Experiencing Hawaii for the First Time

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Having spent most of my life in California and loving to travel, it’s been an odd fact that I had never been to Hawaii. Hawaii is indeed magical in winter time. Most of Hawaii is tourist central and they spread the chill out spirit in all the restaurants and beaches and hotels.

Hawaii Rep. Gabbard says she met with Syria's Ass


Appearing on CNN, the Hawaii Democrat says there is no possibility for a viable peace agreement in Syria unless Assad is part of the conversation. WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says she met with Syrian President Bashar Assad during a recent trip to the war-torn country. Gabbard says, "Whatever you think about President Assad, the fact is that he is the president of Syria."

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We Put 500 Employees on a Plane to Hawaii for 1 Very Good Reason

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Rewarding your team for achieving big goals will benefit your corporate culture and your bottom line

Hawaii Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Make FanDuel and Other Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Legal

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Currently, the Aloha State has some of the strictest anti-gambling laws

The 2 Best Tips From SBA's Small Business People of the Year

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Garrett and Melanie Marrero co-founded Maui Brewing Company, Hawaii's largest craft beer brewery.

What I Read On Spring Break

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Amy and I just spent a week off the grid in Hawaii with my partner Ryan, his wife Katherine, and their son. Last year on spring break we cancelled a trip to Hawaii (with the McIntyres) because of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan. Books hawaii Qx vacationIt was a much needed break – I was once again totally fried – from work, travel, and all the training for my upcoming 50 mile race.

Japan 24

Hawaii Here We Come. - Master of 500 Hats

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» Monday, October 20, 2008 Hawaii Here We Come. Me & Saya & the kids are headed to Hawaii in the morning. TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Hawaii Here We Come. Hawaii is unlike any other place.

High Point beats Hawaii 62-54

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HONOLULU (AP) — High Point''s John Brown scored 19 points and the Panthers beat Hawaii 62-54 early Tuesday in the championship game of the Rainbow Classic

Why I'm going to Hawaii with my co-founder


My co-founder Leo and I are headed to Hawaii tomorrow morning for a 10 day trip. hawaii vision culture team

How SaaS + Mobile has changed our world.

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Angel Investor early stage founder Hawaii SaaS Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora angel investor CEOing first revenue leadership software Software Development The Next Level tom nora twitter venture capital

Hurricane warning downgraded for Hawaii's Big Island

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No. 5 North Carolina pulls away for 83-68 win over Hawaii

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5 North Carolina pulled away from Hawaii for an 83-68 victory Friday night HONOLULU (AP) — Isaiah Hicks scored 16 points and No.

Great, Simple Cap Table Tool for Startups from SMARTASSET

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Angel Investor audio beach CEO Succession early stage founder Hawaii Launch Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora venture angel investor Cash Flow CEO CoFounder tom nora venture capitalOne of the top 3 to 5 worries when launching a startup is is “Who gets how much stock upon start or joining? Founders, Co-Founders, next employees, Investors, Etc. The founders of SmartAsset went through this process and decided to open it up to the world.

No. 11 North Carolina tops Hawaii 74-65

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11 North Carolina over Hawaii 74-65 in the Rainbow Wahine Showdown on Sunday HONOLULU (AP) — Allisha Gray scored 19 points on 7 of 10 shooting to lead No.

Hawaii holds off East Carolina 75-73

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AP) — Garrett Nevels scored 19 points and Aaron Valdes 15, and both grabbed nine rebounds, as Hawaii held off East Carolina 75-73 on Wednesday to win the fifth-place game at the Gulf Coa ESTERO, Fla. (AP)

Hawaii men's basketball to host Tar Heels in 2016

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HONOLULU (AP) — The University of North Carolina men's basketball team is returning to Honolulu for a game against Hawaii

How This Founder and His Wife Spent 45 Days Together in a Tiny Rowboat--and Remained Married

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Sami Inkinen and his wife broke the world record for the fastest time rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii. That's two people, one marriage, one boat, and 2,750 miles

3 Questions to Ask Yourself (If You’re Trying to Convince The World That You Have a Hot Startup)

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Angel Investor CEO Succession early stage founder Hawaii Launch Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora Uncategorized angel investor Cash Flow CEO blog CoFounder first revenue leadership revenue growth scalability software startups The Next Level tom nora vc venture capitalWhat are people doing now because your product doesn’t exist, what is the pain you will solve? What is it that you know about your specific niche that other companies do not?

Be Audacious, like Sophia Amoruso.

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Angel Investor Business Development early stage founder Hawaii Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora Uncategorized angel investor Cash Flow CEO CEOing CoFounder leadership Nasty Gal The Next Level Audacity. Boldness. Risk Taking. Vision.

Brown takes over, Hawaii gets past San Jose State 34-17

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Teen rides to Hawaii in jet wheel well

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HONOLULU (AP) — Officials say a 16-year-old boy is "lucky to be alive" and unharmed after flying from California to Hawaii stowed away in a plane''s wheel well, surviving cold temperatures at 38,000 fe

AP-BKC--East Carolina-Hawaii Box

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Startup Workshops Update

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Next Year - Many possibilities – basic web design training, a 2 day conference in April, another 2 day conference in Hawaii in May. Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession early stage founder Hawaii Revenue Growth Scalability startup CEO Tom Nora advertising angel investor CEO CoFounder first revenue google iOS muscle_car The Next Level tom nora venture capitalThis group is 8 months old, 400+ members, gaining nice momentum every week.

Silicon Valley Uber Alles? I think so… Some of their Secret Weapons.

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Startups: How to Do a Pre-Mortem (and Prevent a Post-Mortem)

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That’s right: failed, cratered, imploded, or “went Aloha Oe,” as we say in Hawaii. Doctors conduct postmortems to figure why people died. They do this to solve a crime, prevent the death of others, and satisfy curiosity. However, once somebody dies, it’s too late to help him.

What negotiation tactics does Dave Mcclure use? #500strong

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Angel Investor CEO Succession early stage founder Hawaii Launch Revenue Growth startup CEO Tom Nora angel investor CEOing CoFounder first revenue google scalability Silicon Valley startups tom nora My Answer to Quora Qeustion: I’ve advised several founders from 500 su and they’ve all said Dave is fair, honest, easy going, and lets you know when you’re cheating yourself.

Travels in 2015

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My first time in Hawaii, to ring in the new year with friends, proved to be as relaxing as Hawaii’s reputation promised. San Francisco is an amazing place to live in.

Why “Job Boards” and applying online do not work

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Angel Investor Business Development early stage Hawaii Hiring Jobs Scalability acquisition Cash Flow first revenue hiring jobs Leader leadership tom nora I’m building my own job hunting tool to try to fix the broken inefficient systems currently out there. I was interviewed by Forbes recently and asked to comment on the job hunting process and my opinion of applying online to jobs. Here’s an excerpt of my answers… Great topic.

CASH IS KING — C-A-S-H — Friction Cost Reduction — Accountants, Attorneys and Consultants

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Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession early stage founder Hawaii Revenue Growth Scalability startup startup CEO Uncategorized venture Android angel investor Boston business Cash CEO CEO blog Consultant Entrepreneur first revenue google iOS leadership scalability Silicon Valley speakers Startup companyMost startup entrepreneurs focus on one thing throughout the lifecycle of their company: bringing in CASH. C-A-S-H.

What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up? 3 FULL TIME JOBS.

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Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession early stage founder Hawaii Launch Revenue Growth Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora venture acquisition angel investor business CEO CEO blog CEOing CoFounder first revenue google leadership scalability software Software Development succession venture capitalBeing the CEO of a startup is crazy, fun, very hard work, inclusive, humbling and of course can be quite rewarding. Weekends are meaningless.

The Power of Company Retreats: Thoughts after the 8th Buffer Retreat


Hawaii, U.S.A Today, we do it less frequently: this retreat was 1 year after our last one in Hawaii. By now we have a fairly long history of doing retreats at Buffer. We’re now a 75 person team , and we just wrapped up our 8th company retreat in Madrid, Spain.

How to Prepare for the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship

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Like you, I grew up in Hawaii, so of course, I came to love Zippy’s plate lunches. And when I head back to Hawaii to visit, Zippy’s remains a regular stop. Steve Case is the co-founder of America Online, the company that democratized online access.

Guy Kawasaki appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation

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Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Guy is an American who resides with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve joined the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. This entity is the parent organization of all the “Wiki” projects such as Wikipedia and other free-knowledge projects. The activities of the Wikimedia Foundation represent one of the most important projects in the history of civilization.

Weekend Favs June Twenty Eight

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One of my daughters is in Hawaii for a bit and captured this image. Weekend Favs June Twenty Eight written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

My One Wish For All Startup Employees

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” The film was made by Mike Myers who said that Shep Gordon welcomed him into his home in Hawaii with no notice and with no expectations and helped Myers at a time where he was at a life low.

Getting your Momentum – Plus

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That’s a lot of people – like more than the entire population of the US State of Hawaii. Sometimes a little beauty in life can sneak up on you.

Pixar, Artists, Founders and Corporate Innovation

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Pixar animators flew to Hawaii and went scuba diving for Finding Nemo , to Scotland while they were making Brave and drove Route 66 when making Cars. I’m still surprised when I find unexpected connections with innovation in different industries.

11 cities in 3 months: The highs and lows of digital nomad lifestyle


Honolulu, Hawaii (Mar 21st → June/July). I went surfing at Bondi Beach and Manly Beach in Sydney and at Waikiki and Diamond Head in Hawaii. Since then, I’ve been living in Hawaii for the last month and a half.

Startup Map & Trends Analysis – September 2012


However, the states with the highest monthly increase in percentage terms were South Dakota, Kentucky, and Hawaii, also likely due to their small baselines, but yet demonstrating a potentially interesting trend. September’s Startup Map showcases the latest trends in startup profiles created on Gust between September 1 st and September 30 th.

Read This Excerpt From Steve Case (AOL)’s New Book

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At one point we became the exclusive distributor in Hawaii for a Swiss watchmaker, though I can’t recall actually selling any watches. When I left Hawaii to attend Williams College in Massachusetts in 1976, I kept looking for new business opportunities. Guest post by Melissa Moore, co-founder of Lean Startup Co. The Lean Startup movement brings together the brightest minds in Silicon Valley to share the best advice for entrepreneurs, from entrepreneurs.