Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS - Over a million writes per second

We picked a write oriented benchmark using the standard Cassandra "stress" tool that is part of the product, and Denis ran and analyzed the tests on Amazon EC2 instances. The time taken by EC2 to create 288 new instances was about 15 minutes out of our total of 66 minutes.

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Lessons Learned: The lean startup

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In recent years, weve also got great new options all up and down the stack, in particular things like Amazon EC2 and RightScale (none of which would be possible without the free software movement). Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, September 8, 2008 The lean startup Ive been thinking for some time about a term that could encapsulate trends that are changing the startup landscape. After some trial and error, Ive settled on the Lean Startup.

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IP Location Tools. Amazon EC2. British Library Business & IP Centre : Funded by the London Development Agency, the British Library supports inventors, small businesses and entrepreneurs from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and developing a business.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


The focus was S3 - storage service, EC2 - their compute cloud, their queuing system, and their flexible payment system. The EC2 is very similar to having a Linux box in a colocation facility. However, there are some interesting differences in terms of not being able to control proximity of multiple boxes, having a fixed IP address and probably most interesting is the ephemeral nature of the persistent storage on the boxes.

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#GlueCon 2014 Notes: VPC Migration: Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle – Matthew Boeckman, Craftsy

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per-IP maintenance of SG’s across regions. Reserved instances purchased in EC2 classic do not automatically transfer, so don’t forget to transfer them (doesn’t cost anything). So, let your ACLs be permissive and ALLOW ALL and then DENY a specific IP address/range instead. Route53 has no support for “views” in VPC – a public DNS name that is seen via dig publicly with the public IP and private IP on the private network.

How To Bootstrap Your Startup

We are on the high end of the range, and I think expecting less would be unrealistic unless you are building something really simple (and therefore with limited inherent IP). Jackie: I would recommend instead Amazons EC2 and S3 platforms. That said, I dont think EC2 is reliable enough to depend upon, and the entire reputation of a startup can hinge on that.

Launching Tech Ventures: Learnings from Applying “Lean Startup” to.

Launching Tech Ventures

The response we heard was “well before you could start development, you would need cross-licensing IP agreements with either company D, E, or F, and such an agreement typically takes at least 10 months to put in place.&#