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Techstars and The Nature Conservancy

Feld Thoughts

We also support TNC’s work with indigenous women environmental community leaders in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Amy is currently on the TNC Global Campaign Committee and on the TNC Africa Affinity Group for Women and Girls. TNC’s global reach makes it a very exciting organization to support.

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the world without altgate


  You can see which page they left from but not where they went.    This feature is rumored to be in development but I couldn't get it even with the custom reporting.    Anyone have tips on this?

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14 Entrepreneurs Describe The BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) For Their Business?


I have some personal travel goals as well – I want to build a raft and sail from Indonesia to Papua New Guinea. I am involved in six online business and looking for a seven-figure exit in the next five years. Thanks to Will Hatton, Hotel Jules ! #14- 14- Democratize corporate learning. Photo Credit: Steve Caponigri.