Burning Platform: Startup Communities

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In the 34th (today) and 35th (tomorrow) episode of the series we have Brad Feld, Founding Partner, Foundry Group and Ian Hathaway who leads the global ecosystems business at Techstars, In the episode below, they discuss their book, The Startup. Burning Platform Venture Capital

Creating Community: The 5-Step Startup Road Map

YFS Magazine

Building the concept of community into your business strategy can as simple as you want it to be, while forming priceless community bonds. Company Culture Grow community building community development company culture recommended startup advice


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The Startup Community community

Feld Thoughts

My new book The Startup Community Way: Evolving and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is coming out this month ( pre-order it here.). At the same time, the 2nd edition of my book Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City is also coming out ( pre-order it here.).

Startup Communities Audiobooks

Feld Thoughts

The audiobooks for The Startup Community Way and Startup Communities, 2e are both available. If you are an Audible listener, you can get them at: The Startup Community Way: Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem . Startup Communities audible audiobook

7 Critical Resources For A Thriving Startup Community

Startup Professionals Musings

I saw these addressed well in a new book, “ The Startup Community Way ,” by Brad Feld and Ian Hathaway. These guys have been building startup communities like Techstars for over 30 years, so they know what works and what doesn’t. asset Brad Feld capital resources startup community

Startup Communities | Rural Entrepreneurship

VC Adventure

I’ve always loved Brad’s Startup Communities – it’s long been my favorite of his books, built upon ideas that are clearly stating the test of time. In the nearly 10 years since the original book was published, the Startup Communities landscape has changed quite a bit.

10 Tips For Entering The Startup Community This Year

Startup Professionals Musings

These days I see a surge of new startups as businesses seem to be recovering from the pandemic. If you are not starting one yourself, the next best thing is joining one as a partner, or as an early employee.

Cognizant Community: Applied Digital

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Cognizant Community is a complete outlier. Most industry events follow a formula: lots of product announcements, rock bands which feed on audience nostalgia, partner pavilions, often annoying MCs. Client executives convene for 3 days in a relaxed setting over TED. Industry Commentary

Building Strong Local Communities

Version One Ventures

We at Version One are becoming increasingly convinced that stronger local communities can help solve many of the problems we are currently facing. Second, they need a community leader who will take the initiative to find a solution. And they need awareness within the community (you need to know that somebody is working on it and needs your input). Several tools already exist to help local communities become stronger. General Network Effects communities Local

Cognizant Community: One dazzling presentation after another

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In Part 1 here, Malcolm Frank, EVP of Marketing and Strategy talked about his keynote and the audience vibe at the recent Cognizant Community. Here he provides color commentary on some of the other excellent sessions during the event. Kevin. Industry Commentary

Eric Ries’ Foreword to The Startup Community Way

Feld Thoughts

My new book with Ian Hathaway, The Startup Community Way , is officially out. But now that The Startup Community Way is out, and the 2nd Edition of Startup Communities is also out, I’m hopeful that my writing energy will shift to the book I’m working on with Dave.

Community Rot

This is going to be BIG.

Only, a weird thing happens when you don't put your time into the community--when you don't grab a booth at Techday or Uncubed. That's not a winning strategy either--but there's something to putting the facetime into the more aspirational places in your community, especially in NYC. Lists are b t. That's what you get a lot of times when you ask people about the latest "25 Startups You Should Know About" in name your tech publication.

The Startup Community Way – Table of Contents

Feld Thoughts


Startup Communities – Building Regional Clusters

Steve Blank

How to build regional entrepreneurial communities has just gotten it’s first “here’s how to do it” book. Brad Feld’s new book Startup Communities joins the two other “must reads,” ( Regional Advantage and Startup Nation ) and one “must view” ( The Secret History of Silicon Valley ) for anyone trying to understand the components of a regional cluster. These events are a good proxy for the health and depth of a startup community. Community Culture.

How To Create Connections, Deliver Smiles, And Inspire Your Community

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Creating a community outreach effort during difficult times can provide precisely the invaluable payback your business needs. Grow Marketing & Sales cause marketing community building instagram pandemic recommended social media social media marketing

Binary Star Startup Communities

Feld Thoughts

While we’ve been collaborating on Startup Communities 2 (which we are now calling The Startup Community Way), which will come out at the “end-of-the-year-ish,” having dinner was a delight and reminded me how much I like him. It’s a good post worth reading but reminded me of a concept that we are weaving into The Startup Community Way. There is an increasing number of “ binary star ” startup communities.

Cognizant Community: One dazzling presentation after another

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In Part 1 here, Malcolm Frank, EVP of Marketing and Strategy talked about his keynote and the audience vibe at the recent Cognizant Community. Here he provides color commentary on some of the other excellent sessions during the event. Kevin. Industry Commentary

[Review] Startup Communities


“We need to be like Silicon Valley,” we hear many a startup community organizer around the world intone. In his book “ Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City “, Feld explores the various factors that contribute to a successful startup community and argues that the success of a startup community is heavily dependent on the make-up of the environmental and geographical factors in which that community resides.

Community in the Time of Covid

Feld Thoughts

Many direct benefits are wired into the local community, so there is a powerful feedback loop around feeling good about helping by actually helping. The post Community in the Time of Covid appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Crisis community covid-19

How Community Involvement Can Help Your Startup


When we think of giving back to the community, we often think of dramatic relief efforts like those that supported the victims of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. But, as the old saying goes, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” and many companies and people have discovered over the years that giving back to communities has many great side effects. Sponsor community events. Lead a community service program. Every community has its own issues.

Startup Communities Everywhere in the World

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We are with Ian Hathaway (my co-author of an upcoming book titled The Startup Community Way) finishing up the draft of the book. The post Startup Communities Everywhere in the World appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Startup Communities ian hathaway Richard Florida startup communitiesAmy and I are in Knoxville, Tennessee all week.

Suicide, Cancer, and Community

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He was an integral part of the entrepreneurial community here in Colorado. I just went and made a gift as a contribution from the Boulder startup community. If you’ve benefit from the local startup community, which Kevin and Karen gave so much of themselves to, please make any size contribution. The post Suicide, Cancer, and Community appeared first on Feld Thoughts. At the end of the day yesterday I gave a talk at the opening of Galvanize Boulder.

Using Your Business To Give Back To Your Community


One of the great things about running a business is that it allows you to give back to your community in so many different ways. If you’re running your own business, you may be wondering how you can use it to give back to your community.

Startup Focus: Safer Rideshares for Women, Families and Communities

The Startup Magazine

Today we focus on a startup making a impact on the safety of women and underserved communities with a safe rideshare application. Safr believes in giving back to the communities in which we live, work and ride.

A Great Example of A Professor’s Involvement With A Startup Community

Feld Thoughts

I have a chapter in Startup Communities that uses CU Boulder – and specifically Silicon Flatirons – as an example of a much better way than the traditional approach (circa 2012) for a university to engage with the startup community. Phil’s note to the Silicon Flatirons community follows. Supporting entrepreneurs in our community is a central part of our mission. He continually strives to connect the university and surrounding startup community.

4 Lessons Glennon Doyle Taught Me About Impact And Community

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If you want to create a highly engaged community to support you and your work at every turn, take a few lessons from Glennon's playbook. Lead branding community building community development glennon doyle leadership personal branding personal development success advice

Eleven Elements That Must Intersect To Create A Vibrant Community 


by Quint Studer, author of “ Building A Vibrant Community: How Citizen-Powered Change Is Reshaping America “. Every community wants to be a great place to live and work. Vibrant communities happen when many different forces intersect in the right way. Leaders from many sectors of the community have to collaborate before they can take the steps that allow sustainable growth to take off. Vibrant communities don’t just happen. Galvanized Business Community.

How to Find the Right Online Communities

David Teten

One result: I think we’ll see people spending more and more time in gated online communities. But…how do you find the right online communities that are worth your while? Slack – full list of Slack Communities. Community Findr.

A16Z Podcast on Startup Communities

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Her book, Regional Advantage , had a huge impact from on my thinking around Startup Communities. It’s awesome – anyone that cares about how entrepreneurial communities work must read this. If you are interested in startup communities, I hope you will listen to this podcast. The post A16Z Podcast on Startup Communities appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Entrepreneurship a16z AnnaLee Saxenian Chris Schroeder podcast startup communities

Startuppers.org – A Community Of Upstarts


Touted as a new way for people in the startup ecosystem to communicate with one another, networking with each other, and creating connections and sharing advice within the community. Resources Slovakia social network startup community startup ecosystem Startup Weekend startupsHere’s yet another new resource for startup folks – Startuppers.org is a new social network geared towards startup entrepreneurs.

Building Startup Communities to Last

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So it was an incredible honor to interview Jim for 45 minutes last week at the Startup Phenomenon event about Startup Communities. We spent the time applying the ideas from Jim’s books and research to the idea of Startup Communities. If you are interested in Startup Communities, or are a Jim Collins fan, I think you’ll like this a lot. The post Building Startup Communities to Last appeared first on Feld Thoughts. One of my heroes is Jim Collins.

Weekend Reading on Startup Communities

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So this weekend was about startup communities with a bonus book on the startup visa tossed in for good measure. The history is so much richer, the one page stories about the companies the shaped each era are just awesome, and the perspective of what 120 years really means for a the startup community that is undeniably the most robust in the world right now is very powerful. This is a great snapshot in time – right now – to show how startup communities develop anywhere.

Communities Can Grow Too Quickly

Hunter Walker

I was recently granted access to a Slack community associated with a newsletter I’ve been reading for a while. Communities can grow too quickly and lose some of the camaraderie which comes with being part of a group. There are a number of dynamics which factor into the carrying capacity of an existing community to absorb newbies. Sometimes incentives will be explicitly and implicitly baked into a community to encourage successful absorption of new members.

Why Startup Communities are Essential

Duct Tape Marketing

Why Startup Communities are Essential written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast , I interview Brad Feld, c0-author of a new book The Startup Community Way: Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Bevy is Emerging as a Leader in Software for Building Virtual Communities???with $15 million to?

Both Sides of the Table

Bevy is Emerging as a Leader in Software for Building Virtual Communities?—?with It’s clear things have changed for good and the need for managing remote communities of employees, customers and partners has become ever more important. they are communities and tribes.

Startup Communities is Shipping

Feld Thoughts

Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City is officially shipping. The article - This is how you build a tech community - follows up on a Bloomberg article that Vivek wrote in 2010 titled Why Boulder Is America’s Best Town for Startups. Jerry Colonna also wrote an awesome post riffing off of Startup Communities titled The Sarajevo Effect. Startup Communities

Becoming Licensed In Community Association Management


One of those positions is a community association manager. These are professionals who complete a variety of tasks for communities with ownership in the property, such as condominiums cooperative apartment buildings. What is a Community Association Manager? A community association manager is a professional that works with homeowner associations, cooperatives and condominium associations. There are many areas of real estate that do not require you to be an agent.

4 Ways Online Communities Can Benefit Your Business


Online communities have become a central part of everyday life and business operations. Since the early days of Internet message boards and email groups, participation in online communities has grown exponentially. While the majority of participants use online communities to socialize, being part of a digital community can also provide important business benefits. Here are four ways that online communities can benefit your business.

Why Small Community Lenders Have Your Back

Up and Running

But don’t fret—community lenders are helping small businesses. Meet the community lenders. Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are one type of community lender. CDFIs may be credit unions, economic development entities, nonprofit lenders, small banks, microfinance lenders, venture capital firms, or community development corporations focused on low- to moderate-income housing. Chances are there’s a community lender near you.

How Nils Grossberg Fueled His Mission Of Community Service Through Dagcoin


Developed by the software company Dagcoin which is founded by Nils Grossberg , Dagcoin cryptocurrency is entirely based on Nils’ vision to serve the community. Besides this, he participates and gets involved in various community service activities. Dagcoin, as mentioned in the beginning, can be, undoubtedly, termed as Nils’ way to serve the part of the community who don’t have access to centrally managed banking services. Dagcoin is a new name in the cryptocurrency sector.

Build Entrepreneurship Communities With Crowd Valley


Entrepreneurship communities and crowdfunding platforms designed to support entrepreneurs are popping up left, right, and center all around the world. It aims to provide infrastructure to easily create a startup and investment community and running it effectively with powerful tools, with the possibility to connect and partner with other communities and build ecosystems locally and all over the world.

Kauffman Sketchbook on Startup Communities

Feld Thoughts

I started my talk off today by showing a video that the Kauffman Foundation just did for Startup Communities. I think it does a fantastic job of explaining the Boulder Thesis, which is the framework that I use in Startup Communities for how to create a vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. Startup Communities kauffman money game sketchbook startup communities thinc iowa

Startup Communities – Operation Pre-order

Feld Thoughts

My newest book, Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City , will ship around the end of the month. Between now and Sunday, if you pre-order a copy of Startup Communities, you will be entered into a random drawing. TechStars’ Feld Publishes Startup Community Book. Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City. Startup Communities book startup communities startup revolution