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Richard Florida published some stats on the distribution of global venture capital investment last week. Richard Florida published some stats on the distribution of global venture capital investment last week.


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“I’m into distribution, I’m like Atlantic.

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Feature Friday: Distributed Identity

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The answer is a distributed ledger of identity that is open and not controlled by any entity. Last year at LeWeb I talked about four areas that we are looking at closely to make investments in. One of them is identity.

Direct Vs. Indirect Distribution


Aside from ditching the storefront, there are some important things to consider when moving your distribution to the internet. While distribution channels have not largely changed over time, the demand of consumers to have fast and convenient delivery has become the norm.

Distribution is King-er than content

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Well, hopefully I can present some evidence which might help you open your mind to who the real king is, and I’m saying it is distribution. If it didn’t have the front page on Youtube and a bazillion emails to distribute it to do you really think it would have 65 million views?

3 Reasons Email Can Make You Amazing at Content Distribution

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Email marketing is very effective; in fact, it converts three times better than social. That's why leaders can't solely rely on social shares. Marketing

Distribution – A New Foundry Group Theme

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We’ve put up a post on the Foundry Group site about a new theme of ours we are calling Distribution. Distribution : Giant existing online markets can be completely disrupted by new distribution methods like Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, and User-Generated Content. Foundry Group distribution themeWe’ve been investing in this theme for a while but have continued to formulate exactly how we think about it.

Film and TV distribution startups please roll up

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But the problem is that distribution hasn’t changed and we are now in a world where it is apparently a cliche to say: There’s never been a better time to get your movie made, and never been a worse time to get anyone to watch it.

Startups: Just say NO to outsourcing, contracting, and distributed teams

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In fact, I have an explicit exception for companies that rely on outsourcing, contracting, or those that have distributed teams. For now I wanted to talk about why I am so opposed to any outsourcing, contracting and distributed teams for small (< 10 person) tech startups. For a small startup, the overhead of managing a remote or distributed team far outweighs any cost advantages that may be exist.

Distribution Advantage

Rob Go

We tend to favor companies that have a “distribution advantage”. So what are some examples of distribution advantages? We invested in the company had only a few thousand engineers, but even then, you could see the beginnings of a vibrant vertical community that could provide an amazing distribution advantage once a paid product was released. Legacy Distribution Power : Quite a few successful companies got a nice head start because of legacy traffic.

Why product now trumps distribution – a framework

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Back in 1999 when I got my first job in the venture industry I remember having a debate with my boss about the relative importance of product and distribution for startups. Since then the internet has changed everything and for most industries product is now far more important than distribution. Indeed, the companies who controlled distribution were often the most profitable of all. Distribution must still be mastered.

The Surprising Ways a Distributed Team Can Help Your Company Succeed

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I love working with people from around the world and truly believe that distributed teams provide huge benefits for small businesses and startups. Even worse, some companies, like Yahoo, have rolled back their distributed teams.

The lock of traditional TV distribution is weakening

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This chart shows that TV viewing is declining fast amongst American teens, weakening one of the key points of legacy control and creating more space for new distribution startups to build an audience.

Distribution Mode vs. Initial Contract Size

Mark Birch

So how does initial contract size affect the distribution strategy of SaaS companies? Over half of the companies with median ACVs below $1K relied primarily on Internet distribution, but once over $1K median ACV, companies shifted heavily towards inside sales.

5 content distribution channels you might be overlooking

The Next Web

Marketers are making significant investments in content marketing, and rightfully so. According to Rishi Dave, chief marketing officer at Dun & Bradstreet, today’s consumers are entirely self-directed in their buying journeys.

4 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Social Distribution Strategy

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Content that you sit on won't help your audience, and a plan without action is worthless

Probability Distributions and the Brute Force Approach

Rob Go

I’ve been thinking a lot about the outcome distributions in different circumstances. I find that most people are not tuned to this sort of outcome distribution. I notice a lot of people are tuned to this kind of outcome distribution, and that colors the way that they go about solving problems. Given that kind of distribution, a different approach and strategy can work that involves a lot of smart, coordinated iteration.

3 Tools for Relentless Social Media Content Distribution

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Most content marketers don't realize that half the battle when it comes to writing content is promoting it to influencers and people you write about. Here are the top 3 tools I love using

How to Supercharge your Content Marketing with Paid Advertising


The content is ready and now post-publishing you’re on to emailing your list, reaching out to influencers, and distributing on your social channels. Sometimes, paid advertising tools and platforms can be a great supplement to these more traditional means of distribution.

5 Social Media Tips You Aren't Using That Can Lead to More Distribution

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Finding ways to create engaging content and get that content in front of the right eyes are important objectives for any business

Are Paid Content Distribution Platforms Cost Effective?

Duct Tape Marketing

Are Paid Content Distribution Platforms Cost Effective? Paid Content Platforms: A Distribution Alternative? The following are some of the most popular distribution platforms on the market. Winning the distribution game is key to making the most of your content marketing.

Some Rules for Marketplaces and Distributed Workforce Platforms

This is going to be BIG.

My two most recent deals involve a distribution of labor or direct sales, and two of my upcoming deals are similarly structured. I''ve been getting involved with a couple of different models related to labor marketplaces and platforms lately. My interest dates back to my 2010 investment in chloe + isabel back when I was with First Round. I was still at FRC when we invested in TaskRabbit and Uber, even though I wasn''t on those deals.

The Power of “In Person” – Why Distributed Teams are Less Effective

Both Sides of the Table

In the era of Skype, web conferencing tools and collaboration software conventional wisdom says that distributed startup teams can be just as effective as those that are in person. I don’t like distributed development teams in early stage businesses.

Ashley Furniture celebrates new manufacturing, distribution center

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ADVANCE — More than four years after identifying a spot on Baltimore Road to build a furniture factory, executives with Ashley Furniture Industries unveiled its new 2.8 million-square-foot manufacturi

7 Creative Content Distribution Tactics You Aren't Using

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There's nothing more disappointing than creating a great piece of content, posting it, and then letting it shrivel up at the bottom of someone's feed. Marketing

10 Characteristics of Successful Distribution Networks - NextWala


10 Characteristics of Successful Distribution Networks. Photo by Nick Saltmarsh ) Over the past few months, I've looked at many startups that are focused on distribution of content in the digital media & mobile space.  NextWala.

7 Ways Upworthy Motivates Its Distributed Workforce

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Having trouble motivating your employees who work from home? We''ve got answer

How to Keep Your Distributed Workforce Culturally Aligned

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Building a tightly knit team across locations improves productivity and business outcomes.

Questions I ask myself about working as distributed team

As part of our decision to be a distributed team at Buffer, there have been a number of amazing advantages this has brought as well as it making a fun team to be part of due to the many different cultures and locations of team members. The decision to be a distributed team.

How to Distribute a Press Release

Rembrandt Communications

The post How to Distribute a Press Release appeared first on Boost sales with BtoB Content Strategy and PR here. Stop wasting time and money on minimal results. There are still many places where you can write a press release and have it posted as-is on various, media-venues.

An Inside Look at How to Hire, Train, and Manage a Distributed Workforce

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Chances are at least some of your employees someday will, so here's an inside look at the challenges and opportunities created by remote workforces

Powerball: The Difference Between Gambling and Investing

Non-Linear Growth

I encouraged them to not only think about the NPV of the investment but also to look at the distribution of returns. Distribution of Returns Matters Forget about whether or not the NPV is positive. With the return distribution so skewed -producing a staggering return for the winner and a loss for everyone else – Powerball may be a fun bet but it is a really, really bad investment. The distribution of returns is worth considering independent of the NPV of an investment.

NPV 22

Blue Bell to Resume Distributing Ice Cream to Select Markets

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The Brenham, Texas-based company said Monday that it plans to re-enter parts of 15 states in five phases

Texas 14

How to distribute your startup blog content effectively for best results?

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Content marketing becomes an essential tool for companies and startups in particular. when you are so small you need to find creative ways to be noticed. Also, when search is becoming more and more personalized, based on location, social media votes and personal interests, it’s almost impossible to SEO for […]. General

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How Zulily's Unique Distribution Model Broke Down

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In a world where fast delivery has become the norm, the retailer's often long turnaround times made it an oddity in e-commerce

Warby Parker's Distribution Challenge

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The challenge is how to continue to meet our social commitment of distributing eyeglasses to those in need in a sustainable way," she said in the interview. But the distribution challenge in more rural, poor areas is a significant one.

The birth of a new Foundry theme – Distribution

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

This theme – distribution – involves companies leveraging the inherent scalability of the Internet and it’s key platforms in targeted, but extremely large markets. I thought the history of how we evolved our thinking around distribution – basically the birth of the distribution theme – would be illustrative both around how the group dynamic works in the Foundry partnership as well as how we think about our thematic investing approach.

Walmart Hints That Its Next Distribution Center Could Be in the Sky

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A flying hub could get customers their packages more quickly. The Future

Want Your Startup To Appear in TechCrunch? Lean Marketing Hacks for Startups

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Distribution Hacks- [link]. Just back from a week of beer, black wardrobes and David Hoselhoff ads- yes, it was Web Week in Berlin.

Lean 61

Distribution, Distribution, Distribution

Mark Birch

I noticed an interesting tweet by Dave McClure the other day that talked about startup pitch decks and the general lack of information about distribution: He is absolutely right. Do not ignore the distribution question when pitching investors!