Victoria: Investing In Morocco’s Future


Casablanca is also one of the largest financial centres in North Africa, as Morocco is a key participant in the Maghreb agreement that facilitates trade with its neighbours: Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Tunisia. In cooperation with the Moroccan government, a hands-on management team guides progress and oversees fruition of the project. Three schools will educate its children; additionally, the management team is negotiating a private international school for the area.

Aspen Institute Maghreb Investor Delegation, next week in NY and CA

David Teten

The group is about 22 people; managing directors, partners and COO’s of major investments firms in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, and Tunisia. Speakers include: - Kareem Amin, Co-Founder, Frame. - Rami Essaid, Co-Founder & CEO, Distil Inc. - Yao-Hui, Founder, The Hatchery. - Andrew Mitchell, Managing Partner, ZIG Capital. . Localisation du Maghreb (Photo credit: Wikipedia).