Victoria: Investing In Morocco’s Future


Casablanca is also one of the largest financial centres in North Africa, as Morocco is a key participant in the Maghreb agreement that facilitates trade with its neighbours: Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Tunisia. In 2014, the impressive project began with triple aims, to: Promote an integrated and inclusive community for residents from various socio-economic backgrounds.

Who are we? And where do we come from? (2011 edition)

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The international flavor of our community has not ceased to amaze us and our footprint has continued to spread since we launched – after our first year in business visitors came from 204 countries and spoke 136 languages. By May of 2010 they came from 219 countries and spoke 199 languages; according to Google Analytics, there are only 5 countries from which we have not had a single visit: Chad, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Guinea, and The Central African Republic.