The Proposed SEC Rules Undermine The Goal Of The JOBS Act

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A number of the provisions have been slow to get written into law and the SEC has missed their deadlines on a bunch of stuff, including the often talked about equity crowdfunding activity. Recently, the SEC weighed in on a number of the things they were required to with much fanfare. Fred Wilson wrote Let The Games Begin in response to the SEC lifting the General Solicitation Ban. “The SEC giveth (as mandated by Congress) and taketh away (by its own mandate).

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[Infographic] What The SEC Announcement Means For Startups And Entrepreneurs


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Using RSS To Track SEC Filings

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However, I don’t really care about the daily stock prices – instead, I’m focused on the actual SEC filings. I used to subscribe to several services for SEC filings (remember EDGAR Online and 10KWizard ) but let them lapse a while ago. My partner Jason suggested I just use the SEC website. Now, whenever a company I’m tracking files something with the SEC, it’ll show up the next morning in Google Reader. Tech I Use public companies rss sec

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How The SEC Is Violating My Wife’s First Amendment Rights

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So, if I contribute $1,000 to the campaign of the Colorado state treasurer, I violate this SEC rule and become someone who is “paying to play.&# The NVCA has also studied the new SEC rule and has come to the same conclusion: “This ruling is consistent with guidance the NVCA has been providing members. Tags: Politics first amendment pay to play sec Venture Capital Over the past 24 months, a deplorable activity in the money management business came to light.

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How Reed Hastings’ Facebook Status Update Landed Netflix in SEC’s Crosshairs


Last month, the SEC announced it was taking action regarding Netflix’ (NFLX) securities compliance based on a Facebook status update posted by CEO Reed Hastings. In 2000, the SEC adopted Regulation FD in response to growing concerns regarding “ selective disclosure.”

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SEC Adopts New Equity-based Crowdfunding Rules


The difference is up until the change, only so-called accredited investors, high net worth individuals, could […] The post SEC Adopts New Equity-based Crowdfunding Rules appeared first on SiliconHills. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved new crowdfunding rules last Friday allowing companies to raise money from anyone. The new rules allow companies to offer up to $1 million a year in securities through online equity-based crowdfunding portals.

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SEC Releases Rules for Equity-based Crowdfunding


Legislation from the JOBS Act, signed into law by […] The post SEC Releases Rules for Equity-based Crowdfunding appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin San Antonio crowdfunding equity-based crowdfunding JOBS Act rules SEC Securities and Exchange Commission startups Title III Early next year, startups may be able to raise money from the general public to finance their ventures.

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Fresh from the SEC: Magic Raises approximately $25 million in Recent Filings

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million in a private placement transaction in December and an additional $3,7 million in option sales according to a recent SEC D filing. million in a private placement transaction in December and an additional $3,7 million in option sales according to a recent SEC D filing.

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Curator: Retail Truths, Twitter SEC Cash Grab, Strong Team Drawbacks, Holiday Social Media

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Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web. News curator small business news

SEC Defines Venture Capital

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The SEC fulfilled their obligation under the Frank-Dodd financial reform bill and defined what venture capital is. Represents itself to investors as being a venture capital fund. Only invests in equity securities of private operating companies to provide primarily operating or business expansion capital (not to buy out other investors), U.S. Treasury securities with a remaining maturity of 60 days or less, or cash.

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Raising Capital to Get Easier – SEC Crowdfunding Proposal

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SEC Crowdfunding Proposal. In September of this year, the SEC voted to overturn the ban on “general solicitation” that made it illegal for companies to publicly advertise that they are raising capital. On October 23rd, the SEC unanimously voted on a proposal that makes it even easier for small business to raise capital from a wider range of potential investors while providing additional investment opportunities for investors.

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AngelList Syndicate Update – Week 1

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Yeah – the problems are obscure ones generated by our government, and there are moments where it seems like the SEC simply doesn’t want any of this to actually work. Angel Investing angelist crowdfunding fg angel sec syndicates

The 99: How the SEC protects you from venture capital returns.

This is going to be BIG.

The SEC, in an effort to "protect the little guy" has all sorts of regulations. I don''t need to remind you of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, but if I were to be more accurate, I''d say it''s the widening gap between the mega rich and everyone else. When you''ve already got tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, a whole world of moneymaking opportunities are available to you that the rest of the world can''t access. Take venture capital, for example.

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Why Twitter’s Confidential S-1 Filing Is A Good Thing

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We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. Anyone who has been through taking a company public knows that there are numerous steps between the first S-1 filing with the SEC and the final filling where the SEC says “ok – you are ready to go public now.” When a company has this cleared by the SEC, it is ready to go public. If the SEC was slow because they had a backlog, it would take longer.

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After Raising $6.7M For Startups And Winning SEC Approval, AngelList Opens Up Investment Platform To More Companies

For Startups And Winning SEC Approval, AngelList Opens Up Investment Platform To More Companies. And just a few weeks ago, the SEC gave the investment platform the greenlight under its regulations. Startups. Mobile. Gadgets. Europe. Video. Enterprise. Venture. Social. GreenTech. Gaming.

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The Logical Evolution of Private Markets: A new class of company.

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6) SEC oversight and regulation : The distinction between public companies and private companies has been very binary so far. Opinion VC Venture Capital IPOs Private Markets privately-traded companies public markets SEC Secondary Makets

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Announce Your Financing In Conjunction With Your Form D Filing

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When you do a financing, you file something called a Form D with the SEC. But it’s meaningless – “Joe’s Company Raised $X From Investors A, B, and C according to a filing with the SEC.” Financing form d pr secI’ve always had mixed feelings about the importance of a company announcing a financing in the absence of any other activity. “Dear World: We Just Raised $X From Investors A, B, and C.” ” Ok, but so what?

Goldman Sachs / SEC: political witch-hunting is no way to change a market

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I suppose the SEC is under intense pressure to deliver some scalps, and that going after the unapologetic and sometimes arrogant leader of the investment banking world delivered the biggest bang for the buck.

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The Internet Makes DC Closer To Homer

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Tags: Patents sec Startup Visa

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Crypto Chess Continues


This move came on the heels of Japan reaching out to the Binance with a warning for operating without a license there, and Hong Kong regulator Securities and Future Commission (SFC) warning crypto exchanges not to trade digital assets defined as securities (similar to the US SEC’s warning to unlicensed exchanges earlier this month). Bitcoin Blockchain Cryptocurrency Fintech blockchain cryptocurrency Exchanges fintech regulations SEC

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House Passes Crowdfunding Bill: FAQ’s for Entrepreneurs

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The White House supports the bill, so upon reconciliation, it will be signed into law, whereupon the SEC will be required to promulgate applicable rules within 90 days. Last week, the U.S.

Raising Capital? 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs (Part 3)

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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and, accordingly, many entrepreneurs get trapped in the SEC’s wide net. Note: Congress and the SEC are currently weighing a crowdfunding exemption which may permit “general solicitations” in certain limited circumstances.)

Raising Capital? 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

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As a general rule, a company may not offer or sell its securities unless (i) the securities have been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and registered/qualified with applicable state commissions; or (ii) there is an applicable exemption from registration.

The SEC’s Colossal Failure of Oversight– Isn’t This a Violation of the Business Judgment Rule?

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The damning New York Times headline, “ SEC CONCEDES OVERSIGHT FLAWS FUELED COLLAPSE ,” from a September 26th article by Stephen Labaton, will hopefully end up as more than a footnote in the long list of misdeeds by the ’stewards’ of the American economy that have brought American capitalism to the precipice of systemic financial collapse. ” The article goes on to state: The report found that the S.E.C.

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Crowdfunding Bill Stuck in the Senate

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Crowdfunding broker-dealer crowdfunding crowdfunding bill crowdfunding intermediary funding portal general solicitation Jack Herstein Kickstarter NASAA Rockethub SEC Senator Merkley Senator Scott Brown Steve CaseIn early November, the U.S.

Walker Twitter Highlights: July 1st – 14th

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SEC Adopts JOBS Act Rule Eliminating Ban on General Solicitations…(via Debevoise) – good news for startups [link]. Twitter Highlights First Round general solicitation InDinero JOBS Act SEC startups Steve Blank twitter venture capital venture capitalists

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Frameworks Round 2


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Walker Twitter Highlights: July 29th – August 11th

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Solid tables and FAQs regarding the SEC’s new Reg D Rules: Twitter Highlights Mike Hirshland party rounds Paul Graham Reg D SEC seed rounds startups fail

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Is it legal to have a crowd-funding site that gives equity as reward?


In the United States, equity-based crowdfunding will not be legal until January, 2013 at the earliest, when the SEC issues its rules regarding the process. It will then be permitted, provided that it is done in strict compliance with those SEC rules, and the provisions of the JOBS Act, which was signed by President Obama earlier this year.

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Is the House Crowdfunding Bill Being Killed in the Senate?

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Crowdfunding broker-dealer crowdfunding facebook general solicitation house crowdfunding bill Jason Calacanis Kickstarter Rockethub SEC securities commission securities laws startup twitter“The Senate is the place where bills go to die.” – Bill Maher On November 3, 2011, the U.S.

New Registration Status at Foundry Group

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We have recently registered with the SEC and are now considered Registered Investment Advisors. We had to, per the SEC rules. Well, we can’t tell you that or we could possibly break some other SEC rules. According to the SEC rules, we can no longer write anything that “promotes” our funds. We have some entertaining news to share with you today. Did we do this so that we can have cooler business cards? Did we do this because our back office was lacking in purpose?

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Startups, Please, Don’t Break These Laws.

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Or you can talk to accredited investors , as defined by the the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Tags: startup advice startup financing startup mistakes accredited investors criminal financials fraud prison SEC

Workday: A billion+ in savings and counting

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Workday has filed its S-1 with the SEC as part of its IPO process. For the 37 months ending January 31, 2012, total revenues were $ 227 million, accelerating year on year, so let’s round off to lifetime revenues of. Cloud Computing, SaaS

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Walker Twitter Highlights: April 16th – 22nd

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Twitter Highlights convertible note convertible note seed financings David Hornik JOBS Act Peter Theil SEC seed seed financing startups TechCrunch vcI’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting blog posts, articles and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues. Below are my five most popular tweets (via ) for the past week and a few blog-related tweets.

Walker Twitter Highlights: December 19th – January 1st

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rJgnV1 The SEC’s final rule re NET WORTH STANDARD FOR ACCREDITED INVESTORS and the exclusion of primary residence’s value: Learn to Code: A Non-technical Co-founder’s Guide (via @kathrynhough ) Twitter Highlights accredited investor entrepreneurs groupon Marc Andreessen quora raising capital Sean Parker SEC

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ICO Advertising On Google

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When I first heard the phrase “ ICO ” three or four years ago, my immediate thought was something like “that’s just an invitation to the SEC to regulate that. Knowing the SEC would move very slowly, I didn’t pay much attention.

One million HTTP RPS without load balancing is easy


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The Great Internet Stock Correction of 1997, or 1999, or …

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Our underwriters (Merrill Lynch) told us not to worry that the SEC hadn’t cleared our filing yet – they always did it a few days before you went public. Day after day passed and we didn’t hear from the SEC. They day we were supposed to price we still hadn’t heard from the SEC. ” The next day, when we were supposed to be trading, a fax came through from the SEC.

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10 Negatives That Still Make Going Public A High Risk

Startup Professionals Musings

Startups are typically run by a couple of executives who are reluctant to disclose via the prospectus and SEC reports all the decision-making criteria, operational financial details, and compensation formulas.

Mark Cuban’s New Passion is Open and Honest Communication Through Cyber Dust

SiliconHills’s founders then used emails from Cuban to try to convince the SEC he was a “bad guy.” By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Mark Cuban invested in a Canadian Internet company in 2004 that eventually got in trouble with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Cuban got falsely accused of insider […] The post Mark Cuban’s New Passion is Open and Honest Communication Through Cyber Dust appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Limiting the Number of Shareholders in Private Companies


But, this SEC limit has created some problems for these high-tech phenoms, both in raising additional capital and in private sales through secondary markets in which early investors resell shares to a large number of smaller US buyers. Raising $1000 each from 1000 investors would surely seem to violate current SEC regulations. It would appear that Congress and the SEC are both considering raising the limit to at least 1000 shareholders. The U.S.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 34: Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken

Steve Blank

Listen to the full interview with Sec. From 2002-08 Sec. Prior to joining the Clinton Administration, Sec. Listen to my full interview with Sec.

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White Collar Crime Spree


The 70 year old “lion&# of Wall Street is arrested after confessing to what the SEC describes as a $50 billion Ponzi scheme.