Pakistan Teams with Austin for Global Entrepreneurship Opportunities


By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News Pakistan is working hard to grow a tech ecosystem, and this week signed agreements both with the City of Austin and Capital Factory to further those efforts. A Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Austin and the City of Lahore was signed by Mayor Adler and […] The post Pakistan Teams with Austin for Global Entrepreneurship Opportunities appeared first on SiliconHills.

The rise of Pakistan’s startup ecosystem: Shifting traditions and inward inspiration

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Any ‘boom’ you hear in relation to a country like Pakistan is more likely literal than figurative. Most news about Pakistan is negative – detailing bombings, targeted killings and political instability.

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From Israel to Pakistan, Community is Key When Building a Startup (Google I/O)

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The panel included Erik Hersman (Kenya ,founder of iHub), Eden Shochat (Israel, founder of, VC at Genesis, founder of The Junction), Jon Bradford (UK/Ireland, founder of Springboard), Jeffery Paine (Singapore, Golden Gate Ventures) and Jehan Ara (Pakistan).

Fostering Austin’s Global Connections During Austin Startup Week


Representatives from Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, Ireland and the European Union made presentations at Capital Factory on Thursday. By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Austin made a major push to cultivate relationships with other countries during the first International sessions at Austin Startup Week. Capital Factory has had 20 international startups set up […].

How to Raise $2 Million in 3 Days (for Something You Really Care About)

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million for charity in Pakistan--for a cause that most of those who donated had never heard of before. Humans of New York's founder quickly raised $2.4 Here are his secrets

My Last Post About This Election – Don’t Waste Your Vote

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“You don’t get to call for a religious test to enter our country, potentially denying access to more than 1 billion Muslim people in the world including very large populations in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.” Please vote. Just so you know my bias before reading further, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. This post is not aimed at you if you have already decided to vote for Clinton or for Trump.

And Then They Came for Me …

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You don’t get to call for a religious test to enter our country, potentially denying access to more than 1 billion Muslim people in the world including very large populations in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The Importance of Teams and Why the Best Leaders Cultivate Them

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The show has become my best curator of which books to read (including my favorite of last year, The Accidental Superpower ) and my go to for understanding geopolitics of: Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China, India and of course the US. I was watching my favorite show on TV this morning – GPS (Global Public Square) with Fareed Zakaria.

How do you keep your footing when your life explodes?

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One of my blog readers, Sohaib Athar, was a software developer from Pakistan, who had experimented with many different work configurations, before settling on doing independent software development in his home country. Me, Guy Kawasaki and Sohaib Athar , SXSW 2012.

How Tariq Farid Made Fruit Baskets a $400 Million Business

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Tariq Farid says his family would "still be struggling" if they were in Pakistan. Born in Sahiwal, Pakistan, Tariq Farid moved to the United States at the age of 12 with his parents and five siblings. I have no doubt my family and I would still be struggling if we stayed in Pakistan.

What living in different countries has taught me about life (and work)

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Technically, I have never lived in Pakistan (or carry a Pakistani passport) but it’s a second home to me and also a place where a majority of extended family still resides. The one thing I’ve learned about Pakistan is that family name carries a lot of weight because of our unique culture.

Stop Working More Than 40 Hours a Week

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Proponents of long work weeks often point to the even longer average work weeks in countries like Thailand, Korea, and Pakistan–with the implication that the longer work weeks are creating a competitive advantage. You may think you're getting more accomplished by working longer hours.

[Singapore][Competition] Applications For 14th Start-Up@Singapore Now Open


Its recent edition attracted more than 3,000 teams and 9,000 participants, both locally as well as from countries such as Australia, Canada, Norway, India, Brunei, Pakistan, Russia, Greece, the Philippines and Indonesia.

[Singapore] Remote, Freelance, Online Work Taking Off Here


Clients in Singapore hired most freelancers from India, United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Philippines. Clients in Singapore hired most freelancers from India, United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Philippines.

7 Leadership Lessons From the SEALs Commander Who Got bin Laden

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Navy SEALs staged a daring raid into Pakistan, where they caught and killed the world''s most-wanted terrorist. You''re probably not leading troops on a special forces raid. But the principles espoused by elite military units can help you become a better leader. Three years ago, U.S.



Wall Street Journal: Bin Laden Was Killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan Official Says. Juxtaposition. Once I stripped out the spam and the person:person emails from my inbox this morning, here were the five subject lines I was left with: Wall Street Journal: Osama Bin Laden is Dead. eCommerce company]: Final Hours to Shop Our Private Sale! Travel site]: Last minute deals from NYC and more! Wall Street Journal: Osama Bin Laden Buried at Sea.

How blogging changed my life

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Or become friends with the software developer in Pakistan who would break the Osama Bin Laden story on Twitter. Once upon a time, I was sitting in my home office in Mesa, Arizona with a tiny baby boy in my arms, and a big idea in my head.

The New Generation Likes Its Media On Smartphones


This post is provided by Telemart – One of the largest consumer electronic marketplaces in Pakistan, deals in all kinds of mobiles including Samsung , Iphone, Huawei. TV, tube or the box as some may call it, has worked like a magnet for adults.

10 Amazing Microfinance Success Stories


Parveen Baji, Pakistan. The benefits of microfinance have been debated since the ’70s when the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh began making tiny loans to impoverished small business owners. In 2006, Muhammad Yunus, the bank’s founder and “the father of microfinance,” won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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HOW TO: Sign Up Users Even Before You Launch Your Startup

Asghar says: Military action in Abbottabad (Pakistan) was nothing but a drama entailing conspiracy just like the conspiracy of 9/11 to wage a crusade war against the Muslim world in the guise of self-designed War on Terror. ); //]]> Welcome to Mashable!

Forget the US or BRIC countries: Gothenburg's Saltside raises a $40 million Series C


We’re in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and some extent Pakistan even though it''s not a focus market. The beautiful thing about Gothenburg-based Saltside Technologies is that they throw away the assumption that if you want to grow into a valuable company, you need to be targeting the U.S.,

Book Review: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

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Pakistan buys advanced aeroplanes, India responds in kind. When India develops nuclear bombs, Pakistan follows suit. When Pakistan enlarges its navy, India counters. One of my favorite books of 2016: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Navy SEALs

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Brendan is also the co-founder of the Navy SEALs Foundation , a non-profit that helps take care of the families of SEALs when things don't go as smoothly as they did in Pakistan a few weeks ago. There has been a surge in interest with the world of the Navy SEALs since the Osama bin Laden action ( this piece in the WSJ was a particularly good profile) and I confess to being caught up in it myself.

Knowing Your Audience in the YouTube Era

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A few months ago, when Senator John Kerry was in Pakistan to push for the release of CIA agent Raymond Davis, he held a Q&A with local media in Lahore. The audience consists of all the people who will be reviewing video footage of the exchange, including English-fluent decision makers in Pakistan and policy makers in U.S. You can hear by the questions that the local journalists are not at all fluent in English.

How to Ask for Startup Advice – Part 2

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A few nights ago I got a startup help call scheduled with an entrepreneur from Pakistan. I’ve never talked to an entrepreneur in Pakistan. I actually don’t even know anyone in Pakistan. In Part 1 I covered some basic guidelines for getting good startup advice.

The long road to bringing an idea to life: MySizeFinder Case Study

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So Sunil (founder and president ) of Mokriya helped us find a free agent called Shahaan in Pakistan. There is a joy in bringing ideas to life if you do that with love. This is a case study of MySizeFinder – from the idea to going live.

Secrets of the Most Productive Travelers

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Ann MacDougall, COO, Acumen Fund, who frequently flies to Pakistan, India and Africa, agrees. Your list of countless invaluable tips that promise to speed your travel and increase your comfort on the road.

Choose Your VC Investor Carefully

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I hired a guy, Azhar Khan, who was raised in the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, actually) but educated and worked his whole life in the US. He also gave me the option of Pakistan. I personally ruled out Pakistan due to the perception that our staff would feel less safe there.

Why The Next Silicon Valley is Twitter and Skype – NOT Beijing

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A notable exception is Elmira Bayrasli who is writing a book called Steve Jobs lives in Pakistan.

Freelancing is the new normal: oDesk and the future of the workforce marketplace

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Among other fastest-growing client countries one can also find Latvia, Pakistan, Romania, Lithuania, and Malaysia. In conversations about freelancing and online marketplaces for remote contract workers of the tech industry, the name of oDesk floats up pretty often.

Danish Self-funded E-Takeaway Is Going After The Big Players


The company also told ArcticStartup that they have plans to go after Hong Kong, South Africa, Pakistan, Guatemala and Moldova amongst others. E-takeaway , a Danish takeaway ordering and delivery service operating in Denmark, Lithuania and Spain already, just launched

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Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

I have had substantial experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Dubai & Saudi Arabia. This is especially the case in countries like Pakistan where we have a rapidly growing entrepreneur base in dire need of direction and structure on how to launch their businesses.

The Immigrant Edge

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From countries as diverse as Great Britain, Pakistan, Haiti and Israel, among others, they've brought their skills and know-how to the U.S., From countries as diverse as Great Britain, Pakistan, Haiti and Israel, among others, they've brought their skills and know-how to the U.S.,

Roya Mahboob: Bringing Freedom to Afghanistan's Entrepreneurs

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Members are based in many developing countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Norwegian Rubrikk sees growth in classified portals


To date they have developed portals in seven countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK, and they aren’t stopping there. Editor''s Note: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Elance.

The Forgotten Founder: YouSendIt’s Khalid Shaikh

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Shaikh, who grew up in a blue-collar home in Montreal, the child of immigrants from Pakistan, fell in love with computers. By November, they had started a business, Perfect Acumen, and hired developers in Pakistan to churn out iPhone apps.

[INTERVIEW] North Aware Founder And Creator Of The Smart Parka, Jamil Khan


Khan came up with the Smart Parka concept after enjoying five Canadian winters in the years since he moved to Toronto from his native Pakistan. Trust a techie to reinvent how we do winter.

AlpineHawk promises you'll never lose your skis


It''s a pretty international team, with the original team from Australia, Norway, and Pakistan. There''s two things Norwegians know - hardware and winter sports, so it''s natural that this new product popped up as Kickstarter opened up in the Scandinavian countries.

100 Most Inspiring People On Twitter


FarrukhSiddiqui : HR professional Farrukh Siddiqui shares updates about his native Pakistan as well as some truly inspirational quotes. How do you get your inspiration? Books, blogs, websites, and movies are a great place to start, but have you ever considered trying out Twitter?

Foreign Report: Startups Are The New Frenzy In The Middle East


Huge markets like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Africa are just a short fly away. Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Mikko Silventola, partner at Annia Capital.