[INTERVIEW] Zakaria Hersi, Founder Of Orten.io


On one hand, he’s a tech innovator and entrepreneur whose creativity has earned him awards and accolades on two continents – Europe (Sweden, to be more exact) and Africa (eastern, and in countries like Nairobi, his native Somalia and Mauritius). Are the measures being taken – like hiring female, minority diversity executives – sufficient to the challenge?

Why It’s Time for Les Moonves to Go — You Can’t Charm Your Way out of Sexual Misconduct

Both Sides of the Table

If you want a sense of why people feel deeply uncomfortable about calling out Les Moonves, you should watch this 4-minute piece by Stephen Colbert, who points out that Moonves was his mentor and sponsored him on the show and Colbert even said, “he’s my guy” before bravely taking him on and saying, “He hired me to sit in this chair. … “I like working for him, but accountability is meaningless unless it’s for everybody. The board of CBS has hired an outside investigator.