How To Become A Certified Medical Coder: 6 Step Guide


The demand for medical coders is at its all-time high with the number of coders in the U.S. Becoming a certified medical coder takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Keep reading to learn more about how to become a certified medical coder. What Is A Medical Coder? A medical coder is a professional who reviews medical records and assigns codes to the treatment procedures carried out on a patient. Benefits of Being a Medical Coder.

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More Coders. More Diversity.

Feld Thoughts

Apprentices earn a living salary on their first day, and we as a tech community can support a program that puts more coders in the market with a keen eye toward diversity and opportunity while getting work completed. The post More Coders. If there’s one consistent concern I hear from the companies I work with, it’s the shortage of qualified tech talent.

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Hail The March Of The Citizen Coder


Can we afford to wait for the rise of these coders to attend the workforce? Therein lies the need for the citizen coder. Self-taught and digitally native, the citizen coder is a symbol of 21st century success and a ready-made solution to a yawning skills gap. This surging demand for app development coupled with a shortage in app developers has given birth to the citizen coder. by Jonas Lim, Director, Solution Engineering (Asia), Salesforce.

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We’re all coders

Start Up Blog

As a startup entrepreneur I often get asked if I’m coder. Yes, we’re all coders. I used to say no. My answer used to be something like: our job as an entrepreneurs is to organise the factors of production, not be them. But I’ve recently changed my answer to yes regarding the coding question. And no, I haven’t gone out and learned PHP or Ruby or the latest groovy language. My code is the english language.

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The Last Coder

This is going to be BIG.

If anything has held true about the progress of technology over the last 150 years, it is that one generation's bread and butter tasks become automated and the skill level requirement for participating successfully in the workforce is forced up. We've seen disruption by machines among all sorts of human labor, particularly in the area of "making stuff". So will that hold true for ones and zeros?

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CodeHS Turns Kids Into Coders


Now he wants to be a computer programmer and work at […] The post CodeHS Turns Kids Into Coders appeared first on SiliconHills. By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News In the first CodeHS program at Highlands High School this year, Ernest Rodriguez learned to program a computer and to do animation. “I I saw the opportunity and I took advantage of it,” said Rodriguez, a freshman.

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Childhood Coder Now Saves Failing College Classrooms


Meet an executive who took his childhood passion for coding and turned it into a company that is now saving today’s failing college experience. Brian Rowe began coding at age 13. He took that love for data to a position at Cummins that won him an award from CIO Magazine for “50 Best Intranets.” Later, he founded a software company, which eventually sold to Salesforce for $21M. Today, Rowe is using his life-long love for data and analytics to revolutionize college campuses. With the U.S.

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Inspired by Some Teenaged Girl Coders

Rob Go

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours last night at the Boston Technovation event at MIT. It was a lot of fun, and a really impressive, nationwide effort. Their mission from their website is as follows: “The mission of the Technovation Challenge is to promote women in technology by giving girls the skills and confidence they need to be successful in computer science and entrepreneurship.

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How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass]

View from Seed

They’ve sparked a movement, cracked the code on finding great coders, and have attracted investors like Mark Zuckerberg. Christina Sass is co-founder and COO of Andela, a company that locates, trains, and staffs world-class engineers in Africa for hire by tech companies in the US and elsewhere. Visit to learn more, or follow Christina at Channel Links: iTunes , SoundCloud , Stitcher , Google Play.

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6 Tips for Building a #Bossbabe Brand

Austin Startup

Half the coders I know were… Continue reading on Austin Startups I’m pretty sure that to be a legit millennial, you’re not supposed to work in the field you got a degree in.

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San Antonio-based Assembla Buys MyGet


Assembla, founded in 2005 and acquired by Scaleworks in 2016, is a software as a service company that sells a platform that allows coders […]. Assembla, a software development platform based in San Antonio, has announced plans to acquire MyGet, a software management company, based in Belgium. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Come Check Out a Very Important LA Tech Event on June 1st

Both Sides of the Table

Developer mentors and judges from AT&T,, Google, Scopely, CGI, Factual, and ESRI and the City and County of LA will support coders during the weekend. Not a coder? Tomorrow LA is hosting an important tech event - please consider registering and coming by. A special thanks to Jason Lehmbeck , founder & ceo of DataPop , a great LA startup of which I have been a long-standing fan, for championing this event and bringing it to my attention.

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Growth Story: How Kano hired its way to creating an insanely captivating DIY computer for kids

The Next Web

Hiring interdisciplinary coders who could help keep kids really engaged on their self-made computers. Growth Story is a new 4-question format we’re doing about startups finding and influencing a defining metric that helped to really grow their company. We had an inspiring chat with Alex Klein, CEO and founder of Kano, a company that builds computer and coding kits for kids of all ages. Kano’s winning metric?

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Binpress – A Marketplace to Find Affordable and Trustworthy Code for Web Development

VC Cafe

The purpose of binpress is to save coders time coding by finding existing solutions to time consuming problems. Binpress charges a 30% commission to coders who want to sell in the marketplace, for this fee binpress will: - Actively bring users to the site with the intention of increasing sales. They also have an in-house affiliate program for coders and Internet marketers. - Far from being gimmicky, Binpress can save coders lots of time and money.

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How To Build a Web Startup – Lean LaunchPad Edition

Steve Blank

——— If you’re an experienced coder and user interface designer you think nothing is easier than diving into Ruby on Rails , Nodes.js to host your company name, email, calendar, etc. For coders: set up a web host. For non-coders: Make a quick prototype in PowerPoint, or. For coders: build the User Interface.

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The Code is your Enemy

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

But this also produces a natural weakness , and when I look at what made me a successful entrepreneur — not just a great coder — it’s that I acknowledged and overcame that weakness. Here’s a coder-centric way of thinking about all this more generically: When you tackle a large development project, do you tackle the high-risk, inadequately-understood modules first, or leave those to the end?

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Why Founders Should Know How to Code

Steve Blank

Having a coder as part of the founding team is essential. A founding web/mobile team without a coder past the initial stages of Customer Discovery is not a startup. “ By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist.”. Book of Five Rings. A startup is not just about the idea, it’s about testing and then implementing the idea. A founding team without these skills is likely dead on arrival. —-.

SXSW Hosts a Health Data Hackathon in Austin


South by Southwest Interactive is inviting coders and designers in the Austin area to participate in a Hackathon at the end of this month. The SXSW hackathon focuses on finding “a correlation between health-related data and patient care.” ” The 24-hour event takes place Sept. 29th and 30th at Conjuctured Coworking at 1309 East 7th Street [.] The post SXSW Hosts a Health Data Hackathon in Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Technology

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Ways To Gain Work Experience For Students In The UK


There are plenty of freelancing sites around that are perfect for coders, illustrators, web designers and copywriters. Graduates have armed themselves with an arsenal of knowledge and skills which makes them seamlessly fit into modern workplaces.

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How we launched our startup without any technical knowledge

The Next Web

When I first got started in entrepreneurship, it seemed like everybody in the world was pushing me to become a coder. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt the pain of being a ‘non-technical’ founder working on a technical startup. But I sucked at it. Badly. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized something that changed my entire perspective in life and business. Coding, like many things in life, just isn’t one of my strengths.

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SXSW Hosts a Health Data Hackathon in Austin


South by Southwest Interactive is inviting coders and designers in the Austin area to participate in a Hackathon at the end of this month. The SXSW hackathon focuses on finding “a correlation between health-related data and patient care.” ” The 24-hour event takes place Sept. 29th and 30th at Conjuctured Coworking at 1309 East 7th Street [.] The post SXSW Hosts a Health Data Hackathon in Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Technology

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Why document your company’s tribal knowledge?


The processes you and your subordinates follow. It is not common for the CEO of a rapidly growing company to think of slowing down the furious pace enough to have each manager (including the CEO) document the job process managed, as well as see to the documentation for each process managed below.

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How To Hire A Developer For Your Startup


Finding a startup team is always a problem when it comes to hiring a programmer. How to facilitate the search and choose the optimal time and result option?

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Inspiring stuff: Meet two talented tech entrepreneurs aged just 13

The Next Web

Netherlands-based Puck Meerburg , meanwhile, is a talented coder who took us through his journey leading up to his most recent release, a game called CatStacker. One of the most talked about parts of The Next Web Conference Europe 2013 was when two 13-year-olds took to the stage. Jordan Casey and Puck Meerburg show that age doesn’t have to be a factor when it comes to being a tech entrepreneur. Jordan is the CEO of Casey Games , a mobile games company founded in January 2012.

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How to find a good programmer or web developer

first of all you need a project to use to source a good coder. This product needs to be a product you create specifically for the purpose of finding a coder. Good coders, just code and get paid to code, its that simple. This is the kind of coder you are looking for. so test new coders with products they can use themselves to make money , or onsell. Repeat the above as many times as needed to find that coder, who only codes and does nothing else.

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What Are Messenger Bots?


Fortunately, there is plenty of information for developers, coders, and programmers, allowing you to easily implement chatbots. Since it provides a worthwhile purpose, messenger bots are the latest trend in the marketing sector.

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Enhance Your Tech Career with Python Training

The Startup Magazine

There aren’t enough well-qualified Python coders. This gap between the demand and supply is another reason for high pay packages are being offered to Python coders. Programming is at the heart of almost every job, especially in the tech and engineering field. Although there are many different programming languages, some have become very popular due to their performance and adaptability. Python is one such language.

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Now Any Accredited Investor Can Invest in Texas Startups with Capital Factory and AngelList

Austin Startup

Capital Factory has an early investor in many of the most successful startups in Texas over the past decade including Aceable , AlertMedia , BigCommerce , Coder , , ICON , Spredfast , Storable , WP Engine and ZenBusiness.

4 Modern Tech Solutions That Can Increase Workplace Productivity


In addition to Confluence, Atlassian also offers other software services designed for developers and coders as well as tools for leaders. Are you or your employees operating at peak productivity? According to new research, the answer is likely no. Data reported by Forbes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that productivity is falling. And there’s a variety of reasons, ranging from distractions like loud coworkers or inefficient tools.

Ready, fire, aim. Really?


Either way, without even pausing to document the process internally, no-one can easily take over the job, if for any reason the cowboy coder is no longer in control. You’ve surely heard the variations on this theme.

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Too Many Bells and Whistles Will Not Sell a Product

Startup Professionals Musings

Every startup team needs a “product owner” role who is not an engineer or coder to collect from customers, prioritize and document required features. Technical entrepreneurs love to compare the number of features in their product to competitors, and they love to keep adding features -- just because they can. Unfortunately, this approach often turns off mainstream customers, who find the result hard to use.

Hire for talent. Rent for experience.


He hires for creative ability, people who can be the architects as opposed to the simple coders of routines. Want the best way to create your core competency quickly and inexpensively? Think like a startup, with little resources, a limited window of time, and few dollars to spend on expensive experts. This insight comes from a fellow CEO who explains that he leverages his financial resources for growth by dividing his hiring decision into these two boxes.

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How To Optimize Your Business Expenses


This is certainly a good thing for both sides – it gets tiring to hear about yet another company that puts its coders through several months of 80-hour work weeks just to push the project through the deadline successfully. Seeing your company growing beyond its initial small size can be quite the rewarding and exciting experience, especially considering the huge range of opportunities that the modern IT sector gives you.

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Don’t waste time finding the best person

Start Up Blog

We talk about trying to find the best coder, the best UX guru, the ultimate growth hacker, but we should focus on is having the best culture where amazing collaborations can happen. Every now and again there’s a rock band who are global superstars, who also happen to have world class musicians in the band. Eric Clapton and Cream, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. But more often the great rock bands have a style and an ethic which is amalgamation of the players.

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Back to Colombia: Vive La Revolución Emprendedora!

Steve Blank

Second, technology education is more skill-based, graduating lots of smart coders and IT managers, but not a lot of true development visionaries. My co-author and business Partner Bob Dorf spends much of his time traveling the world teaching countries and companies how to run the Lean LaunchPad program. He’s back to Bogota, Colombia this week for round two. —– Back to Colombia: Vive La Revolución Emprendedora!

Understanding How to Implement Content Marketing Effectively

Women Entrepreneurs Can

If you’re a writer, filmmaker, photographer, builder or coder then you naturally know what content is. Content marketing has become the bread and butter for quality website destinations and attracting traffic, especially with sensitive search engine algorithms like those being used by Google.

The Website Services Worth Paying For—From a Scrappy Entrepreneur

Up and Running

Development experts at Treehouse explain: “If you completely split the duties of designing and coding, there inevitably comes a point in a project where the coder ends up doing bits of design, at which point the design can start to degrade. This isn’t the fault of the coder; it’s just real life. As entrepreneurs, we don’t want to spend any more money than we have to. But, in some cases, a little extra spending makes your life a lot easier.

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1985: Oil Prices Will Go Up Forever

Feld Thoughts

He was Course 6 and easily one of the best coders around, even though we didn’t call them coders there. This is not a post about a bubble, real or imagined. It’s a lesson from when I was 20 years old. I showed up at MIT as an eager freshman. I was 17, from Dallas, with a nice pair of cowboy boots and long hair. On my first day, at the freshman picnic, I heard that 50% of us would end up in the bottom half of our class.

Seek Fame and Fortune with Android Apps

Up and Running

That post says: Google App Inventor claims to enable non-coders to develop complete, working Android apps by connecting a series of “blocks.” Did you miss the first Internet boom, back in the 1990s, and fail to make your millions then? Did you not write the cute little iPhone app that made the teenager tons of money? Well cheer up. There is still hope. Read Google App Inventor: Now Anyone Can Create an Android App on Mashable.

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The Pros And Cons Of Digital Learning


Online websites that promise to teach people how to code, such as Coder Camp, for example, have proved incredibly successful, with nine out of ten graduates finding a position relating to the field within 90 days of completing the 12-week course. A recent report from by the CMI and Oxford Strategic Consulting highlighted how attitudes to online learning have started to shift in the workforce.

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The future is less

Start Up Blog

Yes this includes nearly all of us – Architects, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Graphic Designers, Coders, Developers, Journalists – every single task that can be done remotely, and even some that can’t be. You’ve heard this: If all you ever do, is all you’ve every done. Then you can only expect all you’ve ever got. It’s changed slightly, actually it has changed radically : If all you ever do, is all you’ve ever done.

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Here’s How You Approach A Startup


Go the extra mile to find the coder who stays up all night and the graphic designer who spends their free time in museums. Startups seem to be all the rage today. As soon as someone as an idea for an app or a business, the first reaction is to start a “startup”. This is usually means heading straight for Silicon Valley and spending thousands on rent and office supplies before validating the business idea. As you can tell, that approach never ends well.

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Do You Need A Personal Brand?


A freelance writer, software coder or a photographer can also be considered in this category. Our world is dominated by brands. Brands are everywhere. Whenever we buy something, we usually check what brand it is. Brands tell us about the existing reputation of the product. But what exactly is a personal brand? Can individuals build brands ? Well, surely various celebrities and sportspeople have built such brands around themselves already but what about the normal people?

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