Finding new Market Opportunities in Food Business: A Case Study of GOPA Pakistan

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The post Finding new Market Opportunities in Food Business: A Case Study of GOPA Pakistan appeared first on Where to Play. Here is the case of a local catering business from Pakistan, applying the Market Opportunity Navigator to find new market opportunities in light of a changing environment.

Pakistan Teams with Austin for Global Entrepreneurship Opportunities


By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News Pakistan is working hard to grow a tech ecosystem, and this week signed agreements both with the City of Austin and Capital Factory to further those efforts. A Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Austin and the City of Lahore was signed by Mayor Adler and […] The post Pakistan Teams with Austin for Global Entrepreneurship Opportunities appeared first on SiliconHills.


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The rise of Pakistan’s startup ecosystem: Shifting traditions and inward inspiration

The Next Web

Any ‘boom’ you hear in relation to a country like Pakistan is more likely literal than figurative. Most news about Pakistan is negative – detailing bombings, targeted killings and political instability. The Pakistan you read about in the news omits the vast amounts of people, organizations and… This story continues at The Next Web. Kalsoom Lakhani is the Founder/CEO of Invest2Innovate, or i2i, which supports startups in new and untapped markets.

From Israel to Pakistan, Community is Key When Building a Startup (Google I/O)

VC Cafe

The panel included Erik Hersman (Kenya ,founder of iHub), Eden Shochat (Israel, founder of, VC at Genesis, founder of The Junction), Jon Bradford (UK/Ireland, founder of Springboard), Jeffery Paine (Singapore, Golden Gate Ventures) and Jehan Ara (Pakistan). Bridgette: Jehan, how is Pakistan unique as a market? . Jehan – in Pakistan, we have 120 million mobile subscribers. Google I/O: It’s a startup world.

What living in different countries has taught me about life (and work)

Austin Startup

Technically, I have never lived in Pakistan (or carry a Pakistani passport) but it’s a second home to me and also a place where a majority of extended family still resides. The one thing I’ve learned about Pakistan is that family name carries a lot of weight because of our unique culture. wisdom pakistan life-lessons austin travelLately, I’ve been feeling uneasy. A sense of staleness.

Fostering Austin’s Global Connections During Austin Startup Week


Representatives from Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, Ireland and the European Union made presentations at Capital Factory on Thursday. By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Austin made a major push to cultivate relationships with other countries during the first International sessions at Austin Startup Week. Capital Factory has had 20 international startups set up […].

[Singapore][Competition] Applications For 14th Start-Up@Singapore Now Open


Its recent edition attracted more than 3,000 teams and 9,000 participants, both locally as well as from countries such as Australia, Canada, Norway, India, Brunei, Pakistan, Russia, Greece, the Philippines and Indonesia. One of Singapore’s oldest startup competitions – Start-Up@Singapore – is back, this time for its 14th edition.

12 Top Picks: Austin Startup Week on Oct 12

Austin Startup

The Pakistan Entrepreneur Scene 11:00 am at Capital Factory Yes, the start up scene is sizzling in Pakistan too! Austin has been host to 4 brilliant groups of entrepreneurs from all over Pakistan over the past two years under a grant from the U.S. The Forrest Four-Cast: October 12, 2017 The last full day of activities at Austin Startup Week 2017 is October 12.

Choose Your VC Investor Carefully

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I hired a guy, Azhar Khan, who was raised in the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, actually) but educated and worked his whole life in the US. He also gave me the option of Pakistan. I personally ruled out Pakistan due to the perception that our staff would feel less safe there. I’m not anti Pakistan by any means (they guy I hired was Pakistani!), Beware of VC Seagulls, who shit on you and then fly away (or worse yet leave you with Red Herrings).

[Singapore] Remote, Freelance, Online Work Taking Off Here


Clients in Singapore hired most freelancers from India, United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Philippines. Clients in Singapore hired most freelancers from India, United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Philippines. One of more interesting trends touched on during Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore last week , but was not explored in any great detail, was the how online work has been taking off in Asia as part of the changing work landscape in this part of the world.

The Importance of Teams and Why the Best Leaders Cultivate Them

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The show has become my best curator of which books to read (including my favorite of last year, The Accidental Superpower ) and my go to for understanding geopolitics of: Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China, India and of course the US. I was watching my favorite show on TV this morning – GPS (Global Public Square) with Fareed Zakaria.

The New Generation Likes Its Media On Smartphones


This post is provided by Telemart – One of the largest consumer electronic marketplaces in Pakistan, deals in all kinds of mobiles including Samsung , Iphone, Huawei. TV, tube or the box as some may call it, has worked like a magnet for adults. There have been TV jokes on adults because some feel an average adult person does only one thing after coming back from work – watch TV. An average person does spend quite some time in front of the television.

Media 145

October 9–13: Austin Startup Week!

Austin Startup

October 11), The Role of Transit in an Autonomous World (October 11), Fireside Chat with Bob Metcalfe (October 11), How to Pitch a VC (October 12), The Pakistan Entrepreneur Scene (October 12), Promoting Austin as Part of a Global Tech Ecosystem (October 12), and the ATX Startup Crawl (October 12). The Forrest Four-Cast: October 8, 2017 SXSW is proud to serve as title sponsor of Austin Startup Week 2017.

Workplace Flexibility Boosts Remote Teams’ Loyalty

Transformify - Recruiting

We found an extreme talent in Adeel Ahmad who worked between Lahore, Pakistan and Chicago, Illinois at the time. In this case, other than our software engineering team in Pakistan, we hadn’t yet worked with anyone remotely. Our guest today is Chris Lacinak, President of AVP.

Babson College To Establish Global Entrepreneurship Education Standards

Campus Entrepreneurship

A recent CityBizList Boston article highlights Babson’s expansion into Pakistan through a partnership with the Institute of Business Administration. via Citybizlist Boston – Babson College To Help Establish Center For Entrepreneurship Excellence At Pakistan’s Institute of Business Administration. The business of higher education in America has always been defined by entrepreneurs moving forward through various creative methods.



Wall Street Journal: Bin Laden Was Killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan Official Says. Juxtaposition. Once I stripped out the spam and the person:person emails from my inbox this morning, here were the five subject lines I was left with: Wall Street Journal: Osama Bin Laden is Dead. eCommerce company]: Final Hours to Shop Our Private Sale! Travel site]: Last minute deals from NYC and more! Wall Street Journal: Osama Bin Laden Buried at Sea.

10 Amazing Microfinance Success Stories


Parveen Baji, Pakistan. The benefits of microfinance have been debated since the ’70s when the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh began making tiny loans to impoverished small business owners. In 2006, Muhammad Yunus, the bank’s founder and “the father of microfinance,” won the Nobel Peace Prize. Since that time, at least one study has shown the practice does little to empower women in oppressed cultures or improve quality of life for poor people.

The 50 Top Startups at SXSW 2019

Austin Startup

Read interview VOLO Career Volunteering Platform , London, England Alternates: Explorest , San Francisco, CA iAccess Innovations , Atlanta, GA Tris Holdings , Los Angeles, CA Sports and Performance 12:30 pm Sunday, March 10 Finalists: Bisecu Smart Bike Lock , Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea CricFlex , Islamabad, Pakistan Fan Controlled Football League , Los Angeles, CA?—?

[INTERVIEW] North Aware Founder And Creator Of The Smart Parka, Jamil Khan


Khan came up with the Smart Parka concept after enjoying five Canadian winters in the years since he moved to Toronto from his native Pakistan. Trust a techie to reinvent how we do winter. That’s what former software engineer Jamil Khan has done with his new company, North Aware , in manufacturing its Smart Parka. North Aware’s Smart Parka is a high-tech coat that has everything covered: Your hands and neck, with built in gloves and scarf.

9 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies (w/ Examples)


In 2019, the company opened an office in Karachi, Pakistan, and Grey added its location-specific geotag to inform its followers about the updates.

B2B 99

6 Things That Marketers Don’t Tell You About Digital Marketing


In Pakistan, freelancing is a billion dollar market. Some marketers only tell you things that they want you to know. Here are the rest that they don’t want to tell you. If you’re a business owner who’s interested in hiring a digital marketer to take on your next marketing campaign, then you’ve probably heard their fair share of sales pitches.

Crowdsourcing The Indian Rupee Symbol

crowdSPRING Blog

India wanted to differentiate its currency from neighboring Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka – all of these countries used the abbreviation “Rs&#. A few years ago, the British Royal Mint crowdsourced the design of new coins. That competition attracted 4,000 entries from 500 people. Anyone was eligible to compete. Specially invited artists, Royal Mint engravers and artists from other countries competed with people of all ages, from everywhere.

Crowdsourcing The Indian Rupee Symbol

crowdSPRING Blog

India wanted to differentiate its currency from neighboring Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka – all of these countries used the abbreviation “Rs&#. A few years ago, the British Royal Mint crowdsourced the design of new coins. That competition attracted 4,000 entries from 500 people. Anyone was eligible to compete. Specially invited artists, Royal Mint engravers and artists from other countries competed with people of all ages, from everywhere.

5 Things To Consider Before Moving To The UAE


First, you should know that there is no phased entry for students in the UAE and school officially starts in September for the wide majority of international curriculum schools and April for certain Asian countries like Pakistan, India or Japan.

UAE 109

[Review] The Rise Of The New East


Faced with the rising costs of labour, materials and land in Chinese cities, companies are increasingly sourcing from other Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Are China and India still the “factory” and “outsourced service provider” of the world? How big is the market for Muslim-friendly products and services? What are the promises and perils of trading in the East?

The 10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs Of All Time


One of the pioneers of the now thriving microfinance world was Akhtar Hameed Khan, the dedication to which and his activism in developing rural communities in Pakistan earned him a nomination for the Nobel Prize. While it is admirable to build a successful business of any kind, some entrepreneurs do more than just make a profit with the fruits of their labor. Some actually help others, bringing resources, opportunities, training, and other assets to those who need them most.

Egypt 200

14 Entrepreneurs Describe The BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) For Their Business?


Recently I spent three months in Colombia and in November I’ll be traveling around Pakistan for the fifth time and visiting people I work with, out there as part of my Epic Backpacker Tours company. Have a goal that’s third parties think is impossible? Often entrepreneurs and business owners create their daily, weekly, quartely or yearly goals around their business.

Why International Startups Love NY, and NY VCs Love International Startups

David Teten

To date, out of 17 companies, HOF Capital has backed 7 founding teams with roots in underrepresented regions: Egypt, Latin America, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey. New York is now the second-most-active tech ecosystem in the US on all key metrics, after the Bay Area. One of the drivers for that growth is that for European, Israeli, Latin American, and Eastern Canada-linked companies, the East Coast is much closer than California.

12 Questions with Self-Taught Designer and crowdspring Creative jhharoon

crowdSPRING Blog

Jahanzeb is a self-taught designer (and self-proclaimed handyman) from Pakistan. I grew up and live in Rawalpindi, which is the twin city of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdspring creative community of 210,000+ designers & writers from 200 countries. Today we feature Jahanzeb, who goes by the username jhharoon. He has worked on crowdspring for over seven years.

Why It’s Time for Les Moonves to Go — You Can’t Charm Your Way out of Sexual Misconduct

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It documents his career in the Obama administration working under Richard Hoolbrook on diplomacy in Afghanistan and Pakistan and under Secretary Clinton in the State Department. The insider nature and reflective views on how empowering Warlords and turning away negotiations with enemies, for example, had worse ultimate consequences changed my perceptions on world events from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Somalia.

Asif Zulfiqar


Led organizational transformation of one of the leading hospitality groups in Pakistan. As an HR expert and organizational transformation consultant, Asif has partnered with organizations in the telecommunication, hospitality, retail, transportation and engineering industries, operating across the globe to help meet future challenges.

Exploring The Everyday: Better Meat For a Better Future

View from Seed

I served in Pakistan and Australia. Exploring The Everyday is an interview series exploring interesting individuals or companies who are trying to make an impact on the lives of everyday people. You can learn more about this series here , or read our past interviews here. What do you think about when you hear the words, “lab grown meat”? Are images of Frankenstein and his monster coming to mind? The reality is that it’s not that scary or crazy of a concept.

Generate and Transformify: Umbrella Solutions to Help Businesses Hire Top Talent Worldwide

Transformify - Recruiting

London, 18.08.2018. Transformify Recruitment CRM and Generate FS have joined forces to help employers hire top talent worldwide. As IT talent becomes scares in many technology hubs like London, New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Berlin and many other big cities, the employers are left with no other option than looking for talent elsewhere in the world. However, the ever changing regulatory framework tremendously increases the cost and the administrative burden.

25 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur


We are generating employment for countries such as the United States, Philippines, Canada, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana and Nepal. Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had.

Rebuild Lives: Remote Work for Social Good


It has been designed by a girl living in a safe shelter in Pakistan. Being a digital nomad, who manages a 100% remote company , I face daily the perception that the digital nomads are people privileged enough to travel the world, work from anywhere while sipping a cocktail and building a business of their own. Very few realize the fact that the digital nomads have many faces and work from anywhere because there is a valid reason for not being able to work from an office.

100 Most Inspiring People On Twitter


FarrukhSiddiqui : HR professional Farrukh Siddiqui shares updates about his native Pakistan as well as some truly inspirational quotes. How do you get your inspiration? Books, blogs, websites, and movies are a great place to start, but have you ever considered trying out Twitter?

200.000.000 mobile users, for starters – Q&A with Viber CEO Talmon Marco

The Next Web

We recently announced partnerships with Axis in Indonesia and Mobilink in Pakistan. Free mobile messaging and VoIP service provider Viber today made a slew of announcements , including reaching the milestone of 200 million users, the roll-out of Viber 3.0 on Android and iOS, and the launch of new apps for Windows and Mac desktop computers. We had a chat with Viber founder and CEO Talmon Marco to go beyond the facts in the press release and see how the company is faring.

Mobile 105

And Then They Came for Me …

Both Sides of the Table

You don’t get to call for a religious test to enter our country, potentially denying access to more than 1 billion Muslim people in the world including very large populations in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Yesterday was Halloween in the United States where children dress up and try to scare people as they “trick-or-treat” for candy.

What Asia and Facebook’s Free Internet Project Have in Common?

Transformify - Recruiting

” According to the CIA World Factbook , almost 75% of the world's 775 million illiterate adults are concentrated in ten countries (in descending order: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo). Nepal. Days before the earthquake in April 2015. Buildings that could hardly survive an earthquake and the kindest people I have ever met. Just five days later it was all history.

Nepal 40

The Undeniable Truth About Biology Dictionary That Nobody Is Telling You

Early Growth Financial Services

Pakistan study quality is not so well due to a lot of difficulties. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Biology Dictionary. This is due to no spatial limitations. A Law is just one of the fundamental underlying principles of the way the Universe is organized, e.g. The Darwinian idea of pure selectionselection. Humans create a massive effect on the planet, and a few constructions can be found from space. Human beings are extremely resilient.

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Navy SEALs

Seeing Both Sides

Brendan is also the co-founder of the Navy SEALs Foundation , a non-profit that helps take care of the families of SEALs when things don't go as smoothly as they did in Pakistan a few weeks ago. There has been a surge in interest with the world of the Navy SEALs since the Osama bin Laden action ( this piece in the WSJ was a particularly good profile) and I confess to being caught up in it myself.

Freelancing is the new normal: oDesk and the future of the workforce marketplace

The Next Web

Among other fastest-growing client countries one can also find Latvia, Pakistan, Romania, Lithuania, and Malaysia. In conversations about freelancing and online marketplaces for remote contract workers of the tech industry, the name of oDesk floats up pretty often. Founded in 2005, the company has since delivered more than $1 billion from employers to freelancers. According to the last stats provided by oDesk itself, the company has 4.5

Russia 123

The long road to bringing an idea to life: MySizeFinder Case Study

Rajesh Setty

So Sunil (founder and president ) of Mokriya helped us find a free agent called Shahaan in Pakistan. There is a joy in bringing ideas to life if you do that with love. This is a case study of MySizeFinder – from the idea to going live. You will see everything that happened behind-the-scenes including most of the people involved. Hopefully this will be useful information for people on the sidelines wanting to do something but have not taken the plunge yet.