Techstars and The Nature Conservancy

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We also support TNC’s work with indigenous women environmental community leaders in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The Nature Conservancy and Techstars just announced a partnership to create the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator. Amy and I were part of the public announcement this week in Denver. Both organizations are important to us so it’s a joy to be involved in having them work together.

7 Awesome Gift Ideas Made By Entrepreneurs

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Rick and Michael Mast made chocolate as a hobby until 2007, when they opened Mast Brothers in Brooklyn, New York. The bars are made from organic beans sourced from Madagascar, Belize, Papua New Guinea, and the Dominican Republic and shipped to the U.S.

The Cold, Hard Truth: You're Overwhelmed Because You Want to Be

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A new book rounds up simple but profound wisdom on how to stop feeling frantically overscheduled. That’s the complex question Washington Post reporter (and mother to two) Brigid Schulte tackles in her new book Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time.

10 Essential Economic Blogs

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Here’s my Top 10, which I suppose would do for business owners who don’t realize how essential it is to track the Papua, New Guinea, commodities exchange and keep up to date on the latest mining information out of Mongolia.* He is also a New York Knicks fan.

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