The Reality Check That May Save Your Company

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In the early days of one consulting firm, the founders signed a contract with a large software company that gave the customer unlimited consulting under the guise of a $40,000 subscription agreement. Rein in customer expectations, or they could sink your business.

The Best Way to Raise Money That No One Talks About

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A private placement share agreement can give your company the capital it needs to take things to the next level. But there's a third way you can raise capital for your growing business that's easier and more effective than both of those methods: a private placement agreement.

A Startup Knows It Needs a Lawyer When:


Lawyer time required (including vesting agreements for founders): 3 to 6 hours. And each award to a given employee requires a separate grant agreement laying out the terms of the grant. You need a lawyer to create the plan and grant agreements (on the grant agreements, once you have the form, you can probably use it for other future grants of the same type).

Why the JOBS Act is a Win for Entrepreneurs and Investors

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Standardized forms (generic term sheets & subscription agreements) based on industry best practices would be used to maintain transparency and reduce time and expense for all parties.


House Passes Crowdfunding Bill: FAQ’s for Entrepreneurs

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Presumably, each stockholder will be required to execute a subscription agreement and/or stockholders’ agreement to address key issues such as transfer restrictions, rights of first refusal, drag-along rights, etc. Last week, the U.S.