3 Ways to Grow Your Startup

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If you own the IP on a particular technology or information product, then you can create licensing agreements for other businesses to sell your product for you. You can either arrange an LBO of their business, or a mutual partnership that can benefit both firms. Growing your business will cost you money. Getting your start-up through its initial phase of the business cycle is a tough challenge for small business owners.

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When Does Zynga Become a Value Stock?

Agile VC

Given Marc Pincus’s voting control, being acquired is presumably not in the cards for Zynga and a take private or LBO would be nearly unthinkable in the near term so there’s little chance of an M&A situation to arbitrage. That’s their revenue minus cost of goods, and keep in mind Zynga’s top line already excludes the 30% take from Facebook (which still accounts for >90% of revenues). Draw something… other than this painful chart.

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