose to organize their company, at least initially, as an LLC. But the C-Corp / LLC mix has, for us at least, moved maybe from 95/5 percentage-wise to about 85/15. If you are an LLC tech startup, you need tax counsel. legal llc texas wisdom startup

If I register a sole proprietorship or a partnership, how will I pay myself?

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Sole proprietorships and partnerships are both more straightforward than Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Corporations. However, unlike in a LLC or a corporation, you will be held personally responsible for any failings on the business’s part. If you’d prefer to go down the Limited Liability Company (LLC) route, you may incur significant setup costs, though you will not be held personally liable for the business decisions or actions of the LLC.

What is a Social Enterprise?

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An L3C is a variation on an LLC, essentially a hybrid form of a nonprofit and for-profit company. The organization is designed so that it can function generally as an LLC would, while legally accepting foundation grants because of the organization’s socially beneficial goals. Funding a Business Law and Taxes News Non Profit Organizations business ideas l3c LLC social enterprise

4 Tax Filing Tips for New Startups

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How should I tax my LLC? Plan your LLC tax structure. As stated on the IRS’s website , an LLC can be classified and taxed as a sole proprietorship (single member), partnership (multi member), or a corporation (single or multi member) for federal tax purposes. Accounting Law and Taxes business corporation Deborah Sweeney deductions filing taxes LLC MyCorporation small business tax advice sole proprietorship tax advice Taxes

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The Three Questions Every Start-Up Should Consider When Forming a New Business

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Every start up faces three initial decisions: (1) Should I form a LLC or corporation?, (2) SHOULD I FORM A LLC or CORPORATION? Incorporated, Ltd, LLC) to put the world on notice not to look to you personally for the liabilities of the business. Legal and Taxes incorporation Jeff Unger LLCWe love the internet, but a 50-state-drop-down menu is not the way to select the best state for your new company.

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Three Things to Consider Before Starting your Business in Another State

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In some cases, forming an LLC or corporation in a state other than the one the company primarily does business is a good idea. A business that incorporates or forms an LLC in one state, yet still wants to do the majority of its business in another state, will have to qualify as a foreign business entity in the latter state. Clearly, for some small businesses, incorporating or forming an LLC outside of its home state may not be a great idea.

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The 5-Second Guide to Choosing Your Startup’s Legal Entity

The Startup Lawyer

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