Accelerate Your Startup With Help From An Incubator

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One of the reasons that now is the time to be an entrepreneur is the explosion of startup assistance organizations, usually called incubators or accelerators. This association is definitely one of the world’s leading organization for advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship.

Some Entrepreneurs Get Big Value From An Incubator

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More and more entrepreneurs are hearing about the successful graduates and investors queued behind a few well-known startup incubators, including Y Combinator, TechStars, and the Founder Institute. business entrepreneur incubator startup TechStars Y Combinator

Why College Is a Great Entrepreneurial Incubator

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Starting a Business entrepreneur entrepreneurship incubator startupOh, college. I’ve been out just a few months and already miss it enough to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while sobbing into my couch cushions.

An Alternative Model for Startup Incubation

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In thinking about alternative models for startup acceleration or incubation, I can’t help but ask the question, “What if the incubator owned 80% instead of 20% and the people working on the startup owned 20% instead of 80%? Here’s how this could work: The incubator recruits talented people who may have the potential of becoming founders, but aren’t required to do so. The incubator takes 80% and the employees/entrepreneurs/founders-to-be take 20%.

Every Startup Gains From An Incubator Or Accelerator

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A question I often get as an adviser is whether or not to join a business incubator or accelerator as a way to move forward faster and smarter and increase the odds of business success. Most incubators start their program with some aptitude and business acumen tests.

Will A Business Incubator Help Hatch Your Startup?

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One of the reasons that now is the time to be an entrepreneur is the explosion of startup assistance organizations, usually called incubators or accelerators. This association is definitely one of the world’s leading organization for advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship.

The Top Texas Healthcare Accelerators and Incubators


That’s why healthcare incubators and accelerators can play a vital role in a company’s success early on by connecting them with financing, work space, mentors, customers, business programs and more. And it’s a […] The post The Top Texas Healthcare Accelerators and Incubators appeared first on SiliconHills. Launching a new venture is extremely difficult.

The Government Starts an Incubator: The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps

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They launched an incubator for the top scientists and engineers in the U.S. The Innovation Corps – Using the Lean LaunchPad as an Incubator for Scientists and Engineers. The I-Corps Incubator Program. Unlike other incubators, our Lean LaunchPad Class had a specific curriculum.

How Does a Startup Incubator Really Help You?

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More and more entrepreneurs are hearing about the successful graduates and investors queued behind a few well-known startup incubators, including Y Combinator, TechStars, and the Founder Institute. entrepreneur startup accelerator incubator business

Sputnik ATX Launches an Incubator/Accelerator in Austin Aimed at Helping Startups Scale


By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Sputnik ATX is one of Austin’s newest startup incubators and accelerators. “We’re Sputnik ATX, which fashions itself after a Y-Combinator incubation model, will […]. The post Sputnik ATX Launches an Incubator/Accelerator in Austin Aimed at Helping Startups Scale appeared first on SiliconHills.

How to Evaluate an Offer from a Startup Incubator

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Great news — your startup just got accepted to an incubator! But before your startup signs up and cashes that $[XX,000] check, your startup’s co-founders should sit down and evaluate the incubator’s offer. The following are some issues to consider and actions to take before accepting an incubator’s offer: (1) Calculate Valuation and Determine Value. Pre-money valuations startups receive from incubators are typically low…really low.

Incubators vs. Accelerators


As I scanned through the launch coverage I noticed many references to the program being an “incubator&#. There is a big difference between incubators and accelerators both in terms of experience and results (returns). When I first got into tech startups in the late nineties incubators were all the rage. When the bubble burst, incubators were among the 1st casualties and the term “incubator&# quickly became a dirty word.

Designing a Game Incubator

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After writing several posts on startup accelerators and incubators , I received an email from Jason Della Rocca. He’s been working on designing a game incubator in Montreal. Montreal is a good place, and perhaps a unique place, for building a game incubator.

The Startup Factories, How Incubators Are Shaping Entrepreneurs [Report]

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Startup incubators have grown in double digits in the last couple of years. Each incubator promises to provide startups with mentorship, support and a smoother ride to funding.

InCube Labs Plans to Expand Into Manufacturing


In June 2010, InCube Labs announced its plan to open a branch facility in San Antonio. InCube Labs originated in Silicon Valley and saw San Antonio as an attractive location to establish a branch. “We We could attract people […] The post InCube Labs Plans to Expand Into Manufacturing appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio InCube Labs By JONATHAN GUTIERREZ Reporter for Silicon Hills News San Antonio has fostered innovative medical practices for decades.

Capital Factory Partners with Dublin Incubator at SXSW


I went back home and started pitching Austin all […] The post Capital Factory Partners with Dublin Incubator at SXSW appeared first on SiliconHills. By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News Cian O’Cuilleanain, co-founder of Gravity Centres in Dublin, fell in love with SXSW three years ago when he first attended Interactive. Everybody was so welcoming, there were all these opportunities opening, there was the energy of the town.

Why startups are so hard to incubate within a corporation

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When companies want to incubate a new idea, they try to think like a startup, but by their very nature they are the opposite of a startup. I had the opportunity to spend time last week at one of the more interesting incubators in Atlanta. Urgency. Stress. Moments of panic.

Are Incubators Really Necessary for Startup Success?


But all the press also reinforces the feeling that every startup needs to go through an incubator in order to succeed. Not only do we need to come up with a great idea, we have to make sure that it’s something that works for an incubator. There Is Value in Incubators.

The New York Times Launches TimeSpace, Its Own Startup Incubator/Accelerator

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News Startup Accelerators TimeSpace Accelerators Incubators New York Times NYT StartupThe New York Times is launching a new startup accelerator, TimeSpace, a 4 month program taking in early stage media startups into the NYT Headquarters.

Why Everyone's an Incubator Now

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From Microsoft to PayPal, it seems every day another business launches an incubator. These days, it seems, there's an incubator for everything. In fact, the National Association of Business Incubators estimates there are some 1,250 of them operating in the United States.

10 College Business Incubators We’re Most Excited About


To help foster this innovation, many colleges and universities have opened business incubators, helping students and others in their community to help make their innovative dreams a reality. Boston University Business Incubation. Stony Brook University Calverton Business Incubator.

Investors Love Top Startup Incubator Graduates

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Business incubators for sharing services were all the rage back in the days of the dot-com bubble (700 for profit, many more non-profit). The goal of most business incubators today is to strengthen the local economy, and commercialize new technologies.

Accelerator vs. Incubator: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re interested in getting your start-up into an accelerator or incubator there’s no shortage of options. An incubator, on the other hand, brings in an external management team to manage an idea that was developed internally. Want to get your idea incubated?

Media incubator ESPACIO acquires CEE tech publication 150sec

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Media incubator ESPACIO , has announced its acquisition of the tech news publication 150sec – the renowned online magazine focused on entrepreneurship and tech in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Incubators and Accelerators Startups The entrepreneurs Entrepreneur tech journalism

Why Vertical Incubators Are More Interesting to Investors

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According to AngelList there are 1,530 organizations listed as “ incubators.” Whether you want to call them incubators, accelerators or any other name, the template is pretty similar: fixed amount of time inside the program in exchange for equity (and sometimes a cash investment). I know that many incubators commit to doing more than this – mentors, curricula, coworking space, most also do some sort of demo day to organize fundraising.

When is The Right Time to Join an Accelerator or an Incubator?

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How would you know when is the right time to join an accelerator or incubator? General Get an Advice accelerator fundraising Incubator It’s an interesting questions as there are times in my opinion you should AVOID that. Still, no all startups were created equal and there are exceptions. A couple of weeks ago I had a startup help meeting exactly with this question… Startup help helps me in many ways. I’ve mentioned before that I’m able to […].

From Accelerators to Venture Capital: What is best for your startup?


How To Fundraise Starting Your Company accelerators angel funding incubators venture capitalWith startup growth up 61% since 2014 and more investment programs emerging, it can be overwhelming for founders to know just where to jump in.

Ecosystem + Incubator = Startup "Ecobator" NestGSV


Like an accelerator or incubator program, NestGSV gives its resident startups office space, advice and lots of other amenities (even a beach volleyball court) at its Redwood City, California, campus near Silicon Valley. Ecosystm + Incubator = Ecobator.

Why Incubators Are an Invaluable Resource for Startups

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Joining an incubator will give you a crash course on what it takes to make it as a startup

Can bMuse's One-Man Incubator Keep the Ideas Coming?

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Edo Segal has eliminated nearly every obstacle between dreaming up his ideas and making them happen. But how long can his magic last

4 Critical Capabilities An Incubator Can Teach You

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The days of the lonely geek toiling away in a garage or a coffee shop are fading. You need to be around people who have done this before, who can be the source of innovation, inspiration and talent for your company

Shark Tank's Daymond John to Start an Incubator

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the Fubu founder talked about his plans to open a startup incubator to help the next generation of entrepreneurs. Tuesday, John shared his plans to open his own incubator program to help foster entrepreneurship for the next generation of founders. "I In an exclusive interview with Inc.,

Episode 8: Charlie’s Bcast Email, Startup Incubators, and 10 Reasons Why Startups Fail | The Bcast

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Peter and Jonathan discuss startup incubators, and our guest Caroline talks to us about the “F” word and 10 reasons why startups fail. Startup Incubators – (2:13). Read also: Q&A with Business Incubator Co-founder Joe Maruschak.

This Entrepreneur Has Built An Incubator for Networks

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It's really hard to describe this space in Manhattan's Lower East Side. It helps if you like to think about how networks permeate our lives

Facebook to Open Startup Incubator at New Paris Tech Campus

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The incubator will be housed in Station F, the world's largest startup campus, currently under construction in Paris, France

Why Rent the Runway's Co-Founder Left the $100 Million Company for Walmart's Tech Incubator

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The co-founder of Rent the Runway saw the fashion-rental service grow to six million customers and a reported $100 million in revenue. Then she realized it was time to walk away. Icons of Entrepreneurship

What Founders Face On Pitch Day To Qualify For Startmate, Australia’s Premier Startup Incubator Program by Yaro Starak

In episode #9 of Everything Entrepreneurship , Walter talks about his experiences along with his startup partner Brett Geoghegan during a five hour long “pitch day” as a finalist to enter the Startmate incubator program in Sydney. If you are considering applying for a top-tier incubator with your startup company, you have to hear Walter''s story in this podcast. Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes.

Turn Your Company Into an Innovation Incubator

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In order to strike this balance, we are building a team that is both driven to create results and driven to incubate new businesses. Any business can benefit by turning its team into more of an innovation incubator rather than following a single static business model.

How This Incubator Helps People Leave Prison and Become Business Owners

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A small bootstrapped incubator is trying to fix prison recidivism through entrepreneurship and handmade furniture in Brooklyn

Freescale’s Discovery Lab Incubating Big Ideas


The goal was to incubate big ideas and come up with next big thing. The lab brings […] The post Freescale’s Discovery Lab Incubating Big Ideas appeared first on SiliconHills. Big companies are looking at ways to make themselves more innovative. Freescale, in Austin, has done just that. The company launched the Freescale Discovery Lab, a hub for innovation at its headquarters in Oak Hill, a year ago.