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The Second Largest Unicorn Breeding Ground In The World? Sweden.

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The famed Spotify lives in Stockholm

WiMP Brings Music Streaming Service To Sweden

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

The service is of course not limited to Sweden and operates in Denmark and Norway already and adding the local flavor will help the service achieve higher penetration in the local music scene.

What giving blood in Sweden can teach us about great mobile experiences

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So when I read about what Sweden is doing with blood donations it made perfect sense. After you give blood in Sweden, you get a text message whenever your blood saves someone’s life. I give blood platelets 3-4 times a year.

Sweden top, UK second in Europe by per capita venture activity

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That Sweden is doing amazingly well for a small country (emulating Israel). Ben Rooney just posted an analysis of VC and entrepreneurial activity in Europe which included the two charts above.

Coinbase launches in Europe, includes Finland, Sweden


As last weeks news of an eight figure investment into KnC miner heated up bitcoin news in the region, we''ve heard today that Coinbase has launched in Finland and Sweden as part of their European rollout into 13 countries.

Jay Z acquries Sweden's WiMP and Tidal


Editor''s note: This article originally attributed Aspiro to Norway - it has now been fixed to Sweden. The rise of Spotify has crowded out much hype coming out of WiMP , the music streaming service launched in 2010 that has only expanded to Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, and Sweden.

These 2 Founders Started a Music Streaming Company From a Tiny Apartment. Today, It's Worth $16 Billion

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It all started in a tiny apartment in Sweden. Technology

This 3D Printer Maker Is Expanding Its Reach Across Sweden, Israel, and Turkey

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Formlabs, the three-year old manufacturer of 3D printers, is expanding into five new markets. Its latest product will let you craft headphones, cavity fillings -- and even a couples' vibrator

A Brief History of Sweden's Goat Simulator


Coffee Stain Studios is the Swedish indie game company behind the first person tower defence games Sanctum and Sanctum 2 , the first of which climbed up from top 10 to being #1 on steam sales back in the summer of 2010.

Melt: PHP Framework From Sweden


Melt is a newly announced PHP Framework from Sweden. The framework has been coded by the team that was formerly known as Omnicloud, today the whole company has been renamed as Melt. The team includes Hannes Landeholm, Per Jonsson and Daniel Marklund.

PHP 18

Sweden Tops The Global Information Technology Report


The results show success in general for the Nordic countries, Sweden is ranked first, Denmark third, Finland sixth and Norway tenth. Comparison of countries – Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Tags: digital denmark finland irene mia norway sweden world economic forum

Danish Employee Scheduling Startup Plans To Take Over Sweden After UK Adventure


Promising an easy to use scheduling tool at a low price, Smartplan has helped nearly 300 business owners in Denmark, and now they want to help small restaurants and cafes in Sweden to switch from pen or spreadsheets to their online planning tool.

Sweden's Promobucket Makes Sharing Visual Assets Easy


Enter Västerås, Sweden-based Promobucket , which is focusing on helping companies and individuals share visual content: anything from.PSDs to.PNGs to.PDFs. When you''re working heavily with visual files, sometimes amazing utilities like Dropbox or Box aren''t all they could be.

Next From Sweden: ?Mowing Lawns From Your Wrist


Husqvarna, a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products, said on Friday it has launched the first Apple Watch app for robotic lawn mowers. The app allows users to mow their lawn from the wrist via Apple Watch whether they are at work or on vacation. “As

U.S.-based Planview acquires Sweden's Projectplace


It''s been since the dot-com boom that Stockholm''s Projectplace was called a startup, but it''s interesting to note the company has been acquired by Austin, Texas based Planview , a cloud-based portfolio and resource management company.

Sweden's Creandum Raises €180 Mln Early Stage VC Fund


Stockholm-based VC firm Creandum said on Monday it has closed ahead of schedule its 180-million euro early stage venture capital fund Creandum IV. The high demand points to a thriving European startup ecosystem and Creandum’s robust track record of investing early into European leaders such as Spotify, iZettle, Neo Technologies and Tictail," the company said in a statement.

The Pirate Bay Moves Hosting From Sweden To. North Korea?


Last week we covered that The Pirate Bay is moving to Spain and Norway, but the Norwegian end of the deal apparently fell through. Geir Aaslid, the head of the Norwegian Pirate Party, put out a statement on Pastebin saying that they could not keep up the financial end of hosting the site.

FunBeat Social Fitness App Launches Outside Sweden


The company established itself in 2008 and going to become the largest training site in Sweden, with 200,000 members today, with 6.5M weekly pageviews, making them the largest training forum in Sweden.

MyClubCards – Why Do All The Great Ideas Come From Sweden?


I ask myself pretty often why there is so much great web innovation coming from Sweden. Really awesome ideas and startups are much less common in my home country Germany, despite a population almost ten times as large as Sweden’s. OpenCoffee Club Sweden.

Spotify: Losses In UK, Profits In Sweden


When looking at the financial report for Spotify AB in Sweden the picture is quite different. Net sales for Spotify in Sweden were almost 10M€, which is almost as much as the sales numbers reported by Spotify in UK.

Sweden's Saltside sees massive traction with classifieds in emerging markets


Back in Sweden they develop the platform and additionally have experts who are a resource to the on-the-ground teams to help with customer support and other topics.

[Infographic] Which Country Uses The Internet Best?


According to the recent Web Index study by The World Wide Web Foundation , that country is Sweden. Sweden beat out the United States as it had more citizens online (90-percent, compared to 75-percent of Americans), and provided better and faster bandwidth per Internet user.

Netflix To Launch In Norway, Denmark, Sweden, And Finland


That is at least if you're living in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, or Finland. In the region, we've got Voddler out of Sweden, VDIO (Not launched here, but by the Skype guys), and Denmark's Xstream. Throw away your televisions, Netflix is coming to town. The U.S. based streaming service offers a deep catalog of movies and TV shows for a flat monthly rate. More specific details about pricing and content will be announced closer to launch, which is slated to be be in late 2012.

Denmark And Sweden To Replace Stamps With Text Messages


Looks as if this is going to see implementation both in Denmark and in Sweden, beginning with Denmark in April. that Sweden isn’t seeing this any time before the summers. If you can pay your bills via mobile phones why not stamps?

Strained Fools by Dead Lord - You might think metal has lost all.

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That it comes from Sweden of all places, the land of some deeply dark metal, is even better. Dead Lord Strained Fools Heads Held High metal hard rock SwedenStrained Fools by Dead Lord - You might think metal has lost all its fun. This band from Stockholm however is about to change your mind, with tunes that recall the classic 70′s era of hard rock of the Thin Lizzy variety. This is the recently released track of their second album Heads Held High.

Rhuby – An Entrepreneurial Gem In The Spirits Business


Åkers Styckebruk is a tiny village of just under 3,000 inhabitants located in Sweden’s Strängnäs Municipality, a region with a diverse and dynamic range of industries such as tourism, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, logistics and education.

DJENT TUESDAY: Do Not Look Down by Meshuggah - While there is.

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DJENT TUESDAY: Do Not Look Down by Meshuggah - While there is great heavy metal all over the world, Sweden is where it’s at when it comes to the extreme end of spectrum. Meshuggah Do Not Look Down Koloss metal Sweden extreme metal djentAnd Meshuggah has consistently been one of my favorite bands, ever since the release of Destroy Erase Improve in 1995. This track is from the Koloss album in 2012. While not my favorite Meshuggah album, it was still one of my favorites of that year.

Sweden seek to lure two unsuspecting gamers North


Are you interested in getting paid to play games during work hours and receive free tickets to Dreamhack 2014? Does spending a summer by the beach in a beautiful Swedish town talking to companies about how they can better connect with gamers sound good to you?

Sweden Tops List Of Android App Downloads Per User


According to estimates by research2guidance , a Berlin-based mobile research specialist, Sweden has the most app downloads per user in the Android store. has the most Android users by volume, this data may suggest that Sweden is a good proving ground for apps.

Facebook Looking To Open A Data Centre In Luleå, Sweden?


Wall Street Journal has written an extensive article about an undisclosed major US based internet company looking to open a data centre in Luleå, Sweden. The reason Facebook is allegedly looking into Sweden is the advantage of cold weather.

State of the Digital Music Industry 2014: An Insider’s View

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Digital is now the majority of revenues in markets such as the US, India, Norway and Sweden. Music is everyone’s favorite example of digital disruption done wrong. After peaking at $38 billion revenue more than a decade ago, the industry stabilized last year at $16.5 billion.

Sweden To Charge TV Tax For Anyone With A Computer or Tablet


Laugh your way to the bank: Sweden's SVT public television network is transitioning to the digital age and now offering all of its content free of charge, online.

Sweden May Investigate iPad Marketing Of 4G Services


The Swedish Consumer Agency is considering leading an investigation into Apple's marketing of the iPad after receiving complaints that the advertised 4G connectivity will not actually function in Sweden.

Sweden’s Creandum Invest $3.75m in Danish Planday


Danish startup Playday are behind a successful SaaS workforce management program which is the leading software of its type in the Nordics.

Sweden's The Pirate Bay Rough's Seas To Safer Harbors


The Pirate Bay was founded in Sweden in 2003, making it a decade old now. If you haven't been paying attention to The Pirate Bay in the past week or so, you're missing out on a bit of swashbuckling pirate tricks and stormy seas. you know, the normal pirate life.

BEST METAL INSTRUMENTAL OF 2015: Apex by Enshine - A great.

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You get the sense that you could put on a pair of headphones and become instantly transported to the northern reaches of Sweden looking out upon the tundra. Enshine Apex Singularity Metal Album of the Year metal death doom melodic death metal SwedenBEST METAL INSTRUMENTAL OF 2015: Apex by Enshine - A great instrumental can often tell a story better than a song with lyrics. Otherwise, it is just pointless noodling, which is the challenge with most instrumentals in metal.

Meet Two Mind-Bending Founders From Stockholm

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Sweden is proving that KTH -- its leading technology university -- can produce companies that attract capital and talent. Hot Spots

BLACKENED WEDNESDAY: The Black Death by Rimfrost - So where do.

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Rimfrost The Black Death Veraldar Nagli metal black metal swedenBLACKENED WEDNESDAY: The Black Death by Rimfrost - So where do you go when one of your favorite Scandinavian black metal bands is no more? I am talking about Immortal of course. Though it lives on with Abbath, it is not the same thing. Luckily, Rimfrost fits that needs with a sound that is strikingly similar yet different enough to not be some cheap imitation.

METAL MONDAY: Novus Ordo Seclorum by Hyperion - I could make the.

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Hyperion Novus Ordo Seclorum Seraphical Euphony Metal Monday metal black metal SwedenMETAL MONDAY: Novus Ordo Seclorum by Hyperion - I could make the joke that they named named their band after a software company, but that would be stupid. This is one of the best black metal albums of the year. Yes, it is March. Yes, there is snow on the ground even though it is technically Spring. And yes, I have not slept in three days. But this album is “the best”.