Protecting Your Portfolio


Yet, as long as you do it the right way, you can end up being a wise investor, and one of the most important factors to take into account is your portfolio. Starting with a solid and manageable portfolio can help to set the pace so that the rest of your financial investments stay in check.

The Product Manager’s Portfolio

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It’s not always easy for a product manager to explain her precise role in building product. Every company defines product managers differently, and a product manager’s output is sometimes difficult to see or quantify. Product managers tend to use success metrics as a baseline for their experience (e.g. “We increased conversion by 300%!”) ”) but of […]. Product Management

Portfolio POV: What’s Trending on Everipedia?

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Editor’s Note: This guest post is the first of an ongoing series offering up an insider-point of view from a portfolio company. Guest Portfolio POV EveripediaGuest post by Dave Liebowitz.

Recapping Q2 2018: Portfolio News and Activities

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Other news and highlights across the portfolio. The post Recapping Q2 2018: Portfolio News and Activities appeared first on Version One. Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July to our friends and colleagues on both sides of the border. We hope everyone is having a great start to summer. Here’s a quick recap of the key activities, news coverage and announcements that occurred in Q2.

Balancing act – building an investment portfolio

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When choosing the right type of investment for your portfolio, balance is key. Building a balanced portfolio of investments is a personal journey that needs to take into account the circumstances of the investor, their risk appetite, and as many facts and figures as possible to make an informed decision. Although each one is unique, most balanced portfolios include some combination of stocks, bonds, cash and physical assets like property and gold.

3 top investment picks for an alternative property portfolio

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If you want to keep your iron in the property fire, forge ahead with these three top investment picks for an alternative property portfolio. So if you’re moving away from mainstream buy-to-let or dipping your toes into property for the first time, these three investment picks for an alternative property portfolio are well worth a second look. The post 3 top investment picks for an alternative property portfolio appeared first on Blogtrepreneur - For Busy Entrepreneurs.

How to Scale Support of Portfolio Companies

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As I’ve worked to build out HOF Capital ’s portfolio acceleration platform , the #1 question I think about is: how do we scalably support our companies? Many VCs offer (or strive to offer) a bundle of levers and support structures to help their portfolio companies. the “TOPSCAN” framework from my research study on value creation by VCs ): T eam-Building – We aggregate openings across our portfolio on our jobs page.

Portfolio Company Spotlight: Identified

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Job creation is political topic #1, so we have a particular interest in portfolio companies like Identified and TheResumator , which help match employers and job seekers.

Should You Diversify Your Portfolio With a Cryptocurrency?

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Should You Diversify Your Portfolio With a Cryptocurrency? Creativity

For VCs, Your Thesis Is Your Portfolio Page, Everything Else is Just Hopes and Dreams

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Your portfolio page. Your portfolio page is your thesis. One challenge for seed investors especially is that your portfolio page is a lagging indicator of your interests. And hope to continue adding amazing companies to our portfolio page.

When Portfolio Companies Work Together

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The post from 10gen about the Foursquare outage this week prompts me to write about the pros and cons of portfolio companies working together. We had a portfolio company called eShare that had a web chat system they sold to websites that wanted to offer live chat. Two of our portfolio companies, Geocities and StarMedia, became big customers of eShare. Whenever eShare let our portfolio companies down, we would get caught in the middle like a parent with two fighting children.

Add Startups to Balance Your Portfolio, If You Dare

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With all these considerations, I recommend the following steps and considerations for investors newly interested in startups: Build a balanced investment portfolio. entrepreneur risk startups portfolio investors business

Recapping Q2 2017: Portfolio News and Activities

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Q2 has been busy for Version One and our portfolio companies – here’s a quick recap of select news coverage, funding announcements, and product updates (at least the things we can announce publicly): . Portfolio Companies in the News. The post Recapping Q2 2017: Portfolio News and Activities appeared first on Version One. We hope everyone had a great Canada Day and/or Fourth of July! It’s hard to believe that another quarter has flown by.

How to be your VC’s favorite portfolio company

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But good portfolio companies should get more, because VCs have a lot more to give – especially to companies that deserve it. But investors have dozens of portfolio companies and likely aren’t going out on a limb for founders.

Mattermark Tech Startup Investor Portfolio Benchmarking.

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Mattermark Tech Startup Investor Portfolio Benchmarking Analysis. VC venture capital investors startups portfolio analysis

Serial Entrepreneurs in VC Portfolios

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Tags: Serial entrepreneurs VC Portfolios Auto change control Draft hand experience harvard business review ioimage many different reasons Portfolios Statistically

The 7 Deadly Sins of Project Portfolio Management

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A Project Portfolio Management culture must be built deliberately. Here are the main reasons why your attempts to forge a project-centered culture will fail. Innovate

Q1 2017 Round-up: Portfolio News and Activities

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Q1 was a busy time for our firm and portfolio companies, and here’s a brief recap of some of the various news clippings, fundraising announcements, and other happenings across the V1 community. The V1 portfolio was well represented in Techvibes’ recent Canadian Startup Awards. Portfolio companies in the news. The post Q1 2017 Round-up: Portfolio News and Activities appeared first on Version One. Another quarter has flown by and we’re quickly moving into spring.

How Do VCs Mitigate Risk In Their Investment Portfolios?

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Question: How do VCs mitigate risk in their investment portfolios? The primary ways VCs mitigate risk are (1) time diversification, (2) stage diversification, (3), sector diversification, (4) pro-rata or over pro-rata investing over time, and (5) number of investments in the portfolio. Number of investments in the portfolio: There is conventional wisdom that each fund should have 25 – 30 companies (or “names”) in each fund.

Comparison of the Top 10 WordPress Portfolio Themes for 2016

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The Top Free WordPress Portfolio Themes Compared I mostly do custom design work and using standard WordPress themes is kind of a no-no in my world. However, recently a friend wanted some help selecting some portfolio themes for her work. Portfolio Style and Personal Tastes.

Welcome Stylect to the Forward Partners portfolio

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We’re really happy to welcome Stylect to our portfolio. The deal closed a couple of weeks back and was announced on Techcrunch last week: “Swiping is the new liking” now applies to shoe shopping.

VC Portfolio Strategy

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VC’s, and particularly seed focused VC’s, pursue a variety of different strategies in their portfolio. The main parameters that VC’s tend to think about around portfolio strategy are: 1. Put it simply, the bigger the portfolio, the more the investor thinks that luck and uncertainty is a factor. Funds that have very broad portfolios are making a very particular bet – that although the entire index sucks, their slice of the index will outperform.

Portfolio Math

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There has been a great deal of discussion about the viability of the venture capital industry. What types of returns are required to justify the asset class' risk? Are such returns available in today's market?

Portfolio Management

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One of the foundations of modern portfolio theory is the concept that the return on an asset cannot be viewed by itself; rather it must be judged by its contribution to the portfolio as a whole. In considering the issue of valuation generally, one should understand the environment in which a manager of a venture pool operates; he is investing not in one but in a number of opportunities.

How VCs Can Accelerate Portfolio Company Returns

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Best Practices in Venture Capital Portfolio Company Value Creation. In addition, in light of increasing competition in the startup funding space, a methodology for helping portfolio companies consistently is a strong competitive advantage. In an effort to address this, we launched last year a formal study of best practices of VCs in improving portfolio company value. We think that VCs can add tremendous value by systematically actively supporting their portfolio companies.

Q1 Round-up: Portfolio companies in the news

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If you’re not already familiar with the startups and founders making up the V1 portfolio, here’s a summary of some of this quarter’s news clippings. This past quarter, three of our portfolio companies closed funding rounds (we participated in all three): First, Booster Fuels raised a $9 million Series A from Maveron, Madrona Venture group, RRE Ventures, and V1. Portfolio companies in the news.

Design Staff ? Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios

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Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios. It’s easy to spot a beautiful portfolio. You likely have experience reading résumés and interviewing candidates, but how should you judge a design portfolio? A portfolio isn’t a collection of pictures.

(First Annual?) List of Go-To Early-Stage Service Providers in the NextView Ventures Boston Portfolio

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Recently, we surveyed our Boston-based NextView portfolio Founder/CEOs asking them about which service provider firms they’ve been using. The goal was to assemble data in order to share it back to our portfolio companies (especially the newer ones) so that they didn’t have to recreate the wheel in determining a short-list of firms to talk to when evaluating new options.

Are You Respecting Liquidity in Your Investment Portfolio?

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Here's how you can become a wiser and more versatile investor

How to Create a Digital Portfolio That Stands Out From the Pack

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Turn your previous experience into a story worth sharing. How to Hire the Best

Meet Our Newest Portfolio Company, Airbnb

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Portfolio CompaniesThis is a guest post by Jeff Jordan, General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz. Talk about a business with humble roots. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia met at the Rhode Island School of Design and became roommates in San Francisco in 2007. A prominent design conference was coming to town and the nearby hotels were sold out.

Austin Welcomes HelloFund, a Nonprofit Fundraising Startup to its Portfolio

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Visit us at [link] Austin Welcomes HelloFund, a Nonprofit Fundraising Startup to its Portfolio was originally published in Austin Startups on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Austin, Texas June 1, 2018?—?HelloFund,

The portfolio analysis of industry events

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I was taken aback by the modesty of Stan Swete’s question “Would you invest multiple days in a future Workday technology summit?” My answer was an easy yes. Workday, with a consistent track record of 3 releases a year and. Industry Commentary

Mompreneur, Yasmeen Tadia’s ‘Sweet’ Inspiration Serves Up Portfolio Of Feel Good Brands

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In the latest installment of Success Stories, YFS Magazine speaks with Yasmeen Tadia, a Dallas-based serial entrepreneur. People Success Profiles female entrepreneurs mompreneurs people women entrepreneurs

What Are VC Firm’s Efforts To Connect Firms In Their Portfolio With Fresh MBA Grads?

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Question: How would you describe VC firm’s efforts to connect firms in their portfolio with fresh MBA grads? Im just curious because here in Philadelphia, First Round Capital is posting a lot of job offers for firms in its portfolio on their website, and I’m not seeing any other Philly VC firms doing this (at the moment). Some venture firms do a good job of having dynamically updated job boards on their websites that list all open jobs by portfolio company.

“Google adds to robot portfolio with purchase of Waltham.

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“ Google adds to robot portfolio with purchase of Waltham firm " via The Boston Globe. Think self-driving, glass-wearing, Android powered terrifying robot monsters that read your email, push creepily relevant ads, and toss 50 lbs cinder blocks at your head…. robots robotics Google Terminator

Unilever Adds Seventh Generation to Its Portfolio of Hot Startups Turned Takeover Targets

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The eco-friendly cleaning products brand joins Ben & Jerry's, Dove and Dollar Shave Club in Unilever's portfolio of brands that appeal to socially conscious consumers

How to Work with Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Companies

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I’m delivering a webinar next Tuesday for Harvard Business School Career Services on “How to Work with Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Companies” Among the topics I’m covering: - Raise capital from a venture capital fund to found a company.

5 Money Management Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Grow Their Portfolio

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Review some of the money management tips discussed in this article and identify items that can be helpful on your entrepreneurial journey

One of our portfolio companies puts this chart in each of their.

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One of our portfolio companies puts this chart in each of their board decks. I find it frames the high level conversation around finances in a nice, clear way