6 Hurdles For Going Public Through A Reverse Merger

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Thus I’m getting more questions on new mechanisms, like crowd funding, or going public through the side door as a reverse merger. Reverse mergers may not get your startup on the Nasdaq. The reverse merger process itself doesn’t raise any capital.

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Wonderist Agency Acquires Merger Labs


Merger Labs, a full service digital marketing agency for middle market private equity and M&A professionals, is the first of its kind.The new firm’s success caught the attention of Wonderist Agency. In the News mergers & acquisitions

Is A Reverse Merger The Way To Fund Your Startup?

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Thus I’m getting more questions on new mechanisms, like crowd funding, and an old one long out of favor, the so-called “reverse merger.” Reverse mergers may not get your startup on the Nasdaq. The reverse merger process itself doesn’t raise any capital.

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Startups Need Mergers And Acquisitions For Growth

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This strategy is called “organic growth,” yet it alone may yield only a fraction of the potential you could achieve, unless you add the additional strategies of partnerships and M&A (mergers and acquisitions). Actively pursue mergers and acquisitions.

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An Unneccesary Merger Between Corporate Goons


AB InBev SABMiller merger Craft Brew Smash UpBad time to start a craft brewery BTW. Valuations will be suppressed after this deal wraps. Does anyone see a massive issue with this? Craft brew will be squeezed out and these two groups will have a global monopoly. What is my issue with this? For starters it is beer. Why do we need such beer giants? You can make beer in the bath tub, and what was once attractive (Stella, etc.) is now just owned by corporate goons.

7 Certain Signs That a Merger Is Doomed

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The signs were there from the get-go that the Facebook/WhatsApp merger was a marriage made in hell. Bringing Innovation to Market

Mergers And Acquisitions: 4 Tips To Escape The ‘Friend Zone’

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Finance Grow acquisition business brokers merger mergers and acquisitions moneyEither way, you will have closure and have finally moved beyond the dreaded M&A friend zone.

Considering A Merger Or Acquisition? Vet Potential Investors In 3 Easy Steps

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There are many horror stories in the startup space associated with failed mergers and the theft of intellectual property. Finance Grow investors mergers and acquisitions money

Takeaways from the Merger of oDesk & Elance

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Ever since oDesk and Elance announced their merger, enclaves of the freelance industry have been all a-gossip. Some freelancers are excited, some are panicked, and some are pretty sure the merger won’t affect them much at all. Why the Merger Happened.

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I am still a BUY w/ RIO TINTO $RIO Here is a chart from today. commodities mining rio tinto stocks

After FTC Sues, DraftKings and FanDuel Kill Merger

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The FTC said the merger would have halted innovation and favorable pricing for fantasy sports consumers.

The inevitable merger of our species with machines

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Continue reading → The post The inevitable merger of our species with machines appeared first on Steve Sammartino. It is said that we become the thing we are immersed in. I feel like we are starting to merge with the technology we have become so reliant on.

Mergers and acquisitions take thought and planning

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strategy entrepreneur business plan acquisition Startup agreements leadership MergerIn a recent discussion with the CEO of a private company, an acquisition became the dominate topic.

Why Your Merger Failed

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The majority of mergers are like marriages--they don''t work. Here''s how to boost your chances

Dell Technologies Considers a Public Offering or Merger with VMware


The post Dell Technologies Considers a Public Offering or Merger with VMware appeared first on SiliconHills. In 2013, Dell went private in a $24 billion buyout deal backed by Silver Lake and Michael Dell. Today, Dell Technologies filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission disclosing that the company’s board is considering taking the company public again with an initial public offering or by merging with VMWare. Normally, the company doesn’t […].

Grubhub and Seamless: Effecting The Elusive Private-Private Merger


As Benchmark is a large institutional investor in Grubhub, we were actively involved in the merger process, and we are quite excited about the potential of the two companies coming together. Some pretty high-profile mergers have fallen apart because of this issue.

What's Driving Consumer Products Merger & Acquisitions?

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There is a new normal in the industry's way of responding to changing consumer behavior. Mazars

Disney-Fox Merger Sends Fanboys Into Ecstasy

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To super-fans, having all the Marvel heroes and villains under a single corporate roof is a huge slice of heaven.

When Does a Private-to-Private Merger Make Sense?

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I’m pretty on record as saying I don’t think many private-to-private tech mergers make sense. And that’s when a private-to-private merger works. They are often done from a position of weakness. Something in both companies isn’t working, which is why they come together. I often don’t believe in the therm M&A because in my experience mostly A works. But of course there are always exceptions.

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Mergers of Equals

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But beyond that the deal is being billed as a "merger of equals" for a variety of reasons. The Wall Street Journal has a nice take on how merger of equals are a tough balancing act. A long time ago I was involved with a merger of equals. I was involved with the merger of Babbage''s Inc. One merger of equals is all anyone should go through in their lifetime. As for my experience in a merger of equals I have to say that perhaps Stan and The WSJ are right.

T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Would Reduce Competition, If Approved

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You'll probably get 5G sooner, though. Technology

Inside the Merger of DraftKings and FanDuel

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To save their companies from death-by-legal-fees, CEOs Nigel Eccles and Jason Robins will instead try to combine operations

DraftKings and FanDuel Announce Long-Awaited Merger

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After months of regulatory scrutiny, the two companies officially tied the knot this morning

Dell Technologies Completes its Merger with EMC Corp.


And Dell gets the award for coolest aerial stunt to introduce a […] The post Dell Technologies Completes its Merger with EMC Corp. In a $60 billion deal, Dell Technologies Wednesday closed its acquisition of EMC Corp.

How To Find An Advisor To Help With Mergers And Acquisitions


When business owners go through mergers and acquisitions, they often enlist the services of specialist advisors. Either way, merger and acquisition services are vital to the success of such an enterprise. What to Look for in Merger and Acquisition Services.

Integration: Keys to the successful merger of companies

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There is really only one reason for the merger of corporate entities: the creation of more shareholder value (whomever the shareholders are) from the two, than were there separately. The faster this occurs, the quicker the goals of the merger, greater shareholder value, can be achieved.

I Was Shocked That This Startup's Merger With a $65 Billion Bank Is Going So Well

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The risks are high but Gradifi has shown that with the right branding, a clear organization structure and effective process, and a well-structured incentive system such mergers can work. Can a startup survive being acquired by a large corporation?

How Empires Fall: The Publicis Omnicom Merger Underscores The Rapid Decay Of The Ad Industry


Publicis Group and Omnicom, two of the world’s biggest ad agencies, have announced a merger to create the world’s biggest advertising group. The companies’ public statements about the merger, and the market dynamics forcing this combination, underscore the rapid decay of the advertising industry. The ad industry is crumbling – the merger is creating little [.].

FanDuel, DraftKings Reportedly Nearing Merger Deal

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The two fantasy-sports companies are reportedly edging closer to an agreement, which could be announced in the coming days

Why Entrepreneurs Should Feel Optimistic About the QVC-HSN Merger

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The day after QVC announced it would buy HSN for $2.6 billion, entrepreneurs shared their thoughts on the deal.

Slide Show on Reverse Merger

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The Avoidable Reason Why Most Mergers & Acquisitions Fail

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Most corporate acquisitions fail to deliver shareholder value. Here's how to avoid becoming a depressing statistic

How to Successfully Manage a Merger

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Roughly 70 percent of all corporate mergers fail, according to the Boston-based consulting firm Bain & Company. Although mergers can head south for many reasons, difficulties created by cultural differences at merged companies seem to play a significant role.

IPOs Shine, But Entrepreneurs Turn Down Mergers

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According to data recently released from Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association, the mergers-and-acquisitions market for venture-backed companies was uncharacteristically quiet in 2013, with only 377 deals completed.

Elon Musk's Tesla, SolarCity Are Short on Cash Amid Merger

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A securities filing revealed that Tesla owes $422 million to its bondholders, and plans to raise new capital to support the controversial merger with SolarCity

DraftKings Keeps Grinding as FanDuel Merger Is in Limbo

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DraftKings followed up a $118 million raise with a EuroLeague partnership. Strategy

Tesla and SolarCity Shareholders Approve $2.3 Billion Merger

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The carmaker and solar-panel seller are joining forces, moving Musk's vision closer to reality

Hoping for a Banner Year for Startup Mergers and Acquisitions

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2017 is shaping up to be the most liquid year in half decade for startup exits and

Tesla's SolarCity Merger Makes More Sense Than It Appears

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Vertical integration fell out of favor a long time ago, but Elon Musk could be trying to make it popular again

Study: Merger and Acquisition Deals Moving Online

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When that exit strategy is a merger or acquisition, it helps to be in the right place at the right time for the right deal. If selling your company is a possible exit strategy, go where more M&A deals are happening--on the Web.

Non-traditional exits: taking money off the table, startup-to-startup mergers, business processes, equity swapping

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You can also exit via merger with another startup. Still, I’ve seen these mergers be a godsend for folks who were simply ready to do something different after running the same successful (but not yet ready to sell) startup for 8 or 10 years.

5 Critical Lessons in Mergers and Acquisitions From the Apple-Beats Deal

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5 critical lessons from the Apple-Beats deal to keep mergers and acquisitions seamless and swift

Why Amazon and Google Helped AT&T Win Approval for Time Warner Merger

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The deal is expected to close on or before June 20. Growth Through Acquisition