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Have you been to Kenya or Tanzania during the annual wildebeest (and zebra and others) migration? It is an amazing sight to see the thundering herds seek out greener pastures. The New Florence blog feels as dynamic. Through July, there. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Heart of Smartness: A Tech Accelerator for Africa


Alliy is managing partner of the Savannah Fund , a $10 million fund that will soon begin investing in technology startups in East Africa, including Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. My 3G connection in Tanzania is better than what I get in San Francisco.

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For tech to develop in emerging economies, the first obstacle is trust

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industry in Tanzania. Riding the wave of global awareness for the need to stay competitive, Tanzania has taken some positive steps forwards, including government investments in a fibreoptic backbone as well as strategic initiatives around promoting start-ups.

Techstars and The Nature Conservancy

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Amy went to Tanzania and Kenya in 2009 with TNC to increase capacity of TNC non-profit partners. The Nature Conservancy and Techstars just announced a partnership to create the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator. Amy and I were part of the public announcement this week in Denver. Both organizations are important to us so it’s a joy to be involved in having them work together. Amy and I have been supporters of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) since we started our relationship in 1990.

Are You Living An Adventure-Starved Life? 11 Ways To Shake Things Up


by Vella Mbenna, author of “ Muddy Roads Blue Skies: My Journey to the Foreign Service, From the Rural South to Tanzania and Beyond “ Have you fallen into a routine of drudgery?

How We're Hiring at Receeve

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I couldn't care less whether you're in the office or working from Tanzania. Michael and I have been at this game quite a while at this point. Nevertheless, one thing I realized is that I often repeat myself to both people whom we are hiring or whom we are telling about what we do.

Startup Strategy Roundtable: African Tech Entrepreneurs Emerging


And it was really cool to see a company from Tanzania. Next Taha Jiwaji of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, gave us an interesting snapshot of some opportunities opening up in Africa. I liked all of the companies that were presented at this week's roundtable.

Traveling the world, meeting startups: What We learned

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In both Rwanda and Tanzania ministers for technology spoke about how they see technology as the future for their the economic wealth of their country.

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Rethinking Impact Investing


My parents, who were both born and raised in different parts of Tanzania, were determined to show us the material poverty (and outsized generosity) of people on our first trip to India.

Three Megatrends That Will Affect Everybody’s Business


Over the next five years, some African economies (Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania, just to name a few) are likely to grow as fast as, or faster, than some of the recent Asian champions. by Professor Dominique V. Turpin, president of IMD.

Creating a movement

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We’re now over 500 strong, and have raised over $500,000 which were used to build 6 schools, 14 libraries and 300 scholarships for girls in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam and Tanzania. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better.

10 Amazing Microfinance Success Stories


Reuben Mpunda, Tanzania. The benefits of microfinance have been debated since the ’70s when the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh began making tiny loans to impoverished small business owners. In 2006, Muhammad Yunus, the bank’s founder and “the father of microfinance,” won the Nobel Peace Prize.

How to Bring the Holiday Spirit of Giving into Work

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When I was in high school, my friends and I set up a giving tree outside the school library, as a fundraiser for the Harambee Centre, an organization which provides, among other things, ambulatory services; and which builds schools for children in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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Bankless Banking Is Ready For Its Close-Up


In Kenya and Tanzania, over 25 million people use the M-Pesa mobile payments platform, operated by Safaricom and Vodacom, with money sent via text message. by Harold Montgomery, Chairman and CEO of MoneyOnMobile.

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Rethinking Impact Investing


My parents, who were both born and raised in different parts of Tanzania, were determined to show us the material poverty (and outsized generosity) of people on our first trip to India.

The 5 Types of Employees You’ll Find on Your Startup Journey (and How to Manage Them)

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He was joking, of course—your employees aren’t a bunch of animals struggling for survival at a watering hole in Tanzania—but they sure will act like it sometimes.

Development Through Self Empowerment


I have spent a lot of time thinking about aid to developing nations, especially after my summer working on a UNIDO (United Nations Development Organization) project in Tanzania training women entrepreneurs. While in Rwanda, I went on long drives, for it’s the only way to see this beautiful country. Some roads are paved but many are not — one day, it took us 10 hours to travel a little over 200 kilometers on a bumpy dirt road winding through the hills.

Small Business Spotlight of the Week: TripBucket

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While living my personal Dream to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania we took the website live, literally as I was hiking up the mountain. Did you know that January is the considered by pseudoscience to be the most depressing month ? The holidays are over, the days are still short and, if you live in the Midwest, it means day-dreaming on how you’re going to get out of this icy, cold, snow-filled landscape.

A Glimpse: My American Dream


When I looked at my inbox this morning, I had emails from six organizations I have advised/worked with over the past couple of years (including Astia and Techstars ) announcing their partnership with the White House’s Startup America initiative. And, lest I for a moment forgot that I am living the American dream, thanks to parents who left a life that they loved to give me an even better one, it was once again etched in my mind. It seems like yesterday (although it was 1989!)

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