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Here are the 5 hottest startups in Sweden

The Next Web

Dubbed a ‘unicorn factory’ Sweden has become a powerhouse incubator for some of the most innovative startups. In fact, in 2017 Sweden more than doubled its number of startup exits.

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Sweden top, UK second in Europe by per capita venture activity

The Equity Kicker

That Sweden is doing amazingly well for a small country (emulating Israel). Anecdotally I think the gap there is beginning to narrow too. The two other interesting things to note from this data are: That the UK continues to be the main centre for investment in Europe. Venture Capital'

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Swedish Start-Up to Fight China’s Polluted Air – But The Movement Is Nation-Wide


Sweden is popular for the recycling and sustainability measures taken throughout the years. Since the ‘90s, when the country first started to recycle what could be recycled, Sweden has evolved so much. In fact, Sweden has exceeded the recycling target set by the Government for 2020 a long time ago. Sustainability as a lifestyle.

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Cash Vs. Digital Payments: Which is the Better Option?

The Startup Magazine

However, digital currencies have caught up and have been adopted by countries like Sweden as the main way to pay for goods and services. Cash has been the main form of payment since we stopped bartering goods and commodities for other goods and commodities. Take a look at our payment system comparison.

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7 Traits Advised For Adoption By Every Business Owner

Startup Professionals Musings

Nordstrom (Sweden), and Pierre Omidyar (France) at Ebay. In addition, I’ve always wondered why an inordinate number of successful businesses today were started by people born outside the U.S., including Sergey Brin (Russia) at Google, Elon Musk (South Africa) at Tesla, John W.

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San Antonio-based Pathwire Bought for $1.9 Billion by Sinch


Sinch AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, announced last week that is acquiring Pathwire and its Mailgun, Mailjet and Email on Acid products, used by more than 100,000 developers and […]. In a big win for San Antonio’s technology industry, a Swedish company is buying Pathwire, an email delivery platform spun off from Rackspace, for $1.9

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IFS World Conference: Sneak Preview

deal architect

IFS invited me to their conference in Gothenburg, Sweden next week. In this, what I have called the year of the vertical in cloud ERP offerings, I am looking forward to learning more of their focus on asset intensive industries.

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