National Security Innovation just got a major boost in Washington

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Two good things just happened in Washington – these days that should be enough of a headline. First, someone ideal was just appointed to be Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. Second, funding to teach our Hacking for Defense class across the country just was added to the National Defense Authorization Act. Interestingly enough, both events are about how the best and brightest can serve their country – and are testament to the work of two dedicated men.

Today on Capitol Hill?—?A Venture Capitalist goes to Washington

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A Venture Capitalist goes to Washington appeared first on Lightspeed Venture Partners The post Today on Capitol Hill?—?A

6 Leadership Lessons From George Washington

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A reminder from America's first president to never give up on your dreams.

These Companies in Washington, D.C. Have the Coolest Office Perks

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The companies around washington, D.C. will inspire you and others will leave your jaw hanging

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These Startups Really Run Washington

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In a high-pressure presidential election, there's no time for getting it wrong. Meet the businesses the candidates go to for help

Small Businesses Are Being Hit Hard by a Failure to Communicate in Washington

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The collapse of trade policy in Washington, D.C. holds a lesson about issue communications.

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Bloomberg Taking On Washington As Well

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Not satisfied enough in dissing Silicon Valley, Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to set his sights on Washington DC in his recent talk at MIT : Bloomberg said he prefers City Hall to the White House, given that he is already a mini-president of his very own mini-country. “I We have the United Nations in New York, and so we have an entree into the diplomatic world that Washington does not have.”. NYC Washington Mayor Bloomberg

Washington Post Launches Web Channel On Small Business


The Washington Post has just launched On Small Business , a new online channel that focuses on entrepreneurship and small business. Resources Capital Business Entrepreneurship On Small Business online resource small business The Washington Post

Ivanka Trump Is Shutting Down Her Boycotted Fashion Line to Focus on Washington

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The controversial fashion line is coming to an end. The Inc.

Why Washington, D.C. Could Be the Next Big Startup Hub

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One study recently reported that Washington. is now the 4th-most desirable city for startups in the U.S., behind New York and the Bay Area

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Hands On Demo With Oblong In Washington, DC

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If you are in the Washington DC area and want to see a live demo, email me. Oblong is one of the most amazing companies I’ve ever had the honor to be involved with. We invested in them in 2007 when they were four people building on the incredible research and ideas of John Underkoffler. Today they are almost 100 people strong, have shipped an awesome set of products, and are on a path to fundamentally change the way we interact with computers.

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How Businesses Are Dealing With Washington's Unprecedented Uncertainty

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Health care, immigration, and financial rules are all under scrutiny--but it's unclear when, or if, regulations might actually change. Startup

Washington State Has a Bigger Economy Than All of Iran. Get It?

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Trump, Donald Trump, Iran, Leadership, North Korea.

9 Rules for Entrepreneurial Success From George Washington

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These are the rules that our first presidentlived by to earn the respect of a nation

Washington Becomes First State to Enact Its Own Net Neutrality Rules

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The Federal Communications Commission prohibited state laws from contradicting its decision, so the move could spark a string of lawsuits. Technology

The Washington Redskins Trademark Fight

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Patent and Trademark Office (TTAB) heard oral arguments in a decades-old case with far reaching implications: whether the Washington Redskins' famous trademarks should be cancelled because they are offensive to Native Americans.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in Washington D.C.

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is home to The White House and 50 of this year's Inc.

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A New Mandate for Washington: Support America's Entrepreneurs

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Small companies are a vital part of our economic ecosystem

George Washington: Founding Father of U.S. Entrepreneurship

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How the founding father's business struggles helped him become an earlychampion of American entrepreneurship

How the James Comey Hearing Gave This Washington, D.C. Bar a Brilliant Marketing Idea

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Shaw's Tavern is showing how local marketing can be as easy as following the news by turning James Comey's congressional hearing into a special event. Viral Marketing

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How Bitcoin Won Washington's Heart

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Does your company want to get the attention of Washington, D.C.? The Washington Post called the hearing a lovefest. Everything is looking sunny for the decentralized cryptocurrency largely used for illegal purchases. What gives?

Washington's Latest Overture to Silicon Valley

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But for the past eight months, she''s been serving in Washington as U.S. Since taking office, she''s visited the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a finance startup Dwolla in Iowa, and an incubator called 1776 in Washington, D.C. Lobbying on Capitol Hill is so last year.

3 Lessons Small Businesses Could Teach Washington

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It seems Washington could take a lesson from them, but instead it’s the small business owners that have to sweat out this impasse. However this all shakes out, there are three lessons Washington could take from the small business community that would help them moving forward: 1.

Venture Capital Goes to Washington

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Obama's advisers, among other stops this week. Venture capitalists aren't necessarily known for their politics. the group met with Aneesh Chopra, the U.S. chief technology officer and assistant to President. beating its previous record. Kirsten Grind covers venture capital, private equity and money matters for

Washington Goes Politicking in L.A. at Jessica Alba's Honest Company

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Secretary Penny Pritzker's latest goodwill ambassador mission took her to Jessica Alba's company headquarters in L.A. for a roundtable with local startup entrepreneurs

Dell Hackathon Turns Up the Heat on Washington D.C.

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A policy hackathon at SXSW challenged teams of entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions to business-related problems the next president will have to solve

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Washington Does Something Good for Entrepreneurs

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Can Washington actually pass a budget without last-minute theatrics? Is Washington, D.C. But it does hint that just maybe, Washington can get back to the business of governing the country, which is clearly what entrepreneurs want.

7 Powerful Washington Insiders Now Working in Silicon Valley

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As the hottest tech companies wade into thorny political and regulatory issues, they're fortifying their teams with some of Washington's most influential advisers

White House approves Shell Arctic drilling plan Washington (Platts)--11May2015/414 pm EDT/2014 GMT


From Platts: Shell plans to use the drillship M/V Noble Discover and the drilling unit Transocean Polar Pioneer for its planned Arctic drilling this summer. The two vessels will provide relief-well capabilities for each other, BOEM said in a statement. The conditional approval was lambasted by environmentalists Monday, claiming the administration has unnecessarily exposed the Arctic to an oil spill.

Don't Like the Way Things Are Going in Washington? 7 Ways to Do Something About It

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Giving our democracy the attention it deserves can make us a better country for decades to come

Entrepreneurs Need Strategic Regulatory Reform. That's Not What's Happening in Washington D.C.

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Regulatory reform needs to happen, but reform will only help entrepreneurs if it's done in a targeted and strategic way. Startup

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Washington's Legal-Marijuana Industry Is Officially Open for Business

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Washington State issued its first legal-marijuana business license on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported , making Kouchlock Productions of Spokane the first licensed and certified grower there.

Washington Out Of Control


There Is Currently Way Too Much Pot in Washington State

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With marijuana now legal in Washington, sellers have flooded the market--and demand isn''t catching up with supply

Washington Debates Obamacare, Disses Entrepreneurs. Amazing.

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But the spat over a recent Congressional Budget Office report discussing the effects of Obamacare on the labor market, and the response to the document, shows that Washington doesn’t actually think about entrepreneurs and the role they play in productivity and new job creation.

What would you want to tell Washington DC about startups?

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Tuesday, September 8, 2009 What would you want to tell Washington DC about startups? Im writing this post from an airplane headed to Washington DC, where Ill be presenting at the Government 2.0 So heres my simple question: What do folks in Washington need to know about the global community of entrepreneurs? Hope your presentation here in Washington, DC reaches a few new minds today.

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Why Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post and why he’s the most authentic leader going

Jeff Hilimire

Jeff Bezos just bought The Washington Post and the snarky tweets and blog posts are pouring in. So do I think he’ll be able to figure out how to take The Washington Post and successfully bring it into the digital age?

Washington D.C. Gets New (Possible) Tech Hub

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In the years since the dotcom bubble’s epic burst, Washington, D.C. that will house co-working, education and tech community events, according to the Washington Business Journal.

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Maximizing shareholder value: The goal that changed corporate America – The Washington Post

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Maximizing shareholder value: The goal that changed corporate America – The Washington Post. via Maximizing shareholder value: The goal that changed corporate America – The Washington Post. Business Development CEO Succession founder Revenue Growth SaaS startup CEO Tom Nora

Washington, DC May 24: HBS Angels/VCs and Creating Portfolio Company Value

David Teten

I hope you can join me in Washington, DC, on Thursday, May 24, 2012, 5:30 PM To 8:30 PM for a talk and event sponsored by the HBS Club of Washington, DC. Angel Investing Background: This event will also be used to re-launch the angel investing activity of the HBS Club of Washington DC. RSVP required; No money can be taken at door. As I’ve previously blogged , I will soon publish the first formal study of best practices of VCs in improving portfolio company value.