Accelerate Your Startup With Help From An Incubator

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One of the reasons that now is the time to be an entrepreneur is the explosion of startup assistance organizations, usually called incubators or accelerators. This association is definitely one of the world’s leading organization for advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship.

Innovation at Argonne National Laboratory Incubator

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CRI is different from other incubators because it allows innovators/entrepreneurs to immerse inside a national laboratory, working alongside world-renowned scientists and engineers with whom they can share their ideas.

Designing a Game Incubator

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After writing several posts on startup accelerators and incubators , I received an email from Jason Della Rocca. He’s been working on designing a game incubator in Montreal. Montreal is a good place, and perhaps a unique place, for building a game incubator.

Every Startup Gains From An Incubator Or Accelerator

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A question I often get as an adviser is whether or not to join a business incubator or accelerator as a way to move forward faster and smarter and increase the odds of business success. Most incubators start their program with some aptitude and business acumen tests.

8 Lessons From the World's Number One University Startup Incubator

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Incubators help startups accelerate success. Here are 8 lessons from the world's best. Startup

How Does a Startup Incubator Really Help You?

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More and more entrepreneurs are hearing about the successful graduates and investors queued behind a few well-known startup incubators, including Y Combinator, TechStars, and the Founder Institute. entrepreneur startup accelerator incubator business

Q&A with Business Incubator Co-founder Joe Maruschak

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This is where incubators come in. Incubators were designed to fill the gap between knowledge and connections. Incubators provide that very important sense of community. Incubators versus accelerators: What’s the difference? Our incubator is a place to get ready.

Investors Love Top Startup Incubator Graduates

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Business incubators for sharing services were all the rage back in the days of the dot-com bubble (700 for profit, many more non-profit). The goal of most business incubators today is to strengthen the local economy, and commercialize new technologies.

An Alternative Model for Startup Incubation

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In thinking about alternative models for startup acceleration or incubation, I can’t help but ask the question, “What if the incubator owned 80% instead of 20% and the people working on the startup owned 20% instead of 80%? Here’s how this could work: The incubator recruits talented people who may have the potential of becoming founders, but aren’t required to do so. The incubator takes 80% and the employees/entrepreneurs/founders-to-be take 20%.

Media incubator ESPACIO acquires CEE tech publication 150sec

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Media incubator ESPACIO , has announced its acquisition of the tech news publication 150sec – the renowned online magazine focused on entrepreneurship and tech in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Incubators and Accelerators Startups The entrepreneurs Entrepreneur tech journalism

The Top Texas Healthcare Accelerators and Incubators


That’s why healthcare incubators and accelerators can play a vital role in a company’s success early on by connecting them with financing, work space, mentors, customers, business programs and more. And it’s a […] The post The Top Texas Healthcare Accelerators and Incubators appeared first on SiliconHills. Launching a new venture is extremely difficult.

Finding The Right Incubator For Your Business: The Three Most Important Questions To Ask


So you’ve decided to enlist a technology incubator to help your new business get off the ground. You have a great idea and a strong business plan, and an incubator is just the partner you need at this stage. Does the incubator have the right offerings for your business?

Cybersecurity Incubator Launches in San Antonio


The cybersecurity industry in San Antonio just got a major boost with the announcement Thursday of a new incubator, Build Sec Foundry. The incubator, which will be based at Geekdom, a technology coworking site in the Rand building downtown, is a partnership among CyberSecurity San Antonio, the Austin Technology Incubator and the 80/20 Foundation. “San […] The post Cybersecurity Incubator Launches in San Antonio appeared first on SiliconHills.

InCube Labs Plans to Expand Into Manufacturing


In June 2010, InCube Labs announced its plan to open a branch facility in San Antonio. InCube Labs originated in Silicon Valley and saw San Antonio as an attractive location to establish a branch. “We We could attract people […] The post InCube Labs Plans to Expand Into Manufacturing appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio InCube Labs By JONATHAN GUTIERREZ Reporter for Silicon Hills News San Antonio has fostered innovative medical practices for decades.

On Incubators

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continuations : As with the previous cycle, we are once again seeing the formation of many new incubators (Om has a post up which inspired my post). …I These incubators attract teams that are not strong enough to make it on their own (adverse selection) and expend too many resources for too long on concepts that are not getting traction (moral hazard). NYC is seeing a deluge of incubators, accelerators and all things in between. Should You Join a Startup Incubator?

Visit to Halcyon Incubator | #SOCENT #Incubator #DC

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Earlier this week I was fortunate to tour Halcyon Incubator in the Georgetown neighborhood of DC. The year long social entrepreneurship incubator, offers 8 early stage social entrepreneurs the opportunity to live and work in the Halcyon House (a bit more on the property later).


Someone recently posed the question to me of whether I'd apply to be in an incubator given my experience--likely wouldn't want to hang with 25 year-olds. I've wanted to start an incubator in Lancaster for a long time. But I think it would be pretty cool. I'd get to work on my stuff and have my co-founder funded, plus I'd get to help other startups if they wanted the help. Sounds pretty fulfilling to me.

The Best Startup Incubators Have the Best People

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Business incubators for sharing services were all the rage back in the days of the dot-com bubble (700 for profit, many more non-profit). The goal of most business incubators today is to strengthen the local economy, and commercialize new technologies.

A Different Kind of Incubator - The Hive


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Saturday, February 17, 2007 A Different Kind of Incubator - The Hive I recently met with The Hive a new incubator in Orange County. Where LinkedIn Works for Me A Different Kind of Incubator - The Hive About this Blog Southern California Tech Central Southern California Tech Central Loading

Why the Greek System Could Be the Next Startup Incubator

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Gen Z is reported to be the most entrepreneurial generation. The Greek system may be the next hub for new ideas. Innovate

Launch of the DUMBO Incubator

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nycdigital : The new city-sponsored DUMBO Incubator for technology startup businesses in Brooklyn held an Open House on December 15, 2011. Located at 20 Jay Street, the DUMBO Incubator will accommodate technology entrepreneurs in the downtown Brooklyn neighborhood and across New York City. .

Mentors-Plus-Capital Programs – Intense Incubation

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By Jim Flowers A few months ago, Marty invited me to comment on business incubation and what a startup company ought to expect from an incubator. Tags: entrepreneurs incubators relationships startups

Why Incubators Are an Invaluable Resource for Startups

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Joining an incubator will give you a crash course on what it takes to make it as a startup

New York City Accelerators, Incubators, and Coworking Spaces

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So without further ado, here is the Official NYC Accelerators, Incubators, Coworking 2.0 DMC Advanced Biotechnology Incubator - [link]. CFDA Fashion Incubator - [link]. Pratt Design Incubator - [link]. Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator - [link].

Facebook to Open Startup Incubator at New Paris Tech Campus

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The incubator will be housed in Station F, the world's largest startup campus, currently under construction in Paris, France

NYC Metro Area Accelerators, Incubators and Coworking Spaces - Suburban Edition

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In NYC alone , there are over 100 various coworking, incubator, and accelerator spaces spread across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx. The following list is of coworking, accelerators, and incubators in the NYC metro area* and as you can see, even in the suburbs, they are coworking it.

Sputnik ATX Launches an Incubator/Accelerator in Austin Aimed at Helping Startups Scale


By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Sputnik ATX is one of Austin’s newest startup incubators and accelerators. “We’re Sputnik ATX, which fashions itself after a Y-Combinator incubation model, will […]. The post Sputnik ATX Launches an Incubator/Accelerator in Austin Aimed at Helping Startups Scale appeared first on SiliconHills.

10 College Business Incubators We’re Most Excited About


To help foster this innovation, many colleges and universities have opened business incubators, helping students and others in their community to help make their innovative dreams a reality. Boston University Business Incubation. Stony Brook University Calverton Business Incubator.

Year One Labs Completes its Incubation Phase

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Today we announced the completion of Year One Labs’s incubation phase. We wanted to see if we could create value at the earliest stages of startup incubation, find a group of entrepreneurs we wanted to work with, and help build great companies. I’ve been working on Year One Labs since April, 2010. For those that don’t know, it’s an early stage accelerator using the Lean Startup methodology.

Episode 8: Charlie’s Bcast Email, Startup Incubators, and 10 Reasons Why Startups Fail | The Bcast

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Peter and Jonathan discuss startup incubators, and our guest Caroline talks to us about the “F” word and 10 reasons why startups fail. Startup Incubators – (2:13). Read also: Q&A with Business Incubator Co-founder Joe Maruschak.

Are Incubators Startup Cheat Codes?

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The newest generation of founders are now intertwined with the incubator system, a presumption we have all bought into that if we can help them avoid failures our ecosystem will become stronger…Except eventually you play on your own. The keen hand helping you avoid taking a wrong turn or using the wrong weapon is removed… Some sage thoughts about incubators and accelerators. incubators accelerators startups tech failure learning experience founders entrepreneurs

Fear and Loathing in Tech Incubators

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It is no surprise that people are starting to announce that tech startup incubators have reached a precarious bubble. A recent WSJ article declared a glut in tech incubators , citing the fact that there are nearly 100 in operation.

Is there an incubator for aspiring Angel Investors or VCs?


No, but there are several sets of courses on angel investing that can provide a good base from which to start. The most comprehensive and best known is the Power of Angel Investing seminar series developed by the Angel Resource Institute (formerly known as the Angel Capital Education Foundation, and prior to that part of the Angel Capital Association). It was co-funded by the Kauffman Foundation, and primarily written by Bill Payne and John May.

How This Incubator Helps People Leave Prison and Become Business Owners

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A small bootstrapped incubator is trying to fix prison recidivism through entrepreneurship and handmade furniture in Brooklyn

BitAngels Invests in BlueSeed, an Offshore Incubator


BitAngels, a network that invests in early-stage Bitcoin and cryptocurrency startups, has invested $100,000 in BlueSeed, an offshore Bitcoin incubator. The post BitAngels Invests in BlueSeed, an Offshore Incubator appeared first on SiliconHills.

The New York Times Launches TimeSpace, Its Own Startup Incubator/Accelerator

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News Startup Accelerators TimeSpace Accelerators Incubators New York Times NYT StartupThe New York Times is launching a new startup accelerator, TimeSpace, a 4 month program taking in early stage media startups into the NYT Headquarters.

Austin Startup Incubator Capital Factory to Expand in 2014


Now the incubator […] The post Austin Startup Incubator Capital Factory to Expand in 2014 appeared first on SiliconHills.

Silicon Valley Angel Investing and Incubation 2.0 (Hong Kong.

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The Lean VC: a Silicon Valley story about Innovation, Incubation, & Iteration. Ill be speaking about angel investing & incubator programs in Silicon Valley, and my experiences managing the FF Angel seed investing program ($2M US, 2009) and fbFund REV incubator program ($850K US, 2009).

Freescale’s Discovery Lab Incubating Big Ideas


The goal was to incubate big ideas and come up with next big thing. The lab brings […] The post Freescale’s Discovery Lab Incubating Big Ideas appeared first on SiliconHills. Big companies are looking at ways to make themselves more innovative. Freescale, in Austin, has done just that. The company launched the Freescale Discovery Lab, a hub for innovation at its headquarters in Oak Hill, a year ago.

Incubators - hot or not?


WSJ India Chief Mentor has an interesting article on incubators being an important engine of growth of entrepreneurship. Incubators have been known before to have an adverse selection problem. Simply stated, if an entrepreneur has an option to either get cash investment or incubator support, what are they likely to choose. Incubator “money&# is likely to be at a far higher cost than investment, and hence unlikely to attract the best ideas/teams.