SQL: The Hack Attack You'll Never See Coming

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SQL injection attacks are among the most common security threats businesses face, and they''re on the rise. You may not have the slightest idea what an SQL injection attack is, but that''s okay, you''re in good company. A Growing Problem SQL attacks are on the rise.

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Google Cloud SQL hits general availability with data encryption, 99.95% uptime, and databases up to 500GB

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Google today announced the general availability of Cloud SQL , which, as its name implies, is a MySQL database that lives in Google’s cloud. First and foremost, Cloud SQL data (database tables and temporary files) is now automatically encrypted.

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Google Cloud SQL hits general availability with data encryption, 99.95% uptime, and databases up to 500GB

The Next Web

Google today announced the general availability of Cloud SQL , which, as its name implies, is a MySQL database that lives in Google’s cloud. First and foremost, Cloud SQL data (database tables and temporary files) is now automatically encrypted.

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Data Corruption To Go: The Perils Of sql_mode = NULL

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Some digging led us to the MySQL variable sql_mode. What is sql_mode anyway? sql_mode is a run-time setting for MySQL and enabling it makes the database much more vocal by changing most WARNINGs to ERRORs. CREATE TABLE `sql_test`. `id` When sql_mode='STRICT_ALL_TABLES' is set though, each of those inserts will fail hard so that you can recover and handle the problem in your application. MySQL sql_mode.

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Google introduces six-month trial for Cloud SQL, ups storage 10x to 100GB, adds EU datacenter

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Google today announced a major update to its Cloud SQL, which, as its name implies, is a MySQL database that lives in Google’s cloud. Google has increased the available storage on Cloud SQL from 10GB to 100GB.

Rimini Street: 50 shades of grey

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Rimini Street has announced general availability of support for a wide range of database platforms, including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, the SAP Sybase family. They have previously supported Oracle and SAP HANA databases and a wide range of applications. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

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Don't Write Off Relational Databases For Big Data Just Yet


Big Data may be the poster child for NoSQL databases and date warehouses, but one industry veteran isn't giving up on SQL databases for Big Data just yet. Of course, the relational model and SQL dominate todays database landscape. SQL is not going away. Sections. Social.

Ex-Facebookers launch MemSQL to make your database fly


On Monday, former Facebookers Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov (who also spent six years as a senior engineer on Microsoft SQL Server) launched a startup called MemSQL that seeks to speed relational databases by taking a page out of the Facebook playbook. Cloud Computing News. Events. Books.

Framework Benchmarks Round 7


We also have some SQL Server tests in our i7 environment. Prior to finishing Round 7, that SSD failed, so Round 7 is run with ramdisk-backed databases (excluding SQL Server). Happy Halloween fans of web development frameworks!

#GlueCon 2013 Notes: Processing Big Data In Real-time with a Distributed SQL System – Ankur Goyal, MemSQL

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Processing Big Data In Real-time with a Distributed SQL System – Ankur Goyal, MemSQL. “SQL scales, but the technology behind it may not” When you write SQL against a distributed system, there is more to take into account than indexes and other SQL optimizations: how your data is distributed across partitions. Sidenote: Added 90M rows to a SQL database in the first 2-3 minutes of their talk.

This Week’s Featured Product Management Job

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Product Manager @ Birchbox (New York, NY) Keywords: e-commerce, HTML, Product Manager, SQL, startup [link] Filed under: product jobs Tagged: product management. If you are a great product person looking for a great product job, or vice versa, check out our job board. Thousands of employers across all areas of product, from management to design, from digital to physical, are looking to fill positions from our community. Each week we highlight some of the recently posted openings.


The Depressing Day After You Get TechCrunched

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You run a quick SQL query and the number of users that made it through the sign-up flow: 200. Post loosely based on our experience years ago when TechCrunch covered Yipit’s launch.

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Watching Larry Ellison become Larry Ellison — The DNA of a Winner

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The choice of the SQL a way to ask questions (queries) in an easy-to-understand language. In Oracle’s early days Kathryn Gould was the founding VP of Marketing, working there from 1982 to 1984.

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When Microsoft Threatened to Sue Us Over the Letter “E”

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software; NT, SQL Server and IIS), with the free and ever present. By 1997 E.piphany was a fast growing startup with customers, revenue and something approaching a repeatable business model. Somewhere that year we decided to professionalize our logo (you should have seen the first one.)

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Weekend Favs November 11

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Analysts get the simplicity of SQL they need. Weekend Favs November 11 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week.


Just Make It Faster

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He then dissects a simple SQL query ( DELETE FROM some_table WHERE id = 1234; ) and gives several quick reasons why performance could vary widely when this query is executed. He did a nice job of synthesizing the requirements, wrestling Oracle for the PC to the ground (on a Novell network), and getting all the PL/SQL stuff working.

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5 Tips For Wrapping Your Database With a REST API

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These values are then passed into the SQL query to limit the number of results returned for a query. Add pagination into your API, limiting SQL queries to a maximum number of records per request. Never allow SQL to be passed in the URL.

Big Data: It's Not What You Think

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In a nutshell, big data is a catch-all term for data sets that are so large and complex that they necessitate new forms of processing beyond the SQL databases prevalent since the early 1980s. They are all answered using traditional SQL databases. Want to break your SQL database?

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Fractional Hiring

Mike Michalowicz

For example, if your small business computer network has a problem processing SQL queries (cough… an exact problem I had with a, cough-cough, not to be mentioned CRM system. SQL problem fixed – fast, fully and cheaply.


Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


We had an interesting presentation at the LA CTO Forum by the CTO of a startup who chose Groovy / Grails as the framework for their startup. t prompted a good discussion around how CTOs go about choosing the programming language and framework for their startup.

Moving At The Speed Of ‘What’s Next’: Subscription Business Models Spur Continuous Innovation


by Jason Bissell and Calvin Hoon, Talend. With the immense success of cloud platforms and S oftware – as -a- Service (SaaS) models on one hand and the increase of subscription services on the other, it’s clear that software offered as a subscription is becoming the new standard.

Seven Deadly Sins of the VC

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Bob Davoli offered me a job at D&N Systems (which became SQL Solutions) in 1989 on the basis of one round of interviews. I have worked for him and with him for at least 10 of the 17 years we have lived in the USA.

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Programmer Competency Matrix


Can do basic database administration, performance optimization, index optimization, write advanced select queries, able to replace cursor usage with relational sql, understands how data is stored internally, understands how indexes are stored internally, understands how databases can be mirrored, replicated etc. Programmer Competency Matrix. Note that the knowledge for each level is cumulative; being at level n implies that you also know everything from the levels lower than n.

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Frameworks Round 5


And yes, we would like to include Microsoft SQL Server in the future. We have posted Round 5 of our ongoing project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms.

5 trends that are changing how we do big data


Large web companies such as Facebook and eBay already use HBase to power transactional applications, and startups such as Drawn to Scale and Splice Machine have used HBase as the foundation for transactional SQL databases. GigaOM. Apple. Cleantech. Cloud. Europe. Mobile. Video.

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Introducing ThoughtSpot – The End of Business Intelligence As we Know It

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Business Intelligence (BI) is the gift that keeps on giving. For years, startups have popped up, promising better insights and faster decision making capabilities, consistently resulting in new waves of highly valued companies.

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Takeaways from our first V1 Data Team Hangout

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The company provides Python/SQL training sessions and refreshers, with “homework” being related to the business. George Psiharis (the awesome VP of Business Operations at Clio ) reached out with a great suggestion: connect the data teams across our portfolio companies with the goal of building a peer network to share best practices, and together push the bar on data science innovation.

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Full-Stack Analytics: The Next Wave of Opportunity in Big Data

Hazard Lights

This post orginally appeared on KDnuggets in May of 2014 and came out of a panel discussion at Analytics Week in Boston that was moderated by Gregory Piatetsky of KDnuggets.

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Do You Have The Data Agility Your Business Needs?


A former Microsoft executive and seasoned marketing and product strategist, he also served as the General Manager of Microsoft’s SQL Server Marketing team. by Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend. Data is the new battleground.

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What Would Happen to Your Business If You Lost All of Your Online Data

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Okay, how about this one – you fire up your WordPress blog and discover that your low cost host has decided to go out of business and take your SQL database (otherwise know as you blog posts) with them. (I

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CloudHelix: Understanding and Managing Network Infrastructure


This data is also funneled into an open system with an SQL interface, allowing for ad hoc analysis and integration with external tools. I’m thrilled to announce that First Round has led the seed financing round for CloudHelix , which is helping web and network operators to easily and more fully understand and manage their infrastructure. This new, scalable platform allows for the collection, fast visualization and querying of network traffic and performance.

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The Accidental API

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SQL injection attacks: SQL injection is a technique uses to try to access or modify data by attempting to alter SQL statements executed by the API endpoints, exposing data that was previously not available. How your web or mobile API might be putting your business at risk.

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When You Should Still Use a Relational Database Instead of NoSQL


What Does the Future Hold for Conversion Optimization?


Trends include: big data tools, data manipulation (SQL and alternatives), languages like Python, and deeper analyses (e.g., Learn advanced data analysis skills and more traditional data science crafts – Python, SQL, R, and other big data skills.

Everything about Java 8


There are minor exceptions, such as ZonedDateTime which has no counterpart in SQL. The following post is a comprehensive summary of the developer-facing changes coming in Java 8. This next iteration of the JDK is currently scheduled for general availability in September 2013. At the time of this writing, Java 8 development is still very much in progress. Language features and APIs may still change. I'll do my best to keep this document up to date.

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Bye, Bye Waterfall: 5 Steps to Implement Responsive Web Design


Silverlight Lives On in New SQL Server 2012 Reporting Tool. ReadWriteHack. ReadWriteWeb. Channels. ReadWriteStart. ReadWriteBiz. ReadWriteEnterprise. ReadWriteCloud. ReadWriteHack. ReadWriteMobile. ReadWriteHack. Archives. Twitter. Facebook.

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4 Problem-Solving Analytics Tools

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BIME Analytics Designed for companies of any size, including tiny start-ups, BIME is a dashboard that can read data from multiple sources: Excel spreadsheets, an SQL database, the accounting package you use for all income and expenses.

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Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition


To test any customer acquisition channel all you typically need is Google Analytics, Excel, and some basic SQL skills. The following is a guest post by Brian Balfour , Co-Founder and CMO of Boundless. You can read more of his writing on his blog at BrianBalfour.com.

Big Data, Big Money: IT Industry to Increase Spending

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Last week, three big data-focused start-ups received millions in venture capital funding : SQL programming developer Splice Machine, database management provider Mongo HQ and cloud marketing platform Bloomreach

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A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Yesterday I saw this poll on Hacker News :   Hacker News is a very specific community and so by no means is this poll representative of the entire software engineering community, but I am so proud to see Mongo up there as the top non-sql datastore.