The Silliness Of Recapping Seed Rounds

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A company raises $1m of seed money from angels in a convertible note with a $6m cap. Assuming equity is raised at or above that cap, the total dilution, before the new money, is 16.6% (equivalent to an equity financing of $1m at a $6m post money valuation. ” They are running out of money. The term sheet converts all the convertible debt into a post-money valuation of $100, essentially making the convertible debt worthless.

Busted or Confirmed? 3 Common Myths About Starting A Business

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Fortunately, many startup myths revolve around three common topics (business plans, money, and unnatural hustle). Myth #2: You need a lot of money to start. Businesses do require some capital, but this doesn’t mean that every startup has to raise millions of dollars in seed money.

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How to Start a Startup

You need three things to create a successful startup: to start withgood people, to make something customers actually want, and to spendas little money as possible. The way a startup makes money is to offer people bettertechnology than they have now. Andyet theres a lot of money at stake. Microsofts originalplan was to make money selling programming languages, of all things.Their current business model didnt occur to them until IBM droppedit in their lap five years later.

D-Wave's Dream Machine

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He says he won two national championships in off-Olympics years and was an alternate for the 1996 Games. "I Farris had thrown Rose a few thousand dollars in seed money, and they raised half a million (Canadian) from local angels. Then D-Wave ran out of money.

Which language should my startup use?

These are usually insignificant amounts once a business is proven but can seriously eat into seed or first round capital. Seed money gets invested on something that shouldn’t be in use, rather than something provided by an off-the-shelf framework which won’t tie the business to a particular agency. © 1996 - 2010 Reincubate Limited. Email us or call +44 (0) 844 3579899 home about services blog labs Which language should my startup use?