The Second Largest Unicorn Breeding Ground In The World? Sweden.

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The famed Spotify lives in Stockholm

Why Sweden's New 6-Hour Work Day Standard is a Good Idea

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Do we really need to work 40 or more hours a week to get things done? Some Swedish companies think not

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What giving blood in Sweden can teach us about great mobile experiences

Jeff Hilimire

So when I read about what Sweden is doing with blood donations it made perfect sense. After you give blood in Sweden, you get a text message whenever your blood saves someone’s life. I give blood platelets 3-4 times a year.

Flyte: Levitating lightbulbs from Sweden


Now we can only assume that Flyte , the levitating lamp from Sweden, would have blown Edison’s socks right off. How would you like to have a floating light bulb in your living room?

WiMP Brings Music Streaming Service To Sweden

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

The service is of course not limited to Sweden and operates in Denmark and Norway already and adding the local flavor will help the service achieve higher penetration in the local music scene.

Sweden's Textwave nails ephemeral texting


Snapchat asked and answered the question of whether self destructing photos had any wide-scale purpose in society. But what about text?

Jay Z acquries Sweden's WiMP and Tidal


Editor''s note: This article originally attributed Aspiro to Norway - it has now been fixed to Sweden. The rise of Spotify has crowded out much hype coming out of WiMP , the music streaming service launched in 2010 that has only expanded to Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, and Sweden.

State of the Digital Music Industry 2014: An Insider’s View

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Digital is now the majority of revenues in markets such as the US, India, Norway and Sweden. Music is everyone’s favorite example of digital disruption done wrong. After peaking at $38 billion revenue more than a decade ago, the industry stabilized last year at $16.5 billion.

Sweden's Creandum Raises €180 Mln Early Stage VC Fund


Stockholm-based VC firm Creandum said on Monday it has closed ahead of schedule its 180-million euro early stage venture capital fund Creandum IV. The high demand points to a thriving European startup ecosystem and Creandum’s robust track record of investing early into European leaders such as Spotify, iZettle, Neo Technologies and Tictail," the company said in a statement.

Sweden's Saltside sees massive traction with classifieds in emerging markets


Back in Sweden they develop the platform and additionally have experts who are a resource to the on-the-ground teams to help with customer support and other topics.

Sweden's Promobucket Makes Sharing Visual Assets Easy


Enter Västerås, Sweden-based Promobucket , which is focusing on helping companies and individuals share visual content: anything from.PSDs to.PNGs to.PDFs. When you''re working heavily with visual files, sometimes amazing utilities like Dropbox or Box aren''t all they could be.

Finnish Innopinion Will Source Healthcare Ideas for The Queen of Sweden


For example Innopinion is using “gamified crowdsourcing” for running idea and feedback competitions and already had such clients as the Finnish Ministry of Transport and now announced a partnership with her majesty, Queen Silvia Of Sweden.

Sweden To Charge TV Tax For Anyone With A Computer or Tablet


Laugh your way to the bank: Sweden's SVT public television network is transitioning to the digital age and now offering all of its content free of charge, online.

Sweden Tops List Of Android App Downloads Per User


According to estimates by research2guidance , a Berlin-based mobile research specialist, Sweden has the most app downloads per user in the Android store. has the most Android users by volume, this data may suggest that Sweden is a good proving ground for apps.

Denmark And Sweden To Replace Stamps With Text Messages


Looks as if this is going to see implementation both in Denmark and in Sweden, beginning with Denmark in April. that Sweden isn’t seeing this any time before the summers. If you can pay your bills via mobile phones why not stamps?

Epidemic Sound brings together Sweden's Music, TV, and Internet Entrepreneurs for new type of Music Library


Epidemic Sound CEO Oscar Höglund came from the TV production side of things, from Zodiak Television where he met Jan Zachrisson, one of the first employees of Sweden''s TV4. Additionally on the team is co-founder David Stenmarck, one of Sweden''s most decorated music producers. "It''s

Netflix To Launch In Norway, Denmark, Sweden, And Finland


That is at least if you're living in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, or Finland. In the region, we've got Voddler out of Sweden, VDIO (Not launched here, but by the Skype guys), and Denmark's Xstream. Throw away your televisions, Netflix is coming to town. The U.S. based streaming service offers a deep catalog of movies and TV shows for a flat monthly rate. More specific details about pricing and content will be announced closer to launch, which is slated to be be in late 2012.

TeliaSonera Backs Down From Charging For VoIP In Sweden


Last April we covered TeliaSonera's plans to "start exploring new business models" by charging for VoIP calls over their data networks. This drew heavy criticism from Net Neutrality activists and Telia customers alike, because for consumers it's ridiculous to charge a fee to hop on Skype.

A Brief History of Sweden's Goat Simulator


Coffee Stain Studios is the Swedish indie game company behind the first person tower defence games Sanctum and Sanctum 2 , the first of which climbed up from top 10 to being #1 on steam sales back in the summer of 2010.

Personal finance app Tink raises €3.1 Million to expand outside Sweden


To save a little time for those of you outside of Sweden looking to download Tink right now, switching over to the Swedish app store won''t let you integrate to your pan-Nordic bank (I tried).

FunBeat Social Fitness App Launches Outside Sweden


The company established itself in 2008 and going to become the largest training site in Sweden, with 200,000 members today, with 6.5M weekly pageviews, making them the largest training forum in Sweden.

VC Per Capita: Finland $46, Sweden $45 (US $72, Europe $7)


Naturally we wanted to find out what the figure is for Sweden and it's pretty close: $45 per capita (overall investments 2.67 Last week we published a post on venture capital per capita. In those figures, Europe was shown in a light not too respectable.

Shadow Cities Launches In Sweden, Eyes Global Launch


The Helsinki, Finland based mobile gaming company Grey Area announced the expansion of their Shadow Cities game to Sweden today. Sweden is the second, so called, test market for Shadow Cities before it plans to launch the game globally. Together with the announcement of the opening of Sweden for the game, Grey Area has updated the game client with lots of tweaks and improvements based on customer feedback. After Sweden, Grey Area is looking to launch the game globally.

Melt: PHP Framework From Sweden


Melt is a newly announced PHP Framework from Sweden. The framework has been coded by the team that was formerly known as Omnicloud, today the whole company has been renamed as Melt. The team includes Hannes Landeholm, Per Jonsson and Daniel Marklund.


The Pirate Bay Moves Hosting From Sweden To. North Korea?


Last week we covered that The Pirate Bay is moving to Spain and Norway, but the Norwegian end of the deal apparently fell through. Geir Aaslid, the head of the Norwegian Pirate Party, put out a statement on Pastebin saying that they could not keep up the financial end of hosting the site.

Europe's Wackiest New Benefit: Paid Sex Breaks

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A town in Sweden is contemplating offering employees paid time off to get it on. Yes, really

Acheter Finpecia Sweden. Livraison rapide. BTC accepté


Acheter Finpecia Sweden. Générique Finpecia. Ou Commander Generique Finasteride Le Moins Cher. Finpecia générique (finasteride) offre un traitement très efficace contre la perte de cheveux chez les hommes, et est l’un des médicaments les plus utilisés de son genre.

Meet Two Mind-Bending Founders From Stockholm

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Sweden is proving that KTH -- its leading technology university -- can produce companies that attract capital and talent. Hot Spots

Rhuby – An Entrepreneurial Gem In The Spirits Business


Åkers Styckebruk is a tiny village of just under 3,000 inhabitants located in Sweden’s Strängnäs Municipality, a region with a diverse and dynamic range of industries such as tourism, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, logistics and education.

Sweden May Investigate iPad Marketing Of 4G Services


The Swedish Consumer Agency is considering leading an investigation into Apple's marketing of the iPad after receiving complaints that the advertised 4G connectivity will not actually function in Sweden.

This 3D Printer Maker Is Expanding Its Reach Across Sweden, Israel, and Turkey

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Formlabs, the three-year old manufacturer of 3D printers, is expanding into five new markets. Its latest product will let you craft headphones, cavity fillings -- and even a couples' vibrator

Global Innovation 2011

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Creativity and Self-Expression Innovation Politics & Government Trends, Futurism, and Research Alcatel-Lucent Booz and Company Chile China Confederation of Indian Industry Creativity Demark economics Finland Global Innovation Index Greece Gregg Fraley INSEAD Lithuania Moldova Sweden Switzerland UK United Nations USA World Intellectual Property Organization

IFS World Conference: Sneak Preview

deal architect

IFS invited me to their conference in Gothenburg, Sweden next week. In this, what I have called the year of the vertical in cloud ERP offerings, I am looking forward to learning more of their focus on asset intensive industries

Augify From Sweden Aims To Help You Beat The Market Through Real-Time Data Visualisation


This is what Augify from Sweden is trying to achieve. Let''s face it, we are overwhelmed with data. On a daily basis we get bombarded with tweets and Facebook posts of our friends. Then there are news feeds, e-mails, youtube, blogs and so on.

Nordic Startups: A New Accelerator Program For Web And Mobile Startups In Sweden


You can register your interest on the accelerator’s website and also take part in a survey that will map out the current startup scene in Stockholm and Sweden. Nordic Startups , a brand new accelerator program for Swedish web and mobile startups, will soon start its operations in Stockholm.

Is The Six Hour Work Day the Key To Productivity?

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Sweden has been experimenting with a short work day. Can their success transfer to the private sector

Next From Sweden: ?Mowing Lawns From Your Wrist


Husqvarna, a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products, said on Friday it has launched the first Apple Watch app for robotic lawn mowers. The app allows users to mow their lawn from the wrist via Apple Watch whether they are at work or on vacation. “As

Sweden seek to lure two unsuspecting gamers North


Are you interested in getting paid to play games during work hours and receive free tickets to Dreamhack 2014? Does spending a summer by the beach in a beautiful Swedish town talking to companies about how they can better connect with gamers sound good to you?

Why CEOs Shouldn’t Mess with Engineers


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The Big Problem With Stockholm's Plan to Be the Smartest City in the World

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Stockholm, Sweden, is home to cutting-edge technology and thriving startups. So why aren't the entrepreneurs happy